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[20:08] *** Haunter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:09] <Haunter> who is the boss here?
[20:09] <Casper[CP]> me
[20:09] <Haunter> yea right
[20:09] <QID|YDL> no, me!
[20:09] <Haunter> you not even OP
[20:10] <Haunter> Cunt prolly
[20:10] <TLCoder> bakshra
[20:10] <TLCoder> the other two are bots
[20:10] <QID|YDL> bak's never here
[20:10] <@Bakshra> Yes he is
[20:10] <QID|YDL> I guess the boss is cecil
[20:10] <Haunter> there is no 2 bots in room
[20:10] <@Bakshra> HAHA
[20:10] <@Bakshra> fuck that
[20:10] <@Bakshra> I've been here a year longer then him ;)
[20:10] <QID|YDL> Haunter: yes there are, idiot
[20:10] <@Bakshra> I've been here longer then any other op here
[20:10] <QID|YDL> Bakshra: yeah but you dun have the power of the paenis
[20:11] <@Bakshra> fuck panis
[20:11] * Haunter slams a 60 lb unix manual on Bakshra's head. That gotta hurt... but then
[20:11] <Haunter> again... where there's no sense... there's no feeling!
[20:11] <@Bakshra> that shit is god damn lame
[20:11] *** Gwags ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:11] <Casper[CP]> fuck panis?
[20:11] <@Bakshra> Yes.
[20:11] <@Bakshra> :)
[20:11] <Casper[CP]> :O
[20:11] <Haunter> so what about half life?
[20:11] <Casper[CP]> i cant believe you just said that
[20:11] *** Fraggle has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[20:11] * TLCoder gives Bakshra a TANGY ROYAL REAMING!!! $�"%*! (2)
[20:11] <TLCoder> and so
[20:11] <TLCoder> on
[20:12] <Gwags> Half Life, that old thing?
[20:12] <Haunter> shut up casper we everything ourselves
[20:12] <TLCoder> it gets boring
[20:12] <Haunter> yeah HL sucks we play DN3d
[20:12] <Gwags> as in the build game?
[20:12] <Haunter> that CounterStrike mod is oka
[20:12] <TLCoder> No! No! Wolfenstein!
[20:12] <Haunter> yeah tetris
[20:13] <QID|YDL> pong!
[20:13] <Haunter> tetris online
[20:13] <Haunter> up to 3000 players
[20:13] <Haunter> at once
[20:13] <Mal|q1> im a huge sextris fan
[20:13] <Haunter> you are gay
[20:13] <Mal|q1> am i?
[20:14] <Mal|q1> your quick to judge
[20:14] <Haunter> well
[20:14] <TLCoder> Dammit, let's just play marbles
[20:14] <Haunter> Judge Dredd
[20:14] <Haunter> you got some?
[20:14] <Haunter> ill go to Royal bank get some off the floor
[20:15] <QID|YDL> whatever
[20:15] <Haunter> anyone here makes maps?
[20:15] <Casper[CP]> on rand mknally?
[20:15] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:15] <Haunter> what?
[20:15] <Mal|q1> i made a treasue map once
[20:15] <Casper[CP]> i have made lots
[20:16] <Casper[CP]> which map do you want?
[20:16] <TLCoder> Haunter: that won't work. Bank people don't have balls
[20:16] <Haunter> yeah tell me
[20:16] <Haunter> how would you know
[20:16] <Haunter> work in bank?
[20:16] <TLCoder> if I did, would I say that?
[20:16] <TLCoder> don't talk stupid
[20:17] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:17] <Haunter> bank people have enough money to buy balls
[20:17] <Haunter> so they are with balls
[20:17] <Mal|q1> so, someone is rich because they work in a bank?
[20:17] <Mal|q1> i gotta get a job at the bank
[20:18] <Haunter> no just if you work in a bank chances are that you have omney
[20:18] <Casper[CP]> thats a stupid assumption on your part
[20:18] <Haunter> slams a 60 lb unix manual onMal|q1 's head. That gotta hurt... but then
[20:18] <Mal|q1> my friend used to work at a bank, he swept the floors, he lived on a mattress behind the bank
[20:18] <Haunter> again... where there's no sense... there's no feeling!
[20:18] <Mal|q1> um.. hah?
[20:18] <Haunter> hehe
[20:18] <QID|YDL> Haunter: will you get rid of that lame insult?
[20:18] <TLCoder> if people have enough money to have balls surgically implanted, why the hell are they gonna work in a bank?
[20:19] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:19] <Haunter> i dunno why?
[20:19] <Casper[CP]> rob a bank...youll make money faster
[20:20] *** Tal ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:20] <Haunter> go ahead we'll watch together an laugh
[20:20] *** Tal ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[20:21] <Mal|q1> i'll help you casper
[20:21] <Haunter> i'm looking for people who work at Valve
[20:21] <Casper[CP]> cool
[20:21] <QID|YDL> you aren't gonna find them here
[20:21] <Casper[CP]> why are you looking here
[20:21] <Haunter> any Vlave workers here
[20:21] <Mal|q1> haunter will be in the parking lot rolling on the ground with laughter, when the police get there, they'll find him
[20:21] <Casper[CP]> i am
[20:21] <Mal|q1> yes, casper and i work at valve
[20:21] <Haunter> cause i heard they sometimes visit this place
[20:21] <Haunter> and i'm Chuck Jones
[20:21] <Mal|q1> actually, i am Chuck Jones
[20:21] <Casper[CP]> i work for vlave
[20:22] <Haunter> you are napoleon
[20:22] * Flanker is back... tv
[20:22] <Mal|q1> um, insult?
[20:22] <Casper[CP]> there you go haunter....flanker is from valve
[20:22] <Haunter> so can i join valve?
[20:22] <QID|YDL> NO
[20:22] <Mal|q1> what can you do?
[20:23] <Casper[CP]> he can annoy people in irc
[20:23] <Casper[CP]> does that count?
[20:23] <Haunter> flanker if you are really from valve you can answer this question: what is the most popular valve's game?
[20:23] <Casper[CP]> maybe he can be PR
[20:23] <Mal|q1> we.. we could use a good irc llama
[20:23] <Mal|q1> HAHAHAHHAahahaha
[20:23] <Casper[CP]> ummmm, maybe valves only game you fuck!
[20:23] <QID|YDL> hehegehehehgejhehge
[20:23] <Haunter> its fuck you
[20:23] *** merhabeyn ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:23] <Mal|q1> yeah, this guy is an intelectual poewrhouse when it comes to the gameing industry
[20:24] <QID|YDL> he's straining his brain cell
[20:24] <Mal|q1> sorry my typing is screwed up, im laughin too hard
[20:24] <Casper[CP]> no, im not saying fuck you....im saying YOU FUCK!
[20:24] <Mal|q1> yeah, i think its time for his hourly nap
[20:24] <Casper[CP]> like you dipshit...you fuck
[20:24] <Haunter> then you should say you are fuck
[20:24] <Mal|q1> you are fuck?
[20:24] <QID|YDL> he needs to take his medicine and rest in his padded cell
[20:24] <Mal|q1> fuck isnt a noun
[20:24] <Casper[CP]> what country are you from?
[20:24] <Mal|q1> im willing to bet he's foreign
[20:24] <QID|YDL> Haunter: YOU FUCK
[20:24] <Flanker> i 0wn valve
[20:25] <Haunter> i'm from Kazakhstan
[20:25] *** TLCoder has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[20:25] <QID|YDL> he's canadian
[20:25] <Casper[CP]> kick the dick
[20:25] <Mal|q1> hehe
[20:25] <QID|YDL> --> Haunter: [email protected]
[20:25] <Haunter> you suck dick
[20:25] <QID|YDL> figures
[20:25] <Flanker> and i know the secret plans for Half-life2!
[20:25] <Casper[CP]> damn cannuck
[20:25] <Mal|q1> this guy is just full of insults
[20:25] <Haunter> well dick up your ass flanker
[20:25] <Mal|q1> <Haunter> butt face
[20:25] <QID|YDL> Haunter: get out of here you unintelligent bastard canuck!
[20:25] *** HellHammer[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:25] <Flanker> i wanna put it up yours haunter
[20:25] <Haunter> i'm sorry?
[20:26] <Mal|q1> haunter: can you do me a favor and rub my?
[20:26] *** Haunter was kicked by Bakshra (ethnic canuckal clensing)
[20:26] *** Haunter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:26] <Casper[CP]> thats noway to talk to valve employees if your looking to get hired
[20:26] <Mal|q1> anywhere, just rub me
[20:26] <QID|YDL> HellHammer[CP]: we're playing Make Fun of the Lamer
[20:26] <HellHammer[CP]> heheheh
[20:26] <Casper[CP]> haha
[20:26] <Haunter> hehe
[20:26] <HellHammer[CP]> again? rock
[20:26] <Mal|q1> todays lamer is: Haunter
[20:26] <HellHammer[CP]> hey...who wants a job at valve.. my uncle is gabe newell
[20:26] <Casper[CP]> bigtime lamer
[20:26] <Haunter> You are playing try to fuck each other and to be virgin
[20:27] <Flanker> ill take insults about his intelligance for $500 alex
[20:27] <Mal|q1> im trying to be virgin
[20:27] <Casper[CP]> dood, i bet your not even originally from canada are you?
[20:27] <Mal|q1> virgin isnt necessarily a good thing buddy
[20:27] <Haunter> too late mal
[20:27] <QID|YDL> no, he probably was
[20:27] <Flanker> damnit haunter, i told you not to loose your virginity on my dog
[20:27] <Haunter> i know another game that valve has made
[20:27] <Flanker> no wonder why its asshole is all messed up
[20:27] <Mal|q1> here we have case study #1183: Haunter, the irc llama who beleives sex is bad
[20:28] <Casper[CP]> really?
[20:28] <Casper[CP]> whats the game?
[20:28] <QID|YDL> Haunter: what the hell made you think valve would even let you get near their offices without a severe ass-kicking?
[20:28] <Haunter> i didnt say you must stop enjoying oral sex with men
[20:28] <QID|YDL> Haunter: lemme guess... TEAM FORTRESS 2
[20:28] <Haunter> no
[20:28] <Haunter> its Half Life
[20:28] <Mal|q1> pshh
[20:28] <Casper[CP]> shit, they wouldent even give him the honor....they'd let security kick his ass
[20:28] <Mal|q1> uh
[20:28] <Mal|q1> this is just too easy..
[20:29] <QID|YDL> that's the same game you were talking about, canuck!
[20:29] <Haunter> haha
[20:29] <Mal|q1> name all he game valve has made, haunter
[20:29] <Haunter> yeah right
[20:29] <QID|YDL> Casper[CP]: I meant from the local citizens
[20:29] <Casper[CP]> ahhhh
[20:29] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:29] <@Bakshra> whoa, this kids smart
[20:29] <QID|YDL> even security wouldn't have to bother
[20:29] <Haunter> valve has been made in 1992
[20:29] <Haunter> i know its for sure
[20:29] <@Bakshra> he knows valve made HL
[20:29] <Haunter> i sure do
[20:29] <@Bakshra> give him a prize!
[20:30] <Flanker> how about a kick up the ass?
[20:30] <Mal|q1> some day, i hope to be as smart as you, haunter
[20:30] <QID|YDL> Bakshra: let
[20:30] <QID|YDL> dangit
[20:30] *** merhabeyn ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[20:30] <HellHammer[CP]> valve made the original team fortress too~!
[20:30] <QID|YDL> Bakshra: let's see what's behind door #1... A KICKBAN
[20:30] <Casper[CP]> and quake
[20:30] <Haunter> im afraid i'm way smarter than you guys
[20:30] <Mal|q1> valve made doom silly!@~
[20:30] <@Bakshra> QID|YDL: no, this is to much fun :)
[20:30] <HellHammer[CP]> SHUT DE FUXCK UP, HUANTER!!
[20:30] <Mal|q1> haunter: how old are you?
[20:30] <QID|YDL> Haunter: vavle didn
[20:30] <Haunter> valve didnt make doom!
[20:30] <HellHammer[CP]> IM SMERTER THAN U!!!!!
[20:30] <Flanker> thwee!
[20:30] <Haunter> origin made doom
[20:30] <QID|YDL> Haunter: valve didn't make tf1
[20:30] <Casper[CP]> YES THEY DID!
[20:30] <Mal|q1> origin?
[20:30] *** Bakshra changes topic to '<Haunter> im afraid i'm way smarter than you guys || http://www.fazed.net/humor/images/needmoney.jpg <-- This guy rocks!'
[20:31] <Haunter> Electronic Arts makes HL2 i think
[20:31] <Mal|q1> hahahaha
[20:31] <Casper[CP]> !
[20:31] <HellHammer[CP]> bahahghth
[20:31] * Bakshra is rolling
[20:31] <@Bakshra> bwhaha
[20:31] <Casper[CP]> !topic
[20:31] <Mal|q1> hahaahaha
[20:31] <HellHammer[CP]> too bad cecil isnt here...i feel like abusin da panis
[20:32] <Haunter> hey i'm in the topic please leave it on so my friends can see how i'm popular
[20:32] <Mal|q1> hehe
[20:32] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:32] <Mal|q1> like.. your mom?
[20:32] <@Bakshra> haha
[20:32] <Mal|q1> 'oh son, im so proud of you'
[20:32] *** Mal|q1 was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[20:32] *** Mal|q1 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:32] <HellHammer[CP]> hahah
[20:32] <QID|YDL> haunter is a registered nick, but not to him
[20:32] <Haunter> i could even put my homepage as a topic
[20:32] <@Bakshra> Haunter: does your mom say your the coolest kid in school?
[20:32] <Mal|q1> do it then!
[20:32] *** Mal|q1 was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[20:32] *** Mal|q1 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:32] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:32] <Casper[CP]> no YOU cant
[20:32] <QID|YDL> Haunter: does your mom say you feel good in her ass?
[20:32] <Casper[CP]> heh
[20:33] <Haunter> no personal please
[20:33] <Mal|q1> haunter: please oh please let us see your homepage
[20:33] <HellHammer[CP]> ew
[20:33] <Haunter> wanna see my homepage?
[20:33] <HellHammer[CP]> Haunter: does your mom tell you about me?
[20:33] <Casper[CP]> whats the url?
[20:33] <Mal|q1> yes
[20:33] <Mal|q1> haha hh
[20:33] <Haunter> hold on ill get url
[20:33] <Casper[CP]> ill bet its geocities
[20:33] <Mal|q1> angelfire
[20:33] <Mal|q1> or xoom
[20:33] <Flanker> aol!
[20:33] <Mal|q1> haha
[20:33] <Casper[CP]> aol, you win flanker
[20:33] <@Bakshra> it's not even hosted :P
[20:33] <Flanker> ITS HIS L33T AOL PAGE!!%#@%!@#
[20:33] <Mal|q1> or maybe some canadian only thing
[20:33] <HellHammer[CP]> K00OL
[20:34] <Mal|q1> hahaha
[20:34] <HellHammer[CP]> many
[20:34] <HellHammer[CP]> many saqs
[20:34] *** Spider ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:34] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Spider
[20:34] <Mal|q1> hhaha
[20:34] <@Bakshra> hey spider
[20:34] <Mal|q1> hey spider
[20:34] <Casper[CP]> spidey!
[20:34] <@Spider> holy shit i actually made it!!!
[20:34] <Mal|q1> heh
[20:34] <Haunter> slams a 60 lb unix manual on Thumps 's head. That gotta hurt... but then
[20:34] <@Bakshra> you did!
[20:34] <Haunter> www.mevacom.de/
[20:34] <Haunter> www.mevacom.de/
[20:34] <@Spider> damn proxy =)
[20:34] <Haunter> www.mevacom.de/
[20:34] <Haunter> www.mevacom.de/
[20:34] <Haunter> www.mevacom.de/
[20:34] <Haunter> www.mevacom.de/
[20:34] *** Haunter was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[20:34] <Flanker> ooo
[20:34] *** Haunter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:34] <Mal|q1> OK WE GET IT
[20:34] <QID|YDL> LAMER
[20:35] *** Haunter was kicked by Bakshra (fuck off canuck)
[20:35] *** Haunter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:35] <Mal|q1> haha
[20:35] <Casper[CP]> heh
[20:35] <Flanker> WANNA SEE MY PAGE HAUNTER? www.toolcage.com
[20:35] <Haunter> what is lamer?
[20:35] <Flanker> IT ROCKS!
[20:35] <Flanker> go check out my page!!!%!#@ www.toolcage.com
[20:35] <Mal|q1> mines www.schoolboy.com
[20:35] <QID|YDL> hehgegeheheh... he doesn't know what lamer means
[20:35] *** Haunter was kicked by Bakshra (fick dich, ja?)
[20:35] *** Haunter ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:35] <QID|YDL> Haunter: J00 R AYE LAMUR
[20:35] <Mal|q1> hehe
[20:35] <Flanker> Hellhammer's page is www.wallyworld.com
[20:35] <HellHammer[CP]> im outta lukk =\\\\
[20:35] <Casper[CP]> a german canuck?
[20:36] <Haunter> hey bak stop kicking me
[20:36] <QID|YDL> Bakshra: kick him
[20:36] *** Haunter was kicked by Spider (Spider)
[20:36] *** Spider sets mode: +b *!*@spc-isp-ott-uas-16-21.sprint.ca


Start of #hlediting buffer: Sat Jul 24 21:59:58 1999
*** Now talking in #hlediting
*** ChanServ sets mode: +n
*** ChanServ changes topic to 'Half-Life Editing || check www.plantethalflife.com/wavelength before asking the little questions, thanks || musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-dah! (EL)'
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Mal|q1
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
*** Lando ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Mal|q1> :DDDD
<Haunt> me?
<Mal|q1> YEAASS
<Lando> I mean damn, if you're that smart...why are you here?
<Mal|q1> hehe
<Haunt> hehe
*** Casper[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Lando> shouldn't you be flying pods in space or something?
<Lando> or inventing hair cream shit
<Haunt> lets say i'm enjoying when people think that i'm stupid
<Mal|q1> yeah
<Mal|q1> finding new ways to prepare an egg
<Lando> like half-sunny side up
<Mal|q1> haunt: you must get alot of pleasure out of life
<Haunt> hehe
<Lando> or scrambled partially
<Haunt> no you cant cook eggs like that
<Lando> I'm sure you could change that
<Mal|q1> man.. this guys way beyond me
<Mal|q1> haunt: you never answered me, how old are you?
*** QID|YDL ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Haunt> i'm 17
<Lando> no wonder you're so smart
<Haunt> you never asked as i remember
*** BladE ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Mal|q1> still in grade school are you?
<Casper[CP]> hey!
<Haunt> you must be very old
<Mal|q1> i asked 3 times, learn to read, it comes in handy
<Lando> we have a genius!
<Haunt> Lando
<Mal|q1> casper: this mp3's pretty cool
<Mal|q1> haunt: im very old
<Casper[CP]> guess how many games valve has made
<Haunt> learn to write in english mal
<BladE> hey!
<Lando> one of those freak genius kids
<BladE> hey mal! :)
<Mal|q1> !
<Casper[CP]> i thinks its cool too mal
<Haunt> i beleive
<BladE> hey mal! :P
<Lando> BLADE!
<Lando> omg
<Mal|q1> haunt: your the fucking canadian who's pushin out broken english
<Mal|q1> wtf
<QID|YDL> send me the log when he's done
*** QID|YDL ([email protected]) has left #hlediting
<Lando> lol
<Haunt> why do you think that i'm canadian?
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Casper[CP]> cause you fuckin stink you fuck
<Mal|q1> [email protected]
<Mal|q1> [email protected]
<Mal|q1> [email protected]
<BladE> hehehee
<Mal|q1> [email protected]
<Lando> ya, the ca part kinda gives it
<Mal|q1> stupid fuck
<BladE> hahahaah
<Haunt> well shove it up your ass yank
<Mal|q1> haha
<Casper[CP]> yank this canuck
<Mal|q1> yank? i havent heard that word used since the late 1930's
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Haunt> well living in Calada doesnt mean to be a canadian
<Mal|q1> ..
<Lando> haye waitasecond...I'm canadian...DAMMIT GUYS!
*** B-T-K ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Mal|q1> your a citizen of canada, right?
<Casper[CP]> calada
<Mal|q1> that makes you canadian
<Lando> ya you'd have to be a caladian
<Mal|q1> stupid ass
<Casper[CP]> wheres that?
<Lando> I think it's in europe
<Haunt> i'm not citizen of canada
<Haunt> yet
<Mal|q1> hahaha
<Lando> GAH
*** B-T-K ([email protected]) has left #hlediting
<Lando> gggggggggggoal
<Mal|q1> hahah
<BladE> hi mal :)
<Casper[CP]> where are you from originally?
<Mal|q1> hey
<Haunt> i'm from US
<Casper[CP]> bullshit
<Haunt> Texas
<Mal|q1> yeah right
<Mal|q1> haha
<Haunt> Austin
<Mal|q1> whats the capitol of texas?
<Lando> then why'd you call him a yankee dipshit
<Casper[CP]> ohio!
<Mal|q1> lol
<Lando> UNF
<Haunt> you live somewhere in Russia i beleive
<Mal|q1> uhm.. im hurt..
<BladE> hehee
<Lando> communist
<Casper[CP]> pinko
<Haunt> maybe
<Casper[CP]> i think hes one of those refugees from the balkans
<Haunt> see mal i told you straight away that you're gay
<Mal|q1> so haunt: entertain us with your vast knowledge
<Mal|q1> so, why do you think im gay?
<BladE> MAL IS NOT GAY!!!!
<Haunt> you are the one who speaks a lot
<Haunt> how do you know
<Casper[CP]> its just wishful thinking mal
<Mal|q1> thats because i HATE YOU
<Mal|q1> dumb fuck
<Mal|q1> lol casper
<Haunt> i got no reason to do so
<Mal|q1> hmm
<Haunt> remember how you sucked casper's cock mal?
*** Lando ([email protected]) has left #hlediting
<Haunt> you told me not to tell everyone
<Casper[CP]> im a chick dumbshit
<Mal|q1> haunt: no, refresh my memory
<Haunt> yeah and i'm your grandma
<Mal|q1> casper is a chick stupid fucker
<Haunt> well you sucked casper's cock then you told me that when we were talking in HL channel
<Mal|q1> oh.. strange, i dont remember that
<Haunt> i was impressed and then you told that you are gay and its ok
<Mal|q1> your impressed by guys who suck cock?
<Haunt> maybe you should suck less?
<Mal|q1> wtf country are you from?
<Haunt> thats shoking
<Mal|q1> haunt: maybe you should learn some real insults
<Haunt> or shocking
<Mal|q1> heh
<Haunt> ill be ok with these
<Mal|q1> heh
<Mal|q1> yeah, real killers..
<Haunt> you care bout your own ripped ass mal
<Mal|q1> haha
<Haunt> hehe
<Haunt> funny isnt it
<Casper[CP]> what, your mother?
<Mal|q1> yeah, watching foreigners try to insult me is one of my favorite pastimes
<Haunt> what about your mother did she fuck you?
<Casper[CP]> i bet shes standing in line for bread as we speak
<Haunt> you right i'm a foreigh to you i live in canada not in Iraq or something
<Mal|q1> hmm
<Haunt> thinking of sucking again?
<Mal|q1> think about it all the time
<Mal|q1> can i suck you?
<Mal|q1> you turn me on
<Haunt> i thought so
<Casper[CP]> fuckin liar, you dont think
<Mal|q1> hahha
<Haunt> only if you go to HL and tell to everyone that youre gay
<Mal|q1> what?
<Mal|q1> he just comes up with these random comebacks.. when nobody is tlaking
<Haunt> at 9:44 Casper reached his limits of intellegence
<Mal|q1> see!
<Casper[CP]> it aint 944 yet you fuck
<Haunt> we all see
<Haunt> it is indeed
<Haunt> maybe you should stop fucking your clock?
<Casper[CP]> its only 8:38 in a real country
<Haunt> then itll work properly
<Haunt> like in Kosovo?
<BladE> thats funny Haunt
<Mal|q1> wtf
<Mal|q1> <Haunt> maybe you should stop fucking your clock?
<Haunt> like that phrase?
<Casper[CP]> hehe
<Mal|q1> it doesnt make any sense, but yeah
<BladE> its just funny thats all
<Casper[CP]> hes sitting back thinking that he keeps comming up with all these comebacks
<Haunt> maybe it didnt make any sence for your peabrain?
<Casper[CP]> see
<Mal|q1> haha
<BladE> hehe
<Haunt> yeah
<Mal|q1> so, because you make some off-time comment, then we correct you, and you tell casper to stop fucking his clock clock
<Casper[CP]> fuck, i better stop drinking, hes gonna make me piss my pants
<Mal|q1> were the stupid ones?
<Haunt> casper now is relaxed cause i didnt fuck him morally
<Mal|q1> morally
<Haunt> yup
<BladE> hehehe
<Casper[CP]> damn, are you parents cousins?
<Haunt> i did it with you enough
<Haunt> what was that?
<Mal|q1> yeah, you really are the master of comebacks
<Mal|q1> (if he fully understands the insults (there are so many!) he may actually come up with something that makes sense)
<Haunt> casper did you say your uncle is your mom?
<Casper[CP]> like that mal?
<Mal|q1> hahahha you stupid illiterate fag
<Mal|q1> learn to read
<Mal|q1> exactly like that hehe
<Haunt> if you fully understand the insults you might actually stop sucking your own dick and try to think about em
<Casper[CP]> hahahahaha
<Casper[CP]> this is too funny
<Mal|q1> dude.. do you relaize your not making any sense?
<Haunt> yeah it si
<Haunt> hehe
<Mal|q1> and damn, if i could suck my own dick, you'd never see me
<Casper[CP]> i bet people used to beat the piss out of you in school
<Haunt> sure i am
<Casper[CP]> you make no sense
<Mal|q1> none
<Haunt> looks like a familiar scene eh casper?
<Mal|q1> heh
<Casper[CP]> eh
<Casper[CP]> hes talking like a canuck too
<Mal|q1> haha
<Mal|q1> hey haunt: whats 10+1?
<Mal|q1> tick tock tick tock
<BladE> hehe
<Casper[CP]> you need to try that uptown crack, cause the downtown shit is killing you!
<Mal|q1> haunts desperatly trying to figure it out
<Casper[CP]> i cant wait to hear his answer
<Mal|q1> haha
<Haunt> but okay its been fun insulting you fags but i have to go
<Haunt> bye
<Casper[CP]> heh, he has a headache
<Haunt> good night
<Mal|q1> <haunt> so many answers to chose from, how can i make the right decision?!!
<Mal|q1> hah
<Casper[CP]> maths too hard
<Mal|q1> have fun sleepin with your dad
<Haunt> i hope you sleep well
<Casper[CP]> hehe
<Haunt> are you really female casper
<Haunt> ?
<Mal|q1> and be careful, lube yourself up
<Casper[CP]> yes i am
<Mal|q1> casper and i used to go out
<Casper[CP]> just another female youll never sleep with
<Mal|q1> haha
<Haunt> then why did you take fag name?
<Mal|q1> the only lame name i see in here is 'haunt'
<Mal|q1> haunter was worse
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Haunt> now i beleive that you use to go out together boys
<Casper[CP]> cause i wanted to talk to you
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has left #hlediting
<Casper[CP]> damn
<Mal|q1> haha what a fag
<Casper[CP]> hes funny
<Mal|q1> yeah
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Mal|q1> sprint
<Mal|q1> hey, join #riotsoftware
<Haunt> by the way my channelhere is worldcraft_help
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has left #hlediting
<Mal|q1> haha
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Mal|q1> i thought you were leaving?
<Mal|q1> i.. hoped you were leaving
<Haunt> i did
<Casper[CP]> your back!?!
<Casper[CP]> good
<Casper[CP]> shall we continue?
<Haunt> but i decided to continue
<Mal|q1> hah
<Mal|q1> back for me, are you?
<Haunt> okay so you wanted to teach me how to cook eggs?
<Mal|q1> well, here i am
<Mal|q1> tear me up killer
<Casper[CP]> hehe wtf?
<Mal|q1> lkol
<Haunt> Haunt slams a 60 lb unix manual on Mal|q1 's head. That gotta hurt... but then again... where there's no sense... there's no feeling!
<Haunt> you shut up
<Casper[CP]> damn, where do you come up with this shit?
<Haunt> heh
<Mal|q1> haha, leanr a new insult
<Haunt> {{{{{{{ Mal|q1 }}}}}}}
<Casper[CP]> hahaha
<Mal|q1> ooh..
<Haunt> lol
*** Mal|q1 is now known as Malengine
<Haunt> sounds like a desease name
<Haunt> hey
<Casper[CP]> desease?
<Haunt> anyone
<Malengine> haunt sounds like a failed line of maxi-pads
<Casper[CP]> hehehehhe
<Malengine> well, it doesnt
<Malengine> it sounds like a foreigners name actually..
<Haunt> Haunt is a place visited by ghosts if you didnt know
<Casper[CP]> i bet your a fuckin cab driver
<Malengine> *sigh*
<Haunt> also name of a place of eating of animals
<Malengine> you eat out animals?
<Casper[CP]> your into animals?
<Haunt> hehe
<Malengine> like sheep and cows and stuff?
<Casper[CP]> or like goats?
<Haunt> no its just a side efect
<Malengine> oh
<Malengine> of incest?
<Haunt> i was concentrating on ghosts
<Casper[CP]> told you his parents were cousins
<Malengine> (your a side effect of incest too, im afriad)
<Haunt> my parents werent cousins
<Malengine> siblings?
<Haunt> now can i ask you where do you live?
<Casper[CP]> sure
<Malengine> ask away
<Haunt> where do you live?
<Casper[CP]> in a house, you?
<Malengine> in a trashcan
<Malengine> im oscar da groutch
<Malengine> j0
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Haunt> what a coaccident me too!
<Malengine> coaccident?
<Malengine> sounds painfull
<Haunt> yeah or something
<Haunt> I live in Quebec in Canada ( i lied about texas)
<Casper[CP]> you dont say
<Haunt> i dont say what?
<Casper[CP]> go home!
<Malengine> hehe
<Malengine> brb
<Haunt> i'm home
<Haunt> now when its getting really interesting he is going away
<Casper[CP]> i bet you like being snowballed huh?
<Malengine> im back
<Malengine> i had to get some more coke to feed my addiction
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Malengine> and brownies!
<Casper[CP]> brownies be da shit
* Malengine loads up 'yummy_marijuana_recipes.txt'
<Malengine> tomorrow im making a cake
<Casper[CP]> do you know what brownies are you fuck?
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Malengine> hehe
<Haunt> hey can i send you something?
<Casper[CP]> like your mom?
<Malengine> boserv.exe, whats this?!
<Malengine> you hacker you
<Casper[CP]> heh
* Haunt just broke his headphones
<Casper[CP]> you keeping a log mal?
<Malengine> yeah
<Casper[CP]> k
<Malengine> haunt: sit on them? sint that how you lost your younger brother too?
<Haunt> no
<Casper[CP]> he actaully answered
<Haunt> by the way did i ask you about a file i wanna send you?
<Haunt> it called Patch.Exe
<Malengine> hahaha
<Haunt> its a game
<Haunt> i made myself
<Casper[CP]> will that patch all my games
<Haunt> really
<Haunt> please take it?
<Malengine> at least rename the trojan before you send it
<Malengine> stupid ass
<Haunt> it wont harm
<Haunt> its renamed
<Casper[CP]> hehehehhe
<Malengine> patch.exe is like.. the most common name for netbus
<Haunt> to patch.exe
<Casper[CP]> i renamed that virus
<Malengine> stupid ass
<Casper[CP]> heh
<Haunt> no i know my friend sent me one of them
<Malengine> send it my way, boyee
<Casper[CP]> do you like panis haunt?
<Haunt> what is it?
<Casper[CP]> you dont have it?
<Haunt> no
<Malengine> i dont doubt that
<Casper[CP]> you need to get your hands on one
<Haunt> well i cant say for sure cause i dont know what is it
<Malengine> you handle them every night, you should
<Haunt> unless you mean penis
<Casper[CP]> what about a dikfour?
<Haunt> a dick?
<Casper[CP]> huh?
<Haunt> i guess i have it then
<Haunt> does it come with windows?
<Casper[CP]> you have it everynight?
<Malengine> haha
<Haunt> i have windows 98 but i dont know if panis is there
<Casper[CP]> look for the file dikfour.dll
<Malengine> :D
<Haunt> okay ill be right back
<Haunt> unfortunatelly i dont have it
<Casper[CP]> qid is gonna love this
<Casper[CP]> do you know what it does?
<Malengine> haunt: you dont have it?
<Malengine> its a virus protection file
<Malengine> you can get horrible.. horrible viruses if you dont have it
<Haunt> my friend sent me a file called patch exe and then he opened my cd rom
<Malengine> oooh
<Haunt> do you have it?
*** QID|YDL ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Malengine> dikfour.dll?
<Malengine> yeah
<Haunt> can i have it?
<Malengine> yeah
<Malengine> hold on
<Casper[CP]> qid..dikfour didnt come with haunts win98
<Haunt> you are real friends
<Haunt> yeah i dont know why
<QID|YDL> oh dang
<Haunt> didnt come
<Casper[CP]> must be an early version or something
<Haunt> can you beleive it?
<Haunt> maybe i'm not sure
<Haunt> but my dad's friend is a computer game developer he helps me cause i dunno anything about computers
<Malengine> your dads friend is a game developer?
<Haunt> is an exe file?
<Casper[CP]> you need it
<Malengine> what does he do?
<Haunt> yeah
<Casper[CP]> havent you heard of melissa?
<Casper[CP]> the melissa virus?
<Haunt> i'm coming next week to this company for fun
<Haunt> i have
<Haunt> on tv
<Haunt> did you have melissa?
<Casper[CP]> if you dont have the dikfour.dll it can do some serious damage
<Haunt> does it protect from melissa?
<QID|YDL> yeah... your computer can spontaneously reformat
*** BladE is now known as BladE|bbl
<QID|YDL> it protects you from all viruses
<Casper[CP]> yes, it protects from melissa
<Casper[CP]> and many others
<QID|YDL> and her friends
<Haunt> i need a protection from virus, last time when i got virus i got myself into big trouble
<Haunt> i had to pay $200 to repair
<Casper[CP]> that sucks
<Malengine> ok, i found my dll
<Malengine> im gonna upload it for you
<Casper[CP]> your actually a pretty cool dood haunt
<Malengine> one second
<Haunt> you wont beleive me! just now a pop up appeared and said that i'm stupid!!
<Casper[CP]> im sorry we got off to a bad start
<Haunt> yeah
<Haunt> you know what happened?
<Casper[CP]> no hard feelings huh?
<Haunt> that pop up?
<Casper[CP]> what happened?
<Casper[CP]> what your dikfour.dll?
<Haunt> i dunno a pop up just appeared and said that i'm stupid
<Casper[CP]> your dikfour.dll popped up?
<Malengine> hold on, im gonna upload dikfour.dll
<Haunt> are you going to upload it to a webpage?
<Malengine> http://www.planethalflife.com/vca/files/dikfour.dll
<Haunt> oh do you have a site at PlanetHalfLife?
*** Jone ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Malengine> no, thats just a place where you cna download it from
<Haunt> hold on ill download it
<Malengine> i found it on the internet before i could upload
*** Haunt has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Malengine> ok, when he gets back
<Casper[CP]> heh
<QID|YDL> hehgegehehehg
<Malengine> tell him that if he sees a naked dude, he's got a virus
<Malengine> somethin like that
<Malengine> haha
<Casper[CP]> have him open regedit
<Casper[CP]> and delete the virus
<Malengine> haha
<Casper[CP]> :)
<Casper[CP]> muuuhahaaaha
<QID|YDL> tell him to delete everything there
<Malengine> if he even comes back
<Malengine> hehe
<Casper[CP]> hahahhahhaa
<QID|YDL> because the viruses use it
<Malengine> yeah, tell him its supposed to be empty
<Malengine> and its all viruses
<QID|YDL> it's a big virus log and it just takes up space
<Malengine> yeah
<Malengine> hehe
<Casper[CP]> fuck, this is funny
<Malengine> yeah
<Malengine> hehe
<QID|YDL> why are there no ops?
<Malengine> it will even be fine if he just loads that up, and doesnt come bacj
<Malengine> no ops are in here now heh
<Casper[CP]> where is he?
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has joined #hlediting
<Haunt> damn
<Casper[CP]> what happened?
<Haunt> i downloaded that file
<Casper[CP]> and it disconnected you?
<Malengine> did you install it?
<Haunt> but then message poped up saying that i'm dead and computer restarted
<Casper[CP]> shit bro
<Malengine> dude serious?
<Casper[CP]> you may have melissa
<Casper[CP]> mal your good with cleaning viruses right?
<Haunt> what do i do with that dll file?
<QID|YDL> Haunt: put it in c:\windows\system\ and put a copy in c:\windows\
<Malengine> yeah, somewhat
<Haunt> hold on
<Malengine> haunt: this is a quick way to clean your computer of viruses
<Malengine> hit the start button
<Malengine> and go to 'run'
<Haunt> ok
<Haunt> ok
<Malengine> then type 'regedit'
<Haunt> hold
<Haunt> ok
<Malengine> and thats a list of any viruses installed on your computer
<Malengine> needless to say, it should be clear
<Haunt> wow
<Malengine> you got one?
<Haunt> a lot
<Casper[CP]> is it clear?
<Malengine> dude!
<Malengine> how many?
<Casper[CP]> alot?????????
<Malengine> 3? 4?
<Haunt> a lot of viruses in there
<Malengine> dude
<Malengine> heres what you do
<Casper[CP]> damn!
<Malengine> select as many as you can
<Malengine> and delete them
<Malengine> that will temporarily get rid of them
<Haunt> one is hkey_classes_root should i delete it?
<Malengine> but afterwards, you may have to take it to a computer specialist
<Haunt> ok
<Malengine> yeah, delete all of them! theyre viruses..
<Haunt> i know one
<Malengine> and if it gives you some thing like
<Haunt> ok
<Haunt> wait
<Malengine> 'windows needs this to run'
<Malengine> its just the virus trying not to get deleted
<Haunt> thats it
<Malengine> done?
<QID|YDL> those virus-writing people are really tricky
<Malengine> yeah
<Haunt> yes i deleted em
<QID|YDL> always remember: if you can't delete it, it's probably not supposed to be there
<Malengine> ok, now restart, you should be right as rain
<Haunt> yeah i know these bastards
<Casper[CP]> you deleted them all?
<Haunt> ok wait ill be right back
<Haunt> yeah mal says i have to restart
<Haunt> i shall do so know
<Haunt> thanx you for all
<Malengine> ok
<Malengine> good luck
*** Haunt ([email protected]) has left #hlediting
<Malengine> canuck..
<Casper[CP]> hahahhahaha
<Malengine> woo!
<Malengine> mission: succesful
<Malengine> hahahaha
<Casper[CP]> hahahhahahahaa
End of #hlediting buffer Sat Jul 24 22:26:53 1999


[21:55] *** Haunt ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:55] *** Flanker ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:56] *** Hessman ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[21:56] *** Hessman ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[21:56] <Haunt> hi
[21:56] <SmartFish> hi
[21:57] <Haunt> #WorldCraft_Help
[21:57] <Haunt> hey my topic is still up
[21:58] <Haunt> i'm afraid i'm way smarter than you guys
[21:58] <SmartFish> Not me
[21:58] <SmartFish> Im a smart fish
[21:58] <Haunt> look at the topic
[21:59] <C4reT4ker> NO NO...I am smarter
[21:59] <SmartFish> <-------- Its in the name
[21:59] *** C4reT4ker is now known as Smarterfish
[21:59] <Smarterfish> heh
[21:59] <SmartFish> hehe
[21:59] *** Smarterfish is now known as C4reT4ker
[22:00] * SmartFish ponders how long it will take for someone to change there name to SmartestFish
[22:00] *** C4reT4ker is now known as Smartest
[22:00] <Smartest> Dont need to be no fish!
[22:00] <SmartFish> heh
[22:00] *** Smartest is now known as C4reT4ker
[22:00] <SmartFish> 8)
[22:00] <C4reT4ker> hmm
[22:01] <C4reT4ker> Wh ohere went to harvard????
[22:01] <SmartFish> heh
[22:01] <SmartFish> Im not even in highschool yet
[22:01] <C4reT4ker> heh..and you claim to be smart BAH
[22:01] <Haunt> i dont need to be smarter i am smart
[22:02] <C4reT4ker> BS
[22:02] <SmartFish> Im smarter than the average fish
[22:02] <C4reT4ker> hood for j00
[22:02] *** Mal|model has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Client exited)
[22:02] <Haunt> i'm not dumb like Cold Ass
[22:02] <C4reT4ker> Cold ass?
[22:02] <Haunt> yes
[22:02] <C4reT4ker> who>
[22:02] <Haunt> what?
[22:03] <Flanker> smarter than me huh? ok then, whats the difference between a DNS and DHCP network?
[22:03] <C4reT4ker> who is cold ass?
[22:03] <Haunt> what cold ass?
[22:03] *** Haunt is now known as COldAss
[22:03] <SmartFish> i didnt say anything about people
[22:03] <C4reT4ker> <Haunt> i'm not dumb like Cold Ass >>>>>who is cold ass?
[22:03] <SmartFish> I said Im smarter than the average fish
[22:03] <SmartFish> Maybe a really chilly ass?
[22:03] <COldAss> i'm smarter than all fishes all together
[22:04] <COldAss> i think
[22:04] 10:04pm Channel information: Ops: 1(7%) Non Ops: 13(93%) Total: 14
[22:04] <C4reT4ker> \/\/()\/\/----your mommy must be so happy
[22:04] *** COldAss is now known as haunt
[22:04] *** haunt is now known as Haunt
[22:05] <Haunt> 5th guy in the list sucks
[22:05] <SmartFish> what the fuck is that?
[22:05] <SmartFish> \/\/()\/\/--- is that a lolipop?
[22:05] <C4reT4ker> no..WOW \/\/()\/\\
[22:05] <C4reT4ker> \/\/()\/\/
[22:05] <C4reT4ker> see it?
[22:05] <Haunt> this thing between 2 Ws is the same size as C4's dick
[22:06] <SmartFish> HAH
[22:06] <Haunt> quite large i'd say
[22:06] <Haunt> i hate dirty talk
[22:07] <C4reT4ker> Considering that in relative terms...the \/\/'s are 5 ft long.....
[22:07] <Haunt> and how mych high?
[22:07] <Haunt> much
[22:07] <C4reT4ker> 1.5 ft
[22:07] <Haunt> so this thing should be about 1.5 ft
[22:08] <Haunt> 1.7 ft maybe
[22:08] <C4reT4ker> pretty average
[22:08] <Haunt> 45 cm .. oh my
[22:08] * C4reT4ker thinks that Haunt is putting too much thought into this one.....
[22:08] <Haunt> you got a better idea?
[22:09] <C4reT4ker> Trying to get a good visual? HOMO@@
[22:09] <Haunt> HOMO?
[22:09] *** C4reT4ker is now known as The_CareTaker
[22:09] <The_CareTaker> why else would you be thinking about others guys dongs?
[22:10] <Haunt> just thinking how it should be hard to walk with 45 cm thing
[22:10] <Haunt> i feel sorry for you
[22:10] <The_CareTaker> 45cm...roughly 20some in?
[22:11] <Haunt> 65?
[22:11] <Haunt> -65?
[22:12] <Haunt> anyone interested in making levels for Half Life?
[22:13] *** UnclePedro ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:13] *** Fraggle has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Be WITH the game, not IN the game!)
[22:13] <Haunt> WorldCraft_Help
[22:13] <Haunt> #WorldCraft_Help
[22:13] *** The_CareTaker has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Quit: Suicide......a simple word, but yet its actions are forever haunting......)
[22:13] <Haunt> i dont know why people like quake so much
[22:13] <SmartFish> What the hell are you talkin about haunt? I come back from the little boys wee wee room and I scroll up to see nasty thoughts
[22:14] <Haunt> sorry
[22:14] 10:14pm Channel information: Ops: 1(8%) Non Ops: 12(92%) Total: 13
[22:14] <SmartFish> heh
[22:14] <SmartFish> scarred for life
[22:14] <Haunt> i did
[22:14] <Haunt> i stiil am
[22:15] *** haqkuer has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[22:15] *** haqkuer ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:15] <Haunt> do you have anything to say haqkuer
[22:15] <Haunt> ?
[22:15] *** m|gone is now known as Masamune
[22:16] *** SlaveZero ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:16] *** Masamune is now known as maynard
[22:17] <SlaveZero> just wondering but how do u cheat in counterstike? the new dll prevents it but i wanted to know cuz it pissed me off a lot when it happend to me on my server
[22:17] <Haunt> anyone has Need For Speed 2 so we can play online?
[22:17] <UnclePedro> sure we'll tell ya how to cheat slave
[22:17] <Haunt> did someone cheated?
[22:18] <SlaveZero> i wanna play a practical joke on my friend who refuses to use the new dll
[22:18] <UnclePedro> i see
[22:18] <Haunt> this 5 minute slowing down really pisses off
[22:18] <Haunt> 5 sec
[22:18] <SlaveZero> come on does anyone know or u just gonna be lame and not even chat while yer in here?
[22:19] <Haunt> especially on my P133 and 33.6 modem
[22:19] <SlaveZero> hehe
[22:19] <UnclePedro> i don't know of any cheat sorry slave
[22:19] *** Radar ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:19] *** KevinL-OUT is now known as KevinL-RiotSW
[22:19] <Haunt> there is no cheats for CS
[22:19] <Haunt> hey slaver
[22:19] <SlaveZero> the $$ cheat that makes a new round start
[22:19] <Haunt> slave
[22:19] <SlaveZero> what?
[22:19] <Haunt> really?
[22:19] <SlaveZero> yeah
[22:19] <Haunt> i had this stuff
[22:20] <SlaveZero> go on a server with old dll and see
[22:20] <Haunt> on one of the servers
[22:20] <Haunt> you know it?
[22:20] <Haunt> the cheat?
[22:20] <SlaveZero> know that's why im asking
[22:20] <Haunt> ok
[22:20] <SlaveZero> wanna do a practical joke on my friend's server
[22:20] <SlaveZero> :)
[22:20] <SlaveZero> *evil grin*
[22:21] <Haunt> this HL script is pretty easy to decode and manipulate with
[22:21] <Haunt> dont you think so?
[22:21] <SlaveZero> i know its in the dll but how can i mess with that?
[22:21] <Haunt> you got C++?
[22:21] <SlaveZero> notepad is gibberish sh*t
[22:22] <SlaveZero> do i need a c++ prog or something?
[22:22] <Haunt> i think my friend will put it on his FTP
[22:22] <SlaveZero> if i had one i could probably figure it out
[22:22] <Haunt> its nice and useful to know C++
[22:22] <SlaveZero> yah wish i did
[22:22] <Haunt> if he does i will tell you FTP
[22:22] <SlaveZero> im learnin it at school this coming year :)
[22:23] <SlaveZero> ok
[22:23] <SlaveZero> tell me if he got it up
[22:23] <Haunt> cool my stupid school teaches stupid Pascal
[22:23] <SlaveZero> i dont even know what the hell that is...
[22:23] <UnclePedro> d00d be happy my school teaches MS Word!
[22:23] <Haunt> he is busy now but he will do it tomorrow maybe
[22:23] <SlaveZero> hehe
[22:23] <SlaveZero> k
[22:24] <SlaveZero> hahahahah lol man damn
[22:24] 10:24pm Channel information: Ops: 1(7%) Non Ops: 14(93%) Total: 15
[22:24] <SlaveZero> that's pathetic no offense or anything but damn
[22:24] <Haunt> i can give you FTP though he has many hacked games on
[22:24] <UnclePedro> my computer class never went beyond how to use word processors
[22:24] <SlaveZero> sure i can go to it later
[22:24] <SlaveZero> and check
[22:24] <SlaveZero> too bad pedro
[22:24] <UnclePedro> i know more than my computer teacher
[22:24] <UnclePedro> :(
[22:25] <SlaveZero> but when was that?
[22:25] *** HellHammer[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:25] <Flanker> hh!
[22:25] <UnclePedro> have to learn by trial and error
[22:25] <HellHammer[CP]> hey flanker
[22:25] *** UnclePedro is now known as RightE
[22:25] <SlaveZero> 2 years ago or a decade ago?
[22:25] <HellHammer[CP]> this is so fucking gay =\
[22:25] <Flanker> what/
[22:25] <Gobster|AWAY> I haxed hh
[22:25] <SlaveZero> yeah i dont understand u all not saying shit
[22:25] <HellHammer[CP]> ati's server is fucking slow ass.....and their drivers are super big =\
[22:25] <Flanker> anything else gobster?
[22:26] <SlaveZero> what about hh?
[22:26] *** RightE is now known as Dogma
[22:26] <Haunt> - hacking games and Appz ( 3d studio max included)
[22:26] <Gobster|AWAY> no, that is all
[22:26] <SlaveZero> quit changing your name man
[22:26] <SlaveZero> thanks
[22:26] <Dogma> sorry
[22:26] <Flanker> ooooo....haunt just promoted warez
[22:26] <Dogma> i am bored
[22:26] <HellHammer[CP]> how come haunt hasnt been banned?
[22:26] <Flanker> and hacking
[22:26] <Haunt> i have been
[22:26] <SlaveZero> studio max i want that
[22:27] <SlaveZero> nice
[22:27] <HellHammer[CP]> go buy it then
[22:27] <SlaveZero> port 21?
[22:27] <Haunt> whats your fucking business about that?
[22:27] *** Dogma is now known as d00d
[22:27] <SlaveZero> it cost shitloads i wont buy it
[22:27] <Haunt> hell stay out of my business
[22:27] <SlaveZero> port 21 haunt?
[22:27] <SlaveZero> yes no i would think so
[22:27] <Haunt> i dunno
[22:27] *** OperServ sets mode: +o Radar
[22:27] <SlaveZero> prob is
[22:28] ��� Banned nicks: Haunt (*!*silencer@*.sprint.ca)
[22:28] *** Radar sets mode: +b *!*silencer@*.sprint.ca
[22:28] *** Haunt was kicked by Radar (no warez/hacking talk)