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[22:15] * Grytviken glares at jay soo hard his head explodes, grytviken has passed away
[22:15] <Kami> WOOHOO!
[22:15] <Grytviken> screenshot taken
[22:15] <Cyban[HW]> actually, i think DS and Lifer have a bitch to bitch relationship
[22:15] <Jay> Hmm......remind me to say OUCH later.
[22:15] <Grytviken> How dramamtical
[22:15] <ThePyro> q2info onecall??
[22:15] <+bitch> Server: Game:gloom Players:14/0 Map:gloom4 Ping:78
[22:15] <Stinger> LOVE ME!!!
[22:16] * Grytviken loves stinger
[22:16] <Stinger> WORSHIP PENIS!!!
[22:16] *** FireBlade ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[22:16] * Grytviken bows
[22:16] <Grytviken> his majesty has arrived
[22:16] *** Stinger is now known as Cyclops
[22:16] <Cyclops> Grunt
[22:16] <Cyban[HW]> spit
[22:16] *** Grytviken is now known as Uniclops
[22:16] <ThePyro> Don't encourage him...
[22:16] *** Jay is now known as Tsurami
[22:16] <Uniclops> hehe
[22:17] *** Uniclops is now known as Unibrow
[22:17] <Cyban[HW]> tsurami?
[22:17] *** ThePyro is now known as Unibomber
[22:17] <Unibrow> BORING!!! THE PYRO IS BOOORING
[22:17] <Tsurami> It takes a little explaining to do about my name
[22:17] *** Unibomber is now known as ThePyro
[22:17] <Unibrow> dont bother
[22:17] *** Cyban[HW] is now known as UniBreast
[22:18] <Unibrow> YES thats what i like to see
[22:18] <Tsurami> Okay good because I dont' want to
[22:18] <UniBreast> im left
[22:18] <Cyclops> Grunt
[22:18] <UniBreast> we lost right in a mammogram accident
[22:18] <Unibrow> OH NO
[22:18] <Unibrow> the mamoragh wouldnt let go
[22:18] <UniBreast> yeah, they may go flat, but they DO pop eventually
[22:19] <Unibrow> ew
[22:19] <Unibrow> so do
[22:19] <Unibrow> BALL
[22:19] <Unibrow> s
[22:19] *** Unibrow is now known as Uniball
[22:19] <Uniball> we lost the left in a car crash
[22:19] <ThePyro> q2info onecall??
[22:19] <+bitch> Server: Game:gloom Players:16/0 Map:gloom4 Ping:97
[22:19] <Cyclops> Grunt?
[22:19] <ThePyro> q2info stomped??
[22:19] <+bitch> ERROR ( No response.
[22:19] <Uniball> ping me??
[22:20] <+bitch> Uniball ping reply: 0.246523976325989secs.
[22:20] <Uniball> bah
[22:20] <ThePyro> oh well, time for bed...
[22:20] *** ThePyro ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:20] *** Uniball is now known as Unileg
[22:21] *** Geo|gloom is now known as Geo|away
[22:21] <Unileg> hey geo
[22:21] <Cyclops> Grunt!
[22:21] <Unileg> geo never says hi
[22:21] <Unileg> hey cyclops what shoudl i do?
[22:21] <Ryu|gloom> do I really wanna know?
[22:21] <UniBreast> nope
[22:21] <Cyclops> Grunt grunt grunt grunt WORSHIP PENIS!!! Grunt grunt grunt.
[22:21] *** Ryu|gloom is now known as Ryuenjin
[22:21] <Ryuenjin> k
[22:21] *** Unileg is now known as Unibrow
[22:22] <Unibrow> Thats what I was thinking
[22:22] <UniBreast> guess who i am without dnsing or whoisng or scrolling up or checking logs
[22:22] <Ryuenjin> Cyban
[22:22] <Unibrow> HAHA
[22:22] <UniBreast> nope
[22:22] <Unibrow> and me?
[22:22] <UniBreast> guess again
[22:22] <Unibrow> shut up you uno mamried f00
[22:22] *** UniBreast is now known as Cyban[HW]
[22:22] <Ryuenjin> *** Cyban[HW] is now known as UniBreast
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> i said without scrolling up
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> or checking logs
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> :P
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> and im not Cyban
[22:23] <Ryuenjin> I saw when I came back
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> im Cyban[HW]
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> so :P
[22:23] <Cyclops> Grunt
[22:23] <Unibrow> yes, the back to school version
[22:23] *** Cyclops is now known as Alien_Target
[22:23] <Alien_Target> They are after me...
[22:23] <Unibrow> BAHA
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> youre too late
[22:23] <Alien_Target> I interupted their cow mutilation and now they're pissed...
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> we already have you
[22:23] *** Tsurami ([email protected]) has left #gloom
[22:23] <Cyban[HW]> MUWHAHAHA
[22:24] *** Darkiller ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[22:24] <+bitch> Pappy-R thinks there are 2 k's in his name
[22:24] *** Cyban[HW] is now known as Alien
[22:24] <Alien> WE HAVE YOU NOW, STINGER
[22:24] *** Unibrow is now known as AnotherAlien
[22:24] <Alien> you have interfered with our cow experiments long enough
[22:24] *** AnotherAlien is now known as A6thGradeAlien
[22:24] *** FireBlade ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[22:24] <+bitch> They call him..... TIM!
[22:24] <A6thGradeAlien> Im the most horrible of them all!!!
[22:24] <Alien> we will now subject you to and endless onslaught of cold, sticky, anal probes
[22:25] <A6thGradeAlien> AND WE DONT WASH THOSE PROBES!
[22:25] <Alien> NO
[22:25] <Alien> WE DONT
[22:25] <Alien> even after 6thgradealien uses them on himself
[22:25] <Alien_Target> are you the same aliens I met here? http://www.egodriven.net/aliens/
[22:25] <Alien> but well save that discussion for another time
[22:25] <A6thGradeAlien> YES!!! YES WE WILL
[22:25] <Alien> no
[22:25] <Alien> thats carl
[22:26] <A6thGradeAlien> YEAH HES NEW
[22:26] *** A6thGradeAlien is now known as Carl
[22:26] <Carl> Sorry guys
[22:26] <Alien> dude, what are you doing here?
[22:26] *** Carl is now known as AnotherAlien
[22:26] <Alien> youre supposed to be posing at the president of the us
[22:26] <Alien_Target> You already have a clone. I'm sure you could make him an anus and have your fun that way
[22:26] *** Geo|away is now known as Geo
[22:26] * Alien twitches
[22:27] <Alien> we need the original
[22:27] <Alien> clones dont suck as go-....i mean.....we need the original because its unflawed
[22:27] *** Geo is now known as Geo|gloo
[22:27] *** Geo|gloo is now known as Geo|gloom
[22:27] <AnotherAlien> He Said We Should Return These If We ever Found You
[22:27] * Reino slaps both aliens
[22:27] * AnotherAlien hands stinger a pair of pants
[22:27] <Alien> ITS THE RED DOOR!!!
[22:28] <Alien> we get cable up here, just in case you were wondering, im watching CC
[22:28] <Alien_Target> The clone doesn't have a penis...
[22:28] <Alien> or an anus
[22:28] <AnotherAlien> But he has a mouth
[22:28] <Alien_Target> exactly
[22:28] <Alien> carl, anotheralien, did you try to sex him up?
[22:28] <Alien_Target> there is a video of the abduction...
[22:28] <Alien_Target> http://www.egodriven.net/aliens/abduct.htm
[22:28] *** Geo|gloom is now known as Geo
[22:29] * AnotherAlien proceeds to see
[22:29] <AnotherAlien> I saw it before
[22:29] <Alien_Target> ah
[22:29] *** AnotherAlien is now known as Grytviken
[22:29] <Grytviken> HI GEO!!!!
[22:29] *** Grytviken is now known as AnotherAlien
[22:29] * Alien abducts the Alien_Target
[22:29] <Alien> OH
[22:29] *** Moojr ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[22:29] <Alien> Whose line is it anyway is oN!!!!!
[22:30] <Alien> we love this show
[22:30] * AnotherAlien the aliens leave the planet with the target
[22:30] <Alien> cept for carl
[22:30] <Alien> he is obsessed with porn
[22:30] <AnotherAlien> Yeah carl is gay i think
[22:30] <Alien> and *shudder* earth porn, no less
[22:30] <Alien> he spent the most time with the clone
[22:30] <Geo> hi drytvken
[22:30] <AnotherAlien> *double shudder* gay porn
[22:30] *** AnotherAlien is now known as Grytviken
[22:30] <Alien> he says he was strength training the clone
[22:30] *** Reino ([email protected]) Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Kermit-Away)))
[22:30] <Grytviken> A blessing from geometric!
[22:31] *** FireBlade ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Enter Super Egotistic Message here)
[22:31] <Geo> :)
[22:31] <Alien> but the clones forarms were the only area that was stronger
[22:31] * Grytviken dies
[22:31] *** Moojr ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:31] * Grytviken it seems only a kiss will wake him up from his eternal slumber
[22:31] <Geo> lol
[22:31] *** Geo is now known as Geo|ra3
[22:32] <Ryuenjin> :(
[22:32] * Grytviken ;from the dead; EH EH!! somebody kiss me!
[22:32] <Grytviken> Ryu, be brave
[22:32] <Ryuenjin> I don
[22:32] <Ryuenjin> err
[22:32] <Ryuenjin> I don't know what I'll do without your gryt
[22:32] * Ryuenjin smothers Grytviken in kisses.
[22:33] * Grytviken lives again
[22:33] <Grytviken> thanks
[22:33] *** Alien is now known as Cyban
[22:33] * Grytviken presues Geo
[22:33] * Ryuenjin realizes that gryt was lying and was never dead
[22:33] * Ryuenjin runs
[22:33] <Grytviken> lol
[22:33] *** Grytviken is now known as Gryt{GeoHunting
[22:33] <Ryuenjin> lol
[22:33] <Gryt{GeoHunting> Here kitty kitty kitty
[22:33] *** Fella ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:34] <Ryuenjin> she's mine bitch
[22:34] <Gryt{GeoHunting> What deos she eat?
[22:34] * Ryuenjin whips out his quad damaged rail gun
[22:34] * Gryt{GeoHunting hides
[22:34] <Gryt{GeoHunting> Ryu, if this is about me and who...
[22:34] *** Ryuenjin is now known as Ryu|gryt_hunting
[22:34] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> you've done nothing but steal the people I care most about away from me
[22:35] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> it's time I end this
[22:35] <Gryt{GeoHunting> HALP
[22:35] *** Kami is now known as Kami-Bye
[22:35] *** Kami-Bye ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:35] *** Gryt{GeoHunting is now known as Uglyman
[22:35] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> man
[22:35] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> I coulda sworn I saw gryt here a second ago
[22:35] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> ....
[22:35] <Uglyman> aha i am now hidden amougst the ugly people in this forum
[22:35] * Ryu|gryt_hunting notices only a hideously ugly person
[22:36] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> *sigh*
[22:36] <Uglyman> please have mercy on the week
[22:36] <Toji> hehehe
[22:36] * Ryu|gryt_hunting leaves hoping to find gryt
[22:36] <Uglyman> precreation is only part of me
[22:36] <Toji> Ryu|gryt_hunting: gryt is ugly
[22:36] <Ryu|gryt_hunting> oh well
[22:36] *** Ryu|gryt_hunting is now known as Ryu|Toji_hunting
[22:36] <Toji> hey!
[22:36] <Ryu|Toji_hunting> I guess you'll have to do
[22:36] * Ryu|Toji_hunting takes aim
[22:36] * Toji gives Ryu|Toji_hunting a nice and long massage
[22:36] *** Uglyman is now known as Gryt
[22:36] <Toji> THERE HE IS
[22:37] * Ryu|Toji_hunting places 2 slugs right where toji's eyes used to be
[22:37] *** Gryt is now known as Gryt{tojiHunting
[22:37] <Ryu|Toji_hunting> that's for chicka
[22:37] <Gryt{tojiHunting> DAMN!
[22:37] <Gryt{tojiHunting> nice aim
[22:37] <Gryt{tojiHunting> EEP
[22:37] * Gryt{tojiHunting hides
[22:37] <Alien_Target> I'm dead sexy
[22:37] *** Ryu|Toji_hunting is now known as Ryuenjin
[22:37] <Toji> I was hugging him gryt
[22:37] <Toji> not hard to do
[22:37] <Ryuenjin> that's with a keyboard too
[22:37] <Ryuenjin> ;)
[22:37] * Gryt{tojiHunting declares that the alien target is dead sexy, and great in bed
[22:37] *** Gryt{tojiHunting is now known as Grytviken
[22:38] <Ryuenjin> hmmmm
[22:38] <Ryuenjin> target eh?....
[22:38] <Grytviken> Yep
[22:38] * Ryuenjin takes aim
[22:38] <Grytviken> gees man, UR CRAZY
[22:38] * Ryuenjin places a slug right next to the target's heart
[22:38] <Ryuenjin> damn
[22:38] <Ryuenjin> missed
[22:38] <Grytviken> Its a feril heart
[22:38] * Ryuenjin replaces one of the target's testes with a depleted uranium slug
[22:39] <Grytviken> We already took ojne
[22:39] <Grytviken> one
[22:39] <Grytviken> so that makes no more balls
[22:39] <Ryuenjin> *sigh*
[22:39] <Grytviken> for ALienTarget
[22:39] * Ryuenjin turns his attention to Grytviken
[22:39] * Grytviken grabs barbygun
[22:40] * Ryuenjin takes off a piece of Grytviken's ear
[22:40] <Grytviken> SHIT!
[22:40] <Ryuenjin> man a little to the left
[22:40] * Grytviken shoots himself in the foot
[22:40] <Grytviken> FUCK
[22:40] * Toji caps Ryu and Gryt
[22:40] * Ryuenjin delecatly places a slug right in Grytviken's left hand
[22:40] <Toji> ah, peace and quiet now