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[20:11] <+Fwerp> stupid aol'ers
[20:11] <+Fwerp> i try to explain what a FTP is
[20:11] <+Fwerp> sheesh
[20:11] *** Xori has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[20:11] <+Fwerp> they are like "ftp? wtf Is That?!"
[20:12] <+Fwerp> "how do i use a ftp"
[20:12] <+Xori-> lol
[20:12] <+Fwerp> "how do i down load the internet?"
[20:12] <QID|YDL> hehehehe
[20:12] <+Fwerp> "how do you get on the web without AOL?"
[20:12] <+Fwerp> "whats irc"
[20:12] <+Fwerp> "how do i use irc"
[20:13] <QID|YDL> "whats a chanel, I thout they were rooms"
[20:13] <+Xori-> chat rooms my ass
[20:13] <+Xori-> it's CHANNELS, bitch!
[20:13] <+Xori-> lol
[20:13] <+Fwerp> i know
[20:13] <+Fwerp> they asked that
[20:13] <QID|YDL> "is irc the same as icq"
[20:13] <+Xori-> AHHAHAAAH
[20:13] <+Fwerp> i wish i had their ip's
[20:13] <QID|YDL> "why don't they call it ircq"
[20:14] <+Fwerp> if i had their ip's id be nukeing like a llama
[20:14] <+Fwerp> dude
[20:14] <+Xori-> =)
[20:14] <QID|YDL> "what's the @ do"
[20:14] <+Fwerp> any one got Bo or net bus?
[20:14] <+Xori-> lol
[20:14] <+Fwerp> i can send them files?
[20:14] <QID|YDL> Fwerp: thankfully no
[20:14] <+Fwerp> aww
[20:14] <QID|YDL> try www.bo2k.com
[20:14] <+Xori-> ehheheehh
[20:14] <+Fwerp> i wanna bus them
[20:14] <+Fwerp> i cant d/l at the moment
[20:14] <+Fwerp> im on a ftp
[20:15] <+Rafter> hah
[20:15] <+Fwerp> 'whats a warez"
[20:15] <+Fwerp> "where can i get a warez"
[20:15] <+Fwerp> "will a warez HaX0r me?"
[20:15] <+Fwerp> "whats your A/S/L"
[20:15] <QID|YDL> "bo? I dont stink"
[20:16] <+Fwerp> "wanna chat with a 13/f ?"
[20:16] <+Rafter> i hate it when some asks if I have aol, and I say no, I have <enter ISP>; and they say "oh, thats like Netscape?"
[20:16] <QID|YDL> "do u use netscape for the internut"
[20:16] <+Fwerp> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahah
[20:16] <+Fwerp> they think netscape is like aol?
[20:16] <+Fwerp> aol is lame
[20:17] <+Fwerp> if you close aol it kills your connection
[20:17] <+Rafter> holy shit, I'm laggy
[20:17] <+Fwerp> aol is all the uses one one program
[20:17] <QID|YDL> aol is bullshit
[20:17] <+Fwerp> makes me sick
[20:17] <+Fwerp> aol is bullshit
[20:17] *** Gb_work ([email protected]) has left #riotsoftware
[20:18] <+Xori-> Uhmm fuck
[20:18] <+Xori-> I'm lookin at scary_1's maps just now
[20:18] <+Xori-> uhmmmm
[20:18] <+Xori-> fwerp, you alive?
[20:19] <QID|YDL> *** Mnemonic ([email protected]) has joined #3ddr
[20:19] <QID|YDL> <@QID|YDL> hey
[20:19] <QID|YDL> * Mnemonic lights Mnemonic on fire
[20:19] <QID|YDL> <Mnemonic> !
[20:19] <QID|YDL> <Mnemonic> owowowowwwwowwooowwww