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This section contains information on various programs I have written, as well as some basic information on the languages they’re written in.

I have been programming seriously since the late 90’s (1997 or so). In high school, I went through a three-year course sequence on C++ and decided to become a software engineer. While I studied at RIT as a Software Engineering major, I took several courses on Java; a course on C++; a course covering Lisp, Perl, and Python; and a course on Motorola 68000 assembly language. The curriculum also covered at lot of aspects of software engineering not specific to particular languages, like design patterns, verification & validation, and project management. After graduating, I spent several years mostly doing C++ on Linux at my first job, and now I’ve moved on to primarily C# and the .NET ecosystem, as well as SQL and JavaScript.

On my own, I have done a lot of work with PHP and some work with Perl and Python, along with the occasional C++ or Java program. I am also familiar with using SQL for accessing databases and using UML to design software.

More information and software can be found on my github account.