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[20:50] <Spork> in my 3D graphix class I'm working on a 3D cock...but I can only work on it hen the teach isn't in the room:)
[20:50] <QID|YDL> you could ski around and shoot the other people
[20:50] <QID|YDL> Spork: !!
[20:50] <[Soup]> lol spork
[20:50] <Saigf0ck> Spork...arent you a bit worried
[20:50] <Spork> no
[20:50] <QID|YDL> blink, quotetotal spork
[20:50] <blink> Quote total for "spork" (QID|YDL): 16
[20:50] <[Soup]> HAHAHA
[20:50] <Chill|flash> show it to some chick and be like "does it make your horny, babay?!!"
[20:50] <Spork> lol
[20:50] <Spork> its a BIG cock
[20:51] <[Soup]> =)
[20:51] <[Soup]> MUAHAHAH
[20:51] <Spork> its bigger then the BARN saved in the library
[20:51] <Chill|flash> they'd be all like "oh yes spork, let's do it right here"
[20:51] <QID|YDL> Spork: so you're not modeling it after your own
[20:51] <Spork> :)
[20:51] <[Soup]> i almost fell out of my chair
[20:51] <Saigf0ck> Id sure as hell wonder why a male was making pictures of cocks in computer class...
[20:51] *** Ding ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[20:51] <Chill|flash> lol, yes. they have a 'special' curriculum.
[20:51] <Saigf0ck> heh
[20:51] <Spork> what do you want me to make? a clitoris? he;;, I've never even SEEN one in person
[20:51] <Chill|flash> talk about taking sex ed to the next level...
[20:51] <[Soup]> 56%
[20:51] <QID|YDL> heh
[20:52] <Saigf0ck> spork would go to gym, and the rest of the locker room would clear out, hehe
[20:52] <Spork> ROTC is my gym:)
[20:52] <Spork> so I don't got gym, just hard ass military guys that want to 'jack me up'
[20:52] <DerTeufel> who here has @home
[20:52] <Saigf0ck> blech
[20:52] <Chill|flash> not i
[20:52] <Chill|flash> i have a "modem"
[20:52] <[Soup]> me too
[20:53] <[Soup]> a cable one
[20:53] <+DevilWarrior> I'm watching aliens 3
[20:53] <Saigf0ck> Ok, little vote
[20:53] <Spork> >=[
[20:53] <Spork> bastard
[20:53] <Spork> >=[
[20:53] <Saigf0ck> Who here doesnt really like Mr.Gibs sky
[20:53] <[Soup]> its fucked
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[20:53] <[Soup]> it doesnt align
[20:53] <Spork> not I
[20:53] <Spork> it looks liek shit
[20:53] <Spork> IMO
[20:53] <QID|YDL> congratulations spork, you're quote #1230
[20:53] <Chill|flash> god, my network administration teacher is such a crackhead... with her walking us through it... it took us 2 days of class to install WinNT i did it in like, the first 5 minutes.
[20:53] <Spork> lol
[20:53] <[Soup]> i dont really see what its supposed to look like
[20:54] <Saigf0ck> should i change it?
[20:54] <Spork> a night sky looking at mountains SOUP
[20:54] <QID|YDL> Chill|flash: haga
[20:54] <Spork> YES
[20:54] <Saigf0ck> Hmmmm
[20:54] <[Soup]> Saigf0ck:tell gib to fix it
[20:54] *** PeelBoy has quit IRC ([email protected]) (When there is no other side, you have completely missed the point of war.)
[20:54] <Saigf0ck> If I get a hold of him
[20:54] <Saigf0ck> Seriously, I dont like his sk
[20:54] <Saigf0ck> y
[20:54] <+DevilWarrior> There aren't any spikers in Aliens 3...
[20:54] <[Soup]> well... then remove it
[20:54] <[Soup]> lol dw
[20:54] <Chill|flash> brb, gonna wash my fucking hands (yes, they are FUCKING hands)
[20:54] <[Soup]> HAHAHA
[20:54] <+DevilWarrior> I'm looking for the Exterms
[20:54] <Saigf0ck> ....
[20:54] <Spork> my 3d graphix teach is such a bitch, she was mad at me cause I wasn't using the mouse to navigate Win98 in class...I was going like five tiems faster than she was teaching
[20:55] <Saigf0ck> lol!
[20:55] <Spork> it was funny as ass
[20:55] <Saigf0ck> I love doing that to teachers!
[20:55] *** Lynch ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[20:55] <+DevilWarrior> yeah...
[20:55] <+DevilWarrior> Its like, ok, lets start this sheet...
[20:55] <[Soup]> i dont have comp yet
[20:55] <+DevilWarrior> 1) load up word
[20:55] <Spork> want to here something screwed up?
[20:55] <[Soup]> next week
[20:55] <+DevilWarrior> 2) edit the hearder
[20:55] <+DevilWarrior> header
[20:55] *** Lynch_Hung has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: [email protected])))
[20:55] <[Soup]> Spork:yes
[20:55] <Spork> she was teaching (ugh) file management...
[20:55] *** Lynch is now known as Lynch_Hung
[20:55] <Saigf0ck> Theyre on lesson 1, the rest of the class is following, and youre already done
[20:55] <Saigf0ck> hehe
[20:55] <Spork> and she said 'delete this file'
[20:55] <Ding> wow! someone using "ghost" for killing a ghost!
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> In 8th grade I got to learn what a WINDOW is!
[20:56] <Ding> that's a first
[20:56] <Saigf0ck> WHOA!
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> And what an ICON is
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> And a CURSOR
[20:56] <Spork> and I hit shift delete and she was nearly spitting while yelling WHY DID YOU DELETE IT
[20:56] <[Soup]> Ding:i reg other peoples nickanmes and ghost them,
[20:56] <QID|YDL> DevilWarrior: WOW YOU MUST BE SMAERT
[20:56] <Saigf0ck> hahaha
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> YEAH!
[20:56] <[Soup]> lol spork
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> I did that thing so fast.
[20:56] <Spork> and I said, you asked me to delete it
[20:56] <Ding> was that adressed to me or about me?
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> I aced em all
[20:56] * Saigf0ck feels a strong sense of sarcasm coming from the room
[20:56] <Chill|flash> ok back.
[20:56] <Spork> she said, then why isn't it in the recycling bin?
[20:56] <DerTeufel> man i lerned my puter skillz on the street
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> In 6th grade we had to use some program to make little movies
[20:56] <QID|YDL> we got to learn works 3.0 for DOS last year
[20:56] * [Soup] is sarcastic
[20:56] *** fRoSt ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[20:56] <Spork> it was funny...
[20:56] <+DevilWarrior> I made one of a house with a road
[20:57] <QID|YDL> we have word 97 SR2 on this computer
[20:57] <+DevilWarrior> and a car went by
[20:57] <+DevilWarrior> and a guy ran over the road.
[20:57] <fRoSt> sterling
[20:57] <+DevilWarrior> then anothern guy went and got hit by a car
[20:57] <Saigf0ck> lol
[20:57] <[Soup]> DerTeufel: i learned mine in front of the computer
[20:57] <+DevilWarrior> and he flew apart
[20:57] <Saigf0ck> heheh
[20:57] <fRoSt> ugh
[20:57] * Spork leaner my comp skills on the streets, right before he learned about sex
[20:57] <Spork> :)
[20:57] <Chill|flash> yeah, i lerned my computer sk1llz in the ghett0.
[20:57] <Spork> hehehe
[20:57] <Lynch_Hung> ghetto
[20:57] <+DevilWarrior> Why won't my phone stop ringing...
[20:57] <Lynch_Hung> !
[20:57] <Lynch_Hung> Scream.
[20:57] <Chill|flash> those homeboys and drug dealers know ALOT about this shit, man.
[20:57] <[Soup]> DevilWarrior:pull the wire
[20:58] <QID|YDL> I'm gonna have to parse this log after you guys shutup... too many good quotes
[20:58] <+DevilWarrior> I'll shut the ringer off!
[20:58] <[Soup]> heh
[20:58] <Saigf0ck> Sorta like me...I loved drawing dismemberment and gory doodles in class, and Id hold it up to the teacher and say "how does this look?"
[20:58] <DerTeufel> me too but i couldnt find my way out of the ghetto
[20:58] <QID|YDL> :-D
[20:58] <fRoSt> ghetto comp skillz = how to find the best porn sites on the internet
[20:58] <Lynch_Hung> g H e TT o
[20:58] <Chill|flash> DW... i think it's because people keep CALLING. (i've experienced this before... it's terrible)
[20:58] <Spork> lol
[20:58] <QID|YDL> gh3tt0
[20:58] <Lynch_Hung> g H e TT o
[20:58] <Lynch_Hung> Heh
[20:58] <QID|YDL> gh3tt0
[20:58] <MooJr> �,9�,3�,1 BOO ,3�,9��
[20:58] <[Soup]> fRoSt:www.passwrodpimp.com
[20:58] <[Soup]> OOOPS
[20:58] <QID|YDL> gH3Tt0
[20:58] <fRoSt> ha ha ha
[20:58] <DerTeufel> haha
[20:58] <Lynch_Hung> g H e TT o
[20:59] <QID|YDL> fUnky texT shIZnit!
[20:59] <Chill|flash> did anyone see little kim's 'dress' on the mtv awards thing? ohh man. "boobies"
[20:59] <Spork> '%,8%,,8'%,7%,,7'%,4%,,4'%,5%,,5'%,1%,,1 G3770 ,1'%,5%,,5'%,4%,,4'%,7%,,7'%,8%,,8'%%,
[20:59] <[Soup]> err switch o and r
[20:59] <Spork> :)
[20:59] <Spork> sux0rs
[20:59] <Chill|flash> that was kinda funny.
[20:59] <QID|YDL> Chill|flash: damn, no
[20:59] <Saigf0ck> MTv blows
[20:59] <Chill|flash> yeah it does
[20:59] <[Soup]> mtv?
[20:59] <Chill|flash> just like YO MOMMA
[20:59] <Spork> I only watch VH1 for music
[20:59] <[Soup]> vh1?
[20:59] <Chill|flash> vh1?
[20:59] <QID|YDL> HAGA
[20:59] <Lynch_Hung> g H e TT o F a b u L o u S e
[20:59] <DerTeufel> g//377o
[20:59] <Spork> >=[
[20:59] <[Soup]> oh...... TV
[20:59] <Chill|flash> man, that's like, the gay mtv.
[20:59] <Saigf0ck> I wouldnt waste my time in front of any Mtv program besides beavis and butthead...but theyre gone so MTV is just a waste
[20:59] <Lynch_Hung> g H e TT o F a b u L o u S e
[20:59] <[Soup]> Tom Green
[20:59] <Lynch_Hung> Kicks ass!
[20:59] <QID|YDL> Lynch hAs no funKY TexT sk1LLz
[20:59] <Saigf0ck> hmmm
[21:00] <Saigf0ck> Ok good point
[21:00] <Spork> only time I turn to Mtv is Daria
[21:00] <[Soup]> =)
[21:00] <Chill|flash> tom green annoys me. his shit gets kinda old.
[21:00] <Spork> that show rawx
[21:00] <Saigf0ck> Yea
[21:00] <[Soup]> hehe
[21:00] <Lynch_Hung> Tis my own CTRL+Funstion work.
[21:00] <Lynch_Hung> =)
[21:00] <fRoSt> spork = orgasms over daria
[21:00] <Saigf0ck> It was funny the first time
[21:00] <Lynch_Hung> Ack
[21:00] <Lynch_Hung> Function
[21:00] <Saigf0ck> sorta like south park
[21:00] <Spork> Daria is a babe:)
[21:00] <QID|YDL> TH4 BUM BUM S0N9
[21:00] <Spork> to me at least
[21:00] <DerTeufel> g//377o $upp3r$7@r
[21:00] <Chill|flash> spork : has problems.
[21:00] <Chill|flash> but that's alright.
[21:00] <Spork> what?
[21:00] <[Soup]> 64%
[21:01] <Spork> what problems?
[21:01] <fRoSt> spork so hows the lady? Isnt her name Righ Thand?
[21:01] <Chill|flash> huh, what?
[21:01] <Saigf0ck> g��g�t� t������
[21:01] <QID|YDL> blink, whatis spork
[21:01] <blink> spork: some weirdo with problems who jacks off to daria
[21:01] <[Soup]> =)
[21:01] <Saigf0ck> blech
[21:01] <Chill|flash> dude blink you read too many magazines.
[21:01] <Spork> hehehe
[21:01] <Spork> Least I got some taste
[21:01] <fRoSt> Spork = Pork in Space
[21:01] <blink> magazines? wha?
[21:01] *** Cyban ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[21:01] <QID|YDL> hegehe
[21:01] <Spork> some people jac off the britany spears, blech
[21:01] <Cyban> ?
[21:02] <Spork> :)
[21:02] <Cyban> shudder
[21:02] <Spork> lol
[21:02] <fRoSt> fake boobies
[21:02] <QID|YDL> heh
[21:02] <fRoSt> ewww
[21:02] <Chill|flash> good one!. it's pork... in space! get it? yeah i didnt either.
[21:02] * Saigf0ck says: Man who jack-off into Peanut Butter is fucking NUTS!"
[21:02] <Cyban> she got pams tits
[21:02] <QID|YDL> hegehehgehe
[21:02] <Spork> lol
[21:02] <fRoSt> lol
[21:02] <[Soup]> i bet some people(men) jack off to ricky martin
[21:02] <Cyban> now that just NASTY
[21:02] * Chill|flash wishes he had boobs.
[21:02] <Saigf0ck> OMGF
[21:02] <Cyban> :P
[21:02] <fRoSt> spork does.
[21:02] * Cyban has boobs
[21:02] *** whee has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Panis.)
[21:02] <Cyban> :)
[21:02] * Saigf0ck barfs in the corner
[21:02] * QID|YDL runs at the mention of ricky martin
[21:02] <Cyban> not HIS
[21:02] <[Soup]> =)
[21:02] <Cyban> but hes got boobs
[21:03] <Chill|flash> well i have boobs, but i don't HAVE them. (get it? yeah i didnt think so)
[21:03] <fRoSt> spork wants to lick them :)
[21:03] <QID|YDL> there was an episode of The Man Show where they interviewed a guy who had breast implants
[21:03] * Spork likes ricky cause he licks my balls every night
[21:03] <Saigf0ck> If you mention Ricky and Jacking off in the same sentence again...i will die..OMFG! I JUST SAID IT!!
[21:03] * Saigf0ck dies
[21:03] <Cyban> hey spork..
[21:03] <QID|YDL> Saigf0ck: FINALLY
[21:03] <[Soup]> lol
[21:03] <Cyban> did you sned me that slashdot link?
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[21:03] *** Ktulu[KA] is now known as Ktulu|away
[21:03] <Spork> ricky lieks to jack off to the goatrse.cx guy shitting into a jas and, er...nm
[21:03] <QID|YDL> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=99/09/08/1353218&mode=thread
[21:03] <fRoSt> spork = either/or doesn't matter, has long as his wanky is happy
[21:03] <Saigf0ck> Sooo, I should change the sky? hhe
[21:03] <Cyban> yeah, that one qid
[21:03] <{GZ}RipFlex> port 69 l/p: free/files Enjoy!.....
[21:04] <[Soup]> Saigf0ck:if you want
[21:04] <QID|YDL> hey ripflex
[21:04] <Chill|flash> dude, that ricky martin dude probably gets it every night from some bimbo fan. (or at least he should be)
[21:04] <Saigf0ck> I think I will...hehe. Boy will Gib be pizzed
[21:04] <Saigf0ck> heheh
[21:04] * Spork wants ricky
[21:04] * Spork wants ricky BAD
[21:04] * Chill|flash throws up
[21:04] <fRoSt> yuck
[21:04] * Spork wants ricky SO SO BAD
[21:04] <Chill|flash> lol
[21:04] <QID|YDL> ...
[21:04] <fRoSt> dood
[21:04] <Chill|flash> i'm HOPING youre joking.
[21:04] <fRoSt> spork
[21:04] <fRoSt> no he isnt
[21:04] * Saigf0ck clobbers spork upside the head with a metal beam
[21:04] * Spork thinks he isnm't joking
[21:04] <QID|YDL> SPORK
[21:04] <Saigf0ck> shut that shit up spork
[21:04] <blink> SPORK is GHEY
[21:04] <Saigf0ck> thats sick
[21:04] <Spork> lol
[21:05] * QID|YDL kicks blink
[21:05] <Spork> but hes so SEXY
[21:05] <Saigf0ck> AUGHF!
[21:05] <Spork> BUT
[21:05] <blink> oops, I'm not an infobot
[21:05] <fRoSt> Spork, now this is why you get banned all the time
[21:05] * Saigf0ck hoarks in the corner
[21:05] <Spork> :)
[21:05] * Cyban beats Spork like a red-headed step-child.
[21:05] <fRoSt> ha ha
[21:05] <QID|YDL> !bewt spork
[21:05] * Chill|flash smacks spork in the face with pamela anderson's boobs and says "boobs are good! panis... baaaad."
[21:05] <Cyban> knock that shit off
[21:05] * Spork thinks Wesley Snipes is much sexier than Ricky
[21:05] <Saigf0ck> AHG!
[21:05] <QID|YDL> .
[21:05] <Spork> Snipes is HOT
[21:05] <Cyban> ok, soemone jsut kick him
[21:05] * Saigf0ck jumps off a cliff
[21:05] <Chill|flash> so THAT's why you saw blade 531 times.
[21:05] <Cyban> how do you ignore soemone?
[21:05] <Saigf0ck> whee!
[21:05] <QID|YDL> I'm ignoring this conversation
[21:05] <fRoSt> spork you only say that cuz you like huge cocks up your ass
[21:06] <QID|YDL> Cyban: /ignore <nick> 3
[21:06] <Spork> so?
[21:06] <Cyban> 3?
[21:06] <[Soup]> Cyban: /ignore
[21:06] <Cyban> ok
[21:06] <Cyban> ahh....the silence
[21:06] <Chill|flash> Cyban: /ignore Yo_momma
[21:06] *** w33dh0l3 ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[21:06] <Saigf0ck> lol
[21:06] <QID|YDL> Cyban: 3 is the mask type... *!*ident@*.isp.domain
[21:06] <Saigf0ck> hey weed
[21:06] <Cyban> oh
[21:06] <Cyban> so its an ip ignore?
[21:06] <QID|YDL> WEED
[21:06] <QID|YDL> WEWP
[21:06] * Spork thinks w33d is sexier than snipes
[21:06] <Chill|flash> heh, you probably just told him to ignore eveyrbody.
[21:06] <Saigf0ck> AHG! O SHIT!
[21:06] <Cyban> ok.....
[21:06] <Cyban> wiat
[21:06] <Saigf0ck> thats it
[21:07] *** Chill|flash is now known as Chill|mp3
[21:07] <Cyban> i did that wrong.....:P
[21:07] <DerTeufel> *!losers*@*
[21:07] <fRoSt> heh w33ds got a stalke...er.. fan
[21:07] <QID|YDL> hegehe
[21:07] <Spork> :)
[21:07] <Cyban> ok.....im gonna go get the gloom ents for my map
[21:07] <Chill|mp3> oh shit.
[21:07] <Saigf0ck> whew
[21:07] <w33dh0l3> bah
[21:07] * Spork fell out of his chair laughing, he did that after laughing straight since the /me wants ricky SO SO BAD comment
[21:07] <w33dh0l3> this sucks
[21:07] <Chill|mp3> a ... LAMER!. jeezus.
[21:07] <Saigf0ck> yes..yes it does weed
[21:07] <[Soup]> i think Spork sucks weed too
[21:08] * fRoSt calls down Spork for the 'Coveted Llama Award for best supporting lamer in a chatroom'
[21:08] <QID|YDL> <+Asuka> Someone said that spork is a ghey lamer who wants ricky martin
[21:08] <Chill|mp3> spork knows better than to be gay.
[21:08] <Spork> huh?
[21:08] <QID|YDL> fRoSt: no, he's the star lamer
[21:08] <Spork> the gay life style is appealing
[21:08] <Chill|mp3> huh, what?
[21:08] <QID|YDL> the supporting lamer is H0B
[21:08] <Saigf0ck> Asuka said that about everyone....but only its true about spork
[21:08] <Saigf0ck> No
[21:08] <Saigf0ck> H0B is lamer than spork
[21:08] <Spork> if I don't liek a chick I just say...sorry, I'm gay
[21:08] <[Soup]> lol
[21:08] <Spork> :)
[21:08] <Saigf0ck> until now at least
[21:08] <QID|YDL> but H0B isn't here much
[21:08] <fRoSt> spork... have you ever wanted a girl in your life?
[21:09] <Saigf0ck> spork nailed the bus driver
[21:09] <[Soup]> he did
[21:09] * fRoSt assumes the answer is no
[21:09] <[Soup]> micheal jackson
[21:09] <Spork> sure frost
[21:09] <QID|YDL> heh
[21:09] <Saigf0ck> hehehe
[21:09] * Spork wants daria
[21:09] * Spork wants daria BAD
[21:09] * Spork wants daria SO SO BAD
[21:09] <Spork> :)(
[21:09] <Saigf0ck> a real life PAT right there
[21:09] <Chill|mp3> heh, as bad as rikcy martin?
[21:09] <QID|YDL> this is gonna have to go up on my irc logs page
[21:09] <Spork> no, sworse
[21:09] <Chill|mp3> booo frost.
[21:09] <QID|YDL> hehehe
[21:10] * Spork asks that you not tell anyone frost
[21:10] <Spork> k?
[21:10] <Spork> :)
[21:10] <fRoSt> Your secret is safe with me
[21:10] <fRoSt> somewhat
[21:10] <Chill|mp3> it's a very serious thing for spork... you need to understand.
[21:10] <QID|YDL> fRoSt: you're sending e-mails to blue's and pq now, right?
[21:10] <fRoSt> yes, it will be posted within the hour
[21:10] <QID|YDL> good
[21:10] <Spork> damn
[21:10] <Spork> oh well
[21:11] * Spork got molested by a she male
[21:11] <Chill|mp3> these mp3's should be done in the next hour.
[21:11] <Spork> happy?
[21:11] <fRoSt> ....
[21:11] <fRoSt> Did... did (s)he touch you in your.. private places?
[21:11] <+DevilWarrior> heheh
[21:11] <Chill|mp3> depents on how she-male-ish she was
[21:11] <+DevilWarrior> the alien just killed the prison waren guy
[21:11] <Chill|mp3> sweet
[21:12] * Spork got touched on the ear lobe
[21:12] <Spork> and thats all
[21:12] <Chill|mp3> damn.
[21:12] <Chill|mp3> that's all it takes, man.
[21:12] <Spork> hehehe
[21:12] <Chill|mp3> HE"S BEEN VIOLATED!
[21:12] *** Sul_[KA] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Gloom Map Poll: http://walkington.com/max/fragdaddy/Sul/)
[21:12] <fRoSt> * Spork got fucked in the ear cannal
[21:12] <+DevilWarrior> I wanna see fight club... seem like a good movie...
[21:12] * [Soup] thinks Spork molested Michael Jackson
[21:12] ��� IDTScript: whee is now an IRCop.
[21:12] <Chill|mp3> ouch.
[21:12] <Spork> I liek michael jackson
[21:12] <Spork> hes a good dancer
[21:12] <[Soup]> lol
[21:12] <Spork> and a good singer...somewhat
[21:12] *** Lifer ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[21:12] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lifer
[21:12] <Chill|mp3> DW just wants to see brad pitt. don't lie.
[21:12] <@Q> [Lifer] ALL BOW!
[21:12] <fRoSt> ,0* Spork got touched on the ear lobe
[21:12] <+DevilWarrior> nah
[21:13] *** Lifer is now known as DrKickAss
[21:13] <+DevilWarrior> I don't even like brad pitt
[21:13] <+DevilWarrior> I hated his other movies
[21:13] <Chill|mp3> uh huhhh. that's what they ALL say.
[21:13] <[Soup]> brad pitt?
[21:13] *** MooJr has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[21:13] <Chill|mp3> heh
[21:13] <Spork> Wesley snipes owns Pitts un sexy ass
[21:13] <[Soup]> yeah
[21:13] <Chill|mp3> lol
[21:13] <Cyban> *shudder*
[21:13] 9:13pm #gloom chanstats: Ops: 2 (9%) Voice: 1 (5%) Regular: 19 (86%) Total: 22
[21:13] <+DevilWarrior> I don't see guys as sexy, so don't ask me.
[21:13] <Cyban> we all know IM the hottest guy alive :)
[21:13] <Chill|mp3> omigod! i've never seen so many dead hookers in my entire life!
[21:13] <DerTeufel> SOME BODy come play qping
[21:13] <[Soup]> does anyone in here likes brad pitts ass more than wesley snipes
[21:13] <[Soup]> ?
[21:14] <+DevilWarrior> qping?
[21:14] <DerTeufel> qpong
[21:14] <Chill|mp3> omigod! i've never seen so many dead hookers in my entire life!
[21:14] <Cyban> but thats my opinion, and the opinion of every girl in my school
[21:14] <[Soup]> lol
[21:14] <+DevilWarrior> what chill?
[21:14] <Cyban> btw, my doors dont swing backwards
[21:14] <DerTeufel> every body come play qpong
[21:14] <Chill|mp3> havent you seen dirty work?
[21:14] * fRoSt has a tatoo on his ass that reads 'Exit Only'
[21:14] <[Soup]> 81%
[21:14] <Cyban> exactly
[21:14] <Cyban> as it should
[21:14] <DerTeufel> on onecall
[21:14] <Chill|mp3> *band goes "badoom... pish"*
[21:15] <Chill|mp3> get this man on def comedy jam!
[21:15] <Spork> DER
[21:15] <Spork> I'll go
[21:15] <Spork> :)
[21:15] <Cyban> lol chill
[21:15] <fRoSt> spork
[21:15] <[Soup]> its not Der , its Teufel
[21:15] <Spork> I love qpong when its a small game
[21:15] <Chill|mp3> tell me the ip and i'll go in a little.
[21:15] <fRoSt> you just want the pong up your ass
[21:15] <fRoSt> whoa
[21:15] <fRoSt> that sounded kinky
[21:15] * Spork shoves the pong up frosts ass
[21:15] <fRoSt> <Spork> I love qpong when its a small game
[21:15] <fRoSt> <fRoSt> you just want the pong up your ass
[21:15] <fRoSt> <Chill|mp3> tell me the ip and i'll go in a little.
[21:15] <fRoSt> <fRoSt> whoa
[21:15] <fRoSt> <fRoSt> that sounded kinky
[21:16] <QID|YDL> heh
[21:16] <[Soup]> lol
[21:16] <phazer> h0h0h0
[21:16] <Chill|mp3> frost stop while youre still living.
[21:16] <fRoSt> lol
[21:16] <fRoSt> Hey I didnt say it!
[21:16] <[Soup]> 85%
[21:16] <Chill|mp3> 85 percent what?
[21:16] <[Soup]> yes
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] <Saigf0ck> heheh
[21:16] <Spork> * Spork wants ricky
[21:16] <Spork> * Spork wants ricky BAD
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] * Chill|flash throws up
[21:16] <Spork> * Spork wants ricky SO SO BAD
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] <fRoSt> yuck
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] <Chill|flash> lol
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] <QID|YDL> ...
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] <fRoSt> dood
[21:16] <Spork> [19:57] <Chill|flash> i'm HOPING youre joking.
[21:17] <Spork> [19:57] <fRoSt> spork
[21:17] <Spork> [19:57] <fRoSt> no he isnt
[21:17] <Chill|mp3> lol
[21:17] <Spork> [19:57] <QID|YDL> SPORK IS GHEY
[21:17] <Chill|mp3> rock
[21:17] <Spork> [19:57] * Saigf0ck clobbers spork upside the head with a metal beam
[21:17] <Spork> * Spork thinks he isnm't joking
[21:17] <Spork> [19:57] <QID|YDL> SPORK
[21:17] <Spork> [19:57] <Saigf0ck> sh
[21:17] <QID|YDL> u,m
[21:17] <Spork> ricky has a good ass, but thats it
[21:17] <Spork> now snipes
[21:17] * [Soup] is owning #gloom
[21:17] <Spork> hes sexy all around
[21:17] <Spork> IMO
[21:17] <[Soup]> 86%
[21:17] <Chill|mp3> 85 percent what?
[21:17] * [Soup] is owning #gloom
[21:17] *** Spork is now known as Spork|Qpong
[21:17] * QID|YDL is owning S3WP
[21:17] <Chill|mp3> soop
[21:17] * [Soup] arleady owned QID|YDL
[21:18] <QID|YDL> S0 3Y3 0WN #GL00M
[21:18] <[Soup]> MUAHAHAHAH
[21:18] <QID|YDL> S3WP 1S 0WN3D
[21:18] * Chill|mp3 has copyright protection, so if you own him he'll take you to court.
[21:18] <[Soup]> QID|YDL: you own #gl00m ,not #gloom
[21:18] <fRoSt> I know j00 all
[21:18] <fRoSt> ..
[21:18] <fRoSt> own
[21:18] <Chill|mp3> i want to own #glewm
[21:18] * [Soup] owns the court
[21:18] <Chill|mp3> blast, foiled again.
[21:19] <[Soup]> i own #glewm
[21:19] <fRoSt> I OWN MONICA LEWENSKI!!!
[21:19] <Chill|mp3> yikes
[21:19] <[Soup]> points beeing?
[21:19] <[Soup]> -s
[21:19] <fRoSt> I dunno
[21:19] <[Soup]> lol
[21:20] <[Soup]> btw. fRoSt:i thought you quit gloom
[21:20] <fRoSt> i will
[21:20] <[Soup]> MUAHHAHA
[21:20] <fRoSt> when meo comes out
[21:20] *** Cyban has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[21:20] <[Soup]> meo?
[21:20] <Chill|mp3> man i'll have like 600 mp3's by the time im done
[21:20] <[Soup]> isnt it meow
[21:20] <fRoSt> no
[21:20] <Chill|mp3> no really i will.
[21:20] <fRoSt> MEO
[21:20] * [Soup] thinks fRoSt is fucking a cat till the meow comes out
[21:20] <Chill|mp3> wha?
[21:21] <fRoSt> No, your mistaken my for Spork
[21:21] <fRoSt> me
[21:21] <[Soup]> ummmm.................
[21:21] <Chill|mp3> brb...
[21:21] <[Soup]> when did i say youre spork?
[21:21] <fRoSt> You didnt, I said your 'mistaken' me for Spork
[21:21] <[Soup]> i didnt
[21:21] <[Soup]> Spork|Qpong fucks his dog
[21:22] <[Soup]> not his cat
[21:22] <fRoSt> But I dont have a cat?
[21:22] <Chill|mp3> hail to the king, baby
[21:22] <[Soup]> you stole one
[21:22] <fRoSt> I have my parrot, Sqawks (he didnt get that name for nothing)
[21:22] <Ding> ewww!
[21:22] *** BlacMoon ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[21:22] <[Soup]> hi blacy
[21:22] <fRoSt> lol
[21:22] <Spork|Qpong> whats the onecalls qpong servers IP?
[21:22] <BlacMoon> hi
[21:22] <fRoSt> ok
[21:22] <Spork|Qpong> I forget
[21:22] * [Soup] takes some DonkeyBallz
[21:22] <fRoSt> well time to go
[21:22] <fRoSt> have fun
[21:22] <Spork|Qpong> whats the onecalls qpong servers IP?
[21:22] *** fRoSt has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Leaving)
[21:22] <Spork|Qpong> !!!
[21:22] <[Soup]> Spork|Qpong:f00bar
[21:23] <Spork|Qpong> QHATIS IS IT?
[21:23] <DerTeufel>
[21:23] <Spork|Qpong> um...
[21:23] <Spork|Qpong> k
[21:23] <[Soup]> twat?
[21:23] <Saigf0ck> YAWN
[21:23] <Spork|Qpong> tahts not onecalll
[21:23] <Spork|Qpong> but k
[21:23] 9:23pm #gloom chanstats: Ops: 2 (10%) Voice: 1 (5%) Regular: 18 (86%) Total: 21
[21:23] <Saigf0ck> NL marching?
[21:23] *** Saigf0ck has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Saigf0ck was using �-{P�|�r��}-� v1.01 - http://members.xoom.com/Polaris_IRC/)