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[00:11:04] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:11:05] <@bitch> <Eeyore> how many inchs olrox <Olrox> about 16 <neRd> Eeyore can u put that much into your mouth?
[00:11:18] <+Cyber_Ass> Welcome back to the Den of the Decadents, Eeyore
[00:11:23] <Eeyore> lol
[00:11:34] <Cybernetsam> Feel free to flee screaming.
[00:11:41] <neRd> http://www.apple.com/trailers/miramax/naqoyqatsi/
[00:11:43] <Eeyore> AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[00:11:45] <neRd> that movie is creppy
[00:11:46] <QID|YDL> heh... that bitch quote reminds me of why our community has so few girls
[00:11:55] <neRd> Cybernetsam check that movie out
[00:12:03] <Cybernetsam> But the girls that aren't scared away are extra-cool
[00:12:13] <QID|YDL> yeah
[00:12:13] <Cybernetsam> Think of it as a filter
[00:12:25] <QID|YDL> and strangely, none of them are ugly
[00:12:30] <neRd> hi Eeyore
[00:12:39] <QID|YDL> you'd think we'd attract all the ugly nerdy girls
[00:13:02] <neRd> iam attracted to nerdy girls
[00:13:10] <+Cyber_Ass> heh
[00:13:11] <neRd> whats wrong with nerdy girls
[00:13:13] <Cybernetsam> Ugly nerd girls are to depressed to stay in one community for long.
[00:13:17] <+Cyber_Ass> You guys are pathetic yet funny :D
[00:13:34] <neRd> Cybernetsam u check that link out
[00:13:35] <neRd> http://www.apple.com/trailers/miramax/naqoyqatsi/
[00:13:38] <neRd> good movie
[00:13:47] <neRd> naqoyqatsi
[00:13:50] <neRd> hmm
[00:13:53] <Eeyore> that movie looks fucked
[00:13:56] <neRd> i wonder how u pronouce it
[00:13:59] <neRd> heh
[00:14:02] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: I'm right, aren't I?
[00:14:06] <neRd> its true Eeyore
[00:14:11] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: Yes :)
[00:14:12] <neRd> thats what we live everyday
[00:14:20] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: I'm just saying it's kinda weird
[00:14:42] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: To tell you the truth, I get along better with fellow geeky girls
[00:15:21] <Cybernetsam> Amazing, all that and teh trailer still says jack shit about the movie.
[00:15:23] <neRd> nerds??
[00:15:23] <@bitch> www.NakkidNerds.com
[00:15:32] <neRd> heh Cybernetsam
[00:15:36] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: well, we get hot geek girls instead of ugly ones
[00:15:36] <Eeyore> uh oh i hope i'm not on there
[00:15:41] <neRd> LOL
[00:16:23] <neRd> Eeyore=nerdy?
[00:16:27] <Eeyore> yeah
[00:16:30] <neRd> cool
[00:16:42] <Eeyore> i'm in a gloom irc channel
[00:16:45] <neRd> i like nerdy chicks, even though i dont like to classify as that
[00:16:50] <Eeyore> how much more of a geek could i get ? :P
[00:16:54] <neRd> heh
[00:17:04] <neRd> starting doing the stuff r1 does?
[00:17:11] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:17:11] <@bitch> <Echon> anyone have some good sites for TGA textures ? | <Cyber_Ass> Echon: http://www.oralse.cx/ | <Carcinogen> Echon: www.gaymansex.com
[00:17:18] <neRd> and hell opened
[00:17:20] <Cybernetsam> Eeyore, you could get as nerdy as r1ch or C_A.
[00:17:30] <+Cyber_Ass> Beg your pardon, Cybernetsam ?
[00:17:32] <Echon> haha
[00:17:33] <neRd> lol
[00:17:34] <Echon> seeds
[00:17:34] <+Cyber_Ass> I am a geek, not a nerd.
[00:17:43] <neRd> i am a nerd
[00:17:44] <QID|YDL> Eeyore: I think you'd be an improvement over some of the girls on that site, heh
[00:17:52] <Eeyore> heheeh
[00:17:53] <Cybernetsam> omg, that's the first time I've ever heard an other berson say that C_A.
[00:18:03] <neRd> oh yea Eeyore is much better then nakkidnerds.com
[00:18:19] <neRd> too bad there is only 1 picture of Eeyore on gg
[00:18:24] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: my g/f calls me NERD
[00:18:26] <Cybernetsam> And she has clothes.
[00:18:27] <@Saig> ...for nerd to jerk it to
[00:18:30] <Echon> and it's fully clothed :/
[00:18:32] <DaddyDeath> but she is nerd on my cell phone
[00:18:33] <DaddyDeath> :\
[00:18:34] <neRd> lol
[00:18:36] <Eeyore> too bad you people are never gonna see the nikked eeyore pics :P
[00:18:43] <DaddyDeath> and i'm mad love on her cell phone
[00:18:44] <Echon> LAME
[00:18:45] <neRd> :o
[00:18:52] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: i don't want them
[00:18:56] <DaddyDeath> i have TEXAN chicks here
[00:18:58] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:19:00] <DaddyDeath> OWNED~
[00:19:09] <@Saig> only in your head
[00:19:09] <neRd> 58 of the people in this channel are male 1 person is female
[00:19:14] <DaddyDeath> Saig: not really
[00:19:15] <neRd> well 2 including Echon
[00:19:31] <Echon> die
[00:19:34] <neRd> lol
[00:19:35] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Er, the nikked Eeyore pics you say?
[00:19:38] <Cybernetsam> Echon is too ugly to be a girl.
[00:19:46] <Echon> thx
[00:19:48] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: the nekkid texan pics will be better than Eeyore, hehe
[00:19:49] <neRd> lol
[00:19:55] <+Cyber_Ass> Oh, ok DaddyDeath
[00:20:04] <+Cyber_Ass> I thought Eeyore was interesting in a nikked pic exchange though
[00:20:13] <neRd> Eeyore how about some sexy pix?
[00:20:15] <Eeyore> there should be more geeky girls, they don't relize the ratio of men we can have
[00:20:25] <Eeyore> don't even ask
[00:20:28] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: you could have all of gloom at once cept xenoid and echon
[00:20:28] <neRd> lol
[00:20:29] <Cybernetsam> DD: If Eeyore would just move to texas...
[00:20:30] <DaddyDeath> they are homo
[00:20:37] <DaddyDeath> Cybernetsam: yeah :P
[00:20:38] <QID|YDL> yeah, Eeyore could have a 50-guy gangbang if she wanted
[00:20:43] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Feel like you're jumping into a crowded pool here?
[00:20:46] <Eeyore> what's so special about texas? i don't want to go down there.. to damn hot
[00:20:46] <DaddyDeath> QID|YDL: a bukkake :P
[00:20:47] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:20:52] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Amen.
[00:21:01] <Eeyore> it too damn hot HERE
[00:21:04] <Cybernetsam> It's not hot this tiem of year.
[00:21:07] <Eeyore> i don't want to go any father south
[00:21:10] <Echon> SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES~~
[00:21:11] <neRd> so take off all ur clothes
[00:21:13] <Cybernetsam> Where do you live Eeyore?
[00:21:14] <neRd> god dam!
[00:21:18] <Eeyore> who says i haven't already?
[00:21:19] <DaddyDeath> Echon: i'm not wearing clothes
[00:21:24] <DaddyDeath> let me find a USB cable and i'll show yo
[00:21:25] <Echon> GAH
[00:21:25] <neRd> omg!
[00:21:25] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:21:26] <Echon> put them on
[00:21:28] <neRd> Echoncam??
[00:21:29] � +Cyber_Ass looks blankly at Eeyore
[00:21:29] <@bitch> www.goatse.cx
[00:21:32] <neRd> LOL
[00:21:33] <@Saig> leave while you have the chance
[00:21:34] <Eeyore> lol
[00:21:37] <neRd> Eeyorecam??
[00:21:37] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:21:39] <Echon> whoadded that??
[00:21:39] <@bitch> echoncam:0 was added by neRd
[00:21:39] <QID|YDL> see, this is why Eeyore is cool, she didn't go "eew gross!" when we suggested a 50-person gangbang involving her
[00:21:42] <neRd> oh shit
[00:21:44] <neRd> lol
[00:21:44] <Echon> STFU NERD
[00:21:45] <Echon> hehe
[00:21:45] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Who says I haven't taken off mine either?
[00:21:47] <neRd> forget that??
[00:21:48] <@bitch> Deleted 1 of 1 factoids matching 'echoncam'
[00:22:06] <DaddyDeath> QID|YDL: her b/f eats her out when she's on the rag
[00:22:08] <Eeyore> 50 people.. woah.. i don't think i could handel THAT many men
[00:22:12] <DaddyDeath> i'm not surprised she didn't say ew
[00:22:14] <Echon> Seeds is L33t
[00:22:16] <neRd> DaddyDeath dont bring that up
[00:22:16] <QID|YDL> and of course Eeyore takes off her clothes, how do you think she takes a shower?
[00:22:28] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: Wow, you mean girls get naked sometimes?
[00:22:29] <DaddyDeath> QID|YDL: clothes on! duh
[00:22:31] <+Cyber_Ass> :o
[00:22:37] <Eeyore> lol
[00:22:38] <+Cyber_Ass> How does that work, QID|YDL ?
[00:22:39] <DaddyDeath> white t-shirt
[00:22:40] <+Lynch_Hung> nekkid
[00:22:45] <neRd> next thing your gonna say , girls take a crap also
[00:22:52] <DaddyDeath> neRd: no way
[00:22:52] <+Cyber_Ass> neRd: No way! That's a lie!
[00:22:55] <+Lynch_Hung> and fart
[00:22:56] <neRd> lolo
[00:22:58] <@Saig> they just hold in the poop
[00:23:02] <@Saig> thats why females live longer
[00:23:05] <DaddyDeath> lolol
[00:23:06] <neRd> LOL
[00:23:06] <+Cyber_Ass> Haha Saig
[00:23:18] <QID|YDL> bitch, Eeyore is <reply><Eeyore> 50 people.. woah.. i don't think i could handel THAT many men
[00:23:19] <@bitch> OK QID|YDL
[00:23:20] <+Cyber_Ass> Such wise examples of humanity we are :)
[00:23:22] <neRd> so Echon is gonna live long?
[00:23:24] <Eeyore> girls sound nasty in the bathroom
[00:23:24] <QID|YDL> it had to be done
[00:23:30] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Oh yes they do
[00:23:32] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: yeah?
[00:23:35] <Eeyore> you guys might not hear us make noise in public
[00:23:35] <Echon> k$char(124)
[00:23:36] <Echon> k
[00:23:37] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: i sound nasty in the bathroom
[00:23:37] <shinji> heh
[00:23:37] <Echon> !!~
[00:23:43] <Echon> ffs
[00:23:44] <Eeyore> but as soon as we get in the bathroom
[00:23:45] <Echon> |
[00:23:46] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: they just explode in the bathroom?
[00:23:49] <Eeyore> it's like woman just let it all go
[00:23:52] <@Saig> i should make a separate log of this conversation
[00:23:52] <DaddyDeath> haha
[00:23:58] <mader_> QuakeCon 2002 starts in 1 day 9 hours 36 minutes 4 seconds
[00:24:00] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Heh, in every possible way I suppose..
[00:24:01] <neRd> its silent, but deadlt
[00:24:02] <DaddyDeath> great!.. the truth!
[00:24:03] <Eeyore> i have to hear them all when i'm in the woman's washroom
[00:24:09] <DaddyDeath> i could be to dallas in like 3 hours
[00:24:16] <mader_> heh
[00:24:18] <neRd> lol Eeyore
[00:24:27] <mader_> gonna take me about 5 1/2 hours to drive it
[00:24:33] <Cybernetsam> I'm going to miss Q-Con, and I live mere hours away :(
[00:24:33] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Quite the unfeminine place, no^
[00:24:34] <shinji> i could be to dallas in like 10 hours if i had a supra
[00:24:35] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: ?
[00:24:40] <Eeyore> yeah
[00:24:48] <Echon> mmm
[00:24:50] <Echon> stainmaps
[00:24:53] <Eeyore> girls make a mess in the bathroom too
[00:24:53] <Echon> echgl 0.02 thx
[00:25:03] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: guys make a mess
[00:25:04] <neRd> stain from bbq?
[00:25:05] <Eeyore> there almost as bad as male bathrooms
[00:25:07] <DaddyDeath> it's like some of them aim for the seat
[00:25:09] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Girls are often high on maintenance..
[00:25:25] <neRd> lol
[00:25:29] <+Cyber_Ass> Us guys just need to learn how to aim a firehose and we're all set
[00:25:32] <+Cyber_Ass> It really is quite enjoyable
[00:25:38] <neRd> ...
[00:25:40] <Eeyore> i'm talking abot public washrooms
[00:25:43] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass.. why is there shit on the seat sometimes then
[00:25:43] <+Cyber_Ass> yes
[00:25:46] <DaddyDeath> that's nasty
[00:25:46] <Echon> i use a fire truck
[00:25:47] <DaddyDeath> gah
[00:25:48] <Echon> VRRUUM
[00:25:52] <+Cyber_Ass> DaddyDeath: Well..
[00:25:54] <+Cyber_Ass> DaddyDeath: That's Texas
[00:25:54] <QID|YDL> I seem to remember a log somewhere about a guy who cleaned bathrooms
[00:25:57] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: b/c the girls don't want to sit on the toilet
[00:26:02] <DaddyDeath> and they squat and miss
[00:26:03] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:26:04] <QID|YDL> and he would find all kinds of crap in the womens rooms
[00:26:05] <+Cyber_Ass> girls are scared of toilet seats, lol
[00:26:06] <Eeyore> i used to clean bathrooms
[00:26:08] <QID|YDL> tampons and stuff
[00:26:17] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:26:17] <@bitch> <Ryuenjin> Karma, suffice to say you are the echon of gloom modelling
[00:26:19] <Cybernetsam> omg Eeyore, how did you handle cleaning bathrooms?
[00:26:19] <@Saig> everyone cleaned bathrooms at one point or another
[00:26:25] <DaddyDeath> not me
[00:26:26] <Eeyore> handle ?
[00:26:28] <Cybernetsam> Not I.
[00:26:29] <DaddyDeath> not even the bathroom at home
[00:26:35] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore found dried cum on the male bathroom walls.
[00:26:41] <DaddyDeath> ack
[00:26:44] <Cybernetsam> Why would someone want to clean bathrooms?
[00:26:45] <neRd> i havent cleaned a bathroom yet, iam not that mexican
[00:26:54] <DaddyDeath> racist!
[00:26:57] <BaDkaRmA158Th> DaddyDeath what are you some kinda bitch?
[00:26:58] <+Cyber_Ass> neRd: GRINGO!
[00:26:59] <Eeyore> dried? more like wet.. and shit on the walls
[00:27:00] <BaDkaRmA158Th> hes right.
[00:27:02] <neRd> lol
[00:27:08] <Eeyore> but if i find that, i don't have to clean it
[00:27:12] <Cybernetsam> Heh
[00:27:13] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Heh, you've found undried cum on bathroom walls before?
[00:27:18] <@Saig> clean bathroom because you get tired of seeing shit on the mirrors and in the sinks, and that crusty ring in the toilet
[00:27:18] <DaddyDeath> hahaha
[00:27:18] <Eeyore> they send like.. special op's janitors to clean cum and shit
[00:27:18] <neRd> ..
[00:27:19] <shinji> Eeyore: where was that job at?
[00:27:21] <DaddyDeath> damn, fresh stuff
[00:27:22] <Cybernetsam> Mmm, fresh.
[00:27:36] <neRd> wtf DaddyDeath and Cybernetsam are the same
[00:27:37] <Eeyore> i was a janitor at kings place
[00:27:44] <shinji> ah
[00:27:45] <DaddyDeath> what do you do for a living? i'm a special ops janitor, i clean cum off of walls
[00:27:46] <Eeyore> it's a mall/buisness towers
[00:27:50] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: You've found undried cum on bathroom walls before?
[00:27:52] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:27:57] <Echon> i'm a special ops masturbator
[00:27:57] <Eeyore> yeah
[00:28:01] <DaddyDeath> ugh
[00:28:02] <neRd> LOL
[00:28:04] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Interesting..
[00:28:05] <Echon> stfu DaddyDeath
[00:28:07] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: that'd be like you at work
[00:28:14] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: I usally avoid the sticky spots
[00:28:15] <Cybernetsam> That's funny for some reason.
[00:28:17] <Echon> work?
[00:28:19] <Echon> oh right..
[00:28:29] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass gets stiff at work when i talk about texan women
[00:28:31] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Some guys jack off at urinals and it goes spraying on the wall behind them
[00:28:40] <@Saig> THANKS FOR THAT PICTURE
[00:28:42] <Echon> there are women in texas?!?!?!
[00:28:43] <neRd> lol
[00:28:45] <DaddyDeath> lololol
[00:28:47] [quit/[email protected]] Ping timeout: 180 seconds
[00:28:50] <Eeyore> why do guys feel teh urge to shit in the urinals
[00:28:55] <shinji> heh
[00:28:55] <DaddyDeath> there are men where you live Echon?
[00:28:57] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Cyber_Ass its a sad fact, but so true.
[00:28:58] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: i don't
[00:29:00] <Echon> Eeyore: they're drunk
[00:29:04] <Cybernetsam> I never feel that particular urge, Eeyore/
[00:29:05] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: ?!
[00:29:14] <Echon> LEAVE ME ALONE
[00:29:14] <shinji> Eeyore: prolly something like "i dare you to shit in the urinal"
[00:29:16] <Eeyore> a lot of guys do
[00:29:16] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Eeyore its fun for us to know ppl have to clean em.
[00:29:17] <Echon> I HBAD TO GO WTF
[00:29:36] <neRd> i dont shit in urinals, only the one i own
[00:29:41] <Echon> yeah.. that shut you up
[00:29:44] <neRd> lol
[00:29:45] <Echon> fwahabaha
[00:29:47] <@Saig> so you live in a bathroom nerd?
[00:29:49] <Eeyore> oh that's fun, i'll come over to your place and shit in your sink
[00:29:51] <Eeyore> how would you like that?
[00:29:58] <Echon> if you did it?
[00:29:58] <neRd> Saig sometimes
[00:29:59] <DaddyDeath> AHHHAAH
[00:30:05] <@Saig> Eeyore: Ive cleaned shit up before, so it wouldnt be anything new to me
[00:30:09] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: that'd be the closest Echon has ever been to a woman
[00:30:15] <Echon> pfft
[00:30:18] <Echon> i've seen DaddyDeath naked
[00:30:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: I'd be a good excuse to clean an overdue sink, that's for sure.
[00:30:23] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Saig try being a CNA
[00:30:30] <@Saig> whats taht
[00:30:31] <Eeyore> lol
[00:30:31] <Echon> lets just say, his nose has better chances of getting laid (WTF)
[00:30:32] <neRd> some guys actually piss in their own sinks Eeyore
[00:30:34] <BaDkaRmA158Th> wipe old dieing ppls asses for low pay.
[00:30:36] <BaDkaRmA158Th> yey!
[00:30:42] <DaddyDeath> Echon: you are funny
[00:30:51] <Echon> k
[00:30:56] <BaDkaRmA158Th> there like death camps in america for our old ppl.
[00:30:56] <DaddyDeath> i'll juust laugh at you
[00:30:59] <DaddyDeath> so will Cyber_Ass
[00:30:59] <DaddyDeath> :)
[00:31:07] <+Cyber_Ass> Us guys will piss anywhere there are absorbant materials..be it the ground or the next door neighbour's flower pot.
[00:31:14] <Echon> DaddyDeath is still on his superiority trip
[00:31:14] <neRd> lol
[00:31:14] <Echon> gogo
[00:31:16] <@Saig> or in a gatorade bottle
[00:31:19] <+Cyber_Ass> :D Saig
[00:31:23] <+Cyber_Ass> Saig: I've managed that before
[00:31:23] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Cyber_Ass so true.
[00:31:23] <neRd> oh sick!
[00:31:25] <DaddyDeath> Saig: road trips suck
[00:31:26] <@Saig> so have i
[00:31:28] <+Cyber_Ass> Saig: If you can fit your dick inside the bottle
[00:31:30] <Cybernetsam> Neighbor's couch works well in a pinch...
[00:31:33] <DaddyDeath> i've pissed in a coke can before
[00:31:35] <@Saig> thats the prob ca
[00:31:37] <neRd> i drink gatorade everyday, strfu
[00:31:37] <@Saig> it doesnt
[00:31:38] <DaddyDeath> i just tried lining up holes
[00:31:45] <+Cyber_Ass> Saig: Just make sure it's not too stiff
[00:31:46] <DaddyDeath> i didn't want to cut myself
[00:31:48] <@Saig> you have to like, hold the tip in
[00:31:49] <Echon> DaddyDeath got stuck in the can
[00:31:50] <BaDkaRmA158Th> i some time get the urge towip my dick out and piss in the hull..is this bad?
[00:31:54] <DaddyDeath> no,lol
[00:31:55] <neRd> LOLOL
[00:32:05] <Echon> cokecockwtf
[00:32:09] <DaddyDeath> carpet is absorbant!
[00:32:12] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:32:12] <@Saig> sux when the bottle is too small:/
[00:32:16] <neRd> its called vinlla coke
[00:32:20] <DaddyDeath> hahaha
[00:32:21] <DaddyDeath> ownedd
[00:32:23] <Echon> Saig, when has that ever happend?!!
[00:32:24] <+Cyber_Ass> :D
[00:32:24] <shinji> Saig: pinch it off
[00:32:31] <Echon> SADFKADSFKDL SHINJI
[00:32:36] <Cybernetsam> True story: I know a kid that used to piss in teh corner of his room because the bathroom was too far away.
[00:32:40] <+Cyber_Ass> Guys really know how to pinch it in
[00:32:42] <@Saig> shinji, from one man to another, are you NUTS
[00:32:44] <+Who-[Soup]> What's your excuse for not being able to translate the lyrics, CA?
[00:32:46] <+Cyber_Ass> Whereas girls just let it whoosh out
[00:32:54] <@Saig> pinching is like stopping an orgasm
[00:32:57] [nick/BaDkaRmA158Th] to suIsLIdE
[00:32:59] <neRd> i pissed outside my window before
[00:32:59] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: that'd be hilarious... stick it in a bottle and it gets hard.. stuck in bottle
[00:33:00] <DaddyDeath> haha
[00:33:01] <Echon> Who-[Soup]: my dad is in my house as we speak :/
[00:33:03] <DaddyDeath> that'd be funny story
[00:33:04] <+Cyber_Ass> LOL DaddyDeath
[00:33:11] <+Cyber_Ass> DaddyDeath: Start to whistle the US National Anthem to get unstuck :D
[00:33:11] <neRd> LOL
[00:33:15] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:33:18] <shinji> Saig: sometimes nessecary tho
[00:33:23] <@Saig> yea
[00:33:31] <DaddyDeath> we are talking about balloons, right?
[00:33:38] <shinji> stopping an orgasm is unheard of tho
[00:33:40] <neRd> where is Eeyore
[00:33:42] [nick/suIsLIdE] to BaDkaRmA158Th
[00:33:42] <+Cyber_Ass> DaddyDeath: "Martha Stewart in thong.. Martha Stewart in thong.. Marth.. " <FLOOOK>
[00:33:47] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:33:48] <neRd> LO"
[00:33:51] <Eeyore> right here
[00:33:51] <viver> http://www.deadsy.com/index2.html
[00:33:54] <DaddyDeath> GAH!!!
[00:33:55] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass..
[00:34:01] <Cybernetsam> Eeyore starts a conversation and then has the ability to ease out of it without anyone noticing.
[00:34:02] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Alls i know is hatchlings need fier!!
[00:34:03] <DaddyDeath> i need viagra for rest of my life now
[00:34:03] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:34:04] <viver> Bad ass music playing
[00:34:06] <neRd> hi Eeyore , are you enjoying the conversation
[00:34:11] <+Thug> oh man, deadsy, where to start
[00:34:14] <Echon> STFU
[00:34:15] <Echon> ok
[00:34:15] <shinji> she started it sorta
[00:34:20] <viver> Thug you don tlike Deadsy?
[00:34:23] <Echon> time to head off to 6onsex me guess
[00:34:23] <+Thug> all i have to say is the lead singer is cher's son, end of story
[00:34:27] <Eeyore> sorry if i missed anyone..
[00:34:35] � BaDkaRmA158Th is listening to Flaw- only the strong survive.mp3
[00:34:37] <Eeyore> need to turn on that thingy.. one sec
[00:34:46] <neRd> what thingy
[00:34:49] <shinji> teh beep on namesay
[00:34:56] <DaddyDeath> i'm playing a good song
[00:34:57] <Cybernetsam> That one she is turning on, neRd.
[00:34:59] <DaddyDeath> Rob D! :D
[00:35:01] � +Cyber_Ass hrms at not having tasted girl cum in a long time now.
[00:35:01] [quit/[email protected]] Ping timeout: 180 seconds
[00:35:03] <BaDkaRmA158Th> ?
[00:35:04] <viver> Deadsy sounds like orgy man
[00:35:04] <Eeyore> someone say my name
[00:35:09] <Cybernetsam> Eeyore
[00:35:10] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:35:11] <@bitch> <Gweedo> typeing with 1 hand is hard | <[PeSTiCiDE]> Gweedo, and your doing what with the other one? | <Gweedo> wacken off
[00:35:12] <shinji> eeyore am hawt
[00:35:13] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: sex me up
[00:35:13] <Eeyore> humm
[00:35:15] <Cybernetsam> Beep beep.
[00:35:18] <Gweedo> hello all
[00:35:20] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Eeyore
[00:35:22] � shinji is playing: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Tripping Billies (5:49@270kbps!10.20MB)
[00:35:28] <Eeyore> oh forgot to check the check box
[00:35:30] <DaddyDeath> winnie poo > Eeyore :X
[00:35:30] <Eeyore> now try
[00:35:32] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: :D
[00:35:32] <Eeyore> there we go
[00:35:33] <Cybernetsam> Eeyore
[00:35:34] <shinji> eeyore am hawt
[00:35:36] <neRd> Eeyore
[00:35:38] <neRd> beep
[00:35:41] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore is in incredible demand.
[00:35:45] <Eeyore> lol
[00:35:46] <DaddyDeath> haha
[00:35:50] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:35:51] <@bitch> QTLe3T
[00:35:52] <neRd> i think everyone is horney
[00:35:52] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: it is gloom, what do you expecct?
[00:35:55] <Eeyore> eeyore's stock is increaseing !
[00:35:58] <DaddyDeath> neRd: not me
[00:36:07] <QID|YDL> Eeyore is the only girl here
[00:36:07] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: You must be quite qualified to handle an army of horny teenage boys..
[00:36:08] � shinji just bought 69 shares
[00:36:09] <BaDkaRmA158Th> neRd whos not?
[00:36:11] <QID|YDL> of COURSE she's in demand
[00:36:12] <DaddyDeath> mines nice and soft, haha
[00:36:15] <neRd> ....
[00:36:15] <Eeyore> i am
[00:36:17] <BaDkaRmA158Th> QID|YDL hes dont count!
[00:36:18] <neRd> OMG
[00:36:30] � BaDkaRmA158Th is
[00:36:32] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Good..perhaps we should have a humping contest to sort this competition issue out :D
[00:36:40] <shinji> heh ga
[00:36:41] <Cybernetsam> I call firsties.
[00:36:44] <Eeyore> you would all lose :P
[00:36:44] <DaddyDeath> it's between me and ca :P
[00:36:46] � BaDkaRmA158Th is h0RNy
[00:36:54] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: I beg to differ :)
[00:36:56] <Eeyore> :P
[00:36:57] <shinji> ca: i like my girls to be made of flesh not computar screens
[00:37:03] <DaddyDeath> haahh
[00:37:06] � BaDkaRmA158Th wips out his fUnKY m0nKEy
[00:37:10] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: DaddyDeath is my prized student in this field..and I am easily the most qualified.
[00:37:11] [quit/[email protected]] Connection reset by peer
[00:37:11] � BaDkaRmA158Th pus it back
[00:37:12] <BaDkaRmA158Th> hah
[00:37:13] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass is <reply> (shinji) ca: i like my girls to be made of flesh not computar screens
[00:37:17] <BaDkaRmA158Th> pus= puts
[00:37:19] <Eeyore> lol
[00:37:21] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass is <reply> (shinji) ca: i like my girls to be made of flesh not computar screens??
[00:37:22] <@bitch> OK DaddyDeath
[00:37:27] <+Cyber_Ass> forget that??
[00:37:27] <@bitch> Deleted 1 of 1 factoids matching 'Cyber_Ass'
[00:37:27] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: you do not know how bad that sounds
[00:37:28] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:37:32] <+Cyber_Ass> Er.
[00:37:34] <+Cyber_Ass> Add it again, sorry.
[00:37:35] <DaddyDeath> (Cyber_Ass) Eeyore: DaddyDeath is my prized student in this field..and I am easily the most qualified.
[00:37:42] <DaddyDeath> it's ok, you can leave it off
[00:37:44] <Eeyore> lol
[00:37:56] <DaddyDeath> CA is my dad?
[00:37:57] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:37:58] � BaDkaRmA158Th leave's it off.
[00:38:15] <neRd> sex??
[00:38:16] <@bitch> sex is something that storks do with women...
[00:38:23] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: I could quote a few testimonials to prove my point :)
[00:38:23] <neRd> wtf
[00:38:29] � BaDkaRmA158Th feals...fuNkY
[00:38:33] <DaddyDeath> say my name
[00:38:36] <DaddyDeath> testing beep
[00:38:38] <neRd> DaddyDeath
[00:38:42] <Eeyore> hehe
[00:38:46] � BaDkaRmA158Th DaddyDeath
[00:38:49] <DaddyDeath> k
[00:38:50] <DaddyDeath> works now
[00:38:52] <neRd> DaddyDeath
[00:38:52] <QID|YDL> whorebucket
[00:38:53] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: No reaction..this is alarming.
[00:38:56] <neRd> DaddyDeath
[00:38:56] <DaddyDeath> wait
[00:38:57] <QID|YDL> there, I said your name :-p
[00:38:58] <DaddyDeath> now it doesn't
[00:38:59] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:39:01] <neRd> lol
[00:39:01] � BaDkaRmA158Th is listening to unloco -face down.mp3
[00:39:07] <Eeyore> :P
[00:39:08] � +bspit rolls eyes
[00:39:17] <DaddyDeath> try now
[00:39:18] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:39:22] <neRd> Eeyore whats the biggest dick u seen
[00:39:22] � BaDkaRmA158Th DaddyDeath
[00:39:40] <Eeyore> i download some video's of some really huge one lol
[00:39:40] <DaddyDeath> neRd: 5" !
[00:39:43] <DaddyDeath> damn that's big
[00:39:45] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore does not want "big dick".. Eeyore prefers raw satisfaction.
[00:39:49] � BaDkaRmA158Th like this fuNKy m0nKy?
[00:39:54] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: personally what is the biggest you have seen
[00:40:04] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass just prooved he has a small one :P
[00:40:06] <neRd> lol
[00:40:08] � +Cyber_Ass mumbles something about it certainly not being DaddyDeath's..
[00:40:11] <Cybernetsam> I am having a special on raw satisfaction right now. Buy one get one free.
[00:40:13] � BaDkaRmA158Th is that anough satisfaction?
[00:40:20] <Eeyore> biggest? there was this one guy who had like a 9" cock.. but i didn't like it at all
[00:40:22] <BaDkaRmA158Th> enough even.
[00:40:26] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Sour?
[00:40:29] <neRd> LOL
[00:40:29] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: never said mines the biggest
[00:40:29] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:40:44] <QID|YDL> hehehe
[00:40:44] <DaddyDeath> 9" has me beat, lol
[00:40:45] <Eeyore> a bunch of things
[00:40:50] � BaDkaRmA158Th look, helocopter! "puts out arms and wigles"
[00:40:53] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Bumps?
[00:40:58] � BaDkaRmA158Th stops..what?
[00:40:59] <neRd> Eeyore no head?
[00:41:03] <DaddyDeath> captain hook?
[00:41:04] <neRd> no hole?
[00:41:04] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:41:06] <shinji> prolly the ureral intrusion
[00:41:09] <Eeyore> well it was too long, and just didn't feel good
[00:41:17] <DaddyDeath> TOO long
[00:41:17] <neRd> inside ?
[00:41:20] <DaddyDeath> yes
[00:41:24] <shinji> uteral*
[00:41:26] <neRd> or in your mouth?
[00:41:26] <DaddyDeath> so i'm not too bad off, lol
[00:41:29] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Ugh..what is it with giving head anyways..
[00:41:50] <DaddyDeath> i know a girl at school
[00:41:53] <DaddyDeath> she snow blowed a guy
[00:41:54] <DaddyDeath> gah
[00:41:55] <Eeyore> oh well i could swollow it ;) but use woman don't have like 6 feet long vagina's you know
[00:42:03] <neRd> Eeyore, is ur boyfriend there btw?
[00:42:12] <Cybernetsam> neRd is moving in...
[00:42:12] <Eeyore> he's reading on the bed
[00:42:24] <neRd> hehe
[00:42:37] <+Cyber_Ass> It would be embarassing for Eeyore to get hot while not actually using her bf a few feet away as a source.
[00:42:46] <DaddyDeath> lool
[00:42:50] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: play with yourself
[00:42:54] <shinji> hhdhd
[00:42:55] <DaddyDeath> all us seksy nerds turn you on
[00:42:56] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:42:56] <@bitch> Sider thinks carmack is an idiot
[00:42:56] <Eeyore> it's too hot here that stuff
[00:42:58] <neRd> lol
[00:43:00] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: heh, he'd probably notice and get in on it
[00:43:09] <shinji> heh yeah
[00:43:10] <dercak> O-K
[00:43:11] <shinji> tru da
[00:43:12] <shinji> t
[00:43:15] <Eeyore> more people have sex in the wintertime.. cuzz it's cool
[00:43:18] [part/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:43:19] <neRd> *cough*iamthenerdhere*cough*
[00:43:22] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Good pun.
[00:43:29] <Eeyore> lol didn't notice
[00:43:34] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore is gonna whip out her BBD + vibrator mode
[00:43:38] <Eeyore> when it's too hot.. you jsut don't feel like sex
[00:43:43] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore doesn't need a vibrator to get off...she has us.
[00:43:45] <Eeyore> unless it's like a hot tub
[00:43:48] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:43:56] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: so how is shower sex?
[00:43:58] <Eeyore> sorry i don't get off on a bunch of guys typing :P
[00:44:03] <Cybernetsam> Eh, hot water is different from hot atmosphere...
[00:44:03] <Eeyore> same thing
[00:44:04] <neRd> LOL
[00:44:06] [quit/[email protected]] Ping timeout: 180 seconds
[00:44:08] <DaddyDeath> too hot?
[00:44:08] <shinji> Cyber_Ass: if you cant pleasure a woman IRL then how do you expect to on the internet?
[00:44:10] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Tell us what we *could* do to fix that situation
[00:44:13] <Eeyore> always take hot showers when it's hot
[00:44:16] <Cybernetsam> Eeyore:Would it help if we typed sexier?
[00:44:21] <neRd> how about cold showers?
[00:44:21] <Eeyore> becase when you get out.. it's cool..
[00:44:26] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: shirtless Ankkam
[00:44:36] <Eeyore> no cuzz after your done your refeshing cold shower.. it's hot when you get out
[00:44:45] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: so sex in showers is good or bad?
[00:44:48] <shinji> cold showers are for winter
[00:44:51] <neRd> ...making excuses
[00:44:52] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: gah..do you want to kill my hard one?
[00:44:54] <Eeyore> you guys can't do anything to fix taht situation unless you were here :P
[00:45:02] <Eeyore> sex in shower is good
[00:45:02] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: yes
[00:45:03] <neRd> !
[00:45:05] <Cybernetsam> Is that an invite?
[00:45:08] <DaddyDeath> hehe, yes
[00:45:10] <DaddyDeath> YES
[00:45:12] <DaddyDeath> sex in shower
[00:45:14] <DaddyDeath> UNF
[00:45:17] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Who would you pick to be there to help fix the situation? :)
[00:45:18] <Eeyore> just don't use all the hot water
[00:45:20] <neRd> *cough*address, Eeyore*cough*
[00:45:23] <QID|YDL> party at eeyore's house!
[00:45:29] <Sider> :O�!
[00:45:41] <Eeyore> i wouldn't know, i've never met any of you people in real life
[00:45:41] � DaddyDeath votes for echon to watch th b/f
[00:45:41] <Fwerp> q2info onecall??
[00:45:42] <@bitch> Server:onecall.ip.planetgloom.com:27910 Game:gloom Players:0313/36 (0316/36) Map:deltarc Ping:64 Uptime:7days, 7hrs, 9mins Hostname:OneCall.Net Gloom 1.x
[00:45:42] <DaddyDeath> :P
[00:45:49] <neRd> she wants r1ch
[00:45:53] <DaddyDeath> ROFL!
[00:45:56] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Then you don't know what you're missing :)
[00:46:00] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:46:00] <+Cyber_Ass> Ugh.
[00:46:00] <@bitch> <BaDkaRmA158Th> id drink a beer for each one of you..but its die..so..ill just have a shot for everytwo of you..shit ill still be fuckerd up tho..laters.
[00:46:02] <shinji> heh ima have fwerps girl up here by the end of the week
[00:46:04] <DaddyDeath> no one wants r1ch
[00:46:05] <Cybernetsam> I'm very different IRL than I am online...
[00:46:05] <+Cyber_Ass> I'm really bad at this :)
[00:46:09] <shinji> OOPS DID I SAY THAT?>
[00:46:10] � BaDkaRmA158Th is back
[00:46:10] <Eeyore> i'm not missing anything
[00:46:14] <Eeyore> i got everything i want here :)
[00:46:14] � Fwerp slaps shinji around a bit with a large trout
[00:46:20] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Are you absolutely sure about that? :)
[00:46:22] <DaddyDeath> hahahahaha
[00:46:22] <shinji> he knows it too
[00:46:23] <Eeyore> yeah
[00:46:25] <DaddyDeath> OWNED CA
[00:46:25] <shinji> thats whats funny
[00:46:29] <Fwerp> .....
[00:46:34] <shinji> j/k fwerp
[00:46:34] <neRd> Eeyore wants Pylon
[00:46:37] <Fwerp> she is my fiance
[00:46:40] <Fwerp> !
[00:46:40] <neRd> pylon:last??
[00:46:41] <@bitch> (@Saig): shutup sphinctersmuggler || (@Pylon): and then i'll just shutup
[00:46:42] <shinji> j/k fwerp
[00:46:42] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: canadians.. hah
[00:46:45] <Fwerp> touch her and die
[00:46:48] <Fwerp> lol
[00:46:48] <DaddyDeath> come to texas
[00:46:53] <Eeyore> canadians are sexy :P
[00:46:56] <neRd> !
[00:46:57] <BaDkaRmA158Th> my god
[00:47:00] <DaddyDeath> :(
[00:47:01] <+Cyber_Ass> Yes we are, Eeyore :)
[00:47:03] <neRd> i wish i was canidan now
[00:47:03] <Sider> and ther eis no helluva heat in canada
[00:47:09] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:47:11] <Sider> and there is no helluva heat in canada <-----
[00:47:17] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: what about sex in the snow
[00:47:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Gotta love that fresh "Produit du Qu�bec" label :)
[00:47:19] <Eeyore> huh ?
[00:47:20] <QID|YDL> Eeyore: I'm in buffalo, that's close to canada...
[00:47:20] <shinji> sure there is
[00:47:23] <Eeyore> no leluva heat?
[00:47:24] <neRd> Eeyore, iam american, does that count?
[00:47:30] <Cybernetsam> Why do you think QCon is held in texas? Because nowhere else kicks enough ass, that's why.
[00:47:30] <BaDkaRmA158Th> you fuckin'
[00:47:31] <QID|YDL> I can talk like dem canadians dere, eh?
[00:47:31] <shinji> nerd your blaxican
[00:47:35] <Eeyore> sex in the snow is invergarating (sp?) and fun
[00:47:42] � BaDkaRmA158Th <Eeyore> how old are you?
[00:47:44] <neRd> iam half black, i got a big dick, yippy
[00:47:49] <DaddyDeath> she is 14 tomorrow BaDkaRmA158Th
[00:47:49] <DaddyDeath> :P
[00:47:52] <Eeyore> 20
[00:47:53] <QID|YDL> Eeyore: invigorating
[00:47:59] <+Cyber_Ass> Xanakar is closer..
[00:48:05] <Cybernetsam> QID|YDL, shut up, Eeyore is always right.
[00:48:06] <BaDkaRmA158Th> my god fellas lay up off the girl for fuck sakes
[00:48:07] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: does herbal essences actually make you orgasm?
[00:48:08] <neRd> how old is xana
[00:48:12] <Eeyore> no
[00:48:16] <neRd> lol
[00:48:17] <Fwerp> eeyore: ever get the pic of my cock?
[00:48:17] <BaDkaRmA158Th> im seeing like 5 lines a seconds paster by 5 guys
[00:48:17] <+Cyber_Ass> neRd: Old :)
[00:48:18] <DaddyDeath> didn't think so
[00:48:21] <Eeyore> no
[00:48:23] <neRd> how old is jess
[00:48:23] <BaDkaRmA158Th> all twards her lol.
[00:48:27] <+Cyber_Ass> neRd: 16
[00:48:28] <Fwerp> want it?
[00:48:30] <Eeyore> no
[00:48:30] <+Cyber_Ass> neRd: er..17 nmow
[00:48:33] <DaddyDeath> jesz??
[00:48:33] <neRd> eh
[00:48:33] <@bitch> Ah! My Goddess
[00:48:38] <DaddyDeath> jesz:last??
[00:48:39] <@bitch> Ah! My Goddess
[00:48:40] <+Cyber_Ass> Mmm
[00:48:42] <DaddyDeath> bleh
[00:48:43] <+Cyber_Ass> Dutch goodness..
[00:48:45] <neRd> jess??
[00:48:46] � 2@bitch hails to JeSs, der �berbitch!!!!
[00:48:47] <DaddyDeath> Jesz:2??
[00:48:47] <@bitch> <Switen> JeSz, As far as I know you're a 40 year old man unless you prove it with a pic.
[00:48:53] <DaddyDeath> Jesz:3??
[00:48:53] <+Cyber_Ass> Omg
[00:48:53] <@bitch> www.cu2.nl/jezz
[00:48:53] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:48:53] <@bitch> <EdgeWyze> i slept with my teacher
[00:48:58] <+Cyber_Ass> Ok..
[00:48:59] <neRd> LOL
[00:49:03] <QID|YDL> uhm
[00:49:04] <Fwerp> ew
[00:49:07] � +Cyber_Ass deactivates sex mode.
[00:49:15] <EdgeWyze> :)
[00:49:18] � Fwerp sets mode -secks #gloom
[00:49:22] <neRd> lol
[00:49:26] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:49:27] <@bitch> [03:09:26] <Skype> Thug, but I am immature
[00:49:30] � BaDkaRmA158Th is on fUNKy m0dE
[00:49:33] <Skype> id rather live in mexico then canada
[00:49:36] <+Cyber_Ass> Skype: ..
[00:49:38] <neRd> OMG
[00:49:41] <DaddyDeath> i wouldn't
[00:49:43] <Skype> ?
[00:49:44] <DaddyDeath> you stupid stupid man
[00:49:44] <neRd> Skype you rule
[00:49:50] [quit/[email protected]] Connection reset by peer
[00:49:50] <DaddyDeath> Skype you stupid
[00:49:51] <Skype> I know
[00:49:52] <QID|YDL> mexico = the suck
[00:49:53] <Skype> ;d
[00:49:56] <Fwerp> amsterdam> everywhereelse
[00:49:57] <Eeyore> why would you want to live in mexico ?!
[00:49:59] <neRd> mexico= the shit
[00:49:59] <shinji> jess isnt that good looking
[00:50:01] <Skype> I know mexico = teh suck
[00:50:05] <QID|YDL> hot and technologically-challenged
[00:50:06] <neRd> OMG
[00:50:09] <Skype> but canada = teh major suck
[00:50:09] <QID|YDL> and then there's the water
[00:50:11] <neRd> MEXICO DOES NOT SUCK
[00:50:11] <Eeyore> *drinks her clean water* mmm canada r0x0rz
[00:50:17] <neRd> ..
[00:50:21] <dercak> good one
[00:50:22] <Skype> mexico food owns all
[00:50:25] <neRd> omg
[00:50:27] <+Cyber_Ass> *drinks his clean cum* mmm canada r0x0rz
[00:50:27] <Skype> the weather owns all
[00:50:28] <neRd> r0x
[00:50:29] <BaDkaRmA158Th> poor guys
[00:50:33] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass!!
[00:50:34] <QID|YDL> GACJ!@!
[00:50:34] <DaddyDeath> lolololool
[00:50:35] <neRd> LOL Cyber_Ass
[00:50:38] <Cybernetsam> omg C_A.
[00:50:42] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass is <reply> (Cyber_Ass) *drinks his clean cum* mmm canada r0x0rz
[00:50:42] <QID|YDL> that is just sick
[00:50:42] <Eeyore> lol
[00:50:44] <neRd> Cyber_Ass swallows
[00:50:45] <Fwerp> mexican herb is nasty, no good weed there
[00:50:46] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass is <reply> (Cyber_Ass) *drinks his clean cum* mmm canada r0x0rz??
[00:50:46] <@bitch> OK DaddyDeath
[00:50:49] <+Cyber_Ass> female cum you fools
[00:50:52] <+Cyber_Ass> Not my cum
[00:50:56] <DaddyDeath> hahaha
[00:50:57] <DaddyDeath> man cum!
[00:51:02] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: no, you were talking about your own
[00:51:04] <Eeyore> what's wrong with drinking your own cum?
[00:51:04] <QID|YDL> admit it!
[00:51:07] <EdgeWyze> god damnit
[00:51:09] <Cybernetsam> DD, you have to add Eeyore's quote too, makes it funnier.
[00:51:13] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: do you?
[00:51:14] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Female cum tastes so much better..
[00:51:17] <Sider> when girls cum your self esteem helluva rises :P
[00:51:18] <EdgeWyze> i wait 2 days for my domain to transfer
[00:51:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: No question about it
[00:51:20] <neRd> nice Eeyore
[00:51:29] <EdgeWyze> now i need to wait till this dude gets online to add it to the httpd.conf
[00:51:30] <Eeyore> yeah, me and my bf share ours :)
[00:51:31] <Skype> Cyber_Ass likes mine ok
[00:51:44] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: if it tastes better that means you've compared the two
[00:51:44] <Fwerp> ew
[00:51:47] <Cybernetsam> One for all, ect...
[00:51:52] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: which requires you drinking male cum
[00:51:52] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: You form the hive and he's the worker bee.. together you make the honey.
[00:52:00] <neRd> llol
[00:52:01] <Eeyore> yeah
[00:52:07] <DaddyDeath> hahaahah
[00:52:07] <Cybernetsam> C_A, taht was lame and funny at the same time.
[00:52:09] <Skype> lol
[00:52:10] <+Cyber_Ass> Mmm, how "sweet"..
[00:52:13] <neRd> they share blood also
[00:52:24] <EdgeWyze> for the love of god.
[00:52:26] <EdgeWyze> new topic!
[00:52:27] <EdgeWyze> :P
[00:52:27] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Strange men.
[00:52:37] <DaddyDeath> it's bed time
[00:52:37] <DaddyDeath> lol
[00:52:44] <Skype> Eeyore, if a girl masturbates does that pop her cherry?
[00:52:45] <BaDkaRmA158Th> night dd
[00:52:52] <shinji> EdgeWyze: do you need to add an ip to a httpd.conf or something
[00:52:56] <Eeyore> depends
[00:53:00] <+Cyber_Ass> Skype: You're too young to be asking these questions :)
[00:53:02] <BaDkaRmA158Th> sleep light, dont let the hatclings bitE!
[00:53:05] <Cybernetsam> Skype, many things can do that.
[00:53:05] <Skype> im 7 now
[00:53:08] <shinji> if its rigorous
[00:53:22] <Cybernetsam> Not just sexual stuff...
[00:53:28] <QID|YDL> if she uses a dildo it probably would
[00:53:34] <shinji> shimming up a flagpole for instance
[00:53:36] � BaDkaRmA158Th Skype's dA mAN!
[00:53:39] <Eeyore> like if she goes right at it.. she probly would, however a lot of girls would be to scared to do that
[00:53:54] <Skype> RoYaL beeps me more than anyone..
[00:54:00] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Eeyore not californian girls.
[00:54:00] <RoYaL> hehe
[00:54:06] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:54:06] <RoYaL> Skype beeps me more than anyone..
[00:54:12] <Eeyore> well it depends on the girl and how she's brought up
[00:54:12] <Skype> No I don't RoYaL
[00:54:14] <Skype> k RoYaL
[00:54:17] <BaDkaRmA158Th> the search for non whores is few and far between.
[00:54:17] <Cybernetsam> Whoa, hi smith.
[00:54:22] <Skype> Eeyore, how was your poped?
[00:54:24] <Eeyore> a lot are tought that that's a bad, ick place. not to be touched
[00:54:25] <Agent_Smith> sup
[00:54:29] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: That's what I thought..it's impossible that girls with unpopped cherries at 21 have *never* masturbated in their life.. as everyone has.
[00:54:30] <RoYaL> u do
[00:54:31] <RoYaL> LOok:
[00:54:34] <Agent_Smith> thought id drop in
[00:54:35] <RoYaL> [23:07] <Skype> RoYaL
[00:54:36] <RoYaL> [23:07] <Skype> RoYaL
[00:54:36] <RoYaL> [23:07] <Skype> RoYaL
[00:54:36] <RoYaL> [23:07] <Skype> RoYaL
[00:54:36] <RoYaL> [23:07] <Skype> RoYaL
[00:54:36] [kick/#gloom] RoYaL by RipFlAway for Repeating - 4 times
[00:54:37] <QID|YDL> Agent_Smith: welcome, we're just having a discussion about female masturbation with Eeyore
[00:54:45] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[00:54:45] <@bitch> royal is stupid donkey
[00:54:48] <Agent_Smith> damn, did i miss much?
[00:54:53] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Cyber_Ass true.
[00:54:54] <RoYaL> whoadded that??
[00:54:55] <@bitch> RoYaL:10 was added by Ankz
[00:54:57] <Cybernetsam> You picked a dand time to pop ins, Agent_Smith
[00:55:00] <Eeyore> i would rather not talk abuot how mine poped
[00:55:04] <QID|YDL> Agent_Smith: not a whole lot
[00:55:06] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Would you tell us a bit about your favourite techniques?
[00:55:08] <Skype> Cyber_Ass, 96% of the population maturbate
[00:55:12] <Skype> thats including women
[00:55:13] <Agent_Smith> i dont
[00:55:14] <Agent_Smith> never did
[00:55:18] <Skype> ..
[00:55:19] <Agent_Smith> except for right now
[00:55:19] <Eeyore> well some girls don't masterbate.. it depends on there upbrining and feelings and stuff
[00:55:26] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Agent_Smith LOL
[00:55:31] <EdgeWyze> i'm masterbating right now too
[00:55:34] <Skype> well, I know I don't mastubate
[00:55:37] <Skype> its against my belifes
[00:55:42] <Skype> its nasty
[00:55:45] <QID|YDL> Skype: yeah right
[00:55:46] <+Cyber_Ass> Skype: Heh..it's against your code of grammar and vocabulary too
[00:55:46] <Eeyore> sure skype
[00:55:47] <+Who-[Soup]> You don't miss anything ever in Gloom, Agent_Smith.
[00:55:55] <EdgeWyze> foegive tha spoellying mistaze i'm usain 1 hand 2 type
[00:55:55] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Skype just you wate kido.
[00:55:58] <Eeyore> masterbation is like warez, everyone does it, but say they don't
[00:55:58] <BaDkaRmA158Th> its life.
[00:55:59] <QID|YDL> Skype: you masturbate more than the rest of us combined
[00:56:00] <Cybernetsam> Parents saying you'll burn in hell for thinking about sex kinda dampers one's drive as you get older...
[00:56:03] <Agent_Smith> yeah according to how many times ive done it im going to the seventh ring of fire in hell
[00:56:09] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: How often would you say you masturbate on average in a week?
[00:56:10] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Eeyore you got it.
[00:56:11] <Agent_Smith> yeah nothing changed Who
[00:56:20] <Eeyore> depends on how i feel
[00:56:27] <+Thug> shouldn't you be sleeping Cyber_Ass?
[00:56:31] <Eeyore> like lately none.. it's too damn hot out
[00:56:32] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: it probably varies during each month
[00:56:36] <BaDkaRmA158Th> 2 3 depending on how many chicks i run into thru a day.
[00:56:39] <BaDkaRmA158Th> er week
[00:56:42] <Skype> I warez...
[00:56:42] <shinji> hahaha
[00:56:43] <Agent_Smith> and then someone will copy and paste this into a thread just to take up space in the forum
[00:56:43] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Hmm, say in a cold autumn week..
[00:56:44] � BaDkaRmA158Th rolls eyes
[00:56:46] <Skype> but I don't wank off
[00:56:46] <QID|YDL> like on a cycle *cough*
[00:56:46] <Sider> my best friend masterbates when she don't got a bf :O
[00:57:03] <Skype> Sider, you talking about RoYaL?
[00:57:10] <Sider> nah
[00:57:12] <Skype> oho
[00:57:13] <Sider> royal knows her tho
[00:57:13] <Fwerp> whos royal?
[00:57:13] <Skype> ;f
[00:57:14] <Eeyore> anywhere from in a 7 day week? anywhere fro 5 to 28?
[00:57:17] <QID|YDL> Sider: eh, why not offer your, uh, services?
[00:57:22] <RoYaL> who Sider?
[00:57:23] <Fwerp> royal? BEEP?
[00:57:26] <RoYaL> shh!
[00:57:26] <Sider> I do.. sometimes
[00:57:31] <Skype> Sider, you didn't pay for my PA last seson
[00:57:35] <Sider> alcohol
[00:57:35] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Eeyore no shit 28?
[00:57:37] <Skype> or season before last what ever
[00:57:40] <+Thug> http://www.geocities.com/spacetimescan/0190.jpg is all that needs to be said
[00:57:40] <Eeyore> or more.. depends
[00:57:46] <BaDkaRmA158Th> dayomn
[00:57:49] <Sider> 28 is hella
[00:57:53] <BaDkaRmA158Th> fuckin' a girl.
[00:57:54] � Agent_Smith is having trouble finding a decent car on autotrader.com
[00:57:55] <Sider> 4 times a day
[00:58:00] � BaDkaRmA158Th claps
[00:58:01] <Cybernetsam> pfft, women are lucky. Damned ability to have multiple orgasms...
[00:58:06] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: What is your average "orgasm successfully achieved by number of sessions" ratio?
[00:58:18] <Xenoid> well put C_A
[00:58:22] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: gack, why are you asking her such complicated questions?
[00:58:22] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Cyber_Ass is kink maser
[00:58:27] <Eeyore> number of sessions ?
[00:58:29] <Eeyore> huh?
[00:58:36] <BaDkaRmA158Th> QID|YDL thats what im sayin' lol.
[00:58:38] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: ie. do you orgasm *each* time you masturbate or not always?
[00:58:38] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: best way to learn what a girl likes, is to have her do her routine with your hand on top following hers :P
[00:58:39] <shinji> number of fucks
[00:58:39] <QID|YDL> only Cyber_Ass can turn a question about sex into a calculus problem
[00:58:43] <BaDkaRmA158Th> you got the same vibe as i did.
[00:58:43] <Cybernetsam> I think he means number of orgasms/typical session
[00:58:45] <DaddyDeath> if she does stuff like that
[00:58:48] <Eeyore> oh 90% of the time yeah
[00:58:48] <RoYaL> Sider: u said I new ur bf, whos her?
[00:58:49] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass, the uber-nerd!
[00:58:49] <RoYaL> lucia?
[00:58:50] <Sider> :D:D QID|YDL
[00:58:50] <Agent_Smith> daddydeath is dead on
[00:58:51] <DaddyDeath> well.. if she will do that for you
[00:58:52] <Skype> Cybernetsam, multiple?
[00:58:54] <RoYaL> SIder: lucia?
[00:58:55] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Hmm..above average.
[00:58:57] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Interesting..
[00:59:00] <Skype> Cybernetsam, they can have 2 at same time?
[00:59:00] <Sider> heh RoYaL
[00:59:03] <RoYaL> bastard
[00:59:05] <RoYaL> hehe
[00:59:08] <dercak> another good one
[00:59:08] <Xenoid> they have can have more than 2 a time skype
[00:59:09] <DaddyDeath> Agent_Smith: yep :)
[00:59:10] <Agent_Smith> no pun intended
[00:59:10] <RoYaL> I'll tell her :D
[00:59:17] <Skype> wtf..
[00:59:20] <Skype> you mean..
[00:59:20] <BaDkaRmA158Th> <Agent_Smith> no pun intended SNICKER
[00:59:20] <RoYaL> J/K
[00:59:21] <Sider> it isn't her anyway
[00:59:22] <Skype> wtf..
[00:59:24] <RoYaL> hehe
[00:59:25] <Eeyore> when it comes to girls and orgasms, and gspots, and length of orgasm, and how man.... each girl is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT
[00:59:25] <Sider> it's some other foo :)
[00:59:30] <Sider> my best friend
[00:59:31] <Sider> :O
[00:59:32] <QID|YDL> they don't have multiple orgasms simultaneously, they have them in a row
[00:59:34] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: definitely.
[00:59:36] <+bspit> You ppl are all sick.
[00:59:42] <DaddyDeath> lololol QID|YDL
[00:59:48] <RoYaL> is Eeyore really a girl?
[00:59:48] <DaddyDeath> bspit: sex is gross, i'm prude!
[00:59:48] <BaDkaRmA158Th> bspit you have, no idea.
[00:59:49] <Agent_Smith> wait... thats not the same karma from your_pimps little crew?????
[00:59:50] <Skype> I HIT DA G SPOT BABY~
[00:59:54] <EdgeWyze> lol
[00:59:59] <Xenoid> skype you dont know what a g-spot is
[01:00:00] <DaddyDeath> PRUDE!
[01:00:02] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: At how many minutes would you estimate your average masturbation session length?
[01:00:06] <Skype> its in da vagina
[01:00:07] <EdgeWyze> you people make jesus cry :P
[01:00:08] <Cybernetsam> Women are much more lucky when it comes to sex.
[01:00:08] <Fwerp> i had sex twice today
[01:00:08] <Xenoid> im sure you have had experience with the a-spot with duncan though
[01:00:09] <RoYaL> LOL!
[01:00:09] <+bspit> K can we SHUTDOWN this TOPIC?!
[01:00:09] <Skype> on the top of it
[01:00:09] <Sider> bitch, cyber_ass is <reply><QID|YDL> only Cyber_Ass can turn a question about sex into a calculus problem
[01:00:10] <@bitch> OK Sider
[01:00:10] <Xenoid> im sure you have had experience with the a-spot with duncan though
[01:00:11] <Eeyore> i know this one girl, who after like 5 seconds a guys penis is in her.. she has a orgasm.. she's really weird
[01:00:11] <DaddyDeath> Skype has never touched within 5 inches of a g-spot
[01:00:12] <Millsy> Its amazing how one girl in the Channel just sends it to shit.. (No offence Eeyore)
[01:00:12] <Fwerp> im cool
[01:00:13] <DaddyDeath> shit
[01:00:15] <Agent_Smith> if any of read maxim ud know where the A spot is
[01:00:15] <DaddyDeath> within 12 inches
[01:00:16] <RoYaL> this is a factoid karnage
[01:00:16] <DaddyDeath> :P
[01:00:19] <Skype> DaddyDeath, yes I have
[01:00:25] <Sider> lies DaddyDeath
[01:00:26] <Agent_Smith> =)
[01:00:31] <Sider> anyone above 1 has touched
[01:00:31] <Fwerp> breeder sex
[01:00:33] <Sider> 13
[01:00:34] <Sider> :P
[01:00:42] <Eeyore> average? i dunno... 15 min? 30 min, hour, 2 hour, 3 hours... depends on time/mood
[01:00:42] <BaDkaRmA158Th> smith message
[01:00:48] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: I can orgasm after 5 seconds of humping too if conditions are right..
[01:00:48] <Xenoid> damn
[01:00:49] <Sider> too temptative
[01:00:49] <Xenoid> thats long
[01:00:50] <shinji> wow
[01:00:54] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/
[01:00:55] <Skype> w00t
[01:00:59] <Xenoid> i can go in about 5 seconds too
[01:01:01] <Xenoid> poor bastards
[01:01:01] <DaddyDeath> 3 hours?!
[01:01:02] <Eeyore> i could care less
[01:01:03] <dercak> Anyone here missing a limp and or appendage?
[01:01:05] <DaddyDeath> goddddamn
[01:01:06] <dercak> limb...
[01:01:07] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Which techniques do you usally employ for the longer sessions?
[01:01:14] <Agent_Smith> my dick could be 12 inches... if i fold it in half
[01:01:17] <shinji> anyone can go in 5 seconds if the conditions are right
[01:01:18] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass: best way to learn.. seriously
[01:01:18] <Sider> lol Cyber_Ass
[01:01:18] <Eeyore> not like any of you know me :P i can say whatever i want
[01:01:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Agent_Smith: er..
[01:01:21] <+bspit> Omg your killing me
[01:01:26] <DaddyDeath> ask them how they like it, hehe
[01:01:30] <shinji> anyone can go in 5 hours if the conditions are right
[01:01:34] <DaddyDeath> that or if they will show you
[01:01:36] <Sider> tantra
[01:01:36] <Eeyore> technique? uhh.. the ussual one.. lol i dunno
[01:01:42] <RoYaL> Eeyore, do u have something like Eeyore-cam?
[01:01:44] <Xenoid> stick something in there..
[01:01:47] <Xenoid> and away you go
[01:01:48] <Eeyore> no
[01:01:48] [part/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:01:49] <RoYaL> gg??
[01:01:49] <@bitch> http://www.planetgloom.com/gg/
[01:01:51] <Xenoid> fingers too
[01:01:54] <Xenoid> no>
[01:01:54] <Xenoid> hmm
[01:01:55] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Well, I suppose you'd get numb if you were constantly poking your finger inside for 5 hours straight
[01:01:59] <Eeyore> and if did i wouldn't have it on anyway ol
[01:02:01] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:02:02] <@bitch> http://www.nekonekowai.com/
[01:02:02] <Xenoid> i have been watching "strange" people then :P
[01:02:05] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: It's probably something more gentle than that
[01:02:06] <RoYaL> Eeyore:how much fingers (or hands) do u usually use
[01:02:07] <Kai> ping me??
[01:02:08] <@bitch> Kai ping reply: 0.389536023139954secs.
[01:02:12] <Eeyore> well you can do more than one thing
[01:02:16] <+Cyber_Ass> Exactly.
[01:02:22] <Fwerp> DD has seen my penis
[01:02:22] <DaddyDeath> work the outside too Cyber_Ass
[01:02:26] <+Cyber_Ass> Yes DaddyDeath
[01:02:26] <DaddyDeath> Fwerp: stfu.
[01:02:29] <RoYaL> Eeyore:how much fingers (or hands) do u usually use
[01:02:33] <Sider> once a girl confessed that she masturbated one of those vibrating things to make massage :P
[01:02:33] <Fwerp> its true
[01:02:36] <Eeyore> depends on what i'm doing
[01:02:36] <DaddyDeath> 2 hands!
[01:02:38] <DaddyDeath> ORFL
[01:02:40] <Cybernetsam> Shut up about your penis Fwerp :P
[01:02:45] <Agent_Smith> most girls like 2 fists and a kick to the face
[01:02:50] <DaddyDeath> hahaha
[01:02:51] <Xenoid> lol
[01:02:53] <Eeyore> i don't fist my self
[01:02:54] <Fwerp> did you see it too cyber?
[01:02:55] <Eeyore> that's grose
[01:02:57] � +Cyber_Ass should make this a moderated discussion..
[01:02:57] <DaddyDeath> oh shit, that's funny
[01:03:02] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: 3fingers?
[01:03:08] <Xenoid> i've seen guys shove their heads up there on yonder..
[01:03:09] <Cybernetsam> No and I don't want to
[01:03:10] � DaddyDeath better get voiced
[01:03:10] <shinji> Eeyore: other people though?
[01:03:12] <RoYaL> [00:06] <Sider> once a girl confessed that she masturbated one of those vibrating things to make massage :P <--- ????
[01:03:13] <Xenoid> now in real life though
[01:03:18] <Xenoid> :P
[01:03:18] � shinji too
[01:03:23] <Eeyore> yeah, but you don't need 3 fingres in there to pleasure my self, i only need 1
[01:03:27] <Sider> when I was 14 :O
[01:03:31] <QID|YDL> there was that fucked-up video where a girl fit a whole football in there
[01:03:32] <Eeyore> more control with one finger
[01:03:33] <Sider> tose were the days.. :P
[01:03:37] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Do you get pretty tight during orgasm?
[01:03:39] <Xenoid> ive seen wors
[01:03:39] <RoYaL> Sider: she masturbated a machine?
[01:03:42] <Xenoid> when a guy shoved his head up there
[01:03:44] <Eeyore> yse
[01:03:44] <Xenoid> lol
[01:03:45] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: of course, only 1... just put it in the right place and you are all ready to go
[01:03:46] <Sider> with a machine
[01:03:47] <Sider> :O?
[01:03:50] <RoYaL> hehe
[01:03:54] <RoYaL> read what u said
[01:03:55] <RoYaL> :D
[01:03:58] <Agent_Smith> what the fuck...
[01:03:59] <Sider> :O
[01:04:03] <Agent_Smith> thats like a hot dog down a hallway
[01:04:11] <Xenoid> that makes no sense
[01:04:11] <DaddyDeath> ROFL
[01:04:15] <DaddyDeath> ok
[01:04:15] <RoYaL> Eeyore, have u anally masturbated urslef?
[01:04:18] <DaddyDeath> i'm going to bed guys
[01:04:20] <DaddyDeath> RoYaL: gah
[01:04:21] <Xenoid> at least to us undedekated ones
[01:04:21] <shinji> ...
[01:04:21] <Eeyore> yes
[01:04:22] <Cybernetsam> Inquisitive today, eh C_A?
[01:04:24] <RoYaL> NN DD
[01:04:25] <Kai> god
[01:04:25] <Fwerp> kai and spy saw my cock too
[01:04:27] <DaddyDeath> haha
[01:04:30] <Xenoid> C_A is learning about the opposite sex today
[01:04:31] <Kai> lol Fwerp
[01:04:32] <BaDkaRmA158Th> Eeyore good girl
[01:04:34] <Eeyore> LOL
[01:04:35] <DaddyDeath> i wasn't surprised by the answer..
[01:04:37] <DaddyDeath> but still
[01:04:38] <Kai> yes i did
[01:04:38] <RoYaL> hehe
[01:04:39] <BaDkaRmA158Th> shes up for options..thats nice.
[01:04:42] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Do you consider yourself to have an above average or below average cum production rate during orgasm?
[01:04:46] <Xenoid> ..
[01:04:47] <DaddyDeath> ROFL
[01:04:48] <Xenoid> cum is good
[01:04:50] <QID|YDL> hahaha
[01:04:51] <Xenoid> from girlies
[01:04:51] <Sider> nice
[01:04:56] <Agent_Smith> wow
[01:04:56] <Cybernetsam> Good lord C_A.
[01:04:58] <DaddyDeath> Cyber_Ass.. the sex doctor
[01:04:58] <Spoon-[Soup]> Eeyore is successfully turning on a bunch of gloomers
[01:04:59] <Agent_Smith> go to bed people
[01:04:59] <Sider> yeah xenoid right...
[01:05:00] <DaddyDeath> one day he can be on MTV
[01:05:02] <Eeyore> well i can squirt.. most girls can't
[01:05:04] <Xenoid> stfu sider
[01:05:04] <DaddyDeath> when that guy dies
[01:05:06] <Kai> its making me sad Spoon-[Soup]
[01:05:09] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Have you ever squirted far?
[01:05:09] <DaddyDeath> Eeyore: NICe
[01:05:14] <Eeyore> acrost the room
[01:05:17] <Cybernetsam> !!!
[01:05:17] <Xenoid> lol
[01:05:18] <DaddyDeath> NICE!
[01:05:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: More than 6 feet?
[01:05:23] <Sider> if you had provoked female cum you wouldn't be such a whiner...
[01:05:24] <Sider> :o
[01:05:27] <Eeyore> something like that
[01:05:30] <DaddyDeath> NIIIICEEE
[01:05:33] <RoYaL> what do u mean with squirt�
[01:05:34] <Xenoid> Eeeyore: Is it hard to clean up after that?
[01:05:38] <RoYaL> *?
[01:05:38] <Fwerp> uh
[01:05:39] <Xenoid> :P
[01:05:41] <Eeyore> yeah
[01:05:42] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Excellent..you beat the previous person in my records.
[01:05:42] <Agent_Smith> and on that note
[01:05:43] <@Saig> dare i ask what you people are talking about now
[01:05:43] <Spoon-[Soup]> I can pee 6 feet across the room
[01:05:44] <Agent_Smith> im out
[01:05:45] -> -DaddyDeath- you do realize she's making this up, right?
[01:05:48] <Agent_Smith> lata
[01:05:48] <Spoon-[Soup]> do I make you horny?
[01:05:50] <Xenoid> ^^
[01:05:53] <Eeyore> lol
[01:05:54] <Xenoid> DO I MAKE YOU RANDY BABY
[01:05:56] <Kai> I can write my name in the snow
[01:05:56] <Xenoid> DO I?
[01:05:58] <Kai> i'm so cool
[01:05:59] <@Saig> Spoon-[Soup]: Thats pathetic. You cant beat my firehose
[01:06:02] <Cybernetsam> C_A is compiling sexual information on female geeks.
[01:06:03] [quit/[email protected]] Quit:
[01:06:06] <Fwerp> ok , im outa this one. squirting female cum is cool in a way... just not in my field of study. this happens to be #gloom
[01:06:13] <Xenoid> lol
[01:06:13] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: How much do you usally squirt during orgasm? A small amount or a "I hope you brought a bucket" amount?
[01:06:14] <Kai> first AND last name
[01:06:14] <Eeyore> LOL cybernetsam lol
[01:06:22] <Xenoid> lmao!
[01:06:22] <Eeyore> hope you brought a bucket
[01:06:23] <Kai> 12 LETTERS
[01:06:25] <Kai> ALL IN CAPS
[01:06:26] <Eeyore> and mop
[01:06:28] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: :D
[01:06:33] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Excellent..quite excellent.
[01:06:33] <Spoon-[Soup]> Saig: lets not get into this conversation >_<
[01:06:40] � +Cyber_Ass takes more notes..
[01:06:44] <RoYaL> lol Kai
[01:06:45] <Sider> :o
[01:06:49] <Xenoid> eeeyore i'm sure it's an offense to make everyone in #gloom horny..
[01:06:54] <Cybernetsam> I can picture C_A, filing through boxes of index cards whenever he needs "information"
[01:06:57] <RoYaL> wtf is squirting?
[01:06:58] <+Cyber_Ass> I'm not horny at all Xenoid
[01:06:59] <Eeyore> i want to mesure it all.. cuzz it's a lot.. and i'm not a big girl, i wonder where all that liquid is stored
[01:07:01] <@Saig> Kai: Jamal Blaqman?
[01:07:03] <Xenoid> you're gay
[01:07:04] [quit/[email protected]] Connection reset by peer
[01:07:05] <Xenoid> thats why
[01:07:08] <Xenoid> :P
[01:07:16] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Are you familiar with the physiological facts behind female ejaculations?
[01:07:18] <Sider> squirting is what happens when you shake a can of coke and open it RoYaL
[01:07:21] <RoYaL> I can Picture EEyore with a mop, and some buckets
[01:07:23] <Kai> you can't guess my name Saig
[01:07:25] <RoYaL> oh SIder
[01:07:27] <RoYaL> hehe
[01:07:29] <Kai> I'm too fucking deep for you
[01:07:30] <Sider> :o
[01:07:31] <@Saig> ok jamal blaqman
[01:07:31] <RoYaL> I knwo the term in spanish
[01:07:32] <RoYaL> I mean
[01:07:36] � DaddyDeath votes for new topics
[01:07:36] <Spoon-[Soup]> Cyber_Ass does, he looks it up on the interweb
[01:07:37] <Xenoid> I can picture any woman with a dick in he---er...nevermind...
[01:07:41] <Xenoid> CLOSE to any woman
[01:07:41] <Xenoid> hah!
[01:07:44] <Eeyore> a little.. everything i read about it is like.. we don't understand why woman do this or how
[01:07:45] � DaddyDeath wants Cyber_Ass to respond to his PM so he can leave
[01:07:49] <QID|YDL> Xenoid: janet reno
[01:07:51] [quit/[email protected]] Ping timeout: 180 seconds
[01:07:54] <Xenoid> never heard of her
[01:07:56] <RoYaL> I know what u said, the other day a gloomer was surprised cuz he saw a girl squiting in the web
[01:07:57] <Xenoid> angelina jolie
[01:07:59] <Xenoid> ^
[01:08:01] <Xenoid> ^_^
[01:08:06] <QID|YDL> Xenoid: go search for janet reno
[01:08:09] <Xenoid> aye
[01:08:13] <shinji> ig janet reno??
[01:08:14] <Xenoid> right master
[01:08:14] <DaddyDeath> rofl QID|YDL
[01:08:15] <shinji> er
[01:08:17] <shinji> g janet reno??
[01:08:18] <@bitch> http://renoforflorida.com/ - Janet Reno for Florida Governor.
[01:08:18] <Xenoid> im afraid now
[01:08:26] <shinji> !1
[01:08:26] <Xenoid> EW
[01:08:28] <Xenoid> ugly
[01:08:30] <QID|YDL> hahahaha
[01:08:30] <Xenoid> from a distance
[01:08:30] <Kai> man you people always up on bitches
[01:08:31] <Fwerp> g janet reno nude??
[01:08:32] <@bitch> http://renoforflorida.com/ - Janet Reno for Florida Governor.
[01:08:33] <Kai> stressin bitches
[01:08:35] <Xenoid> close up is worse i think
[01:08:36] <QID|YDL> LOL
[01:08:36] <@Saig> no shit kai
[01:08:38] <QID|YDL> same page
[01:08:40] <Sider> LOL
[01:08:41] <Cybernetsam> C_A: Are you getting this stuff off of a website or are you thinking this up on teh spot?
[01:08:44] <Sider> factoidable
[01:08:46] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Basicaly there is a small gland that interconnects with your uretha, and stimulates said conduit at the time of orgasm, mixing urine and "ejaculatory fluid" to create an effect or rather pleasant proportions.
[01:08:56] <Xenoid> from a site
[01:08:58] <Xenoid> u n00b cyber
[01:09:09] � +Cyber_Ass ignores the sudden deluge of privmsgs..
[01:09:11] <Xenoid> st33ling from a site
[01:09:21] <+Cyber_Ass> Xenoid: No, i've researched this extensively.
[01:09:26] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:09:26] <shinji> what kind of privmsgs cyber_ass?
[01:09:26] <@bitch> <dercak> Everyone takes pleasure in their own mucus, don't lie.
[01:09:27] <Xenoid> I'm sure it's your job even.
[01:09:27] <Eeyore> there's no urine in there
[01:09:32] <Kai> man cak
[01:09:32] <Cybernetsam> For what reason, C_A?
[01:09:34] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Heh, want to bet?
[01:09:36] <Kai> they have no idea who we be
[01:09:39] <@Saig> Eeyore see what happens when you try to go along with the joke:/
[01:09:41] <Fwerp> ./msg Cyber_Ass wanna cyber?
[01:09:41] <Kai> no FUCKING IDeA
[01:09:42] <QID|YDL> <+Cyber_Ass> Xenoid: No, i've researched this extensively. <-- I believe him, and that's a bit scary
[01:09:43] <Fwerp> er
[01:09:47] <Eeyore> well it doesn't taste/smell/look like urine
[01:09:48] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Your body can *not* spontaneously create that much fluid
[01:09:48] <Xenoid> :/
[01:09:54] <Xenoid> its stored cyber
[01:10:01] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: No it doesn't..that's what the job of that special gland is for
[01:10:06] <Eeyore> oh
[01:10:09] <Eeyore> ok
[01:10:11] <+Cyber_Ass> To dillute it somehow
[01:10:13] <Eeyore> ahh
[01:10:18] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:10:19] <@bitch> Ent is a cool euro
[01:10:23] <shinji> run ent
[01:10:28] <Sider> forget that??
[01:10:28] <@bitch> Only users with access level DELALLFACTS can delete others' factoids.
[01:10:30] <Spoon-[Soup]> ok CA, now you're just making her unconfortable
[01:10:31] <Eeyore> i thought there was just a big tank of liquid or something
[01:10:35] <Sider> they stole my fact
[01:10:38] <Fwerp> its stored in the cum gland, right next to the baby maker, north of the equator near the pasta machine
[01:10:41] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Well yeah, heh.
[01:10:49] <Sider> lol fwerp
[01:10:51] <Xenoid> pasta machine
[01:10:52] <Xenoid> i live there
[01:10:54] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: It's called a bladder, lol..
[01:10:55] <Fwerp> i swear
[01:10:55] <QID|YDL> Eeyore: one of those would be the bladder
[01:10:56] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/
[01:10:57] <Skype> pwn!
[01:11:00] <QID|YDL> yeah
[01:11:06] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: :-p
[01:11:20] <Skype> I wonder if adelphia cares if I store pr0n on their servers?
[01:11:22] <Cybernetsam> Eeyore:Overall opinion of C_A's eerie quesioning?
[01:11:29] <Eeyore> there not eerie
[01:11:33] <QID|YDL> er, shouldn't do the tongue-sticking-out emoticon, dunno what Cyber_Ass might squirt on it
[01:11:34] <Fwerp> quesioning?
[01:11:52] <Cybernetsam> quesTioning.
[01:11:57] <Eeyore> asking if i would like a hot carla would be eerie
[01:11:57] <Cybernetsam> .
[01:12:00] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Granted, there is a bit of liquid that may squirt out of the vaginal entrance.. but that's usally minimal. And certainly cannot squirt nearly as far as your previous "across the room" record.
[01:12:00] [quit/[email protected]] Quit:
[01:12:18] <+Cyber_Ass> accross, rather
[01:12:22] <Kai> man so ghetto
[01:12:23] <Cybernetsam> C_A, you sound like a sex-ed teacher...
[01:12:26] <Kai> i'm eating syrup sandwhich
[01:12:31] <+Cyber_Ass> Cybernetsam: :o
[01:12:32] <Fwerp> when my g/f cums... its quite goowy and slimey
[01:12:34] <Fwerp> very tastey
[01:12:37] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: yeah :o
[01:12:39] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:12:39] [mode/#gloOm] +v bspit by ChanServ
[01:12:39] <@bitch> [00:09] <bspit> EYE RIKE BEER AND PICKUPS
[01:12:46] <Eeyore> sunday night sex show.. with Cyber_Ass !
[01:12:47] <Sider> Eeyore doesn't wear underwear :O
[01:12:48] <QID|YDL> either Eeyore is just making up random answers to Cyber_Ass's random questions or she's incredibly voyeuristic, and we're not THAT lucky
[01:12:54] <Eeyore> yeah i do
[01:12:55] <Sider> rhymes
[01:12:57] <Sider> ya?
[01:12:58] <@Saig> i dont
[01:13:01] <Xenoid> nor do i
[01:13:03] <Xenoid> i wear a thong
[01:13:06] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: I am quite fluent in the subject, that is all :)
[01:13:06] <@Saig> free-ballin forever
[01:13:15] <Cybernetsam> Thong is still underwear...
[01:13:18] <Fwerp> voyeuristic is my middle name
[01:13:18] <Eeyore> no i'm just open about this stuff.. and could care less
[01:13:19] <Xenoid> no it isnt
[01:13:23] <Xenoid> dont twist me around like that!
[01:13:26] <Spoon-[Soup]> Its wedsnday morning
[01:13:28] <Cybernetsam> Yes it is, fool.
[01:13:31] <Xenoid> its tuesday night
[01:13:32] <Xenoid> biatch
[01:13:36] <Xenoid> :P
[01:13:39] <QID|YDL> Eeyore: yeah, he has plenty of free time in between when he's busy not having sex
[01:13:39] <Xenoid> is it tuesday?
[01:13:41] <Xenoid> hmm
[01:13:46] <Spoon-[Soup]> 1:13am on wedsnday
[01:13:46] <+Thug> http://www.geocities.com/spacetimescan/muscle4.jpg i crush your head with my bicep
[01:13:46] <Xenoid> i dont even know what month it is
[01:13:55] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: I haven't had good sex in a long, long time
[01:13:57] <Cybernetsam> I think it's July
[01:14:00] <Xenoid> thats fake thug ;P
[01:14:03] <Eeyore> people with large muscles are slow
[01:14:04] <+Thug> no
[01:14:05] <+Thug> it's real
[01:14:06] <Xenoid> yes
[01:14:07] <Xenoid> fake
[01:14:07] <Kai> Thug the working man
[01:14:10] <Penguin> eeyore!
[01:14:11] <Sider> pity, Cyber_Ass :(
[01:14:11] <+Thug> real you fucking idiot
[01:14:12] � Penguin pokes eeyore
[01:14:13] <Xenoid> if he wasnt he'd be in guiness
[01:14:14] <Sider> come to mexico :o
[01:14:15] <Xenoid> and he isnt
[01:14:20] <+Thug> ffs
[01:14:36] <+Thug> it's from injecting oil into his muscles to make them swell causing that look
[01:14:43] <Eeyore> someone the size of that would have a hard time hitting anyone
[01:14:48] <Xenoid> wouldnt that fuck your muscles up?
[01:14:49] <Xenoid> car oil?
[01:14:50] <Xenoid> :P
[01:14:51] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://www.filesandmore.com/wallpaper/men/Brad%20Pitt/1024BradPitt01.jpg
[01:14:52] <+Thug> http://www.geocities.com/spacetimescan/muscle3.jpg http://www.geocities.com/spacetimescan/muscle2.jpg http://www.geocities.com/spacetimescan/muscle1.jpg
[01:14:52] <Xenoid> what kind of oil
[01:14:55] <shinji> Thug: is that the oil injected muscles?
[01:14:56] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://www.filesandmore.com/wallpaper/men/Brad%20Pitt/1024BradPitt02.jpg
[01:15:00] <Cybernetsam> Yeah, oversized muscles are just for show...
[01:15:05] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://bradpitt.wz.cz/foto/pictures/ruzne/cigaro/ruzcig007.jpg
[01:15:19] <Kai> what about oversized dicks
[01:15:19] � QID|YDL isn't going to bother clicking on any of those links
[01:15:20] <Kai> is that for show?
[01:15:24] <Xenoid> no
[01:15:26] <Xenoid> its for working hard
[01:15:29] <Xenoid> long and hard..
[01:15:31] <Eeyore> brad pitt = teh sexy
[01:15:31] <Xenoid> :P
[01:15:31] <Kai> maybe
[01:15:33] <+Thug> no
[01:15:33] <+Thug> idiot
[01:15:35] <+Thug> it's for show
[01:15:37] <@Saig> oversized dicks are for bragging rights kai
[01:15:40] <Xenoid> it was a joke idiot
[01:15:43] <Xenoid> long and hard?
[01:15:47] � Xenoid smacks thug
[01:15:47] <Kai> no
[01:15:49] <Cybernetsam> Heh
[01:15:52] <Kai> all my friends are huge
[01:15:54] <Kai> never brag about it
[01:16:06] <Xenoid> you no touchy their privates now mr.kai!
[01:16:10] <Kai> not trying to be mean
[01:16:11] <+Thug> professional model weight lifter guys (the gross ones) some times inject that crap before shows, but not to that extent
[01:16:13] <@Saig> lol
[01:16:14] <Spoon-[Soup]> yes sexy
[01:16:18] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:16:18] <@bitch> el pirato suave
[01:16:19] <Kai> but i mostly see white guys brag when they have a big cock
[01:16:20] <Fwerp> my cock is quite large
[01:16:26] <Fwerp> and i have proof
[01:16:28] <dercak> O-K
[01:16:29] <@Saig> thats cause white guys are insecure
[01:16:31] <Kai> hahahhah
[01:16:31] <Fwerp> >:)
[01:16:33] <Kai> wtf dercak
[01:16:34] <Cybernetsam> Peh
[01:16:35] <Kai> HELP ME
[01:16:38] <Kai> #GLOOM IS EATING ME ALIVE
[01:16:38] <dercak> hikai
[01:16:39] <Kai> :LJDSFKJDLF:K
[01:16:43] <Xenoid> i never seen anyone brag about the size of their dick..
[01:16:47] <dercak> try not to read, it helps
[01:16:49] <Cybernetsam> I have
[01:16:49] <Xenoid> i have a needle! look at me!
[01:16:50] <Kai> sup nigga make me right
[01:16:50] � QID|YDL is playing Astral Projection - anything is possible !!! (Darklight's Trance Selection) (streaming@128kbpsfor123:27) (Winamp.exe)
[01:16:54] <Fwerp> so
[01:16:56] � shinji is playing: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Minarets (7:00@261kbps!11.75MB)
[01:17:03] <Spoon-[Soup]> kai: #gloom for horny teenagers
[01:17:17] <dercak> crazy bitches up in this piece
[01:17:18] <dercak> na'mean?
[01:17:21] <Kai> gah
[01:17:24] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/avril.jpg
[01:17:25] <Skype> ;o
[01:17:25] <QID|YDL> I'll have to go through all the tracks on this anthony pappa CD tomorrow
[01:17:36] <Xenoid> el hotty
[01:17:38] <+Lynch_Hung> http://www.stileproject.com/flash/flash.html
[01:17:41] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://www.filesandmore.com/wallpaper/men/Brad%20Pitt/1024BradPitt02.jpg
[01:17:47] <Skype> avril is extra hot
[01:17:48] <+Cyber_Ass> Ahh ok.. pop quiz for all #gloomers.. where do you believe girls are best stimulated on the outside of their bodies? (ie. without using pokey fingers)
[01:17:53] <Xenoid> avril is not only hot
[01:17:54] <Xenoid> shes canadian
[01:17:56] <Xenoid> = 2x hot
[01:17:58] <Xenoid> !
[01:18:02] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/hi.jpg <--- I WANT
[01:18:03] <Xenoid> all canadians are hot
[01:18:06] <+Thug> brad pitt is funny looking now
[01:18:08] <Eeyore> depends on the girl, like some places on my are my feet
[01:18:11] <@Saig> Avril...another little kid for record companies to defile
[01:18:12] <+Thug> he has long hair and a big beard
[01:18:12] <Fwerp> cyber: nipples
[01:18:16] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: Lie.
[01:18:20] <+Lynch_Hung> ears
[01:18:20] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: Except in rare cases.
[01:18:28] <Eeyore> if you want to turn a girl on, rub her feet
[01:18:30] <Fwerp> c_a: sucking nipples the right way casn stimulate the vagina
[01:18:35] <mader_> damn, anyone got onecall dll? was gonna start a server up at qcon.
[01:18:36] <Skype> Cyber_Ass, adelphia gave me free webspace lol
[01:18:38] <+Cyber_Ass> The nipples are indeed sensitive in most cases..but not in an intensely sexual way
[01:18:47] <+bspit> omg, I'm gona be sick
[01:18:47] <Fwerp> c_a: sucking nipples the right way casn stimulate the vagina <----
[01:18:50] <Fwerp> i swear
[01:18:51] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: Yes..sucking is usually more effective
[01:19:13] <Fwerp> does the clitoris count as outside?
[01:19:16] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: And it won't stimulate her vagina you fool..it'll arouse her and *then* it'll produce vaginal lubrification!
[01:19:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Well duh Fwerp :)
[01:19:25] <Fwerp> okokok
[01:19:42] <Fwerp> well c_a: believe me it can produce vaginal stim.
[01:19:42] <Spoon-[Soup]> duh fwerp
[01:19:53] <Fwerp> ill let you talk to my fiance some time
[01:20:01] <Cybernetsam> Peh.
[01:20:10] <shinji> Fwerp: #bspit
[01:20:38] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore will probably tell you that there are two or three optimal spots in the lower pubic area suitable for best stimulation
[01:20:38] <Spoon-[Soup]> hehe
[01:20:49] <Fwerp> eating out = win
[01:20:54] <Fwerp> nipples = win
[01:20:57] <Fwerp> and ear lobes
[01:21:00] <+Cyber_Ass> Why is that Fwerp! Explain to me the reason, :)
[01:21:05] <Fwerp> well
[01:21:11] <shinji> mmm earlobes
[01:21:12] <Eeyore> teh feet = win :P
[01:21:16] <shinji> and peice of skin behind them
[01:21:18] <Fwerp> #1 eating pussy is good for j00 and gets em goin
[01:21:19] <+Cyber_Ass> Foot fetish :)
[01:21:25] <Eeyore> :)
[01:21:29] <Fwerp> #2 nipples are best used when having the rod inserted
[01:21:39] <Penguin> wah about brain fetish?
[01:21:42] � Penguin eats brains
[01:21:43] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Do you have tempting feet? :)
[01:21:43] <Spoon-[Soup]> #3 shut up no one cares
[01:21:45] <Fwerp> #3 ear lobes let em know ya got a woody
[01:21:52] <Kai> man Fwerp sounds like a trucker i knew
[01:21:52] <Eeyore> tempting?
[01:21:58] <Skype> my new webspace r0x
[01:21:59] <Spoon-[Soup]> lol
[01:21:59] <shinji> FUCK i forgot that i gotta go to work 2 hours early tomorrow
[01:22:01] <Fwerp> sucking the large toe works too
[01:22:01] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Cravable?
[01:22:01] <Skype> THIS R0X
[01:22:02] <Fwerp> :)
[01:22:04] <shinji> 81m
[01:22:07] <shinji> 8am
[01:22:09] <@Saig> lol
[01:22:10] <Eeyore> there clean and sexy?
[01:22:12] <@Saig> goooo shinjee
[01:22:16] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Yes? :)
[01:22:19] <Cybernetsam> I think the word you are looking for is desirable.
[01:22:19] <Eeyore> yeah
[01:22:36] <Eeyore> i have some pictures of my feet somewhere
[01:22:38] � +Cyber_Ass takes a few last notes..
[01:22:39] <Spoon-[Soup]> 17/f/NY!!!!
[01:22:41] <Fwerp> i have an admitance test tomo
[01:22:44] <Fwerp> eesh
[01:22:47] <Spoon-[Soup]> A/S/L????
[01:22:47] <@bitch> 18/F/[email protected]
[01:22:48] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:22:48] <@bitch> [22:39:32] <Resurrect> is olrox and rougefox bro? | [22:39:53] <Resurrect> fat and they have the same face kind of
[01:22:49] <@Saig> omg spoon
[01:22:49] <+Thug> omg Spoon-[Soup]! wanna cyber!
[01:22:52] <Kai> omg Spoon-[Soup] don't tell them about me!
[01:22:55] <+bspit> poor eeyore, probably thinks she irc'ed into a freakshow.
[01:23:01] <+Thug> i'm 300 years old, i'm the highlander
[01:23:03] <Eeyore> lol
[01:23:04] <+Cyber_Ass> Not really bspit
[01:23:05] <@Saig> kai = 14/female asian/nebraska
[01:23:12] <+Cyber_Ass> We're just participating in some active research
[01:23:15] <Kai> wtf Saig
[01:23:16] <Spoon-[Soup]> TYPE 6969 IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A HOT INTERWEB CHAT WITH A SEXY 17 F!!!!
[01:23:17] [kick/#gloom] Spoon-[Soup] by RipFlAway for Caps abuse - 100%
[01:23:17] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore is a willing participant
[01:23:18] <@Saig> lolol
[01:23:26] <Resurrect> hahha
[01:23:27] <Fwerp> l0l
[01:23:31] [join/#gloom] Spoon-[Soup][email protected]
[01:23:31] <@bitch> <Spoon-[Soup]> go cyber <Spoon-[Soup]> again again!
[01:23:39] <+Thug> omg 96969696!
[01:23:47] <+Thug> hot swetty cyber!
[01:23:51] <+Cyber_Ass> Thank you Thug
[01:23:53] <Spoon-[Soup]> THAT'S 96 IM LOOKING FOR 69!!!
[01:23:58] <+Cyber_Ass> I am hot, but not quite sweaty at the moment :)
[01:24:05] � shinji is away.. sleep ..01:24a (P!On:L!On)
[01:24:07] [nick/shinji] to shin`gone
[01:24:07] � +bspit hurls
[01:24:13] <+Thug> oh man! but a hot sexy 17 female! i need on that!
[01:24:14] [quit/[email protected]] Quit:
[01:24:21] <QID|YDL> I was hot earlier today but it's cooled off during the evening
[01:24:24] <+Cyber_Ass> Thug: I have a few nearby..take your pic :)
[01:24:25] <+Thug> do you have nudey pics of yourself!?! oh please!? please scan boobies!
[01:24:27] <Spoon-[Soup]> too hotttt for you *sizzle*
[01:24:46] <+Cyber_Ass> "You're so hot it takes a team of firemen to accompany you to work in the morning"
[01:24:48] <Penguin> alright
[01:24:51] <Penguin> lets play a game
[01:24:54] <Eeyore> lol
[01:25:04] <Fwerp> thug: did you get the "pics" of my g/f?
[01:25:09] <Penguin> ?
[01:25:13] <+bspit> I used to be hot, now I'm old and wrinkled.
[01:25:17] <QID|YDL> eh
[01:25:23] <+Thug> Fwerp: which ones?
[01:25:24] <QID|YDL> Fwerp is sending around pics of his g/f?
[01:25:28] <Penguin> i feel the vigors of my youth
[01:25:29] <Penguin> fear me!
[01:25:34] <+bspit> He is such a p1mp.
[01:25:39] <+Cyber_Ass> "You get so wet so often that you greatly contributed to helping solve our city's water problem this summer"
[01:25:41] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/cyber_ass.jpg LOOKIE WHAT I FOUND!!!
[01:25:42] <Kai> never bspit
[01:25:45] <Spoon-[Soup]> yes thug I do!!
[01:25:46] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://natportman.ihostweb.net/magazines/Luke_Skywalker-Natalie_Portman-NpRs4-00.jpg
[01:25:47] <Spoon-[Soup]> !!!
[01:25:48] <Spoon-[Soup]> that's me!
[01:25:48] * Retrieving #gloom info...
[01:25:50] <Skype> CYBER_ASS!
[01:25:57] <Kai> mid life crisis man forever!
[01:26:05] <+Cyber_Ass> Umm wtf Skype
[01:26:07] <Skype> ?
[01:26:09] <Skype> ;o
[01:26:18] <+Cyber_Ass> I still have that shirt :D
[01:26:22] <+Cyber_Ass> Man that was so long ago
[01:26:22] <+Thug> Cyber_Ass = kid on disney channel
[01:26:24] <+bspit> [email protected]'s just a phase, i tell ya!
[01:26:25] <Penguin> natalie portman is ugly
[01:26:30] <Spoon-[Soup]> yeah she is
[01:26:32] <Spoon-[Soup]> I didn't notice
[01:26:33] <Spoon-[Soup]> hehe
[01:26:34] <Eeyore> natalie portman is sexy
[01:26:42] <+bspit> Look at all those teeth
[01:26:42] <+Cyber_Ass> Natalie Portman has unfortunately not much acting skills..
[01:26:43] <Penguin> mala jovovich is sexy
[01:26:44] <+Thug> i've seen more recent pics of Cyber_Ass
[01:26:46] <Kai> omg which one is the ass
[01:26:46] <+Cyber_Ass> Penguin: MILLA
[01:26:47] <+Thug> he showed me them once
[01:26:48] <Penguin> just too old
[01:26:50] <+Cyber_Ass> Penguin: MILLLLAA>.
[01:26:50] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/ducky.jpg = Cyber_Ass
[01:26:50] <Penguin> mila
[01:26:51] <@Saig> man
[01:26:52] <Penguin> bah
[01:26:52] <+Thug> showing off his computer room
[01:26:53] <Kai> btw GO HARLME
[01:26:55] <Fwerp> c_a you on left or right of the pic?
[01:26:56] <QID|YDL> hmm... 3-some with Eeyore and natalie portman...
[01:27:00] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: Take your pic :)
[01:27:07] <Fwerp> uhh
[01:27:11] <Fwerp> i got one on here
[01:27:13] <Eeyore> natalie portman has GREAT acting skills.. she sucked a lot in star wars cuzz george can't direct
[01:27:13] <@Saig> while taking a piss, you ever ripped a huge fart, and busted out laughing?
[01:27:14] <Fwerp> several
[01:27:15] <Sider> I got piccs of bobsyth's sister
[01:27:17] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: !
[01:27:20] <Fwerp> even a pr0n set w/ my g/f
[01:27:20] <Kai> harlem will win the little leaque world series and i will still suck at baseball
[01:27:22] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: You realize what you've just said..
[01:27:25] <Spoon-[Soup]> Eeyore will ask you do to crazy things with her feet...
[01:27:28] <Eeyore> ?
[01:27:30] <+Thug> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/ducky.jpg omg so post modern avant guard!
[01:27:46] <Skype> Cyber_Ass took the pic...
[01:27:50] <Sider> natalie portman is goodie
[01:27:52] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Mr. George Lucas has been formally insulted by you..hereinafted noted.. oh god this is.. quite unusual.
[01:28:03] <Sider> hereinafter
[01:28:03] <Sider> ?
[01:28:08] <+Who-[Soup]> Lucas is a trollop
[01:28:11] <+Cyber_Ass> Sider: Legal term meaning "from now on"
[01:28:16] <Eeyore> what? i know he can't direct
[01:28:17] <QID|YDL> Eeyore: congratulations, you just got Cyber_Ass to stop bothering you
[01:28:19] <Eeyore> and i can't spell
[01:28:21] <Sider> :O
[01:28:26] <Eeyore> i still love star wars though hehe
[01:28:33] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Cantina Band :D
[01:28:40] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: forthwith is l33ter than hereinafter
[01:28:41] <Kai> why do you have pics of bobsyth's sister?
[01:28:47] <Penguin> i sbell feyne
[01:28:55] [join/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:28:55] [quit/[email protected]] Connection reset by peer
[01:28:55] <@bitch> vote dont_know
[01:28:56] <Eeyore> brb
[01:28:57] <Sider> Kai: :O
[01:28:58] <+Cyber_Ass> Hmm..
[01:28:58] <+bspit> I'm off
[01:29:00] <+bspit> gnight
[01:29:04] <+Thug> kthxbye
[01:29:07] <Kai> what kind of stalker are you?
[01:29:07] <QID|YDL> ~
[01:29:10] <+Cyber_Ass> bspit: Go fill that bed, eh? :D
[01:29:12] <@Saig> stfu thug
[01:29:15] <+bspit> haha
[01:29:26] <Kai> man I fucking cut
[01:29:28] <Kai> the cut??
[01:29:28] <@bitch> the cut is useless because sarah is not with us
[01:29:29] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://soup.netfirms.com/wtf131.jpg
[01:29:31] <Spoon-[Soup]> <--
[01:29:31] <QID|YDL> Kai: well, we know what kind of stalker Cyber_Ass is: obvious
[01:29:32] <Kai> @#
[01:29:34] <Kai> the cut??
[01:29:34] <@bitch> the cut is useless because sarah is not with us
[01:29:34] <Spoon-[Soup]> lets cyber plz
[01:29:38] <+Cyber_Ass> http://www.planetgloom.com/gg/pics3/bspit-large.jpg <-- omg.
[01:29:40] <Fwerp> c_a accept send
[01:29:41] <Kai> man bitch
[01:29:41] <+bspit> I got some today so....that should make me good for...oh..say...6 months?
[01:29:42] <Sider> scratch monkey 3??
[01:29:44] <Kai> why you cut me so deep
[01:29:48] <@Saig> kai the cut is too much for #gloom
[01:29:51] <Sider> scratch monkey3??
[01:29:51] <@bitch> university had spent years teaching her how to swim, breathing through a regulator, in order to study the effects of different gas mixtures on her physiology. Mabel suffered an untimely demise one day when DEC PMed the PDP-11 controlling her regulator (see also See: scratch monkey4
[01:29:53] <Spoon-[Soup]> I must submit my picture to gg
[01:30:02] <Kai> the cut is TOO DEEP
[01:30:02] <Sider> :O
[01:30:11] <Skype> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/port.jpg
[01:30:14] <Skype> ;[]
[01:30:27] <Spoon-[Soup]> http://soup.netfirms.com/wtf131.jpg
[01:30:29] <+Cyber_Ass> Skype: Will you give me a good excuse not to have sex right now?
[01:30:30] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: read privmsh
[01:30:43] <Fwerp> Cyber_Ass: accept the send sucka
[01:30:43] <Skype> Cyber_Ass, you are sexing me at the moment?
[01:30:47] [part/#gloom] [email protected]
[01:30:48] <+Cyber_Ass> Skype: No :o
[01:30:50] <Sider> wowo
[01:30:53] <Skype> ;/
[01:30:53] <Sider> 3 vs Cyber_Ass
[01:31:01] <Skype> No reason not to have sex
[01:31:03] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: there aren't any women within a 20-mile radius who will agree to have sex with you
[01:31:04] <Skype> unless she is ugly
[01:31:04] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: It already transferred fo
[01:31:05] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: It already transferred foo
[01:31:07] <+Thug> omg so sexy Spoon-[Soup]!
[01:31:11] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: Untrue
[01:31:14] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: I know at least 2
[01:31:20] <Fwerp> o
[01:31:24] <Fwerp> odd
[01:31:24] <Spoon-[Soup]> cyber plz
[01:31:26] <QID|YDL> your mom and your sister?
[01:31:27] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: One of whom always keeps her window open at night in case I want to sneak in.
[01:31:29] <Sider> 20 miles is too much
[01:31:47] <Eeyore> back
[01:31:49] <QID|YDL> gack, boring moby
[01:31:51] <Kai> man you need a sista
[01:31:53] � QID|YDL is playing Bush - History (Dub Pistols Mix) (0:02of5:45@192kbps!7.40MB) (Winamp.exe)
[01:31:54] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: BORING?!
[01:31:55] <+Thug> lies
[01:31:58] <Skype> 20 miles = nothing
[01:31:58] <+Cyber_Ass> QID|YDL: How DARE YOU
[01:32:02] <Skype> I can drive!
[01:32:05] <Sider> MOBY
[01:32:08] <Sider> PITA QID|YDL
[01:32:09] <Fwerp> http://users.adelphia.net/~skype/cyber_ass.jpg <--wioch one is c_a?? hmm
[01:32:13] <Kai> Thug couldnt handle a sista
[01:32:13] <+Cyber_Ass> http://radio.edgeirc.net:9000/
[01:32:17] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: you're a nerd, george lucas sucks, trance is boring
[01:32:18] <Skype> one on right, Fwerp
[01:32:20] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: That was me 3 years ago
[01:32:28] <+Lynch_Hung> ip Lynch_Hung??
[01:32:28] <@bitch> Lynch_Hung is
[01:32:31] � [PeSTiCiDE] has returned, from work. [gone:9h48m38s]
[01:32:31] � QID|YDL is trying to make Cyber_Ass's brain explode
[01:32:35] <Sider> lol Cyber_Ass
[01:32:37] <Kai> Lynch_Hung can handle one
[01:32:46] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: read privmsgs
[01:32:47] <Kai> but Thug is too weak
[01:32:51] <+Cyber_Ass> [PeSTiCiDE]: How many times did you have to watch XXX today?
[01:32:54] <+Lynch_Hung> ?
[01:32:56] <Fwerp> thank god
[01:33:02] <Fwerp> dude on left looks like a parrot
[01:33:04] <+Lynch_Hung> Oh
[01:33:07] � +Thug pokes Lynch_Hung's 56k friend stream
[01:33:15] <[PeSTiCiDE]> Cyber_Ass, uh... 4?
[01:33:15] <+Cyber_Ass> Fwerp: Mike Biggs.. known online as Psychedelic :D
[01:33:18] <Kai> <Kai> Thug couldnt handle a sista
[01:33:22] <+Lynch_Hung> Yes, my ex was half white/black and ohh so tasty
[01:33:22] <Fwerp> oh
[01:33:23] <+Thug> Thug not weak! THUG SMASH THUG SMASH!
[01:33:26] <Fwerp> heheh
[01:33:29] <Cybernetsam> Whoa wait, someone insulted Lucas?
[01:33:30] � Fwerp sits down
[01:33:34] <+Cyber_Ass> Cybernetsam: Yes.
[01:33:40] <+Cyber_Ass> Cybernetsam: Ms. Eeyore
[01:33:44] <Kai> lucas does suck now
[01:33:45] <Kai> sorry
[01:33:46] <Cybernetsam> Geek sense... tingling...
[01:33:49] <Sider> ms RoYaL
[01:33:49] <+Who-[Soup]> indeed
[01:33:54] <Kai> if you have anything to say about it
[01:33:58] <Kai> bite me
[01:33:59] <Eeyore> well he can't direct is the only problem i have
[01:34:06] <+Cyber_Ass> He's a good writer though, Eeyore
[01:34:11] <+Cyber_Ass> Script writer, rather..
[01:34:22] <Fwerp> c_a has a huge cranium
[01:34:22] <Sider> he is a good pita
[01:34:24] <Cybernetsam> Has Lucas ever written any books? He should.
[01:34:26] <Eeyore> he had help in 4,5,6
[01:34:28] � Fwerp secks'sssss it
[01:34:37] <Kai> yes
[01:34:40] <Eeyore> after that he went power mad, and decided to do EVERYTHING on his own
[01:34:44] <Kai> how to fuck up a decent series
[01:34:46] <Kai> part 2
[01:34:48] <Kai> just came out
[01:34:56] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: And also made a few hundred million in the process
[01:35:09] <+Who-[Soup]> Cyber_Ass: Americans.
[01:35:12] <QID|YDL> episode 2 was better than episode 1 but still not nearly as good as the original trilogy
[01:35:17] <Cybernetsam> Sigh, I wish the new star wars movies didn't suck so I could argue with you guys...
[01:35:24] <Sider> correction, U.S. Citizens :O
[01:35:29] <Eeyore> i agree
[01:35:37] <Kai> lol
[01:35:43] <Kai> rather watch "how high" than episode 1 and 2
[01:35:44] <+Cyber_Ass> If only Natalie Portman could sound sincere in her lines..
[01:35:46] <+Who-[Soup]> unless they are going to call themselves united stations, i will call them americans
[01:35:50] <Kai> and that movie was about magical weed
[01:35:50] <Fwerp> canadian movies suck anywho
[01:35:50] <Kai> how sad is that?
[01:35:52] <Fwerp> eh?
[01:36:01] <+Cyber_Ass> Natalie Portman acts in a flat voice..
[01:36:05] <Eeyore> well no matter how good a actor is.. you need good director
[01:36:05] <+Cyber_Ass> Which is annoying.
[01:36:12] <Sider> america is a continent :|
[01:36:15] <Eeyore> without directing.. your just reading lines..
[01:36:21] <Sider> people keep forgetting :|
[01:36:30] <QID|YDL> Sider: north and south america are continents
[01:36:31] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Not everybody is a Soderbergh or a Spielberg
[01:36:36] <+Who-[Soup]> america is a ship of fools
[01:36:37] <Fwerp> dont have to act if ya have tits and a big mouth
[01:36:38] <QID|YDL> "america" isn't really anything anymore
[01:36:52] <Eeyore> yeah but he didn't even do a sub par job
[01:36:56] <Sider> US is even eaaasier to type
[01:36:57] <Kai> the system is gonna come crashing down
[01:36:58] <Sider> :O
[01:37:01] <QID|YDL> Cyber_Ass: or a Kubrick
[01:37:05] <+Who-[Soup]> Sider: So is "ur" and "u"
[01:37:10] <Fwerp> Kubrick is god
[01:37:11] <Kai> and the brotherhood will correct everything
[01:37:12] <Kai> cough
[01:37:15] <+Cyber_Ass> Oh god yes QID|YDL
[01:37:21] <Sider> but those would be net lingo.. Who-[Soup]
[01:37:25] <Fwerp> Kubrick> lucas
[01:37:25] <+Cyber_Ass> I forgot good old Stanley..
[01:37:30] <Fwerp> Kubrick> berg
[01:37:35] <+Cyber_Ass> Kubrick > God
[01:37:35] <+Who-[Soup]> Sider: Not really..
[01:37:36] <QID|YDL> how could you forget Kubrick
[01:37:46] � QID|YDL forces Cyber_Ass to watch 2001 five times in a row
[01:37:51] <+Cyber_Ass> :D
[01:37:51] <Fwerp> kubrick is god damn genious
[01:37:52] <Sider> :O
[01:37:54] <+Cyber_Ass> HAL
[01:38:06] <Sider> russian movies, ya?
[01:38:13] <Sider> > *
[01:38:23] � +Cyber_Ass is having sudden fantasies of Milla Jovovich in 5th Element..
[01:38:24] <+Who-[Soup]> If you think "ur/u/2/4" is net lingo, then you haven't been exposed to the american teenagers.
[01:38:26] <Fwerp> clockwork oragnge, lolita
[01:38:28] <Fwerp> tons of films
[01:38:32] <Kai> more of a pulp fiction man
[01:38:42] <Fwerp> and never any notice in mainstream
[01:38:46] <Eeyore> but i think the BIGGEST problem with ep 1 and 2 is the characters.. lucas just fell back on too much grafical stuff.. in ep4,5,6.. you can idenitfy with teh characters.. the characters are real people
[01:38:48] <Sider> US teenagers.. i have and they are pretty lame :P
[01:38:55] <Eeyore> anyway.. i gotta run for a bit
[01:38:59] <Sider> I'm one myselft
[01:39:02] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Aside from the fact that Han(d) Solo is a real cockface..
[01:39:02] <Eeyore> bbl
[01:39:09] <Sider> glad I left before I became another rotten fruit
[01:39:11] <Skype> ur dumb 2 think dat Who-[Soup]. 4 fucks sake u r dumb..
[01:39:14] <Eeyore> han r0x0rz
[01:39:22] <Kai> so is anyone who says pita over and over and over and over
[01:39:26] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: His cockfacedness is excessive at some points
[01:39:34] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Aside from that he's rather acceptable
[01:39:35] <Sider> :O Kai
[01:39:38] <Eeyore> yeah
[01:39:42] <Eeyore> anyway
[01:39:44] <Eeyore> bbl
[01:39:45] <+Cyber_Ass> Eeyore: Goodbye
[01:39:47] [quit/[email protected]] Quit: