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Wadny.com includes many accessibility features, most of which I learned from Mark Pilgrim on DiveIntoAccessibility. If you have any questions or comments, you can send me an e-mail—information is on the author page.

Standards compliance

All pages have <link> tags pointing to the wadny.com home page and the Atom version of my news page. These links should already be usable in text-only browsers and screen readers, and they may be exposed in other browsers as well.

Many links include title attributes to provide further information about the link or to indicate if the link opens in a new window. This helps links make sense out of context. Also, there are no javascript: pseudo-links, even though some links will open in new windows in browsers that support them. In addition, links that open in new windows are indicated by a small red arrow to the left of the link.


Wadny.com uses a minimum of images to cut down on download time and improve accessibility. All images used on this site have descriptive alt attributes so users of text-only browsers are not prevented from using them. For users that are displaying images, there is usually also a title for the image to display as a tooltip.

Visual design

This site uses CSS for visual layout. When the page is read in a screen reader, it should work properly due to the simple and standards-compliant markup; however, this is untested. If you are aware of any issues with my site when it is handled by a screen reader, please let me know.


This site and its accessibility features are a work in progress. If you would like to suggest changes to make to the site or this page, or have comments of any kind, feel free to contact me; information is on the author page.