Bringing combat alfalfa to the masses since May 2000.

about EdgeIRC

EdgeIRC is a privately owned and operated IRC network focused on computing and computer gaming. It is a rather small network, averaging about 150 users and 80 channels, but with a solid core user base and a fair number of servers. Although some of the users can be immature at times, the network has few problems and opers rarely have to take action.

the history of EdgeIRC

Founded in May of 2000 by qid and Cyber_Ass, EdgeIRC was originally formed as a home for #gloom, the IRC channel for a Quake II multiplayer mod. It has since gained (and lost) many servers, and increased in size quite a bit. At one point, EdgeIRC was going to become the official IRC network for the Edge Gaming Network, but they have since moved to GamesNET. Our only real problem to date was a DDoS attack that never really hurt any of the servers but did scare off some users.

the future of EdgeIRC

EdgeIRC is fairly stable at this point, but also becoming stagnant. We would be happy to gain more users or servers, or link with other networks, but we do not want to give up our domain and the name we have established.

At the moment, we are beginning development on our own IRC daemon. Cyclone has worked well for us for many years now, but it is lacking features we would like, and developing our own daemon should be a worthwile exercise. We intend to release the daemon under the GPL license, and welcome any assistance in developing or testing. The development channel is #edgeircd if you want to stop by.