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My design portfolio

Over the years, I have created a number of website designs—some have been used, many have not. This section is an archive of all of the designs I still have a copy of, or at least a screenshot of. I have created separate pages for some of my newer (and, I think, better) designs. All of the other designs are listed together, with short summaries, on the Summary page. Many of those designs are old, and make use of technologies that have since become outdated, and thus should not be considered examples of good contemporary websites. The separate portfolio pages are still old, but at least after the dawn of standards on the web.

Individual portfolio sites

Currently, there are three sites with individual portfolios: EdgeIRC 4, RIT Honors, and Wadny.com. EdgeIRC 4 is the fourth version of edgeirc.net, and was the last design used on that website. RIT Honors was the design for the student-run website on the RIT Honors Program server. Wadny.com is the website you’re looking at.