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This page is intended as an entry point for companies or individuals interested in my professional/career work. I use my website for both personal and professional work, so a page explaining which parts are which is important. If you are a random person looking around, feel free to read whatever you want, however you want. If you are a possible employer, however, some context is useful and important.

First of all, this site contains content going back to the late 1990’s, and thus many things on this site no longer accurately reflect on me. The news archives, in particular, contain many posts from when I was still “just a kid” in high school, and obviously have no bearing on my current professional attitude. I hesitate to cite specifics, as this page would then undoubtedly become inaccurate as well.

Many of the sections on this site should not be used to judge my professional competence and attitude. The Band section, for example, has absolutely nothing to do with me—it is an homage to this website’s namesake, a band my father was in, and the history was written by another band member. The “Anselmo” section is similarly related. Humor, as the name implies, is simply collected jokes and other items that at some time I considered humorous, and quite obviously have nothing to do with any of my work. It has become fashionable to attack people for anything we can dig up in their past that offends modern sensibilities, regardless of their current feelings, but I think it’s better to maintain and learn from historical artifacts rather than bury them so we can pretend they never existed.

Additionally, my areas of expertise and career path have evolved since most of the older content on this site was produced. Designing and creating web sites is not something I do professionally any more; it’s just a hobby, and one I don’t even spend that much time on these days.

So, what actually does reflect on me professionally? The about - colophon page contains some useful information on contacting me and some of the technologies I have employed in creating this website. The accessibility statement also contains information on accessibility practices I have made use of. The design section contains an archive of past website designs I have done; most of them are rather poor compared to my current abilities, but they may still prove useful. The programming section contains some information on programs I have created; at the time of this writing, it is unfinished, but it may have since been updated. Lastly, the news section does contain some useful articles. There are a couple of articles in particular that provide useful technical information.

In conclusion, I would like to remind any possible employers that a website is not an effective replacement for an in-person interview; if you have an interest in hiring me, please reach out to me on LinkedIn, and/or contact me so we can communicate directly. Thank you.