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[21:51] <Sf|QUispy> HAHA
[21:51] <Sf|QUispy> this kid with a moterped crashed in front of my house!
[21:51] <Sf|QUispy> lol
[21:51] <@DarkFox> lol
[21:51] <QID|YDL> I hope the next mod-bash is gonna be here... I made the bot for it and I dun want my stuff on gamesnut
[21:51] <Sf|QUispy> uh oh
[21:52] <Sf|QUispy> hes not moving
[21:52] <Sf|QUispy> oh well
[21:52] <@Dicion> heh
[21:52] <@Dicion> i have so many connections
[21:52] <@DarkFox> heh get the hose out
[21:52] <@DarkFox> and spray him
[21:52] <@DarkFox> he'll move
[21:52] <QID|YDL> Sf|QUispy: put a sign on him that says "Out of gas"
[21:52] <@Dicion> Who else do you know that has a TAB at a pizza place
[21:52] <Sf|QUispy> i think i will
[21:52] <Sf|QUispy> get off my lawn!
[21:52] <Sf|QUispy> :D
[21:52] <@DarkFox> I'd rather have a tab at best buy or alienware.com
[21:52] <Reaper-1> Dicion: Me... pizza hut actually
[21:52] <@DarkFox> :)
[21:52] <QID|YDL> "move your deadass moped you little bitch"
[21:53] <Sf|QUispy> i think ill steal it
[21:53] <@Dicion> dude
[21:53] <@DarkFox> rofl
[21:53] <@Dicion> is he dead?
[21:53] <QID|YDL> hehehe
[21:53] <Sf|QUispy> i just think hes unconincousslej;gfasg
[21:53] <Reaper-1> oh
[21:53] <@Dicion> get offline
[21:53] <@Dicion> and call 911 :P
[21:53] <@Dicion> hhee
[21:53] <Sf|QUispy> ill just say i didnt see him
[21:53] <QID|YDL> I wish this fucking ide controller card would work... I wanna install openlinux
[21:53] <Reaper-1> now THAT'S a net addict
[21:53] <Sf|QUispy> hey little kid!!
[21:53] <Sf|QUispy> get up
[21:53] * Dicion is gone... Fewd (l/on p/on)
[21:53] *** Dicion is now known as Dici|away
[21:53] <Sf|QUispy> :)
[21:53] <Reaper-1> ask if he's in pain
[21:53] <@Dici|away> I CANT CALL 911!
[21:54] <@Dici|away> I'M ONLINE!
[21:54] <Reaper-1> if he says yes
[21:54] <Reaper-1> shoot him
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> hehe
[21:54] <@Dici|away> DOWNLOADING mp3's
[21:54] <Reaper-1> i mean put him out of his memory...
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> end his misery
[21:54] <Reaper-1> misery
[21:54] <Reaper-1> goddamnit
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> :}
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> do you believe in god?
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> yes..
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> well you are gonna meet him
[21:54] <Sf|QUispy> BLAM!
[21:54] <Reaper-1> "Hey kid how much money you got on you?"
[21:55] <Reaper-1> "Yeah yeah come in come in... so 400 bucks you say?"
[21:55] <Sf|QUispy> ill just sell his moped
[21:55] 9:55pm Channel information: Ops: 3(19%) Non Ops: 13(81%) Total: 16
[21:55] <Sf|QUispy> hmm
[21:55] <Reaper-1> "Well here before we take you to the hospital let me show you my knife collection"
[21:55] <Sf|QUispy> he hasnt moved yet.
[21:55] <Sf|QUispy> i think hes unconcious
[21:55] <Reaper-1> "Look at this little beaute, never had anyone's finger prints on it..."
[21:55] <Sf|QUispy> i know hes not dead cos he was going slow
[21:56] <Reaper-1> never know with a moped
[21:56] <Reaper-1> it could explode at any minute
[21:56] <Sf|QUispy> i think ill yell at him
[21:56] <Sf|QUispy> shit i better hose the moped down
[21:56] <QID|YDL> shoot the gas tank... say it caught fire
[21:56] <Sf|QUispy> dont want that thing exploding in front of my house
[21:56] <Reaper-1> get his wallet first
[21:56] <DevilWarrior> back
[21:56] <QID|YDL> this is gonna make a fun log
[21:56] <Sf|QUispy> eek
[21:56] <Sf|QUispy> hes getting up!
[21:56] <DevilWarrior> I bet my map is gonna have high r_speeds...
[21:57] <Reaper-1> SF
[21:57] <DevilWarrior> Unless....
[21:57] <Reaper-1> go hit him with a 2byfour!
[21:57] <Sf|QUispy> i will
[21:57] <DevilWarrior> I will!
[21:57] <Reaper-1> then see if he's got any money!
[21:57] <QID|YDL> lead pipe
[21:57] *** DevilWarrior is now known as DevilWarrior|Sleeping
[21:57] <Sf|QUispy> geez
[21:57] <Sf|QUispy> all these gloom servers have that yellow dot by it
[21:57] <Sf|QUispy> what do those mean?
[21:57] <Reaper-1> SF
[21:57] <Reaper-1> there's more important things going on right now
[21:58] <QID|YDL> Sf|QUispy: it means they SUCK
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> such as?
[21:58] <Reaper-1> here you are worrying about something as small as a gloom game
[21:58] <Reaper-1> when you COULD be robbing a guy!
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> dude he got up
[21:58] <QID|YDL> what's he doing?
[21:58] <Reaper-1> HIT HIM!
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> hes a little boy
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> he wouldnt carry money!
[21:58] <Reaper-1> ...
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> hes gone right now
[21:58] *** Sul has quit IRC ([email protected]) (.Quit:)
[21:58] <Reaper-1> I thought we were friends man...
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> hes riding a bike now
[21:58] <QID|YDL> steal him and sell him as a slave
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> a regular no engine bike
[21:58] <Sf|QUispy> ehhe
[21:58] <Reaper-1> you'd think you'd kill the guy for me if I was your friend...