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[21:11] *** Now talking in #half-life
[21:11] *** Topic is '<Haunter> im afraid i'm way smarter than you guys || http://www.fazed.net/humor/images/needmoney.jpg <-- This guy rocks!'
[21:11] *** Set by Bakshra on Sat Jul 24 20:29:47
[21:11] <QID|YDL> !
[21:11] <AUKEN> woohoo...i got a screenshot of my ping being 666
[21:11] <Flanker> ...
[21:11] <QID|YDL> you faked it
[21:11] <Sk8er_UK> !qid|ydl quotetotal qid|ydl
[21:11] <QID|YDL> Quotestatus for "qid|ydl" (Sk8er_UK):
[21:12] <Sk8er_UK> !qid|ydl qsearch 1 qid|ydl
[21:12] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "qid|ydl" #1 (Sk8er_UK): <Y3K> it dont have a window | <@QID|YDL> yes you do | <@QID|YDL> you have a lot of them | <@QID|YDL> 98, to be exact | <Y3K> huh? | <Y3K> how do i open them
[21:12] <dimeanytime> thats nothing to be happy about AUKEN. probably means your going to die
[21:12] <AUKEN> nah, satan is cool and shit
[21:12] <QID|YDL> that bitch lady from the sprint ads must die$#@!^
[21:13] <QID|YDL> I forgot her name
[21:13] <@Bakshra> Murphy Brown?
[21:14] *** Sk8er_UK has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[21:14] <AUKEN> !qid|ydl qsearch 8 auken
[21:14] <AUKEN> whore.
[21:14] <QID|YDL> I thanks the name of the show she was on
[21:14] <dimeanytime> hehe, no it don't think satan is cool
[21:14] <QID|YDL> I'm rewriting the quote system
[21:14] <AUKEN> Candace Burgeon or whatever
[21:16] <AUKEN> I can't wait till that show "Signs from god" comes on wendsday
[21:16] <AUKEN> so i can laugh at all the retards
[21:17] <AUKEN> "Wow, that mildew growing on the side of my ass looks like christ $#%#@#$"
[21:17] <dimeanytime> there really is a place where a christ statue cries
[21:17] <AUKEN> Bible Humpers can truely lick my balls clean.
[21:18] <AUKEN> yeah, where it gets really cold in a room and the condensation drips off it and people take it a bit too far.
[21:18] <dimeanytime> does condensation drip off stuff in your room?
[21:18] <AUKEN> If you think a statue is 'bleeding' you've got something loose upstairs.
[21:18] <dimeanytime> and only in the eyes?
[21:19] <AUKEN> ever seen condensation on concrete that was cold during the night then warm up during the day?
[21:19] *** gyrfalcon{1} ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:19] <TurboLux> modern superstitions
[21:20] <TurboLux> a church roof leaks somewhere in latin america and the stain on the wall becomes a message from the virgin mary
[21:20] <AUKEN> they've even proved people faking that before.
[21:20] <dimeanytime> yes but on this statue it drips directly from the eyes
[21:20] <AUKEN> ever head of a squirt gun?
[21:20] <AUKEN> :P
[21:21] <dimeanytime> heh
[21:21] <TurboLux> I believe people will believe whatever they want to believe
[21:21] <AUKEN> i can go piss on the virgin mary and make her eyes drip fluid.
[21:21] <QID|YDL> I had to go to a church for the funeral of my mom's uncle... it sounds almost exactly like a cult
[21:21] *** gyrfalcon{1} ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:21] <QID|YDL> "god is perfect and he will heal you if you drink this cup of poisonous liquid disguised as 'holy water'"
[21:21] *** Dark|dishes is now known as Dark|mapping
[21:21] <dimeanytime> man your going to hell auken
[21:21] <AUKEN> haha
[21:22] <Snd> were all going to hell
[21:22] <AUKEN> hell dosnt exist
[21:22] <QID|YDL> if god exists, he would have proven it by now
[21:22] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: what church you going to?
[21:22] <AUKEN> and neither does heaven :P
[21:22] <QID|YDL> it was something in connecticut
[21:22] <Dark|mapping> uhhh
[21:22] <Dark|mapping> god does exist
[21:22] <QID|YDL> I never go to church unless I have to... too boring and I'm too busy
[21:22] <Dark|mapping> you know
[21:22] <dimeanytime> that isn't a normal church
[21:22] <AUKEN> the bible is a load of shit.
[21:22] <Dark|mapping> man!
[21:22] <Dark|mapping> u ppl are crazy
[21:22] <QID|YDL> actually, most of the bible is a historical reference
[21:23] <dimeanytime> he will prove it qid after you die
[21:23] <AUKEN> yeah, but people take it too literally
[21:23] <QID|YDL> a warped one, but a historical reference
[21:23] <Dark|mapping> I dont go to church
[21:23] <Dark|mapping> but..
[21:23] <Dark|mapping> i believe in GOD!
[21:23] <Flanker> ...
[21:23] <QID|YDL> god was something we made up so we wouldn't feel alone
[21:23] <Dark|mapping> God
[21:23] <AUKEN> good for you
[21:23] <QID|YDL> now that the world has a few billion people we feel pretty crowded
[21:23] <Dark|mapping> good for me?
[21:23] <QID|YDL> so we don't really need religion
[21:23] <Dark|mapping> so your telling me you dont believe in God?
[21:24] <QID|YDL> but most people cling to it anyways
[21:24] <AUKEN> yeah, go ahead and talk to something that isnt there for the rest of your life and expect something after you die :P
[21:24] <QID|YDL> I believe there never was a god and he's a product of our collective imagination
[21:24] <dimeanytime> your day is coming
[21:24] <Dark|mapping> umm ok
[21:24] <AUKEN> hehe
[21:24] <Dark|mapping> u ppl are crazy
[21:24] <AUKEN> I love when holy rollers tell me that :P
[21:24] <Flanker> hahahah
[21:24] <dimeanytime> they have actually found Noah's Ark
[21:24] <Flanker> holly rollers, ive heard about those
[21:25] <Dark|mapping> i dont go to church
[21:25] <AUKEN> hahahahahahahaha
[21:25] <AUKEN> hahahahahahahaha
[21:25] <AUKEN> hahahahahahahaha
[21:25] <QID|YDL> they found an old boat
[21:25] <Flanker> ooo, careful there arken
[21:25] *** Zoot ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:25] <QID|YDL> it's probably from vikings
[21:25] <AUKEN> dimeanytime: they found a fucking boat
[21:25] <QID|YDL> or some other ancient civilization
[21:25] <dimeanytime> well not actually together. a boat that old couldn't be still together.
[21:25] <Dark|mapping> AUKEN
[21:25] <Flanker> so you guys believe in the big bang theory right?
[21:25] <Dark|mapping> so your telling me you dont believe in God?
[21:25] <dimeanytime> AUKEN: yes i fucking huge boat
[21:25] <AUKEN> dimeanytime: you telling me a guy loaded up a ship and held EVERY FUCKING animal on earth on it?
[21:25] <Snd> christianity was devised to control the thoughts of the ignorant masses such as yourself dimeanytime
[21:25] <QID|YDL> there are old seafaring cultures that buried their leaders in boats
[21:25] <dimeanytime> AUKEN: bigger than the titanic
[21:26] <QID|YDL> yeah right
[21:26] <Snd> the bible is an interesting literary piece, but there isnt a shred of truth to anything in it
[21:26] <AUKEN> show me where
[21:26] <Zoot> religion was a substitute for an effective justice system...
[21:26] <QID|YDL> wood isn't that strong
[21:26] <AUKEN> you hear that in the bible?
[21:26] <Flanker> so you guys believe in the big bang theroy right?
[21:26] <Snd> yes
[21:26] <Dark|mapping> uhh maybe
[21:26] <Dark|mapping> who cartes if i do
[21:26] <QID|YDL> it is impossible to fit two of every species on earth in any man-made vessel
[21:26] <Dark|mapping> anyways
[21:26] <Flanker> tell me then, how do you get something from nothing?
[21:26] <AUKEN> i dont beleive in anything :P
[21:26] <Snd> actually i think the universe wasnt created gradually
[21:26] <QID|YDL> we don't have the materials yet
[21:26] <AUKEN> whatever the fuck happened happend
[21:26] <Dark|mapping> You ppl are saying you dont believe in God?
[21:27] <Zoot> Flanker, before the big bang, there was a cloud of matter....
[21:27] <Snd> i think that the beginning of everything happened so long ago its hard to think about
[21:27] <QID|YDL> actually, parts of the bible contain truth, but it's buried under made-up religios stuff
[21:27] <Snd> and the big bang that was the beginning of our universe was recent
[21:27] <Dark|mapping> Dont you ppl every watch movies about God?
[21:27] <dimeanytime> yea you guys think that all of the sudden a couple of rocks hit and made life
[21:27] <Dark|mapping> sheesh
[21:27] <QID|YDL> I think it's only in the Old Testament
[21:27] <dimeanytime> its not possible
[21:27] <Flanker> but thats the best thing science can come up with! how do you get something from nothing?
[21:27] <Dark|mapping> Lets see
[21:27] <QID|YDL> dimeanytime: actually, it is
[21:27] <Dark|mapping> so your pll are saying the Devil made us?
[21:27] <Snd> dimeanytime: our creation theory is no more bizarre than your creation theory
[21:27] <dimeanytime> life can not be made for nothing
[21:28] <QID|YDL> yes it can
[21:28] <Flanker> and then this ameba appeared
[21:28] <QID|YDL> amino acids can create life
[21:28] <Dark|mapping> <Snd> dimeanytime: our creation theory is no more bizarre than your creation theory
[21:28] <Snd> haha...a "God" created the universe in 6 days...
[21:28] <dimeanytime> then why can't we do it?
[21:28] <Dark|mapping> that made no sense at all
[21:28] <QID|YDL> we can
[21:28] <QID|YDL> as far as I know
[21:28] <AUKEN> the truth is NOBODY fucking knows, whatever happened happened. Don't try to fucking prove it.
[21:28] <Dark|mapping> AUKEN
[21:28] <dimeanytime> no we can't
[21:28] <Dark|mapping> lets see....
[21:28] <Snd> the big bang theory, and the god myth are both bizarre
[21:28] <dimeanytime> its never been done
[21:28] <QID|YDL> it's possible that the amino acids and things that created life no longer exist
[21:28] <Dark|mapping> God healed ppl right??
[21:28] <Zoot> in the 1950s, a scientist simulated the primordial soup, and got the materials neccessary for life...
[21:28] <QID|YDL> no
[21:28] <Dark|mapping> your dumb dude
[21:29] <QID|YDL> medical science and the human body heal people
[21:29] <Dark|mapping> if you dont believe in God
[21:29] <AUKEN> fuck your god
[21:29] <Snd> God never interacted with humanity other than to test it and smite it occasionally, you never see god helping people
[21:29] <QID|YDL> you're deluding yourself
[21:29] *** TurboLux has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: I'm going to patent the toilet and sue your ass)
[21:29] <Dark|mapping> uhh ok
[21:29] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: common science says matter can not be destroyed or created. therefore the stuff can not be gone
[21:29] <QID|YDL> yes it can
[21:29] <QID|YDL> matter and energy are interchangeable
[21:30] <QID|YDL> haven't you ever heard of the theory of relativity?
[21:30] <Zoot> but the matter isn't created....
[21:30] <Snd> God is a tyrant that brainwashes people into beliving that the hell you live in when you serve under him is heaven
[21:30] <Zoot> it's converted from something else
[21:30] <QID|YDL> atomic energy is matter transforming into energy
[21:30] <Zoot> God's a f*cking myth...
[21:30] <Dark|mapping> Zoot
[21:30] <Dark|mapping> so are you
[21:30] <QID|YDL> we can't do the opposite yet, but it's possible
[21:30] <Zoot> he's the biggest stick man has to keep people in line.
[21:30] <AUKEN> I'm a servant of fucking noone, uncluding 'god'
[21:30] <Dark|mapping> i cant believe u ppl are saying you dont believe in God
[21:30] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: man i learned in freaking 10th grade science that matter can not be destroyed or created, only changes
[21:30] <Zoot> i can, what's your point?
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> well..
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> whatever
[21:31] <Zoot> i'll believe in god when someone proves he exists, right.
[21:31] <QID|YDL> ok, the energy is converted into matter
[21:31] <dimeanytime> AUKEN: yes you are a servant actually.
[21:31] <AUKEN> haha
[21:31] <Zoot> Dark|mapping: prove god exists
[21:31] <AUKEN> prove it boy.
[21:31] <QID|YDL> what was the original point of the question?
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> lets see...
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> Who created us?
[21:31] <QID|YDL> if someone proves god exists, I'll believe he exists
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> Who created the Universe?
[21:31] <Zoot> sometihng other than god
[21:31] <dimeanytime> AUKEN: you are a servant to satan actually.
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> think...
[21:31] <AUKEN> my parents.
[21:31] <Dark|mapping> yea right...
[21:31] <dimeanytime> AUKEN: even if you don't believe it
[21:32] <QID|YDL> until then, he's a figment of your pitiful imagination
[21:32] <Snd> dimeanytime: if you read the unedited old testament of the bible, and comprehend it, youll see god in the same light i see him
[21:32] <AUKEN> Kinda hard seeing the truth, hunh?
[21:32] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: ok then if Big Bang is correct, where did those gases come from?
[21:32] <Dark|mapping> [AUKEN] Who the heck you think made us?
[21:32] <Zoot> they're clinging to their belifs...give them time
[21:32] <QID|YDL> I believe the universe goes through a cycle of collapsing and then exploding again
[21:33] <Dark|mapping> Joe Blow the Candle Stick Maker?
[21:33] <Snd> until then, you will remain a stupid catholic whose been brainwashed by one of the worlds oldest religious cults
[21:33] <QID|YDL> but I'm guessing it'll take trillions of years
[21:33] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: where did it come from in the beginning?
[21:33] <Dark|mapping> think about it for a min..
[21:33] <QID|YDL> it was always there
[21:33] <AUKEN> Dark:I DONT KNOW. But i'm not gonna give credit to your god.
[21:33] <QID|YDL> there was no beginning
[21:33] <QID|YDL> time is infinite
[21:33] <Dark|mapping> [AUKEN] ok whatever
[21:33] <QID|YDL> ugh... my brain hurts thinking about this
[21:33] <Snd> dimeanytime: I belive humanity was a mistake. Noone would purposefully create a race this intentionally ignorant
[21:33] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: well that is a christian belief
[21:33] <AUKEN> yeah, i hate being right all the time =\
[21:33] <Dark|mapping> [AUKEN] I belive but.. thats whta i think i dont know about you
[21:34] <Dark|mapping> you are not right..
[21:34] <Zoot> blah.
[21:34] <QID|YDL> dimeanytime: maybe it is
[21:34] <Dark|mapping> so quit saying you are
[21:34] *** Zoot has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Buh bye! Buh bye!)
[21:34] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: it is i promise
[21:34] <Snd> and here we come to the problem with arguing with christians
[21:34] <QID|YDL> just because I believe in a tiny part of your religion doesn't mean I don't think the rest of it is bullcrap
[21:34] <Snd> they rely totally on faith, so its impossible to have any sort of argument with them that goes anywhere
[21:35] <dimeanytime> i only hope god will forgive you after you die
[21:35] <QID|YDL> they're not arguing, they're repeating themselves
[21:35] <QID|YDL> it's like trying to talk with a record
[21:35] <AUKEN> no shit hunh
[21:35] <QID|YDL> it doesn't respond no matter what you say
[21:35] <Dark|mapping> [QIDBot] what side are u on?
[21:35] <Snd> QID|YDL: were arguing, theyre repeating themselves
[21:35] <QID|YDL> !say I'M A BOT YOU IDIOT
[21:35] <QIDBot> I'M A BOT YOU IDIOT
[21:35] <Dark|mapping> hehehe
[21:35] <Snd> no matter how much we bring into this argument theyre not going to counter with anything
[21:36] <AUKEN> all they are gonna say is 'god did it'
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> QID:T|YDLL: whos side are u on?
[21:36] <QID|YDL> that's the problem with christians... they don't believe in science, so they don't know how to prove anything
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> dang speklling
[21:36] <QID|YDL> dark: I believe we made up god
[21:36] <Snd> "God exists because Rev. Jimmy said so. Rev. Jimmy also likes it when I play find the gummy worm in his pants."
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> umm no
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> he made us
[21:36] <QID|YDL> yeah right
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> havent u read the bible?
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> ok
[21:36] <Dark|mapping> thats your opinion
[21:37] <QID|YDL> it's entirely possible we're an accident from when a comet crashed into earth
[21:37] <Snd> Dark|mapping: You are a fool and an idiot for taking the bible literally. Its a collection of metaphors for things we encounter in real life
[21:37] <QID|YDL> there's a lot of evidence saying we evolved from apes and were created from amino acids
[21:37] <AUKEN> And anyways, your bible says you're commiting a sin whenever you spank it watching a pron, do don't give me that crap how you are true to your faith.
[21:37] <QID|YDL> there isn't a single shred of evidence saying god made us
[21:37] <Dark|mapping> [Snd] thats your opinion i have my own
[21:37] <Snd> its a totally unique literarry work, but it was never meant to be taken so literally
[21:38] <QID|YDL> I remember what snd is saying from global history, he sounds pretty accurate
[21:38] *** Flanker ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:38] <Dark|mapping> yea sure
[21:38] <Dark|mapping> anyways...
[21:38] <Dark|mapping> i gotta get back to my map
[21:38] <QID|YDL> it was written by monks as a history book, I believe
[21:38] <QID|YDL> so they would remember what happened
[21:39] <QID|YDL> the new testament was written after you all went fanatically insane
[21:39] <QID|YDL> and started acting like a cult
[21:39] <AUKEN> Also the fact that most wars are a result of religious conflicts.
[21:39] <dimeanytime> Think about it just one second. A bunch of gasses get all bunched up in nothing and explode. and that explosion makes a bunch of suns, planets. and one planet is just in the right position to support life. If it was off just a little bit, we wouldn't exist. And on that 1 planet, by some strange lucky shot some amino acids combined and formed a single living cell. That cell just happened to be in an environment where it could survive.
[21:39] *** SlaveZero ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:39] <Snd> christianity was an offshoot of Judeaism, which was an offshoot of Zorothuism (or something). the bible was written by men over the course of a few hundred years.
[21:39] <QID|YDL> um
[21:40] <QID|YDL> there are probably billions of other planets
[21:40] <dimeanytime> most religions believe in god just in have different aspects
[21:40] *** UnclePedro ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:40] <dimeanytime> QID|YDL: most star systems don't have planets
[21:40] <QID|YDL> there's a very good probability there are hundreds of thousands of other intelligent races
[21:40] <AUKEN> I don't care what you say, muslims are freaking morons.
[21:40] <Snd> dimeanytime: youre thinking in terms of years, that would seem more plausible if you stretched it out over aeons like most people who belive in evolution do
[21:40] <QID|YDL> dimeanytime: we've already found a bunch of planets
[21:40] *** Armitage- ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:40] <dimeanytime> i know, but we have found alot more stars
[21:41] <SlaveZero> isnt this a halflife channel?
[21:41] <QID|YDL> muslims are weird but they say they believe in the same god
[21:41] <Armitage-> hey can someone tell me a good halflife server listt o use with gamespy?
[21:41] <Dark|mapping> hehe
[21:41] <Dark|mapping> ok
[21:41] <QID|YDL> it's very hard to detect planets
[21:41] <Dark|mapping> new subject now
[21:41] <SlaveZero> dont mean to interrupt but...
[21:41] <QID|YDL> they don't give off heat or light
[21:41] <AUKEN> yes, about 9 out of the 90 googleplex GALAXIES out there
[21:41] <dimeanytime> most stars have 0 planets. on rare occasions you find a star with 1 planet. i don't know if there are any other known stars with this many planets
[21:41] <QID|YDL> so we have to find a silouette
[21:41] <Snd> one clump of molecules group up creating a gravity well, other molecules form around it, gravity gets exponentially higher, the molecules bring in more molecules, it begins swirling, it generates heat from friction and reaction of molecules and bam...you have a sun
[21:41] <QID|YDL> there are stars with 4 or 5 planets, many of them fairly large
[21:42] <SlaveZero> so how about those yankees?
[21:42] <QID|YDL> they've found at least 30 planets, probably many more by now
[21:42] <SlaveZero> hehe
[21:42] *** SlaveZero ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:42] *** Bakshra has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[21:42] *** Dark|mapping ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:42] <QID|YDL> and
[21:42] <dimeanytime> and we have found thousands of more stars
[21:42] <Snd> haha
[21:42] <AUKEN> dude, the universe is endless, you know how little we have found of it?
[21:42] <QID|YDL> light takes a while to travel here
[21:42] <dimeanytime> its not endless
[21:42] <AUKEN> about .999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%
[21:42] <UnclePedro> i found a nacho in my couch
[21:42] <Snd> the universe is endless
[21:42] <Snd> it expands just as we find new areas of it
[21:42] <QID|YDL> by now there are probably hundreds of planets around stars we've seen
[21:43] <QID|YDL> because they take a while to form
[21:43] <dimeanytime> how do you know how big the universe is? we have never seen an end
[21:43] <QID|YDL> if we could look at the universe in its current state without the restriction of time we might even find ships flying around
[21:43] <AUKEN> on the other side of infinity, there could be another galaxy with a solar system full of living beings, but we'll probably never find them.
[21:43] <dimeanytime> no way
[21:43] <QID|YDL> dimeanytime: exactly... that means it's Really Damn Big
[21:43] <Armitage-> hey can someone tell me a good halflife server listt o use with gamespy?
[21:44] <dimeanytime> i didn't say it wasn't big
[21:44] <dimeanytime> just not endless
[21:44] <QID|YDL> my personal theory is when you reach the end of the universe, it wraps around to the other side
[21:44] <Snd> im sure there are plenty of cultures that have mastered space...the only thing that keeps us from being noticed and enslaved is the fact that we live in a backwater part of the galaxy
[21:44] <Armitage-> anybody?
[21:44] <QID|YDL> so you can keep going forever but there's a limit to the size of the universe
[21:44] <QID|YDL> Snd: we're also not that advanced
[21:44] <dimeanytime> the belief in aliens is crazy
[21:45] <Snd> yes
[21:45] <QID|YDL> dimeanytime: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[21:45] <AUKEN> dimeanytime: HAHAHA
[21:45] <UnclePedro> i believe in money
[21:45] <QID|YDL> dimeanytime: the believe in god is crazy!
[21:45] <AUKEN> if you think we're the only ones here, you're fucked in the head.
[21:45] <QID|YDL> belief even
[21:45] <UnclePedro> money and power
[21:45] <UnclePedro> and chicks
[21:45] <UnclePedro> and money
[21:46] <QID|YDL> I think carl sagan put it best in his book, Contact... "If we're the only ones here, it'd be an awful waste of space"
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> aliens are even walking amongst us
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> Illegal aliens !
[21:46] <AUKEN> hdjfs
[21:46] <AUKEN> like uncle pedro!
[21:46] <AUKEN> $#%#
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> YAH
[21:46] <QID|YDL> hehegee
[21:46] <UnclePedro> who told you freeze!
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> UNCLE PEDRO'S AN ALIEN~
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> j0 mammy in bed :D
[21:46] <UnclePedro> no!!!
[21:46] <QID|YDL> this log is fucked
[21:46] <UnclePedro> it wasn't supposed to end like this
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> I noticed it when these tentacles started probing my ass
[21:46] <FreezeEQ> =\
[21:46] <QID|YDL> this chan is fucked too
[21:46] <QID|YDL> hegehehege
[21:47] <AUKEN> fdfd
[21:47] <UnclePedro> popopo
[21:47] <Armitage-> Could someone please tell me where I can find a GOOD gamespy server list for halflife?
[21:47] *** dimeanytime has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[21:47] <Snd> 0wned
[21:47] <UnclePedro> go to the toolbox-- www.toolbox.com
[21:47] <FreezeEQ> or www.toolcage.com
[21:48] <Armitage-> uncle: aree you talking to me?
[21:48] <FreezeEQ> toolz are kewlz
[21:48] <UnclePedro> yes
[21:48] <UnclePedro> yeah toolcage that's what i meant
[21:48] <UnclePedro> thankx freeze
[21:48] *** PuSSy_GrL ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:48] <Armitage-> no seriously
[21:48] *** PuSSy_GrL has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Leaving)
[21:48] <FreezeEQ> yeh seriously
[21:48] <FreezeEQ> toolcage has all that shit
[21:48] <AUKEN> AWWW
[21:49] <UnclePedro> i found TONS of cool crap there
[21:49] <Armitage-> toolcage is a fucking gay porn site
[21:49] <UnclePedro> lol
[21:49] <AUKEN> jdjfldhsj
[21:49] <AUKEN> NO SHIT!!???!?~~~~~~
[21:49] <UnclePedro> he found otu!
[21:49] <Armitage-> christ
[21:49] *** Flanker ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:49] <Armitage-> comon
[21:49] <UnclePedro> www.halflife.com
[21:49] <AUKEN> www.planeyout.com
[21:49] <AUKEN> err
[21:49] <AUKEN> www.planetout.com
[21:49] <Snd> www.jackinworld.com
[21:50] <UnclePedro> www.largehairymen.com
[21:50] <FreezeEQ> snd has it right
[21:50] <Dritzen-EQ> yeah really
[21:50] <Dritzen-EQ> that site rocks
[21:50] <AUKEN> planetout is bettah
[21:50] <UnclePedro> www.clublove.com
[21:50] <AUKEN> (joost's personal site)
[21:51] <Dritzen-EQ> www.gayzilla.com
[21:51] <Armitage-> for gods sake
[21:51] <AUKEN> ok ok
[21:51] <FreezeEQ> hahaha
[21:51] <AUKEN> www.planeyhalflife.com
[21:51] <AUKEN> www.planethalflife.com
[21:51] <FreezeEQ> YOU SUCK
[21:51] <Armitage-> i went to planethalflife, and i cant find it there
[21:51] <QID|YDL> what kind of a name is joost
[21:51] <AUKEN> a homo's name
[21:51] <Armitage-> i've searched all over there
[21:52] <UnclePedro> try www.planetdaikatana.com
[21:52] <UnclePedro> they need the hits
[21:52] <AUKEN> haha
[21:52] <Dritzen-EQ> lol
[21:52] <UnclePedro> heheh
[21:52] <AUKEN> dykecuntana sucks asshole =\
[21:52] <UnclePedro> hehh
[21:52] <Armitage-> where on phl do they list servers?
[21:52] <QID|YDL> www.planetofgaysitesthatunfkenvisits.com
[21:52] <UnclePedro> www.planethalflife.com/club
[21:53] <UnclePedro> yeah qid has the one
[21:53] <AUKEN> HAHA~~
[21:53] <AUKEN> OMG
[21:53] <AUKEN> some dude on the news found semen in his taco from tacobell
[21:53] <AUKEN> #@*($&*@#
[21:53] *** AUKEN was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[21:53] *** AUKEN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:53] <QID|YDL> !!!!
[21:54] <Dritzen-EQ> lol
[21:54] <Snd> good thing i dont eat at taco bell
[21:54] <Flanker> ewwwwwww
[21:54] <AUKEN> i am NEVER eating there again
[21:54] <Dritzen-EQ> I'm glad we don't have a taco bell here
[21:54] <Snd> but thats a good idea
[21:54] <Dritzen-EQ> How the hell would he know it was semen?
[21:54] <QID|YDL> AUKEN: you'd like it
[21:54] <Flanker> it was probably from that horny mexican dog away
[21:54] * DrDeath is away: (sleep) [BX-MsgLog On]
[21:54] <Snd> im going to start putting the special sauce in my burgers
[21:54] <AUKEN> there're testing it for aids heh
[21:54] <Dritzen-EQ> "Hm.. I remember this taste..."
[21:54] <AUKEN> that would suck
[21:54] <QID|YDL> heheheg
[21:54] <AUKEN> HEY!~~~
[21:54] <Dritzen-EQ> heh
[21:54] <Flanker> yeah, and im gonna leave some special sause for those damn teachers when they get back from school
[21:54] *** UnclePedro is now known as dantheman
[21:55] <dantheman> that's disgusting
[21:55] <AUKEN> haha
[21:55] <Flanker> here's a littls something for your chalkboard
[21:55] <QID|YDL> your teacher would remember the taste
[21:55] *** Radar has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: See, addicts can quit!)
[21:55] <AUKEN> we used to hock loogies in the sex ed's mug when he's leave the class
[21:55] <Snd> <flankah> im gonna put alils omethin in ms applebeas coffee...maybe shell notice me
[21:55] <Flanker> ill get my janators revenge
[21:55] <AUKEN> he was a homo of course
[21:55] <Snd> <flank0r> gaherher
[21:55] *** dantheman is now known as UnclePedro
[21:56] <AUKEN> ZEE URGE~~"
[21:56] <UnclePedro> i knew a kid who tried to slip the date rape drug into his teacher's coffee
[21:56] <AUKEN> make it stop
[21:56] <AUKEN> =((((
[21:56] <Snd> hahah
[21:56] <Snd> h
[21:56] *** KevinL-RiotSW is now known as KevinL-AWAY
[21:56] <Flanker> sounds like a good idea
[21:57] <UnclePedro> heh
[21:57] <Snd> <ms crabapple> I NEED IT UP THE ASS NOW!!!! DROWN ME IN YOUR CUM!!(#*@@(#*@((@*#*(@)
[21:57] <Dritzen-EQ> we used to put staples in my teachers coffee
[21:57] <Dritzen-EQ> heh
[21:57] <QID|YDL> everyone's gonna use "Hey baby, want some Special Sauce?" as a pickup line now
[21:57] <UnclePedro> lol
[21:57] <QIDBot> !qid|ydl quotehelp
[21:57] <AUKEN> <snd>let me touch your saggy butthox
[21:57] <QIDBot> !qid|ydl quote snd
[21:57] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "snd" (QIDBot): <Grave> canadians.. what ever will we do with them? | <Whitey> Grave: 2 words, who cares? | <HellHammer[CP]> carpet bomb them... | <Snd[CP]> test new supercrack on them | <Grave> i figure after we obsorb all of canada's natural resources, we'll just turn it into a nuclear testing ground
[21:57] <UnclePedro> that's disgusting
[21:58] *** Rafter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:58] *** Armitage- ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:58] <QIDBot> !qid|ydl quotetotal snd
[21:58] <QID|YDL> Quote total for "snd" (QIDBot): 8
[21:58] <AUKEN> AVE KFC CP 666 4 LYFE
[21:58] *** AUKEN is now known as AUKEN[CP]
[21:58] <UnclePedro> !qid|ydl quote snd
[21:58] <QID|YDL> Quotesearch for "snd" (UnclePedro): <Snd> Help feed my Pokemon fetish! Dress up as Psyduck and ride me like a Shetland pony! There is only one real way to become the Pokemon master...
[21:58] <Flanker> you didnt quote any of the things i said.....did you qid?
[21:58] *** Spider ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:58] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Spider
[21:59] *** Spider sets mode: -o Spider
[21:59] <Spider> hey
[21:59] <Flanker> heya spider
[21:59] *** curmudgeon ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:59] <curmudgeon> check this out:
[21:59] <curmudgeon> [18:38] <Dark|mapping> THESE PPL ARE DUMB!
[21:59] <curmudgeon> [18:39] <Dark|mapping> in #half-life
[21:59] <curmudgeon> [18:39] <Dark|mapping> they are saying they dont believe in God
[21:59] <curmudgeon> [18:41] <curmudgeon> ah
[21:59] <curmudgeon> [18:42] <Dark|mapping> weird ppl
[21:59] *** curmudgeon was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[21:59] *** curmudgeon ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:59] <AUKEN[CP]> and...?
[21:59] <Spider> heh
[21:59] <Snd> haha
[21:59] <curmudgeon> man, i dont like darksea
[21:59] <curmudgeon> this is all.
[21:59] <UnclePedro> that was awesome
[21:59] *** curmudgeon ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:59] *** TechnoKill ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:59] <AUKEN[CP]> yes, tool he is
[21:59] *** TechnoKill ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:59] <FreezeEQ> hahaha
[21:59] <UnclePedro> d00d that guy has skillz
[22:00] <Rafter> <Dark|mapping> THESE PPL ARE DUMB!
[22:00] <Rafter> <Dark|mapping> in #half-life
[22:00] <Rafter> <Dark|mapping> they are saying they dont believe in God
[22:00] <FreezeEQ> AHHAHA
[22:00] <Flanker> no comment
[22:00] *** TechnoKill ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:00] <Rafter> ah
[22:00] <Rafter> heh
[22:00] <Rafter> it was already pasted
[22:00] <Rafter> hehe
[22:00] *** Rafter was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[22:00] *** Rafter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:00] <Rafter> bastard
[22:00] <AUKEN[CP]> Snd: put on yo CP colors foo@@!~
[22:00] <Rafter> the bots weren't opped earlier
[22:00] <Rafter> it was better then
[22:00] ��� Error: dark|mapping is not on IRC.
[22:00] <FreezeEQ> <Dark|mapping> AND AUKEN'S GAY! <--- go kick his ass !
[22:00] <Rafter> haha
[22:00] <QID|YDL> where is he?
[22:00] <AUKEN[CP]> ack brb
[22:01] * AUKEN[CP] is away. Reason: fjkhf [p:on]
[22:01] <FreezeEQ> yeh where?
[22:01] <Rafter> he isn't online now
[22:01] <FreezeEQ> o
[22:01] <FreezeEQ> fjkhf= jacking off
[22:01] * Flanker is gone... Falcon 4.0 <since(07:58pm)> <(l\on p\on)syntax>
[22:01] <UnclePedro> lol
[22:02] *** Snd is now known as Snd[CP]
[22:02] *** UnclePedro is now known as UnclePedro[PCP]
[22:02] *** UnclePedro[PCP] is now known as UnclePedro[lsd]
[22:03] *** QID|YDL is now known as QID|YDL[CPC]
[22:03] *** QID|YDL[CPC] is now known as QID|YDL[ABC]
[22:03] *** UnclePedro[lsd] is now known as UnclePedro[Y2K
[22:03] *** QID|YDL[ABC] is now known as QID|YDL
[22:04] *** UnclePedro[Y2K is now known as UnclePedro[asdlkfjklsadjfklsjd
[22:04] <QID|YDL> Quote: <whee> i cded to /dev and did a rm -f *, how do i get all my dev entries back?
[22:04] <UnclePedro[asdlkfjklsadjfklsjd> dood
[22:04] <Snd[CP]> fgfd
[22:04] *** QID|YDL is now known as QID|YDL[UnclePedroIsAHoom]
[22:04] <Rafter> www.y5b.com
[22:05] *** UnclePedro[asdlkfjklsadjfklsjd is now known as QID|YDL
[22:05] *** QID|YDL is now known as UnclePedro[asdlkfjklsadjfklsjd
[22:05] <UnclePedro[asdlkfjklsadjfklsjd> oops
[22:05] <QID|YDL[UnclePedroIsAHoom]> try that again
[22:05] *** UnclePedro[asdlkfjklsadjfklsjd is now known as UnclePedro[QID|YDLwisheshewasm
[22:05] *** UnclePedro[QID|YDLwisheshewasm was kicked by DrDeath (Niq flood (3 nicks in 26secs of 30secs))
[22:05] <QID|YDL[UnclePedroIsAHoom]> hehehegehehe
[22:06] *** QID|YDL[UnclePedroIsAHoom] is now known as QID|YDL
[22:06] *** UnclePedro[QID|YDLwisheshewasm ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:07] *** UnclePedro[QID|YDLwisheshewasm is now known as UnclePedro
[22:07] *** DJSnowcrash ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:07] <UnclePedro> hey is armitage still online?
[22:07] 10:07pm Channel information: Ops: 3(14%) Non Ops: 19(86%) Total: 22
[22:08] <Dritzen-EQ> -NO-
[22:09] *** Whitey has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: syntax: <MontyPython> now THIS is multitasking, she's licking his balls and jacking him at the SAME TIME)
[22:09] <UnclePedro> hmm...
[22:12] *** UnclePedro has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)

At this point the conversation comes to a halt.