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Session Start: Fri Jul 30 13:00:51 1999
[13:00] *** Now talking in #half-life
[13:00] *** Set by DrDeath on Tue Jul 27 12:48:05
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[13:01] <Whitey> Soon after the country�s most beloved TV personality is killed in a skydiving accident, industrious fans turn tragedy into opportunity by opening Oprah Crater Park.
[13:01] <Masamune> HAHHAHAHHA
[13:03] <Whitey> Mark McGwire will hit 80 home runs, but will alienate man fans when he declares on national TV: 'I'm am so impressed with what I've done I could just do myself in the butt.'
[13:03] *** DrDeath has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[13:03] <AUKEN> heheh
[13:03] <Whitey> The world is rocked when Colonel Sander's secret recipe is discovered to be; one part salt, one part sage and the gayest chicken that money can buy.
[13:04] <Masamune> HAHAHAGHADGA
[13:05] <Whitey> The Catholic church will decide that it needs a leader one step above the Pope. His title will be Captain Popetastic.
[13:05] <Whitey> i like that one
[13:05] <AUKEN> iodudiopfdosj
[13:05] <Masamune> poopopasfoasp[p[vcsa
[13:05] <Masamune> hugmu.
[13:05] <AUKEN> poopopas
[13:05] <AUKEN> jfidhfdskfjdhk
[13:05] <Masamune> haha
[13:06] <Masamune> poopopasfoas
[13:06] *** KevinL-RiotSW ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:06] <AUKEN> jkjdskhf this 2 live crew song owns
[13:06] <Whitey> The term �gay� will revert to its 19th century meaning �happy,� as in �happy as in having sex with other men.�
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[13:06] <AUKEN> hahaha
[13:06] <Masamune> heheghe
[13:06] <Whitey> ah conan, you rock
[13:06] <Masamune> ancient greeks were all gay
[13:07] <AUKEN> dfdd
[13:07] <Whitey> Men�s fashion will become a whole lot sexier with the introduction of tiny garments designed to show off testicle cleavage.
[13:07] *** KevinL-RiotSW ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:07] <Masamune> HAHGHDA
[13:08] <Whitey> Computers will be convinced it is the year 1900. They will support President McKinley, grow handlebar mustaches, and crack the heads of the filthy Irish.
[13:08] <AUKEN> hahaha
[13:08] <AUKEN> conan is my owner
[13:09] <AUKEN> <ISMOKEPOT> !cl0ze-mp3 RICKY MARTIN -11- La Vida Loca (Spanish Version).mp3
[13:09] <AUKEN> homo
[13:09] <QID|YDL> I just got this e-mail from buqtraq... if any of you are running office 97, you need to go to http://www.microsoft.com/data/ and download the latest Data Access Components thing or people can run arbitrary code on your machine through an excel spreadsheet
[13:10] <Whitey> In an official policy change, mob hit men will no longer give their victims the kiss of death, but the far more pleasurable hummer of doom.
[13:10] <QID|YDL> it has something to do with Jet 3.51 (ODBCJT32.dll)
[13:10] <AUKEN> hummer of doom JKLDHSKHFELKJEHK:ELDHLD
[13:11] <QID|YDL> if anyone wants the e-mail gimme your address and I'll forward it
[13:11] <Whitey> Years of sophisticated testing will prove that the stain on Monica Lewinsky�s dress is actually mustard. Mustard from the head of Bill Clinton�s penis.
[13:11] <Whitey> Former Vice President, Dan Quayle, is rushed to the hospital after talking an intern into putting a cigar in his penis.
[13:12] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -b *!*@*islandtelecom.com
[13:12] <AUKEN> FDFD
[13:12] <Masamune> penis mustard.
[13:12] <AUKEN> never buy a microshaft keyboard
[13:16] <Whitey> i like stuff
[13:17] <AUKEN> "The way you're licking that champange glass makes me want to stick my dick in your ass"
[13:17] <Masamune> i got a logitech keyboard
[13:17] <Masamune> it's p1mp
[13:17] <Whitey> hlaha
[13:17] <Masamune> haha auk
[13:17] <AUKEN> MY NEW PICKUP LINE ##%#$(
[13:18] <QID|YDL> Masamune: my ibm keyboard owns your logitech one
[13:18] <Masamune> MY keyboard is an IBM
[13:18] <QID|YDL> unless you have the wireless one, in which case you suck
[13:18] <Masamune> THIS keyboard is a logitech :)
[13:18] <QID|YDL> <Masamune> I got a logitech keyboard
[13:19] <Masamune> yeah, i got it for my brother's computer
[13:19] <Whitey> its possible to have 2 keyboards dude
[13:19] <Masamune> it's nice but it's not as good as my ibm one on my puter
[13:19] <AUKEN> haha
[13:19] <Whitey> napster wins the award - coolest program i have ever used
[13:19] <Masamune> hugmu
[13:19] *** Freeze ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[13:19] <QID|YDL> it's too bad that the black one is $10 more, I would've bought it
[13:20] <AUKEN> err...FREEZE!
[13:20] <QID|YDL> all of my computer stuff is beige, and none of it is the same shade of beige
[13:20] *** dimeanytime ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:20] <dimeanytime> darn it!!
[13:20] <AUKEN> go away
[13:20] <Whitey> http://www.napster.com <-- masa, get this shit, its super ownage
[13:20] <Freeze> AUKEN~~
[13:20] <Masamune> what is ti
[13:20] <Masamune> it
[13:20] <Whitey> mp3 getting program
[13:20] <deathpain> napster never works.
[13:20] <deathpain> never... works.
[13:21] <Whitey> i've gotten like 15 in 2 days
[13:21] <deathpain> meaning it's shit.
[13:21] <Whitey> deathpain: yeah right, this shit rocks
[13:21] <Whitey> it is poorly assembled and buggy, but when it works, it really kicks ass
[13:22] <Whitey> i'm getting 3k a second on a 33.6, try doing that shit on some crappy mp3 ftp
[13:25] <deathpain> hmm... well, i got through it without it freezing up on me.
[13:25] <Whitey> yeah, it freezes on me sometimes too
[13:25] <Whitey> the time i've spent rebooting it is maybe 1/4 of the time i spend spanking my monkey waiting for mp3 server to be open
[13:26] <AUKEN> OMG
[13:26] <AUKEN> MARSA
[13:26] <AUKEN> HAHAHA
[13:26] <deathpain> heh... well, i guess this isn't too bad.
[13:27] <Freeze> ?
[13:30] <deathpain> whoa... um, wtf, it fucked up when i tried to download something.
[13:30] *** Freeze has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[13:30] *** are_asleep ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:30] <are_asleep> is hidden and dangerous out yet?
[13:30] <Masamune> WHATUP AUKEN
[13:30] <@BRiNGER> Yes
[13:30] *** are_asleep is now known as aresenal
[13:30] <aresenal> You can buy it at a store?
[13:31] <@BRiNGER> No
[13:31] <aresenal> why cant you then
[13:31] <@BRiNGER> You have to pay a gnome money and he sneaks through the worldwide network of underground tunnels to Europe and steals the master copy.
[13:31] <aresenal> ?
[13:32] <AUKEN> MARSA $#%%
[13:32] <aresenal> oh i see
[13:32] <@BRiNGER> You're a little un-quick, eh?
[13:33] *** Zoot has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[13:33] *** Al9000 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:33] <Al9000> ....
[13:33] <AUKEN> man, i wanna send this 2 live crew song to sparrowslain
[13:34] *** Al9000 ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[13:34] *** ZybOrg ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:35] *** Zoot ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:35] *** Freeze ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[13:35] <AUKEN> damnit
[13:35] *** aresenal has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[13:36] <AUKEN> Canadian cable sucks my american panis
[13:36] *** Regar ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:36] <deathpain> whoa... this is interesting.
[13:37] <deathpain> korn - good god <rammstein remix>.mp3
[13:37] *** dimeanytime has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: All mods are created equal, only some are treated to be more equal than others)
[13:37] *** Regar has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
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[13:38] <KevinL-RiotSW> hehe
[13:38] *** Freeze ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[13:38] *** Alaska ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:38] <AUKEN> freeze: your cable sucks
[13:39] *** Alaska ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[13:39] <Freeze> yes.
[13:39] <Freeze> I don't know what the fuck is wrong
[13:40] <deathpain> hey, wtf, i just got disconnected
[13:40] <Freeze> GOD
[13:40] <Freeze> MOTHERFUCKER
[13:40] <Freeze> FUCKING CABLE
[13:40] <Freeze> ASS PIECE OF SHIT
[13:40] *** Freeze was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[13:40] *** Freeze ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[13:40] <Whitey> deathpain: from what?
[13:40] <Freeze> that happens one more fucking time I'm calling those guys and I better get some compensation for this bullshit
[13:41] <Whitey> napster?'
[13:41] <AUKEN> :D
[13:41] *** ZybOrg has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: ZybOrg was using �-{P�|�r��}-� v1.01 - http://members.xoom.com/Polaris_IRC/)
[13:42] <Whitey> me too, but the transfers keep going
[13:42] <deathpain> Whitey: yes
[13:42] <deathpain> but it reconnected, but the transfers keep going for some fucked up reason
[13:42] <Freeze> this better not have any viruses cuz the trial on my virus scanner ran out :|
[13:42] <AUKEN> 'i'd like a penis grande'
[13:43] <Freeze> hahaha
[13:43] * QID|YDL haqs freeze's computer
[13:43] <Freeze> well you're gonna have to buy a large drink wiht that!
[13:43] <Masamune> hey dp
[13:43] <Masamune> you wanna send me that rammstein remix of good god?
[13:43] <Masamune> hjasf
[13:44] <Masamune> oh an auken.. try sending that mp3 again eh?
[13:44] ��� Clone detected! #half-life :: AUKEN secks (4*!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net)
[13:44] *** secks ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:44] <Masamune> fewkie
[13:44] <secks> what the hell is up with telefragged?
[13:44] *** AUKEN has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by secks)))
[13:44] *** secks is now known as AUKEN
[13:44] <AUKEN> im having to use ghey pq
[13:45] <Freeze> I'm using telefragged
[13:45] <Freeze> it must be my cable modem!
[13:45] <Freeze> it's phucking with TF
[13:45] <AUKEN> you like the penis mp3?@!?!
[13:45] *** BRiNGER has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[13:45] *** Gwags ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:45] <Freeze> yayaya
[13:45] <AUKEN> fgfd
[13:45] <Freeze> You're gonna have to buy a drink with that!
[13:45] *** Celt ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:46] <AUKEN> gah
[13:46] *** Masamune is now known as m|gone
[13:47] <AUKEN> im listening to this blink 182 crap
[13:47] <Freeze> which one?
[13:47] <Freeze> punk is cool :D
[13:47] <Freeze> Blink 182 were at warped tour
[13:47] <AUKEN> what's my age again
[13:47] <deathpain> heh
[13:47] <Freeze> oh
[13:47] <Freeze> yeah that one's kinda gay.
[13:47] <deathpain> i'm gonna mp3 some vinyl now.,
[13:47] <AUKEN> Its stuck in my head
[13:47] <AUKEN> i had to download it
[13:47] <Freeze> hee hee
[13:48] <Gwags> that song sux
[13:48] *** ShOtgun has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[13:48] <deathpain> jesus
[13:48] <Freeze> I should send j00 some pennywise to kill the blink 182 crap :D
[13:48] <AUKEN> the kids aren't alright by offspring just goes beyond ownage
[13:48] <AUKEN> OMG
[13:49] <deathpain> offspring used to be my favorite group.
[13:49] <deathpain> americana made them gay, end of story.
[13:49] <AUKEN> i hate that punk CRAP
[13:49] <QID|YDL> offspring was lam0rized
[13:49] <Freeze> PENNYWISE KICKS ASS
[13:49] <AUKEN> yeah, americana is gay
[13:49] <Freeze> I KILL J00
[13:49] <Freeze> AND YOUR FAMILY
[13:49] <AUKEN> but the kids arent alright owns
[13:49] <QID|YDL> they were good, they became popular, and now they suck
[13:49] <AUKEN> whatever.
[13:49] <Freeze> :|
[13:49] <AUKEN> pretty fly for a white guy sucks too
[13:50] <deathpain> HE'S KILLBOY POWERHEAD
[13:50] <AUKEN> it's acctually pretty gay
[13:50] <deathpain> KILLBOY POWERHEAD
[13:50] <deathpain> KILLBOY POWERHEAD
[13:50] *** Celt has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[13:50] <QID|YDL> and the other new one sucks too... I forget what it's called
[13:50] <QID|YDL> smash was cool
[13:50] <deathpain> let's see...
[13:50] <Freeze> well offspring is weird
[13:50] <deathpain> first album, self-titled, blew beyond imagination
[13:50] <Freeze> but pennywise is cool :D
[13:50] <AUKEN> FREEZE: joo want this 2 live crew mp3?
[13:50] <deathpain> ignition 2nd album, was pretty good, had some good songs
[13:50] <Freeze> no
[13:50] <Freeze> NO
[13:50] <AUKEN> awesome
[13:51] <AUKEN> this song is a jam
[13:51] <deathpain> smash, rocked beyond my imagination
[13:51] <Freeze> I have ignition buried somewhere
[13:51] <deathpain> ixnay, ehh, was okay, good but not great.
[13:51] <deathpain> and then there's americana.
[13:51] <QID|YDL> I have smash upstairs somewhere
[13:51] *** ShOtgun ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[13:52] <Freeze> offspring's the only acceptable punk, and dey suck
[13:53] <QID|YDL> what about green day?
[13:54] <Freeze> They're gay.
[13:54] *** Zoot has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Bork, bork, bork, bork!)
[13:55] <Freeze> Godsmack are cool :D
[13:55] <deathpain> are there any sites that sell cds and show the tracks that are on them?>
[13:55] ��� IDTScript: Rumble is now an IRCop.
[13:55] <ShOtgun> CDNow
[13:56] <Whitey> yeah
[13:57] <Whitey> offspring owns all fag boy
[13:57] <Whitey> they really fucked up with americana though
[13:59] <Whitey> pretty fly and get a job are by far the worst songs on the cd, the song americana would have been released first, but the main line in it is "FUCK YOU!"
[13:59] <Freeze> bah
[13:59] <Freeze> any real radio stations that play it wouldn't censor it
[14:00] <Whitey> the rest of the cd is actually good
[14:00] <Freeze> like that everlast song
[14:00] <AUKEN> yeaH
[14:00] <Freeze> some of it's ok, but
[14:00] <QID|YDL> censorship is probably the lamest shit ever to happen to our civilization
[14:00] <AUKEN> the radio stations fuck up that everlast song
[14:00] <AUKEN> >=|
[14:00] <Freeze> offspring sucks now I got bored of it
[14:00] <Freeze> yeah
[14:00] <Freeze> censorship ruins the song
[14:00] <Whitey> the rest of the cd reminds me of old school offspring
[14:00] <Gwags> americana, I got the whole album of the net
[14:00] <deathpain> wtf
[14:00] <AUKEN> -^GRinDer- After waiting 34 min, Austin_Powers_Dr_Evil_-_Just_The_Two_Of_Us.mp3
[14:00] <deathpain> i'm sharing files?~!?
[14:00] <Whitey> the song americana is cool, so is have you ever
[14:00] <AUKEN> hfdskljf
[14:00] <Gwags> off
[14:01] <AUKEN> so is the kids aren't alright :D
[14:01] <Freeze> no I doubt it's cool
[14:01] <Freeze> I have americana
[14:01] <Freeze> but I don't listen to it
[14:01] <Whitey> listen to the song americana
[14:01] <Freeze> I'd rather listen to the carmageddon sound track :D
[14:01] <Whitey> deathpain: no shit sherlock
[14:02] *** Celt ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:02] <Whitey> your not downloading songs from servers, your downloading songs from other people
[14:02] <AUKEN> whoa...spyhunter is on tbs
[14:02] <AUKEN> that show owned
[14:02] <Freeze> that shit's gay, it's like scour.net
[14:02] <deathpain> bah, no one will download from my modem anways.
[14:02] <Celt> anyone know if system shock 2 is out yet?
[14:02] <Whitey> Freeze: no its not
[14:02] <Whitey> its nothing like scour.net
[14:02] <Freeze> yes it is
[14:02] <Whitey> its like the complete opposite of scour.net
[14:02] <Freeze> how?
[14:02] <Freeze> it shares files
[14:02] <Celt> freeze: was that yes to me?
[14:02] <Whitey> your a moron
[14:03] <QID|YDL> AUKEN: what's it about?
[14:03] <deathpain> [Full CDs - The Offspring - Smash - 03 Bad Habit.mp3/3499.6k] mp3.tcl(2)
[14:03] <deathpain> woo
[14:03] <Whitey> bad habit owns
[14:03] <Freeze> How am I moron? ok they share files, how are they so different?
[14:03] <Whitey> i got that song yesterday
[14:03] <Freeze> celt: no.
[14:03] <AUKEN> Its about this cop dude
[14:03] <AUKEN> and he's cool and shit
[14:03] <Whitey> Freeze: scour.net is some sellout site that is a bunch of garbage faggots
[14:03] <Whitey> napster.com hasn't sold out yet
[14:04] <deathpain> holy fuck
[14:04] <deathpain> the number of mp3s just went from 9600 to 24600
[14:04] <Whitey> mmm, ownish
[14:04] <deathpain> heh
[14:04] <deathpain> you'll be seeing red dots for any of my mp3s
[14:04] <Whitey> i got like 15 offspring songs yesterday
[14:04] <deathpain> bah
[14:05] <deathpain> since i have all of the cds, i just mp3d them all
[14:05] <Whitey> i basically downloaded smash
[14:05] <Whitey> i had smash, and ixnay, and i let a friend borrow them, and he moved to arizona
[14:05] <Whitey> cocksucker
[14:05] <QID|YDL> AUKEN: tbs has matlock :-\
[14:05] <deathpain> right now i want to find some leet-ass remixes
[14:05] <deathpain> this korn-good god rammstein remix rocks
[14:05] <QID|YDL> deathpain: where'd you get that
[14:05] <AUKEN> matlock is a pussy compared to spyhunter
[14:05] <Whitey> i'm trying to find this remix of magic carpet ride
[14:05] <deathpain> with napster sir
[14:05] <QID|YDL> AUKEN: so where's this spyhunter
[14:06] <AUKEN> it just finished
[14:06] <AUKEN> whore
[14:06] <Whitey> offspring - genocide
[14:06] <Whitey> mmm
[14:06] <deathpain> DOG EAT DOG EVERYDAY
[14:06] <Freeze> offspring - gay
[14:06] <Freeze> offspring - I_fuck_dogs
[14:06] <Whitey> Freeze: from what i've heard from you, you have the worst taste in everything
[14:06] <AUKEN> yep
[14:07] <AUKEN> he likes SEVENDUST
[14:07] <deathpain> ... noooo
[14:07] <AUKEN> *cough* GAY
[14:07] <Whitey> yeah, you say offspring get old, fuck that. all that korn hard shit gets old
[14:07] *** Celt has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[14:07] <deathpain> heh
[14:07] <Freeze> sevendust are ownage
[14:07] <deathpain> whitey
[14:07] <deathpain> do a search for final fantasy
[14:07] <deathpain> and see what you find
[14:07] <Whitey> that shit was new for like 5 minutes
[14:07] <Freeze> yeah korn's pretty gay too
[14:07] <Whitey> dp: i'm not risking crashing napster until this song finishes
[14:07] <AUKEN> hey, korn is good whore
[14:08] <QID|YDL> I like the matrix soundtrack better than offspring...
[14:08] <Whitey> dp: whats your name on there?
[14:08] <Freeze> well qid j00 like the gay method
[14:08] <deathpain> uh, deathpain
[14:08] <Freeze> :D
[14:08] <deathpain> hold on
[14:08] <Freeze> no way !
[14:08] <Whitey> i'll /finger you in the butt
[14:08] <deathpain> it keeps telling me that i'm disconnected, and when i reconnect, it still tells me that
[14:08] <QID|YDL> crystal method owns
[14:08] <Gwags> limp bizkit is just gay ]
[14:08] <Whitey> indeed
[14:08] <QID|YDL> the techno stuff on the matrix soundtrack owns
[14:08] <Freeze> that single is cool tho
[14:08] <Freeze> :D
[14:08] <Whitey> limp bizkit is super super super gay
[14:08] <Freeze> nookie#()$&
[14:08] <Whitey> nookie is the worst fucking song
[14:09] <deathpain> i'm missing a couple things from the matrix soundtrack
[14:09] <Freeze> no it isn't suck my cock
[14:09] <deathpain> i need 11-14, excluding du hast
[14:09] <Whitey> Freeze: i'm afraid so
[14:09] <QID|YDL> I think dritzen has/had tracks 1-13
[14:09] <QID|YDL> he might have had 14
[14:09] <Gwags> dritzen has everything, best check his ftp
[14:09] <QID|YDL> I can't remember
[14:10] <Freeze> dritzen doesn't have any japanese metal#$*(
[14:10] <Freeze> hehe
[14:10] <Gwags> the fact that he has disney pr0n makes up for it
[14:11] <Freeze> i had pokemon pron but he deleted it :|
[14:11] <Whitey> deathpain: have you heard the song americana?
[14:11] <AUKEN> Japanese pop is the worst goddamn music i have ever heard
[14:11] <Whitey> heh, ronin likes jpop
[14:11] <AUKEN> homo
[14:11] <QID|YDL> there's nothing on dritzen's ftp except Uploads
[14:11] <deathpain> Whitey: i mp3d the entire cd
[14:12] <Whitey> ah
[14:12] <Whitey> damnit, i only have 92% of genocide
[14:12] <deathpain> heh
[14:12] <Gwags> I got running with sicssors from dritz
[14:12] <deathpain> do that search for final fantasy and see what you come up with
[14:12] <Whitey> have you ever is a cool song too
[14:13] <Whitey> search returned 2 results!
[14:13] <deathpain> hmm
[14:13] <Whitey> your not online
[14:14] <deathpain> sojfklsjfklsdf
[14:14] <deathpain> YES I AM
[14:14] <Whitey> uh, no your not
[14:14] <Whitey> i can tell if you are, type /finger mofo
[14:14] <deathpain> silent disconnecting me constantly
[14:14] <deathpain> now i'm on
[14:14] <Whitey> ok, i added you to my hotlist
[14:15] <Whitey> i'll be able to see all of your songs
[14:15] <Freeze> you're on his hotlist? that sounds mighty gay
[14:15] <deathpain> what's your name?
[14:15] <Whitey> Freeze: everything you say sounds mighty gay
[14:15] <Whitey> mofo
[14:15] <Whitey> whitey was taken
[14:15] <Freeze> no
[14:15] <Whitey> jesus christ you have a lot of ff songs
[14:16] <deathpain> heh
[14:16] <deathpain> it took me a few days to get those
[14:16] <Whitey> you have superunknown?
[14:16] <Whitey> smate!
[14:16] <deathpain> mp3d it from my neighbor
[14:16] <Whitey> what kind of connection are you on?
[14:16] <QID|YDL> I have that cd...
[14:16] <deathpain> er, 33.6
[14:16] <deathpain> heh
[14:16] <Whitey> :(
[14:16] -> *whitey* you did mean soundgarden, right?
[14:17] <Whitey> nothing sweeter than the 3 words of "t3 or greater"
[14:17] <deathpain> i wish.
[14:17] <deathpain> hey, this gave me an idea
[14:17] <QID|YDL> I wanna OC-48
[14:18] <deathpain> my neighbor has a fuckload of metallica mp3s, but he doesnt have a cd-r
[14:18] <deathpain> i can give him this program and i can download them all from him... smate
[14:18] <Whitey> bah, metallica
[14:18] <Whitey> i've had to listen to metallica for my entire life, literally
[14:20] <Whitey> what soundgarden cd has 'rusty cage' and 'face pollution'?
[14:20] *** TinCan is now known as TinCan|work
[14:20] <AUKEN> panis
[14:20] <QID|YDL> I think the one after superunknown
[14:21] <Whitey> awesome, the thx sound encoded at 256
[14:23] *** ShOtgun is now known as [AWAY]ShOtgun
[14:23] <Whitey> jennifer lost the waaaar
[14:23] <Whitey> In an attempt to increase the voters' good will, the three branches of government will be renamed 'Mommy,' 'Daddy,' and 'Grandpa Phil.'
[14:23] <Whitey> At the stroke of midnight in the new millenium, actor Ben Affleck will grab the microphone from Dick Clark, look into the camera and say, "Wake up America. I�m a dope."
[14:25] *** paindeath ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:25] *** Celt ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:26] *** deathpain has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[14:26] *** paindeath is now known as deathpain
[14:27] *** KevinL-RiotSW is now known as KevinL-SHOWER-ooohhhlala
[14:29] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[14:29] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:30] <@[Cecil]> <Email from: DETH> um.you suck. you sure as hell arent elite if you cant even spell the word. and yes it is chat.planethalflife.com. youre just too stupid to understand the concept of multiple servers.
[14:30] <@[Cecil]> grow up you stupid little fuck.
[14:30] <@[Cecil]> ^^^^^^ that second line is also part of his mail :D
[14:30] <TinCan|work> heh
[14:30] <TinCan|work> he really took a liking to HH
[14:30] <@[Cecil]> heherh
[14:32] <deathpain> wow
[14:32] <deathpain> there are still people on 14.4 modems
[14:32] *** BRiNGER ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:32] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o BRiNGER
[14:33] <@[Cecil]> sucks to be them
[14:33] <@[Cecil]> only slightly more than it sucks to be me :(
[14:33] <deathpain> and me. :(
[14:33] <QID|YDL> I don't see why people wouldn't bother to upgrade to at least 33.6
[14:34] ��� IDTScript: DrDeath is now an IRCop.
[14:34] <TinCan|work> maybe they dont have $15.00
[14:34] *** TinCan|work is now known as TinCan
[14:35] <QID|YDL> if they don't have $15, how the hell could they afford a computer?
[14:35] <deathpain> their mommies and daddies didn't give them their allowance, so they cant upgrade their modem.
[14:38] <deathpain> SDFLKSDFL;KSDL;KF
[14:38] ��� Clone detected! #half-life :: DrDeath Sonny_G_bot (4*!*@dt030n8a.tampabay.rr.com)
[14:38] *** DrDeath ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:38] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o DrDeath
[14:38] <deathpain> people are actually downloading stuff from me #()$*#()$*(#)*$#
[14:38] <@DrDeath> !kick [cecil] haqu
[14:38] *** [Cecil] was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (haqu)
[14:38] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:38] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:38] <deathpain> off my god damn 33.6 modem#($*#()$
[14:38] <Gwags> who wants the realversion of Starfuckers, inc. No radio shit
[14:38] <Gwags> new nin
[14:40] <AUKEN> SEASUL
[14:40] <@[Cecil]> what?
[14:40] <Gwags> I'll upload it to dritzens ftp
[14:41] <@[Cecil]> stalking a girl
[14:41] <deathpain> i never paid enough attention in here during the earlier days to know where dritzen's ftp is
[14:41] <AUKEN> liar
[14:41] <deathpain> or what's on it... heh
[14:41] <@[Cecil]> no really
[14:41] <AUKEN> you've been spanking it
[14:41] <@[Cecil]> lies
[14:41] <@[Cecil]> dritzen's ftp is gay
[14:41] <deathpain> and i've got people downloading files off of my 26400 connection while i'm dling some
[14:42] <deathpain> this makes napster partially gay.
[14:42] <@DrDeath> cc
[14:42] <@DrDeath> !kick [cecil] haqu
[14:42] *** [Cecil] was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (haqu)
[14:42] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:42] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:42] <@[Cecil]> !kick auken haqu 2
[14:42] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (haqu)
[14:42] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[14:42] <@DrDeath> hawhaw
[14:42] <AUKEN> ihfdsj
[14:42] <@[Cecil]> DrDeath: gotta fix the args..
[14:42] <@DrDeath> !molest auken
[14:42] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[14:43] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[14:43] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:43] <AUKEN> GAH
[14:43] <AUKEN> !!~~
[14:43] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[14:43] <@DrDeath> I think it just need's a : in there
[14:43] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:43] <@DrDeath> ahagag
[14:43] <@[Cecil]> jajaja
[14:43] <@[Cecil]> AUKEN has 21 kicks / 0 bankicks (F10 for details)
[14:43] <@DrDeath> !kick auken gegmu
[14:43] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (gegmu)
[14:43] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:43] <AUKEN> hgagdsg
[14:43] <@DrDeath> !mode +m
[14:43] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +m
[14:43] <@DrDeath> hahagga
[14:43] <@[Cecil]> jajm
[14:43] <@DrDeath> !mode -m
[14:43] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -m
[14:43] <@[Cecil]> CAN ANYONE HEAR ME
[14:43] <@DrDeath> aha
[14:43] <@[Cecil]> doh
[14:43] <AUKEN> YES
[14:43] <@[Cecil]> HELLOOO
[14:43] <AUKEN> BITCH.
[14:43] <deathpain> gay.
[14:44] <@DrDeath> !mode +m
[14:44] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +m
[14:44] <@[Cecil]> !mode +l -1
[14:44] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +l -1
[14:44] <@DrDeath> CAN ANYONE HERE ME
[14:44] <@[Cecil]> HELLOOO
[14:44] <@DrDeath> DAMNIT CC
[14:44] <@[Cecil]> CAN YOU SAY "SIGNED INT"
[14:44] <@DrDeath> !mode -l 1
[14:44] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -l
[14:44] <@DrDeath> CAN ANYONE HERE ME?!?!
[14:44] <@DrDeath> gear eveb
[14:44] <@[Cecil]> NO
[14:44] <@DrDeath> dfjkh
[14:44] <@DrDeath> hear
[14:44] *** kalayci ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:44] <@DrDeath> ahahhaa
[14:44] <@DrDeath> Dr.Death
[14:44] <@DrDeath> !mode -m
[14:44] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -m
[14:44] <kalayci> yas from turkey
[14:45] <deathpain> talk about lame.
[14:45] <@[Cecil]> !mode +l 999999999999999999999999 (2^31-1)
[14:45] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +l 2147483647
[14:45] <@DrDeath> damnit cc
[14:45] <@[Cecil]> :>
[14:45] <@[Cecil]> see
[14:45] <@DrDeath> !molest [cecil]
[14:45] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[14:45] *** [Cecil] was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[14:45] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:45] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:45] <@DrDeath> No i don't see
[14:45] *** deathpain has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Client exited)
[14:45] <@[Cecil]> for some reason channel limits are a signed long int
[14:45] <@DrDeath> It's just a tcl script idiot
[14:45] <@[Cecil]> what's the point? You can't have negative people
[14:45] <@[Cecil]> no, it's a bug with the ircd, not with the bot
[14:46] *** DrDeath sets mode: -l
[14:46] <@[Cecil]> They should have made it an unsigned int.
[14:46] *** [Cecil] was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[14:46] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:46] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:46] <kalayci> hi millet
[14:46] <@DrDeath> haga
[14:46] <@[Cecil]> then you could have more than 2 billion people
[14:46] <kalayci> n�r�yonuz bakem
[14:46] *** deathpain ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:46] <@[Cecil]> YOU ARE HASSIKER
[14:46] <@DrDeath> bakem
[14:46] <@[Cecil]> bakem some brownies
[14:46] <AUKEN> HAQM
[14:46] <@DrDeath> efnet only has 52,000 people, I don't think we have to worry about 2 billion
[14:46] <@BRiNGER> DrDeath: What peed on TF?
[14:46] <@DrDeath> nothing
[14:46] <@DrDeath> heh
[14:47] <deathpain> nothing, tf is always this way.
[14:47] <@BRiNGER> It's still up?
[14:47] <@BRiNGER> I couldn't connect to it :|
[14:47] <@DrDeath> yes
[14:47] <kalayci> how areyousunuz yaf
[14:47] <@DrDeath> urcanucktion sucks
[14:47] <@BRiNGER> I bet Idoru put a bagel on the router.
[14:48] *** CrAzYtEeN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:48] *** kalayci has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Dr.Death v6.1 Get it at: http://start.at/mIRC/)
[14:48] <AUKEN> hdjaslfk
[14:48] <deathpain> hahahahaha
[14:48] *** KevinL-SHOWER-ooohhhlala is now known as KevinL-RiotSW
[14:48] <deathpain> DRDEATH IS A LEET K-RAD SCRIPT
[14:49] <CrAzYtEeN> this is the room with the most people and no one is talkin wuzz up wit that??
[14:49] <@BRiNGER> !punt [cecil]
[14:49] <deathpain> netsex????
[14:49] <@BRiNGER> !kick [cecil]
[14:49] *** [Cecil] was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[14:49] <AUKEN> !panis DrDeath
[14:49] <@BRiNGER> wheeeee
[14:49] <AUKEN> agahfdk
[14:49] <CrAzYtEeN> whatever
[14:49] <CrAzYtEeN> are you a freak deathpain??
[14:49] *** [AWAY]ShOtgun is now known as ShOtgun
[14:50] <CrAzYtEeN> someone talk to me
[14:50] <CrAzYtEeN> anyone a teen in here
[14:50] *** Cecil-Z ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[14:50] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o Cecil-Z
[14:50] <ShOtgun> hi
[14:50] <@DrDeath> bringer is
[14:50] *** Xoo|666 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:50] *** CrAzYtEeN ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[14:51] <deathpain> YES
[14:51] <deathpain> IMA FREEK
[14:51] <@Cecil-Z> crrrrrrazyteen!
[14:51] *** Cecil-Z is now known as [Cecil]
[14:51] <deathpain> NETSEX??????? DO U LIKE ANAL????????
[14:51] <@[Cecil]> el sexo anal?
[14:52] <@DrDeath> hag
[14:52] <AUKEN> !panis DrDeath
[14:52] <@[Cecil]> DrDeath is on the P�nis-Protection list! (0)
[14:52] <AUKEN> DAMNIT
[14:52] <@DrDeath> !kick auken gaga
[14:52] <deathpain> :((
[14:52] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (gaga)
[14:52] <Freeze> he's as gay as the rest of us~
[14:52] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:52] <deathpain> i've got too much of a record now, i need some protection.
[14:52] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 4
[14:52] <@DrDeath> !panis auken
[14:52] * [Cecil] gives AUKEN a CREAMY ORIFICIAL INFILTRATION!!#*$^ (3)
[14:52] *** AUKEN was kicked by [Cecil] (P�NIS-POWER!!(&^*#) (0w���!)
[14:52] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:53] <@DrDeath> !panis deathpain
[14:53] * [Cecil] gives deathpain a SIZZLING ATAQUE DE AN�L*^!!! (2)
[14:53] *** deathpain was kicked by [Cecil] (P�NIS-POWER!!(&^*#) (0w���!)
[14:53] <@DrDeath> !panis auken
[14:53] *** deathpain ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:53] * [Cecil] gives AUKEN a GOOEY CUP OF MANCHOWDER!^(!%& (1)
[14:53] *** [Cecil] was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[14:53] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:53] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:53] <AUKEN> >=|
[14:53] <Xoo|666> heh
[14:53] <@DrDeath> !panis auken
[14:53] * [Cecil] gives AUKEN a BUBBLING ROYAL REAMING!!!!(#$&^ (0)
[14:53] <AUKEN> hahsd
[14:53] <ShOtgun> I take it Panis is only for ops?
[14:53] *** AUKEN was kicked by DrDeath (djflhsdhjkfl)
[14:53] <ShOtgun> panis rather
[14:53] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:53] <@[Cecil]> !kick JimmyCunt And so Cain rose up against his brother Abel and slew him in the eyes of god
[14:53] *** JimmyCunt was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (And)
[14:53] *** JimmyCunt ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:53] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o JimmyCunt
[14:53] <@DrDeath> agaga
[14:53] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 4
[14:53] *** JimmyCunt sets mode: +l 31337
[14:54] <KevinL-RiotSW> !panis ShOtgun
[14:54] <@[Cecil]> No p�nis for j00, KevinL-RiotSW! (3)
[14:54] <KevinL-RiotSW> hahah
[14:54] <AUKEN> cc: /msg me that little macro you used in #bible
[14:54] <@[Cecil]> what this?
[14:54] <@[Cecil]> spread the word! the lord god is a FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL QUEER and he wants to give you his SPECIAL LOVE so you can taste all the LOVING JIZZ-SPLATTERING ACTION rejoice and hallelujah for the cock-stroking hand of GOD is here!
[14:54] <AUKEN> HAHAHA
[14:54] <@DrDeath> ____ _____ _ _ _
[14:54] <@DrDeath> |___ \| __ \| \ | | | |
[14:54] <@DrDeath> __) | | | | \| | ___| |_
[14:54] <@DrDeath> |__ <| | | | . ` |/ _ \ __|
[14:54] <@DrDeath> ___) | |__| | |\ | __/ |_ | telefragged.3DNet.net
[14:54] <@DrDeath> |____/|_____/|_| \_|\___|\__| | 5000, 6665 - 6669
[14:54] <@[Cecil]> you'll have to put the colors in manually and shit
[14:54] <Xoo|666> heh
[14:55] <@[Cecil]> SEX)R ME
[14:55] * Whitey is gone... autoaway (30min) <since(01:01pm)> <(l\on p\on)syntax>
[14:55] <ShOtgun> Hmm, some1 !panis me NOW
[14:55] <AUKEN> hajhfdak
[14:55] <@DrDeath> !molest shotgun
[14:55] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[14:55] * [Cecil] gives ShOtgun a BUBBLING PANIS INVASION!^(!%& (�)
[14:55] *** ShOtgun was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[14:55] *** ShOtgun ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:55] <AUKEN> !panis Shotgun
[14:55] * [Cecil] gives ShOtgun a TASTY CUP OF MANCHOWDER!!!$%^ (2)
[14:55] <ShOtgun> Oooooooooooooh
[14:55] <@DrDeath> !rape shotgun
[14:55] ��� Banned nicks: ShOtgun (*!*[email protected].*)
[14:55] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +b *!*[email protected].*
[14:55] *** ShOtgun was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (uNF uNF uNF)
[14:56] <@[Cecil]> ha
[14:56] <AUKEN> haha
[14:56] <@[Cecil]> sonny g needs colors for when he =says "bend over baybee"
[14:56] *** Gwags has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[14:56] <@DrDeath> no, that would be "gay"
[14:56] <@[Cecil]> well then change it to Q-style molest.. lubejobs were cooler
[14:56] <AUKEN> Years of sophisticated testing will prove that the stain on Monica
[14:56] <AUKEN> Lewinsky�s dress is actually mustard. Mustard from the head of Bill Clinton�s
[14:56] <AUKEN> panis.
[14:57] <@DrDeath> My tcl skills are limited.
[14:57] <@DrDeath> so stfu cc.
[14:57] <@[Cecil]> hajawaja
[14:57] <@DrDeath> ahgahhahaa
[14:57] *** DarkSea ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:57] <@DrDeath> [Rob([email protected])] Screw off, I don't want to
[14:57] <@DrDeath> join #half-life
[14:57] <@[Cecil]> its callled /describe
[14:57] <Xoo|666> Auken, I wouldn't be surprised if you used your own cum on your hotdogs
[14:57] <@DrDeath> <rob> they arent nice anymore :((
[14:57] <@[Cecil]> [Cecil] -> rob � c'mon buddy
[14:57] <@DrDeath> hjahahhaha
[14:57] <AUKEN> haha
[14:58] <@DrDeath> <rob> maybe they'll be nice this time :((
[14:58] *** Rob ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:58] ��� Banned nicks: Rob (*!*@*islandtelecom.com)
[14:58] *** ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@*islandtelecom.com
[14:58] *** Rob was kicked by ChanServ (HAQMU)
[14:58] <@DrDeath> or maybe not
[14:58] *** DrDeath sets mode: -bbb *!*@*islandtelecom.com *!*@*tm.net.my *!*[email protected].*
[14:58] *** ShOtgun ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:58] <@[Cecil]> [15:04] *Rob* � what?
[14:58] <@[Cecil]> [15:04] *Rob* � c'mon what?
[14:58] <@[Cecil]> [15:04] *Rob* � dude, I'm banned
[14:59] <@DrDeath> !rape shotgun
[14:59] ��� Banned nicks: ShOtgun (*!*[email protected].*)
[14:59] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +b *!*[email protected].*
[14:59] *** ShOtgun was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (uNF uNF uNF)
[14:59] <@[Cecil]> haja
[14:59] *** [Cecil] was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[14:59] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:59] <[Cecil]> *Rob* � dude, I'm banned
[14:59] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[14:59] *** Dritzen-Quite-Asleep ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[14:59] ��� Banned nicks: Dritzen-Quite-Asleep (*!*@*islandtelecom.com)
[14:59] *** ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@*islandtelecom.com
[14:59] *** Dritzen-Quite-Asleep was kicked by ChanServ (HAQMU)
[14:59] <AUKEN> ddsafmdhj
[15:00] <AUKEN> HAQMJU
[15:00] *** SmartFish ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:00] <KevinL-RiotSW> hey xoo, whats up?
[15:00] <Xoo|666> hey Kev =]
[15:00] <AUKEN> _DCC- DrDeath 2_live_crew_--_pop_that_pussy.mp3
[15:00] <@[Cecil]> [15:04] *Rob* � I can't come in even if I want to
[15:00] <@[Cecil]> [15:05] *Rob* � so get drdeath to stop inviting me
[15:00] <KevinL-RiotSW> these guys are FUCKING GHEY ARNT THEY MUHAHHAHAHAH
[15:01] <TinCan> heh
[15:01] <KevinL-RiotSW> bunch of panis's
[15:01] <@[Cecil]> WAIT A SEC
[15:01] <@[Cecil]> rob == dritzen?
[15:01] <@DrDeath> yes
[15:01] <@[Cecil]> i didn't know that
[15:02] <@DrDeath> is he a mental case or something?
[15:02] <@DrDeath> <Rob> MAYBE THEY UNBANNED ME
[15:02] <@[Cecil]> "I WANT A PENIS SUPREME"?????????
[15:02] <@DrDeath> !molest auken
[15:02] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[15:02] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[15:02] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:02] <@DrDeath> !molest auken
[15:02] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[15:02] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[15:02] <@DrDeath> !molest auken
[15:02] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:02] <@[Cecil]> "POP THAT PUSSY"????????????
[15:02] <@DrDeath> hkl
[15:02] *** DarkSea has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[15:02] <@DrDeath> !molest auken
[15:02] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[15:02] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[15:02] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:02] <@DrDeath> !molest auken
[15:02] <@Sonny_G_bot> bend over baybee and take it like my bitch
[15:02] * [Cecil] gives AUKEN a TASTY NEW TOOL INSTALLATION!^(!%& (�)
[15:02] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (PuNT)
[15:02] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:02] *** DrDeath sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]
[15:02] *** AUKEN was kicked by DrDeath (Join flood (4 joins in 17secs of 50secs))
[15:02] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:02] ��� Banned nicks: AUKEN (*!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net)
[15:02] *** JimmyCunt sets mode: -b+b *!*[email protected] *!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net
[15:02] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -+
[15:02] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -+
[15:02] <@DrDeath> hawhaw
[15:02] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (banned: join flood)
[15:02] <@DrDeath> ahahahhahah wtf?
[15:02] <@[Cecil]> your tcl is weak
[15:02] <@DrDeath> ��� mode/#half-life [-+] by Sonny_G_bot
[15:02] <@DrDeath> ��� mode/#half-life [-+] by Sonny_G_bot
[15:03] <@[Cecil]> *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: -+
[15:03] <@DrDeath> that wasnt my tcl
[15:03] <@DrDeath> that was eggdrop
[15:03] <@DrDeath> heh
[15:03] <@[Cecil]> oh heg
[15:04] *** [Cecil] sets mode: -b *!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net
[15:04] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:04] ��� Banned nicks: AUKEN (*!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net)
[15:04] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +b *!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net
[15:04] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (banned: join flood)
[15:04] <@[Cecil]> :/
[15:05] <deathpain> haga
[15:05] <@DrDeath> >>> AUKEN [[email protected]] requested unknown
[15:05] <@DrDeath> ctcp HAQ from DrDeath
[15:05] <@DrDeath> /kill auken killu
[15:05] <@[Cecil]> *** Quits: AUKEN (Killed (DrDeath (ctcp flooder)))
[15:06] <@DrDeath> Agag.
[15:06] <deathpain> hegagajajjag.
[15:06] <@[Cecil]> HERE COMES THE COCKBOAT
[15:06] <@[Cecil]> SET SAIL FOR DICK
[15:06] *** DrDeath sets mode: -bbb *!*@*islandtelecom.com *!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net *!*[email protected].*
[15:06] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:06] ��� Banned nicks: AUKEN (*!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net)
[15:06] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +b *!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net
[15:06] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (banned: join flood)
[15:06] <@[Cecil]> !unban auken
[15:06] *** ShOtgun ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:07] *** DrDeath sets mode: -b *!*@ip184.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net
[15:07] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:07] <AUKEN> !~
[15:07] <Freeze> !
[15:07] <@DrDeath> killu.
[15:08] <ShOtgun> !~
[15:08] <AUKEN> haqmju
[15:08] <@DrDeath> not likely.
[15:08] <AUKEN> hjfdskj
[15:08] <@[Cecil]> hey guys
[15:08] <deathpain> phjeerm u
[15:08] <@DrDeath> tzz
[15:08] <@[Cecil]> did you know half-life steals its music from x files? you do now.
[15:08] <TinCan> hmmm
[15:09] <AUKEN> I'm the talking vibrator! VREEEEEEEE
[15:09] <Whitey> x files has music?
[15:09] <deathpain> tzzzzzzzzzz
[15:09] <@[Cecil]> yes
[15:09] <Whitey> Leonardo Dicaprio will once again have to face rumors that he's gay when he stars in the movie: "My name is Leonardo Dicaprio and I am gay".
[15:09] <Freeze> hahahahah auken
[15:09] <Freeze> VREEEEEEEEEEEEE
[15:09] <Freeze> :D
[15:09] <@DrDeath> aha whitey
[15:09] <@[Cecil]> leo's a raging flamer
[15:09] <@[Cecil]> I know from experience
[15:09] <Freeze> no my cable keeps disconneting again
[15:10] <TinCan> i know the X-files whistle "whhhhoooooo, whuuuuuuu, whhhoooo, whhewee"
[15:10] <@[Cecil]> his dressing room was right next to mine during "Guzzling Cumsluts 23"
[15:10] <@DrDeath> <[Cecil]> i had sex with him
[15:10] <@[Cecil]> but he wouldn't sex0r a young preteen girl like me
[15:10] <@DrDeath> <[Cecil]> twice
[15:10] <@[Cecil]> i wish :((((
[15:10] <@DrDeath> <[Cecil]> cos im a raging homo too
[15:10] <@[Cecil]> <-- 16/f
[15:10] <Freeze> I thought you were 12/f!
[15:10] <@DrDeath> <[Cecil]> cos im a raging homo male too
[15:10] <Freeze> you grow fast
[15:10] <@[Cecil]> trapped in a 12/f body
[15:11] <deathpain> cc: i thought you were 6/f!!!!!!
[15:11] <@DrDeath> ahas
[15:11] <@[Cecil]> <drdeath> o/~ cause I'm a liiaaaaar.. liaaaaaar.. haha.. sucker! sucker! ooh..
[15:11] <@DrDeath> ?
[15:11] <@DrDeath> ?@
[15:11] <@[Cecil]> HENRY ROLLINS!$^
[15:11] <@DrDeath> ?! ven
[15:11] <@DrDeath> df
[15:11] <@[Cecil]> "LIAR"
[15:11] *** SmartFish is now known as BloatFish
[15:11] <Whitey> henry rollins is funny
[15:11] <@DrDeath> rollins band..thats fucked up.
[15:12] <@[Cecil]> rollins can kick anyone's ass with just his neck
[15:12] <@[Cecil]> his neck can bench 450
[15:12] <ShOtgun> I take it Cecil and Dr. Death r friends
[15:12] <AUKEN> Henry Rollins is the shit
[15:12] <@DrDeath> he looks out of shape to me.
[15:12] *** ShOtgun was kicked by [Cecil] (please don't insult me like that) (0w���!)
[15:12] *** ShOtgun ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[15:12] <@DrDeath> he looks out of shape to me.
[15:12] <@DrDeath> !rape shotgun
[15:12] ��� Banned nicks: ShOtgun (*!*[email protected].*)
[15:12] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +b *!*[email protected].*
[15:12] *** ShOtgun was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (uNF uNF uNF)
[15:12] <@DrDeath> kickmu.
[15:13] <AUKEN> cc: listen to da mp3 while it sends $#%^
[15:13] <@[Cecil]> I can't
[15:13] * DrDeath listens to ratm.
[15:13] <@[Cecil]> mirc32 = gay
[15:13] <AUKEN> yes you can
[15:13] <AUKEN> whore
[15:13] <@[Cecil]> no.. it locks the file
[15:13] <Freeze> my friend listens to ratm, they really suck, and hes a loser
[15:13] <Freeze> :D
[15:13] <@DrDeath> Playing MPEG stream from ratm--no_shelter.mp3 ...
[15:13] <AUKEN> kickmu
[15:13] <AUKEN> hjfd
[15:13] ��� Banned nicks: Freeze (*!*Killer@*.home.com)
[15:13] *** DrDeath sets mode: +b *!*Killer@*.home.com
[15:13] *** Freeze was kicked by DrDeath (kickmu for being a fag)
[15:14] <Xoo|666> heh
[15:14] <@DrDeath> pocket full of shells.
[15:14] <Xoo|666> okay
[15:14] <@DrDeath> oh wait thats bulls on parade
[15:14] <@DrDeath> heh
[15:14] <AUKEN> 'pop pop that pussy pop pop po that pussy'
[15:14] <@DrDeath> freeze prolly listens to rap, bagaga
[15:14] <@[Cecil]> :|
[15:14] <@[Cecil]> FUCK THE POH-LICE
[15:14] <@DrDeath> thin line between entertainment and war.
[15:14] <@[Cecil]> vanilla ice
[15:14] <AUKEN> 'shake it, dont brake it, it took your mom and i 9 months to make it..'
[15:14] <@DrDeath> there'll be no shelter here
[15:14] <@DrDeath> heh
[15:15] <@[Cecil]> hax0r eyez
[15:15] *** Celt has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[15:15] <@[Cecil]> hax0r eyez
[15:15] *** Dritzen ([email protected]) has joined #Half-life
[15:15] ��� Banned nicks: Dritzen (*!*@*islandtelecom.com)
[15:15] *** ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@*islandtelecom.com
[15:15] *** Dritzen was kicked by ChanServ (HAQMU)
[15:15] <Xoo|666> haha
[15:15] <@DrDeath> ahibhahaha
[15:15] <@[Cecil]> see the world through hax0r eyez
[15:15] <AUKEN> 'That way you're licking that champange glass makes me wanna stick my panis in your ass'
[15:15] <@DrDeath> hahahahah cc
[15:15] <@DrDeath> see the world through hackmu.
[15:15] <@[Cecil]> bury the root, rob us blind.. and leave no logs behind
[15:15] <AUKEN> haha
[15:15] <@DrDeath> ahhahahaha
[15:15] <Xoo|666> hahaha
[15:16] <@DrDeath> that's funny.
[15:16] <AUKEN> 'I'd like a penis grande'
[15:16] <@[Cecil]> jej
[15:16] <@[Cecil]> I should shower now
[15:17] <@DrDeath> My stomach hurts from getting punched in sparring last night :(
[15:17] <@[Cecil]> but I'm still waiting on that bill as to whether I should put on pants or not to pass through congress
[15:17] <AUKEN> sparring with his dad in bed
[15:17] <AUKEN> fhsdkjf
[15:17] <deathpain> <dd> i got beat up when he punched me and i forkbombed him back :(((((
[15:17] <@DrDeath> heh
[15:17] *** BloatFish is now known as SexyFish
[15:17] <@DrDeath> I did not get beat up.
[15:17] <@DrDeath> I just got hit in the stomach 50 times.
[15:17] <AUKEN> his dad executed a flying cockpunch
[15:17] <@[Cecil]> *** Warning- Over 30 sec lag to self! ***
[15:17] <@[Cecil]> did you wushu his ass dd?
[15:18] <deathpain> WUSHU
[15:18] <@DrDeath> It wasnt a wu shu competition
[15:18] <@DrDeath> It was "conditioning"
[15:18] <@DrDeath> We hit each other many times.
[15:18] <@[Cecil]> you have to block, and then when he's open do QCF+AB together, charge 2 seconds, then left kick
[15:18] <@DrDeath> uaHGAHAHHAA
[15:18] <AUKEN> IN THE ASS
[15:18] <AUKEN> err
[15:18] <@DrDeath> !rape auken
[15:18] ��� Banned nicks: AUKEN (*!*ADSEX0RMA@*.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net)
[15:18] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +b *!*ADSEX0RMA@*.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net
[15:18] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (uNF uNF uNF)
[15:19] <@DrDeath> what a tard
[15:19] <@[Cecil]> ��� Self-Ping of 54.593 s
[15:19] -> [[cecil]] PING
[15:19] [[Cecil] PING reply]: 0s
[15:19] <Xoo|666> i was wondering when you guys would do that =]
[15:19] <QID|YDL> [[Cecil] PING reply]: 0s
[15:19] <@DrDeath> /m clones kill [Cecil] Connection reset by peer
[15:19] <@DrDeath> djgfhjklgf
[15:19] <@[Cecil]> � PING reply of 0.431 s from QID|YDL
[15:19] <@DrDeath> heh
[15:19] <@[Cecil]> Look how gay qidscript is. It rounds ping times to the nearest second
[15:19] <@DrDeath> Next week we get to really beat each other up. With sparring gear and all.
[15:19] <QID|YDL> it's idtscript and I'm not rounding anything
[15:20] <@[Cecil]> *AUKEN* � <dd> i got hit in the ass 50 times last night
[15:20] <@[Cecil]> DD do you do swords at all?
[15:20] * Xoo|666 needs no pads or protection, he needs a really really heavy sword
[15:20] <@[Cecil]> Is tampabay anywhere near miami?
[15:21] <@DrDeath> [Cecil]: eventually. when I am up to that skill level.
[15:21] <@DrDeath> It'll take awhile before I'm there.
[15:21] <@[Cecil]> Still need 300 exp points
[15:21] <@DrDeath> aghah
[15:21] <@[Cecil]> A friend of mine goes to college in Miami and he's taking a bunch of martial arts
[15:21] <@DrDeath> tampa is about 200 miles away from miami
[15:21] <@DrDeath> northwest
[15:21] <@[Cecil]> He started on some shaolin kungfu but got his ass whupped by those Muy Thai guys
[15:21] <@DrDeath> muy thai sucks cock
[15:21] <@DrDeath> muay even
[15:21] <@BRiNGER> "I'm a practioner of italian martial arts. It has as much kicking as karate, but it also involves two people holding your opponent down"
[15:21] *** SexyFish is now known as SmartFish
[15:22] <@[Cecil]> ha
[15:22] <@DrDeath> hashahahha bringer
[15:22] <deathpain> HA
[15:22] <@DrDeath> I have an italian step brother.
[15:22] <deathpain> the italian martial arts consits of jumping on top of gombas.
[15:22] <@DrDeath> hahah
[15:22] <@[Cecil]> I need to learn kendo and stuff
[15:22] <@DrDeath> kendo sucks.
[15:22] *** Anonymous ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:22] <Anonymous> # Appears as TIKI.
[15:22] <@DrDeath> Wu Shu is the only way.
[15:22] <@[Cecil]> HI MS CHAT
[15:22] <@[Cecil]> kendo is for swords and shit :/
[15:22] <@DrDeath> # Appears as HAQMU
[15:23] <@[Cecil]> then I can learn kenjutsu and how to fillet my opponent
[15:23] <deathpain> # Appears as WUSHU
[15:23] <@DrDeath> Or whole dojang is filled with "swords and shit" cc
[15:23] <@[Cecil]> # Appears as CUM SLUT #4
[15:23] <@DrDeath> gfhjkl
[15:23] <@[Cecil]> *Anonymous* � # Appears as TIKI.
[15:23] <@DrDeath> Our whole dojang is filled with "swords and shit" cc
[15:23] <@[Cecil]> wtf, /msg now???
[15:23] <Anonymous> i need someone to email the lblist.gam file from the tfc folder
[15:23] <@DrDeath> ma
[15:23] <@DrDeath> aj
[15:23] <@[Cecil]> Yeah but kendo is much more focussed on perfecting the singular art of the sword :>
[15:23] <@DrDeath> kendo sucks.
[15:24] <@[Cecil]> lie
[15:24] <@DrDeath> fuckmu japanese martial art.
[15:24] <@[Cecil]> I chop you
[15:24] *** ton-loke ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:24] *** ton-loke ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[15:24] <@DrDeath> Chow choy.
[15:24] <deathpain> i'd better go find a gomba and get my brothas to hold him down while i jump on it.
[15:24] <deathpain> that's how i practice.
[15:24] <@[Cecil]> temee shinjanasai!
[15:24] <@DrDeath> whatever.
[15:24] <@[Cecil]> haha
[15:24] <@[Cecil]> gombas
[15:25] <@DrDeath> urdum.
[15:25] <@DrDeath> isnt it goomba?
[15:25] * [Cecil] glares
[15:25] <@DrDeath> like hoomba/
[15:25] <@DrDeath> xgffffff
[15:25] <@[Cecil]> yeah
[15:25] <@[Cecil]> shitsurei da na...
[15:25] <deathpain> WHATEVR
[15:25] <@[Cecil]> omae..
[15:25] <@[Cecil]> SHINDESHIMAASSEE~~~!
[15:25] <@DrDeath> btw, we got to choke each other in sparring.
[15:25] <@DrDeath> You have to learn to breathe while someone is choking you.
[15:25] <Anonymous> does anyone know why the new Half life patch wont install?
[15:25] <@[Cecil]> I have to go shower and make my koolaid slushies now
[15:26] <@[Cecil]> woowoo k00laid slushies!
[15:26] <@DrDeath> <cc> time to go wank in the shower
[15:26] <@[Cecil]> I already got that taken care of.
[15:26] <@[Cecil]> I multitask.
[15:26] <@DrDeath> haga
[15:26] <@DrDeath> <cc> wanking and going to college
[15:26] <@[Cecil]> I just hope masa never tells you I can type 50wpm with my left hand
[15:26] <@DrDeath> .|
[15:27] <@[Cecil]> well arken to hell with your gay sex mp3s
[15:27] <@[Cecil]> oh wait he's not here
[15:27] <Xoo|666> gaa
[15:28] * [Cecil] is away -[ SHOW0r (thinking of j00!) ]- at 03:33p -[ P:On / L:On ]-
[15:28] <@BRiNGER> <DrDeath> You have to learn to breathe while someone is choking you. <-- Sounds like lessons for deep throating
[15:28] * Xoo|666 goes off to play freeciv
[15:28] <@[Cecil]> !
[15:28] <deathpain> THE SEXUAL MARTIAL ARTS
[15:28] <SmartFish> uhm
[15:28] <SmartFish> Ok
[15:28] <SmartFish> Lets make lots of money
[15:29] *** Anonymous ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[15:29] *** TinCan has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: 2 work days left)
[15:34] *** PPTONTO ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:37] <deathpain> AYayAYa
[15:39] *** HellHammer[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:41] *** PPTONTO has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[15:44] <m|gone> HUGMU
[15:45] <HellHammer[CP]> DETH BY CHOCKOLATE!@$!
[15:47] *** HL2001 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:47] *** BRiNGER has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: syntax: i'm rooled)
[15:48] *** HL2001 ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[15:55] *** Spider ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:55] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Spider
[15:56] *** Spider sets mode: -o Spider
[15:56] <Spider> hey
[15:57] <HellHammer[CP]> hey
[15:57] * [Cecil] is back -[ SHOW0r (thinking of j00!) ]- gone 29 min 44 s
[15:58] <HellHammer[CP]> !
[15:58] <Spider> ew
[15:58] <@[Cecil]> I'M NEKKID RIGHT NOW
[15:59] *** rcflier ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:59] ��� Warning: Shitlisted user has joined #half-life: rcflier ([email protected])
[15:59] <HellHammer[CP]> oo
[15:59] *** rcflier ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[15:59] *** KevinL-RiotSW is now known as KevinL-GONE
[16:07] <HellHammer[CP]> tribez0r timez0r
[16:07] *** HellHammer[CP] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: AVE KFC 666)
[16:11] *** Cecil-Z ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[16:11] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o Cecil-Z
[16:13] *** [Cecil] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[16:16] *** Cecil-Z is now known as [Cecil]
[16:17] *** BRiNGER ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:17] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o BRiNGER
[16:18] *** Xoo|666 has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[16:23] *** deathpain has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[16:28] * DrDeath is away: (Wu Shu.) [BX-MsgLog On]
[16:30] <Spider> hey Bringer
[16:31] *** Zoot ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:31] *** Lando ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:31] <@BRiNGER> hey
[16:31] *** m|gone has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: <Lorthos> theres just something about a hot chick and a cob of corn)
[16:32] <Lando> hey
[16:32] * DrDeath is away: (I must depart.) [BX-MsgLog On]
[16:34] <Lando> Finally got this cpu fixed...new video card
[16:34] *** mite ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:34] <mite> hi
[16:35] <Lando> hey mite
[16:37] <mite> how's it going?
[16:37] <Lando> pretty good, you?
[16:38] <mite> ok
[16:38] 4:38pm Channel information: Ops: 5(31%) Non Ops: 11(69%) Total: 16
[16:38] <mite> where are u from?
[16:39] <Lando> alberta
[16:40] <mite> is it a country?
[16:41] <mite> bye
[16:41] * [Cecil] is away -[ auto-away after 15 minutes idle ]- at 04:46p -[ P:On / L:On ]-
[16:41] *** mite ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[16:41] <QID|YDL> heh
[16:41] <QID|YDL> why the hell do you call them "provinces"?
[16:41] <QID|YDL> they're just states
[16:42] <Lando> same shit
[16:42] *** [Cecil] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Connection reset by peer. You could be next.)
[16:43] <Lando> why dont you call states provinces?
[16:43] <Lando> they're just provinces
[16:43] <QID|YDL> we had states long before you had provinces
[16:44] <Lando> there were provinces in the Eastern countries too...
[16:44] <Lando> long before states
[16:46] <Lando> :P~~~~
[16:48] *** Mal|zZz is now known as Malengine
[16:48] 4:48pm Channel information: Ops: 4(29%) Non Ops: 10(71%) Total: 14
[16:48] *** SmartFish has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Later)
[16:50] *** Radar ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:52] *** Gwags ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:52] <Lando> hey gwags
[16:56] *** Malengine is now known as Mal|family_crap
[16:57] <Lando> hah, stupid family
[16:57] *** Bakshra ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[16:57] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o Bakshra
[16:57] <Lando> baka
[16:58] <@Bakshra> landa
[16:58] 4:58pm Channel information: Ops: 5(31%) Non Ops: 11(69%) Total: 16
[16:59] <Lando> whatcha been up to?
[16:59] <Spider> hey Bak
[17:00] <@Bakshra> Nothing really...
[17:00] <Lando> playing any games?
[17:00] <@Bakshra> took the navy's test asvat test yesterday, tho
[17:00] <Spider> do they want you?
[17:00] <Lando> joining the navy?
[17:00] <Spider> i took that damn thing and they said i should be on nuclear submarines.
[17:01] <@Bakshra> after college prolly
[17:01] <@Bakshra> I got 77 on the test
[17:01] <Spider> why the hell would i want to be underwater with radioactive shit all around me?
[17:01] <Lando> sweet
[17:01] <@Bakshra> the passing is 31. average is 40
[17:01] <Lando> holy shit
[17:01] <Lando> congrats
[17:01] <@Bakshra> Spider: you baby.. it's just a fisson reactor ;)
[17:01] <Spider> heh
[17:01] <@Bakshra> or however you spell it :P
[17:02] <@Bakshra> Yeah.. I want to be on a flight-crew on a carrier, but they said I could go for the nuke program if I qualified because my score was so high
[17:02] <QID|YDL> Spider: the russians are't bugging us anymore, mostly we're dealing with terrorists who have to put their bombs in rental trucks
[17:02] <Spider> getting above average aint hard for the Navy.. doh!
[17:02] <@Bakshra> I have to take the big test in 3 weeks
[17:02] <@Bakshra> and the physical
[17:02] <Spider> heh
[17:02] <Gwags> anal probing?
[17:02] <@Bakshra> no!
[17:02] <Gwags> darn..
[17:02] <Lando> gag!
[17:03] <@Bakshra> a normal checkup then a swim test and shit
[17:03] <Spider> a shit test?
[17:03] <Lando> haha
[17:03] <@Bakshra> ^@#$
[17:03] <Lando> he needs a 8" shit to pass
[17:03] <Gwags> nude photo-shoot, on a big long sub?
[17:04] <@Bakshra> stop twisting my words :)
[17:04] <QID|YDL> Bakshra: prostate exam?
[17:04] <Spider> my shit is 12", so there :P
[17:04] <@Bakshra> NO
[17:04] <@Bakshra> I won't need one of those 'til I'm 60 :P
[17:04] <@Bakshra> and ways, as I was SAYING :p
[17:04] <Lando> eheh
[17:04] <@Bakshra> if I qualify, then I actually go in, I'll need to take more water tests
[17:05] <@Bakshra> theres a mile long swim in your flight-suit and boots
[17:05] <Lando> sweet
[17:05] <Gwags> a cousin of mine was on a sub, I hear they gangbang you on the ocean floor when you first get there
[17:05] <Lando> what do they do if you start drowning
[17:05] <@Bakshra> and theres anotherone where your blind-folded, put in a chopper cockpit, thrown into the water, then have to get out
[17:05] <QID|YDL> Lando: scream at you and call you a pussy
[17:05] <@Bakshra> Lando: save you? :P
[17:05] <Lando> hah, I doubt it
[17:05] <QID|YDL> Lando: then when you get done they make you do extra pushups
[17:06] <Lando> they'll probly throw nukes at you
[17:06] <@Bakshra> then theres the pressure test for pilots, to see how easly you black out
[17:06] * QID|YDL ties a shark lure to bak
[17:06] <@Bakshra> heh
[17:07] <Lando> no, he is the shark lure see
[17:07] <QID|YDL> then there's the Run Between Two Lines of People While They Try to Hit You With Large Sticks test
[17:07] <Lando> they can't carry much food on the deck
[17:07] <Lando> heh
[17:07] *** Radar has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: See, addicts can quit!)
[17:07] <QID|YDL> they test your reaction time by shooting a sidewinder at you
[17:08] <Lando> ya
[17:08] <Lando> then you have to ride on one
[17:08] <Lando> for 8 seconds
[17:08] 5:08pm Channel information: Ops: 5(33%) Non Ops: 10(67%) Total: 15
[17:08] <QID|YDL> and steer it away from a plane
[17:08] *** BRiNGER sets mode: -bbb *!*ADSEX0RMA@*.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net *!*@*islandtelecom.com *!*Killer@*.home.com
[17:08] *** BRiNGER sets mode: -b *!*[email protected].*
[17:09] <Lando> you're too nice BRiNGER
[17:09] *** jiva ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:09] ��� Warning: Shitlisted user has joined #half-life: jiva ([email protected])
[17:09] <jiva> un ban freeze and auken please
[17:09] *** Freeze|away ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[17:09] <jiva> FREEZE!!!!
[17:10] <Freeze|away> :|
[17:10] <Gwags> he already did
[17:10] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:10] <AUKEN> wizoo
[17:10] <jiva> AUKEN!!!!!
[17:10] <Lando> freeza
[17:10] <Freeze|away> yo lando
[17:10] <AUKEN> landowhore
[17:10] <Lando> me computer's working again
[17:10] *** Kevin ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:10] <Freeze|away> it was broken?
[17:10] *** jiva ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[17:11] <AUKEN> look what freeze did
[17:11] <AUKEN> http://www.freevote.com/booth/ddccgay
[17:11] <Freeze|away> ?
[17:11] <Kevin> anyone know how i can strafe using my joystick (without holding a button)?
[17:11] <Lando> yeah :(
[17:11] <Freeze|away> lemme chekc what I did
[17:11] <Lando> we got a new video card
[17:11] <Freeze|away> hahah
[17:12] <Freeze|away> cool
[17:12] <Lando> Kevin: try setting your left and right's to strafe, I think it might work but I dont use a joystick
[17:12] <Freeze|away> I'm winning
[17:12] <Freeze|away> :D
[17:12] <AUKEN> WHO HAES DA BIEGGEDST PANISSorry, you have used up too many votes today. Vote not cast.
[17:12] <QID|YDL> you just voted for yourself 4 times, right?
[17:13] <AUKEN> there's a 5 vote limit per person heh
[17:13] <Kevin> you cant do it in the game, i was wondering if anyone knew the bind code for it?
[17:13] *** H-3-X ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:13] <H-3-X> Anyone here know how to edit the Decals?
[17:13] <AUKEN> H-4-X
[17:13] <Kevin> open them up in paint
[17:14] <H-3-X> Where do I find them?
[17:14] <Kevin> fiddle around
[17:14] <Lando> i forget where they are, somewhere in the HL directory
[17:14] <H-3-X> Somewere :P
[17:14] <H-3-X> I think in a .wad
[17:14] <Kevin> sierra\half-life\logos
[17:14] <H-3-X> Ok
[17:14] <H-3-X> Got it thx :)
[17:14] *** H-3-X has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: <<-NE><GEN�ACiDMAX->> �1999, Team Nexgen www.team-nexgen.com)
[17:15] <Kevin> oh well, bye everyone
[17:15] *** Kevin ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[17:15] *** Lando has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
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[17:28] 5:28pm Channel information: Ops: 5(31%) Non Ops: 11(69%) Total: 16
[17:30] *** TLCoder ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:33] <Whitey> smash it up is a cool song
[17:34] <Freeze|away> yeh
[17:38] 5:38pm Channel information: Ops: 5(29%) Non Ops: 12(71%) Total: 17
[17:38] <TLCoder> who by?
[17:39] *** Gwags has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[17:39] *** KevinL-GONE has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: ( oYo ) <-- Butterfly)
[17:48] *** AUKEN has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Error: Connection reset by a little mexican fucker with wire cutters...)
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[17:51] *** TLCoder has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[17:53] *** UnclePedro ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:53] <UnclePedro> hmm...
[17:55] *** DarkSea ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:55] *** ZybOrg ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[17:56] *** UnclePedro ([email protected]) has left #half-life
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[18:00] *** DarkSea has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[18:03] *** KevinL-GONE ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:03] *** Wipeoot ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:06] *** ZybOrg has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[18:07] *** Wipeoot has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[18:08] *** Casper[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:08] 6:08pm Channel information: Ops: 5(33%) Non Ops: 10(67%) Total: 15
[18:10] <Spider> hey Casp
[18:10] <Spider> i'm outta here. bbl
[18:10] *** Spider ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[18:13] *** hehehe ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:14] *** Pottle ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:14] *** hehehe is now known as Bj
[18:14] *** Bj ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[18:14] *** Hoodlums ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:15] *** Pottle has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[18:15] *** Hoodlums is now known as OJ
[18:16] *** OJ is now known as Hoodlums
[18:16] *** Hoodlums ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[18:18] 6:18pm Channel information: Ops: 5(36%) Non Ops: 9(64%) Total: 14
[18:19] <Casper[CP]> no wonder...aol user
[18:23] *** Casper[CP] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[18:23] *** Bakshra is now known as bak|GONE
[18:26] *** JimmyCunt has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[18:27] *** Cheeselick ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
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[18:30] *** Zoot ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[18:30] *** Flanker ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[18:33] <Freeze|away> flaaankah
[18:34] <Flanker> hey freeze
[18:34] <QID|YDL> flankm
[18:35] <Flanker> qid!
[18:35] <Flanker> !qid|ydl qsearch flanker
[18:35] <Flanker> well, i thought it was that
[18:35] <QID|YDL> !qid|ydl quote flanker
[18:35] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "flanker": <Gr0OVe> ok the naked muscle man was kinda cute | <Flanker> how about www.eruption.com ? | <Gr0OVe> YEAH RIGHT
[18:35] Quote total for "flanker": 0
[18:35] <QID|YDL> Quote total for "flanker": 10
[18:35] <Flanker> !qid|ydl quote freeze
[18:35] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "freeze" (Flanker): <Freeze> I lost my license | <Freeze> it's just freeze :D | <Nade> ahh.. that problem with the little boys, eh? | <Freeze> yeah.. those bastards always try to screw you | <Nade> touching them in the no-no place | <Nade> i always thought you were a proctologyst | <HellHammer[CP]> freeze the child proctologist | <HellHammer[CP]> open wide billy!@$#
[18:36] <Freeze|away> *&#$
[18:36] <QID|YDL> hehegehe
[18:36] Quote total for "freeze": 2
[18:36] <QID|YDL> Quote total for "freeze": 12
[18:36] <Freeze|away> yay
[18:36] <Flanker> !qid|ydl quote freeze
[18:36] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "freeze" (Flanker): * DrDeathmatch I opened the freezer today and my dog fell out who was stuffed by the taxidermist down the road with my favorite cereal because I used: >�Quick Script�< v3.5a beta by DrDthmtch.
[18:36] <Freeze|away> hey!
[18:36] <Flanker> eh...freezer
[18:36] <Freeze|away> that has nothing to do with me
[18:36] <Flanker> !qid|ydl quote freeze
[18:36] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "freeze" (Flanker): <@DrDeath> dr freeze had a doctorate in being gay | <Freeze> but now I'm straight$*(#& | <@DrDeath> and he lost it for not wanting to ano dritzen
[18:37] <Flanker> so anyway
[18:37] <Flanker> im gonna get eq sometime within 2 weeks freeze
[18:37] <Freeze|away> awesome
[18:37] <Freeze|away> there's a race war server coming up today
[18:37] <Freeze|away> :D
[18:37] <Flanker> gonna pick on some bar npcs
[18:38] <Freeze|away> the peeps in #eq are all gonna make a guild
[18:38] <Freeze|away> the NPC's will own your sorry ass :D
[18:38] <Flanker> freeze, i heard those guys are really mean
[18:38] 6:38pm Channel information: Ops: 4(33%) Non Ops: 8(67%) Total: 12
[18:38] <Freeze|away> who?
[18:38] <Flanker> those bartenders
[18:38] <Freeze|away> yeah they'll kick your ass
[18:38] <Flanker> if you pick a fight with one of them
[18:39] <QID|YDL> heh... my dad found an old 8k memory card in our basement
[18:39] <Freeze|away> awesome
[18:39] <Flanker> haha
[18:39] <Flanker> i found the origional soundblaster
[18:39] <Flanker> like, the very very first one
[18:39] <QID|YDL> it's about 10"x5"
[18:39] <QID|YDL> and there's a CPU board with an 8080 on it
[18:40] <QID|YDL> 1mhz wooooo!
[18:40] <Flanker> rock on
[18:40] <Flanker> that thing should be in a mueseum
[18:40] <QID|YDL> 1 frame per minute in q2
[18:40] <QID|YDL> I wonder how much the smithsonian would pay for it
[18:41] <QID|YDL> we also have two 8" floppy drives (they hold 1 meg each)
[18:41] <QID|YDL> here's a 4mhz Z80
[18:42] <Flanker> oooo
[18:42] <QID|YDL> it has a maximum hardware transfer rate of 9600bps
[18:42] <Flanker> that thing would be great for taking fustrations out
[18:42] <Flanker> with a hammer
[18:43] <QID|YDL> nah... we have boxes of old crap down here for that
[18:43] <Flanker> haha
[18:43] <QID|YDL> here's a card we can't identify
[18:43] <Flanker> i wanna take one of those old monocrome monitors and destroy it
[18:43] <Flanker> it would feel goooooooddd
[18:43] <Flanker> better than sex probable
[18:44] <QID|YDL> it looks like a video card... it has a whole 2k of memory
[18:44] <Flanker> well.....except if i was cheating on hellhammer with arken
[18:45] <QID|YDL> here's a whole board for the clock chip
[18:45] <Flanker> haha
[18:46] <QID|YDL> here's an entire card for the floppy disk controller
[18:46] <Flanker> that must have been invented when i was born
[18:46] <QID|YDL> early 80's
[18:46] <QID|YDL> no hard drive
[18:46] * Flanker shutters
[18:46] <QID|YDL> shudders
[18:47] <QID|YDL> idiot
[18:47] <Flanker> im tired
[18:47] <Flanker> lousy janator work.....had to strip wax off of the floor
[18:48] 6:48pm Channel information: Ops: 4(33%) Non Ops: 8(67%) Total: 12
[18:48] <Flanker> the only fun part was sitting on the buffer to get off black mark shit, it vibrated and it felt like a enema
[18:48] <Flanker> uh-oh....i think i just made another humilating quote
[18:51] Quote total for "enema":
[18:51] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "enema": <Flanker> the only fun part was sitting on the buffer to get off black mark shit, it vibrated and it felt like a enema
[18:53] <Flanker> aww hell
[18:53] <Flanker> i hate you
[18:54] <QID|YDL> I gotta go to dinner
[18:54] <QID|YDL> bbl
Session Close: Fri Jul 30 18:54:20 1999

Session Start: Fri Jul 30 22:10:48 1999
[22:10] *** Now talking in #half-life
[22:10] *** Set by DrDeath on Tue Jul 27 12:48:05
[22:10] 10:10pm Sync Information: Ops: 3(100%) Non Ops: 10(77%) Total: 13
[22:10] 10:10pm Now compiling user data from #half-life... (Current: 1)
[22:10] 10:10pm Compiling of user data for #half-life complete. Total: 13
[22:10] <QID|YDL> we bought openlinux 2.2
[22:11] <Casper[CP]> hey qid
[22:11] <Flanker> !qid|ydl quote enema
[22:11] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "enema" (Flanker): <Flanker> the only fun part was sitting on the buffer to get off black mark shit, it vibrated and it felt like a enema
[22:11] <Flanker> gah!
[22:11] <Flanker> you should get red hat linux qid
[22:11] <QID|YDL> we have 5.2, but it came with a book
[22:12] <Flanker> yeah
[22:12] <Flanker> books suck
[22:12] <QID|YDL> if this works out I'll get my dad to buy the current version of redhat and use that
[22:12] <QID|YDL> the cd's come in weird translucent things
[22:12] <QID|YDL> so far this is WAY better than any windoze thing I've installed
[22:14] <Flanker> you're on linux right now?
[22:14] <QID|YDL> no
[22:14] <QID|YDL> heg
[22:14] <QID|YDL> I wish
[22:14] <QID|YDL> we just unpacked the box
[22:14] *** You were kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[22:14] *** Attempting to rejoin...
[22:14] *** Now talking in #half-life
[22:14] *** Set by DrDeath on Tue Jul 27 12:48:05
[22:14] <QID|YDL> and so far it's way better
[22:14] <QID|YDL> cause of these cool cd case things
[22:14] <Casper[CP]> haha
[22:14] <Flanker> hehe
[22:14] <QID|YDL> and there's this little tip book
[22:14] *** Malengine is now known as Mal|afk
[22:15] <QID|YDL> and a $10 rebate, so it's only $20
[22:15] <QID|YDL> hell, I paid twice as much for half-life
[22:15] <Flanker> i would use red hat, if i could figure it out
[22:15] <Flanker> i almost did! then i wanted to tweak something and screwed it all up
[22:15] <Casper[CP]> i would learn redhat, if i wasnt a cheap bastid and went and bought it
[22:15] <QID|YDL> we have a spare 4.3gig HD laying around, so we're gonna hook up the printer to the pass-through port on the scanner and put the scanner on the motherboard's parallel port
[22:16] <QID|YDL> then we can get rid of the second parallel port adapter card and open up the shared pci/isa slot
[22:16] <QID|YDL> we can put something on the ide card we got and then install linux on the 4.3gig HD
[22:17] <Flanker> well, i got a cheap p133 for linux
[22:17] <QID|YDL> KDE looks 0wnerizing
[22:18] <Casper[CP]> buy that evergreen upgrade and turn it into a 333 for 150 bx
[22:18] <Casper[CP]> bux
[22:18] 10:18pm Channel information: Ops: 3(23%) Non Ops: 10(77%) Total: 13
[22:18] <QID|YDL> we have a P200 upstairs, but my dad uses it for paying bills and taking care of S.C.C.A. membership stuff
[22:20] <Casper[CP]> huh?
[22:21] <QID|YDL> huh what huh
[22:21] <Casper[CP]> when?
[22:21] <QID|YDL> what?
[22:21] <Flanker> why?
[22:21] * Casper[CP] shrugs
[22:21] <Casper[CP]> who?
[22:22] <QID|YDL> how?
[22:22] <Flanker> so anyway..
[22:22] <Casper[CP]> where?
[22:22] <Casper[CP]> wheres good free pr0n?
[22:22] <QID|YDL> www.goodfreepr0n.com
[22:22] <Casper[CP]> ahhh, of course
[22:24] <Casper[CP]> Any others?
[22:25] <QID|YDL> www.freegoodpr0n.com
[22:28] *** paindeath ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:28] *** deathpain has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (DrDeath (italian ghost)))
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[22:28] *** Gobster ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:28] *** paindeath is now known as deathpain
[22:31] *** maynard ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:32] <Casper[CP]> HEY, guess what?
[22:32] *** DJSnowcrash ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:33] <QID|YDL> HEY, what?
[22:33] <Casper[CP]> im fuckin bored
[22:35] ��� Clone detected! #half-life :: Gobster G08573R (4*!*@cr237260-a.brntfd1.on.wave.home.com)
[22:35] *** G08573R ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:35] *** Gobster has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[22:36] *** ShAmr0cK6 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:36] *** G08573R is now known as Gobster
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[22:37] *** [LocaL]DangerM0use ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:37] *** Casper[CP] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: DrDeath's pickup line for the day: "HEY! I'm Gay!")
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[22:41] *** Gobster has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: syntax: rebootign)
[22:42] *** Casper[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
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[22:48] *** maynard is now known as m|food
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[22:49] *** bak|GONE is now known as Bakshra
[22:53] *** llooll ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:55] <llooll> hello?
[22:55] * DrDeath is away: (later hewms) [BX-MsgLog On]
[22:57] *** llooll ([email protected]) has left #half-life
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[22:59] *** [LocaL]DangerM0use ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:01] <Freeze> dangah'
[23:01] *** Neurobasher ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:03] <Neurobasher> what's foobar?
[23:03] *** [Cecil] sets mode: -b *!*ADSEX0RMA@*.psi.net
[23:04] *** HellHammer[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:04] <@[Cecil]> fubar = fucked up beyond all recognition
[23:04] <deathpain> heh
[23:04] <deathpain> foobar
[23:04] <Neurobasher> really?
[23:04] *** Auken ([email protected]) has joined #Half-life
[23:04] <HellHammer[CP]> madsex0rman@#%
[23:04] * Auken hugs DrDeath *hug*
[23:04] <Casper[CP]> awwwwwwww
[23:04] <@[Cecil]> foobar is also a generic computer-related term used to fill in things like arbitrary variables, values, etc.
[23:04] <Auken> Let's make up baby
[23:05] <Freeze> DrDeath doesn't care if you die, it was CC
[23:05] <HellHammer[CP]> [[[[[[[[[DrDeath]]]]]]]]]]]
[23:05] <Neurobasher> is that what they're talking about in private ryan?
[23:05] <Freeze> heeeeeellz0r
[23:05] *** CSV_Griff ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:05] <HellHammer[CP]> freeze...
[23:05] <@[Cecil]> I doubt they're talking about unix geek lingo in Saving Private Ryan.
[23:05] <HellHammer[CP]> GIMME CANUCK PR0N@#
[23:05] <Freeze> they took down the best eq server :|
[23:05] <Auken> hfjd
[23:05] <Neurobasher> heh
[23:05] <@[Cecil]> AHAHAHAHA
[23:05] <Auken> GO VERANT
[23:05] <Auken> !!!
[23:05] <Freeze> !
[23:06] <Freeze> err that slipped out
[23:06] <@[Cecil]> :/
[23:06] <Auken> ceasy is ani-eq
[23:06] <Auken> SEIG HEIL
[23:06] <Freeze> =\
[23:06] <Neurobasher> cecil, ok then what kind of foobar they were talking about?
[23:06] <HellHammer[CP]> HEIL HEETLAH!!
[23:06] <@[Cecil]> you guys know that "hidden and dangerous" game bakshra or someone was talking about with the nazis and the cars?
[23:06] <HellHammer[CP]> YES
[23:06] <Freeze> bringer
[23:06] <@[Cecil]> IT SUCKS
[23:06] <Freeze> bakshra won't play it cuz he wants to be a nazi
[23:06] <Freeze> hehehe
[23:06] <@[Cecil]> whoever
[23:06] <HellHammer[CP]> hehrfhg
[23:07] <@[Cecil]> whichever one of them it was who always changes his name to "owned"
[23:07] <Neurobasher> bah
[23:07] <Freeze> bringer
[23:07] <@[Cecil]> well it SUCKS
[23:07] <@[Cecil]> maybe it's a good game for canadians but over here we have HIGHER STANDARDS
[23:07] <HellHammer[CP]> =\
[23:07] <@Bakshra> YES
[23:07] <@Bakshra> I WANT TO BE A NAZI
[23:07] <@Bakshra> SEIG HEIL
[23:07] <Auken> HOOT-HA
[23:07] <@Bakshra> DIE FURHOR ADOLF CHRIST
[23:07] <HellHammer[CP]> HEIL BAKSHRA
[23:08] * Bakshra marches
[23:08] <HellHammer[CP]> dum dee dum dum
[23:08] 11:08pm Channel information: Ops: 5(25%) Non Ops: 15(75%) Total: 20
[23:08] * Auken carves a swastika in his forehead with a butter knife
[23:08] <HellHammer[CP]> nazi j00
[23:08] <Freeze> what the hell does furhor mean?
[23:08] <HellHammer[CP]> [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Auken]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
[23:08] <Auken> fur-whore?
[23:08] <HellHammer[CP]> hugm u
[23:08] <Auken> hahjasf
[23:09] <@[Cecil]> DER FUHRER
[23:09] <@[Cecil]> ICH BIN DER PANIS-KAISER
[23:09] * Auken mounts Hellhammor
[23:09] *** [Cecil] is now known as PaNiS`KaIsEr
[23:09] <deathpain> DU LUGST!
[23:09] <deathpain> ICH MUSS DICH TOTEN!
[23:09] <HellHammer[CP]> oooga!$
[23:09] <deathpain> ICH BIN DEN KAISER!
[23:09] <@PaNiS`KaIsEr> DU MUSS STURBEN
[23:09] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> ah shit the ops are talking behind our back in german
[23:09] <HellHammer[CP]> achtung?
[23:10] <HellHammer[CP]> hegheh
[23:10] <Freeze> uhhh
[23:10] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> bah you just got that from wolfenstein 3d hellhammer heh
[23:10] <HellHammer[CP]> bin ich aus deutsche haben keinen friezeit@#%
[23:10] <deathpain> Du Hast - Clawfinger Remix.mp3
[23:10] <deathpain> this rocks.
[23:10] <HellHammer[CP]> err...that made no sense
[23:10] <deathpain> heh, no it didn't
[23:11] <CSV_Griff> Anyone own a voodoo3 3000?
[23:11] <HellHammer[CP]> YES
[23:11] <Auken> YES
[23:11] *** Radar ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:11] <@PaNiS`KaIsEr> CSV_Griff: Nobody here is that stupid.
[23:11] <Auken> SEVERAL
[23:11] <@PaNiS`KaIsEr> .....
[23:11] <Casper[CP]> yes
[23:11] *** PaNiS`KaIsEr is now known as [Cecil]
[23:11] <Casper[CP]> 2 od em
[23:11] <Casper[CP]> of even
[23:11] <HellHammer[CP]> gnu tribes patch235
[23:12] <Auken> damn, i could use a penis grande right about now
[23:12] <Casper[CP]> http://www.pitoune.com/less43/index.html
[23:12] * HellHammer[CP] gives auken a panis grande with sour creme
[23:12] <HellHammer[CP]> *sp00ge*
[23:12] <Casper[CP]> makes my panis grande
[23:12] <CSV_Griff> alright. I seem to only get 60HZ refresh rates with mine in opengl hl.
[23:12] <Auken> Cec: you listen to that mp3 i sent ya?!
[23:12] <@[Cecil]> im not listening to your whack-ass mp3s
[23:12] <Auken> GAH NO SOUR CREAM
[23:12] <Auken> awww
[23:12] <Auken> c'mon
[23:12] *** Auken was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[23:12] *** Auken ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:12] <Auken> its good
[23:12] *** Auken was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[23:12] *** Auken ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:12] <HellHammer[CP]> YES
[23:12] <Freeze> yeah I deleted it too CC
[23:13] <Freeze> hehe
[23:13] <CSV_Griff> So I'm frustrated
[23:13] <@[Cecil]> Auken has 32 kicks / 4 bankicks (F10 for details)
[23:13] <HellHammer[CP]> J00 VILL EET ZE SOUR CREAM@#$
[23:13] <Auken> =\
[23:13] <Auken> listen to it
[23:13] <@[Cecil]> arken = troublemaker
[23:13] <Casper[CP]> haha
[23:13] <Auken> Cc=dd's bitch
[23:13] <Auken> err,,,
[23:13] <HellHammer[CP]> where did all that manchowder come from!?
[23:13] <@[Cecil]> busy looking at casper's lesbian pr0n
[23:13] <Casper[CP]> heh
[23:13] <HellHammer[CP]> yes
[23:13] <HellHammer[CP]> ooohh, that's soap
[23:13] <Casper[CP]> heh
[23:14] <HellHammer[CP]> crazy dykes
[23:14] <Freeze> auken check --> #c4
[23:14] <HellHammer[CP]> "like my ample breasts, please"
[23:14] <Freeze> everybody fucking spammed the eq channels, now that's one fucking awesome riot
[23:14] <HellHammer[CP]> err
[23:14] <HellHammer[CP]> lick
[23:14] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> dude lesbian porn is good though
[23:15] <Freeze> dritz's les pr0n is better than caspers
[23:15] <Freeze> =\
[23:15] <@[Cecil]> dritz is gay though
[23:15] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> lol
[23:15] <HellHammer[CP]> dritz's pr0n sucks
[23:15] <Freeze> o well
[23:15] <Freeze> QUIET HELL
[23:15] <HellHammer[CP]> FUCK YOU@#
[23:15] <Auken> Cec: listen to it mama's boy
[23:15] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> yeah they gotta start licking out eachothers pussies in that one
[23:15] <Freeze> I'm gonna join the eq revolt, bbl
[23:15] <Casper[CP]> why you baggin my lez pr0n?
[23:15] <HellHammer[CP]> ?
[23:16] <Casper[CP]> its free aint it?
[23:16] <Freeze> yeah but it isn't as good
[23:16] <@[Cecil]> <DangerM0use> i cobbied in my pants!
[23:16] <Freeze> "D
[23:16] <HellHammer[CP]> i need nazi pr0n
[23:16] <Auken> WHEREZ LEZ PRON
[23:16] <Casper[CP]> talkin to freeze
[23:16] <Auken> SHOW ME
[23:16] <HellHammer[CP]> gimme gimme gimme
[23:16] <HellHammer[CP]> hahgahhghah
[23:16] <Casper[CP]> http://www.pitoune.com/less43/index.html
[23:16] <Auken> w00
[23:16] *** dude ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:16] <Freeze> Hell: they shut down the racewar server, and about 10 000 people are in the chat rooms on eq spamming, revolting for taking down the server :D
[23:16] <Auken> woopm, SWEATY DYKES
[23:16] <Casper[CP]> :O
[23:16] <@[Cecil]> cant fucking hear myself think
[23:16] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> hey when did I cobby in my pants
[23:16] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> oh yeah
[23:16] <Casper[CP]> oh my
[23:16] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> when I was raiding gamespy
[23:16] <HellHammer[CP]> !!
[23:16] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> that ruled
[23:17] <@[Cecil]> #HERET~1.OL4:[18:46] <DrFreeze> [23:07] <DangerM0use> i cobbied in my pants!
[23:17] <HellHammer[CP]> uhhh
[23:17] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> and then bringer threatened to ban me off of #half-life so I stopped
[23:17] <Freeze> why is my name in there?
[23:17] <Freeze> hehe
[23:17] <dude> hello ppl, this is urgent, has ANY1 got a source code, from A skin/model? i dont even care wich one
[23:17] <dude> ppls?
[23:17] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> gee I could do with another gamespy raid sometime
[23:17] <@[Cecil]> I seem to remember dangerm0use being some freak whose ass I wanted to kick
[23:17] <Auken> Damn casp, these are high quality dykes
[23:17] <HellHammer[CP]> blow me, plz
[23:18] <@[Cecil]> Unfortunately I can't find him in any of my logs to prove it
[23:18] *** Casper[CP] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: <dude>'s pickup line for the day: "HEY! I'm Gay!")
[23:18] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> haha
[23:18] 11:18pm Channel information: Ops: 5(24%) Non Ops: 16(76%) Total: 21
[23:18] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> my logs are mainly just porn fserve logs you wouldnt find anything there
[23:18] <@[Cecil]> So you're on my "I'm gonna watch you suspiciously" list :D
[23:18] <HellHammer[CP]> hahgha disney pr0n
[23:18] *** Gobster ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:18] *** Casper[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:18] *** dude was kicked by [Cecil] (bold) (0w���!)
[23:18] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> wtf is a "I'm gonna watch you suspiciously" list?
[23:18] <@[Cecil]> um
[23:19] <HellHammer[CP]> "my name is mickey mouse, i think i will have sex with you
[23:19] <HellHammer[CP]> "
[23:19] <@[Cecil]> HEY I'm asking the questions around here!!!!!!
[23:19] <Auken> hahah hh
[23:19] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> preach on hellhammer
[23:19] <Casper[CP]> heh
[23:19] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> im getting sick of this damn [local] tag I have on
[23:19] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> stupid ass clan meetings and crap
[23:19] <@[Cecil]> haha
[23:19] <@[Cecil]> clans
[23:19] *** dude ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:20] *** [Cecil] is now known as [RemotE]Cecil
[23:20] <Casper[CP]> .be?
[23:20] <Casper[CP]> wheres that?
[23:20] <Auken> NERV is the only high quality organization your peons are good enough to call a 'clan'
[23:20] <dude> somebody has a source codeeeeeeeeee!e!!!!!!!
[23:20] <Auken> SEIG HEIL
[23:20] <@[RemotE]Cecil> be = belgium
[23:20] <Gobster> Belgium
[23:20] <HellHammer[CP]> wtf does nerv stand for
[23:20] <HellHammer[CP]> ?
[23:20] <HellHammer[CP]> http://www.pitoune.com/toon43/a%20new%20furry!%20along%20with%205%20little%20furry%20reposts%20-%20crossovr.jpg
[23:20] <Casper[CP]> thats like nerf
[23:20] <@[RemotE]Cecil> NERV = german for "Nerve"
[23:20] *** [RemotE]Cecil is now known as [Cecil]
[23:20] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> awwww
[23:20] <Gobster> that little place near France I think
[23:20] <@[Cecil]> And NERV kicks your sorry wannabe ass.
[23:21] *** CSV_Griff has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[23:21] <HellHammer[CP]> !!
[23:21] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> cecil you just arent l33t as us
[23:21] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> face it
[23:21] <@[Cecil]> ppft
[23:21] <@[Cecil]> IM THE BEST SNIPER AT TFC
[23:21] <HellHammer[CP]> hehhe
[23:21] <Freeze> haha
[23:21] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> ill 1v1 you right now
[23:21] <@[Cecil]> DIE
[23:21] <HellHammer[CP]> NO, I SNIPE J00!!!
[23:21] <Freeze> snipers ARE FAGS~~
[23:21] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> I swear I got a new ISP to try out
[23:21] <@[Cecil]> arken IS da tribez sniper
[23:21] <Auken> NO MWE
[23:21] <HellHammer[CP]> I SNIPE J00 AWL!!
[23:21] <Auken> hahagag
[23:21] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> I can snipe anyone or 1v1 soldier
[23:21] <@[Cecil]> Auken: I remember you sitting on a hill next to the enemy's base on Scarabrae and picking off 30 people
[23:22] <Auken> hahaha
[23:22] <Auken> that night owned
[23:22] <HellHammer[CP]> http://www.pitoune.com/toon43/tn_Carr-nz05_jpg.jpg
[23:22] <@[Cecil]> meanwhile I'd fly over in my scout and drop shit on you
[23:22] <Auken> yeah
[23:22] *** m|food has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[23:22] <Auken> marsa would fucking try to ram me
[23:22] <@[Cecil]> heheh
[23:22] <@[Cecil]> tribes 1.7 patch = gay
[23:22] <Auken> they shoulda stuck with the old shit
[23:22] <@[Cecil]> yeah
[23:23] <@[Cecil]> Auken they fixed our little secret entrances :(
[23:23] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> i liked that mod they made
[23:23] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> that let you shoot the mortars real fast
[23:23] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> that was fun
[23:23] <@[Cecil]> Did I ever show you?
[23:23] <Auken> GAH
[23:23] <Auken> NOOOOOOOO
[23:23] <Freeze> yeah that ultra tribes or whatever
[23:23] <HellHammer[CP]> ahgahghsdighlgkhhshahahaha
[23:23] <Freeze> the disc launcher rapid fire was cool
[23:23] <Casper[CP]> tribes is gay
[23:23] <@[Cecil]> I used to have a trick where, for example, I could fly to the enemy's base on Scarabrae, and magically teleport through the wall into the flag room
[23:23] <HellHammer[CP]> http://www.pitoune.com/toon43/repost%20-%20gadinch.jpg
[23:24] <HellHammer[CP]> bwhahghaghighwelgnslnsnnahahahgahg
[23:24] <Auken> hahaha
[23:24] <Auken> how?!
[23:24] <@[Cecil]> I never showed you?!?!
[23:24] <Auken> no @#$#%#6
[23:24] <@[Cecil]> we should start up a 1.2 server and I'll show you heheh
[23:24] <@[Cecil]> 1.2 is the best tribes version
[23:24] <Auken> heheh
[23:24] <HellHammer[CP]> chip n dale pr0n = cool
[23:24] <Freeze> hhahah cec that's cool
[23:24] *** Neurobasher has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[23:25] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> cecil come on I want to 1v1 you in sniper
[23:25] <Freeze> OMG HELL THAT OWNS
[23:25] *** Gobster has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[23:25] <Freeze> :D
[23:25] <Casper[CP]> haha, chip, gimmie that inch...hehe
[23:25] <HellHammer[CP]> hehgheh
[23:25] <Freeze> <casper> I feel his pain :(
[23:26] <HellHammer[CP]> omg
[23:26] <Casper[CP]> heh
[23:26] <HellHammer[CP]> http://www.pitoune.com/top43/!tyraStrip.JPG
[23:26] <HellHammer[CP]> check out that fake shit
[23:26] ��� Clone detected! #half-life :: Auken karen (4*!*@ip53.lafayette.la.pub-ip.psi.net)
[23:26] *** karen ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:26] <Auken> OMG
[23:26] <Freeze> karen!
[23:26] <HellHammer[CP]> karen: a/s/l wanna cyb0r!?
[23:26] <Freeze> ?
[23:26] <Freeze> hehehhaha
[23:26] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> you guys are liking that site too much I think
[23:26] <@[Cecil]> KAREN
[23:26] <@[Cecil]> ITS KAREN157
[23:26] <@[Cecil]> AERH
[23:26] <karen> hello big boyz
[23:26] <Freeze> !
[23:27] * karen gives a ,1@,1>-'--,--- to the beautiful [Cecil]
[23:27] <karen> your beauty is greater than any rose
[23:27] <@[Cecil]> YAY
[23:27] <[LocaL]DangerM0use> cecil dont pussy out of this ! come on you badass sniper!
[23:27] * [Cecil] gives a FUZZIE BUNNIE TO KAREN
[23:27] <HellHammer[CP]> hahgahghgh
[23:27] <@[Cecil]> � � � (Y)
[23:27] <@[Cecil]> � � (�-�)
[23:27] <@[Cecil]> � � ()-,-()--<{�
[23:27] <@[Cecil]> � �(_)-(_)
[23:27] *** [Cecil] was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[23:27] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[23:27] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[23:27] <Auken> sdfojfldks
Session Close: Fri Jul 30 23:27:42 1999