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[14:44] *** electro ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:45] <electro> sup all
[14:45] *** wampey ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[14:45] *** Gwags has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[14:46] <electro> hello
[14:46] *** Phortos ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:46] <electro> do anyone no were i can get a cd emulator
[14:46] <electro> hello
[14:46] <electro> ???
[14:47] <tenkei> so you can play your warezed H-L?
[14:47] <electro> yes
[14:47] <tenkei> ...
[14:47] <Whitey> i don't think you can
[14:47] <Whitey> without the key
[14:48] <electro> i got a cd but i dont no the cd key and i want to play over the net but i cant with out a cd key so i need a emulator
[14:49] *** Phortos has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[14:49] <electro> you can play without the key when you use the emulator etc my friend lost the emulator and he cant remember were he got it
[14:50] *** Rafter|quasi_afk ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[14:50] <Hessman|work> the key gen only works for sp
[14:50] <QID|YDL> !panis electro
[14:50] * [Cecil] gives electro a SIZZLING NEW RELIGION!!#*$^ (0)
[14:50] <electro> i got one of them but i want to play over the net
[14:50] *** DrDeath sets mode: +b *!*antis_14_@*.nfld.com
[14:50] *** electro was kicked by DrDeath (warez)