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edgeirc servers

EdgeIRC currently has a bunch of different servers. If you want to link to us, you must have at least a DSL or cable connection, preferably low latency/packet loss and with good transfer rates. We're using a customized version of slashnet's cyclone server for our ircd (irc daemon). It is only available for UNIX-based systems (Linux, BSD, etc.).

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The round-robin

The round-robin for EdgeIRC is irc.edgeirc.net. This is a "virtual" server that will connect you to a randomly chosen server in the network, and is the recommended way to connect - it helps balance out the server load. The current round-robin servers are netluxe, ghetto, and adder.


Information for netluxe
Connection:OC-3's and OC-12's
Location:New York City, New York (USA)

The current "main" hub server, netluxe is located at an ISP so it has a very fast connection and is carefully watched over. It has had slight stability problems in the past but should provide good service.


Information for adder
Location:Hayden Lake, Idaho (USA)

Adder is run by BaCkBuRn, who has 6 years of experience running IRC servers. This should make it a well-maintained and stable server, and it is also blessed with a very fast connection.


Information for cutting
Location:Undisclosed, New York (USA)

A former (and possibly future) hub server, cutting is managed by 3 network admins and protected by the most paranoid firewall around. As long as it's not being attacked by icicles, it's very stable.


Information for risotto
Connection:Dual OC3
Location:Rochester, New York (USA)

Risotto is a powerful Dell server sitting on RIT's fast university connection, but it has had some problems with stability (mostly due to RIT's bumbling CS department) and may disappear sporadically.


Information for ghetto
Connection:3 T1 lines
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Ghetto is a returning server from our resident devil in the south, DerTeufel. It has a fast corporate connection and good capacity.


Information for cccp
Connection:Multiple T1's
Location:Hammond, Louisiana (USA)

In Soviet Russia, nobody can connect.


Information for qid
Location:Buffalo, New York (USA)

Another one of the original servers, it's returned in cable-connection form as yet another east-coast server. It should work well, as long as it doesn't get buried under snow.


Information for edge
Location:Alymer, Quebec (Canada)

This was one of the first EdgeIRC servers, along with qid and khea. It's been around for a long time and runs very well, although it's been eclipsed by some of the newer servers on fast connections.

Information for khea
Location:Alymer, Quebec (Canada)

One of the early servers on EdgeIRC, khea has returned (at least temporarily) and currently hosts #gloom's famed bitchbot (see the bitchbot homepage).

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