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[19:55] *** KCSNIPER14 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[19:56] <KCSNIPER14> bible!?
[19:57] <KCSNIPER14> hello!
[19:57] <@[Cecil]> Welcome to #bible. Have you come to discuss the scripture?
[19:57] <KCSNIPER14> umm i joined the HL channel!
[19:57] *** Bakshra is now known as bak|AWAY
[19:58] <KCSNIPER14> and it took me here
[19:58] <QID|YDL> hehehghehghhh
[19:58] <KCSNIPER14> hello!?
[19:58] <Snd> well, for playing a blasphemous game as half-life, we sentence you to...BUGGERY BY CECIL
[19:58] <[DIS]sonant> hehe
[19:58] <Snd> !panis [Cecil]
[19:58] <Snd> beha
[19:59] <Gwags> Pray for KCSNIPER14 for the lord has sent him our way
[19:59] *** ^[BorRAdoR]^ ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[19:59] <KCSNIPER14> what!?
[19:59] <[DIS]sonant> hwehehehheeh
[19:59] <QID|YDL> oooouuuuuummmmm.....
[20:00] * QID|YDL chants
[20:00] <KCSNIPER14> can i curse in this channel or is it like the other one!?
[20:00] <Snd> Softfsp 0wns me
[20:00] <[DIS]sonant> is english your second language sniper?
[20:01] <KCSNIPER14> why when you click HALF-LIFE room does it take you here!?
[20:01] <QID|YDL> son: he is an aoler... you really think he knows how to talk?
[20:01] <[DIS]sonant> hahahaha
[20:01] <[DIS]sonant> keep talking sniper, i'm gonna go get my camcorder
[20:01] <KCSNIPER14> what!?
[20:01] <[DIS]sonant> ahhahahahahahahahahahaha
[20:01] <KCSNIPER14> ok your freaking me out!
[20:02] <[DIS]sonant> oh my god hahahahaha
[20:02] <KCSNIPER14> ummmm im new at this chatroom thing!
[20:02] <[DIS]sonant> apparantly
[20:02] <@[Cecil]> this is not a chatroom.
[20:02] <@[Cecil]> Do not call it a chatroom again.
[20:02] <[DIS]sonant> haha
[20:03] <KCSNIPER14> oh it isnt a
[20:03] <KCSNIPER14> Chatroom!
[20:03] <@[Cecil]> If you need help, please go to an efnet server and join #irchelp
[20:03] <[DIS]sonant> oh my lord
[20:03] <KCSNIPER14> hehe
[20:03] <[DIS]sonant> is anyone logging this?
[20:03] *** ^[BorRAdoR]^ ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[20:03] <[DIS]sonant> i'm falling out of my chair here
[20:03] <@[Cecil]> Why do you find this so amusing?
[20:03] <KCSNIPER14> well someone tell me whats going on!!!
[20:03] <@[Cecil]> It's another preteen twit with no idea what he's doing.
[20:04] <@[Cecil]> We get about a dozen or so a day.
[20:04] <[DIS]sonant> i think you just answered for me
[20:04] <KCSNIPER14> yeah right!
[20:04] <[DIS]sonant> it's terribly funny every time
[20:04] <@[Cecil]> It's funny the first two times.
[20:04] <@[Cecil]> Then it gets very old and very annoying.
[20:04] <Gwags> Remeber when ppl from valve actually came in here?
[20:04] <KCSNIPER14> not my fault i have a LIFE!!!
[20:04] 8:04pm Channel information: Ops: 5(26%) Non Ops: 14(74%) Total: 19
[20:04] <QID|YDL> I'll have a log
[20:04] <[DIS]sonant> i'm sorry, i'm rather easily amused
[20:04] <[DIS]sonant> and i am laughing my ass off
[20:05] <[DIS]sonant> i'm loving those exclamation marks, as apparantly is sniper
[20:05] <KCSNIPER14> really
[20:05] <KCSNIPER14> your really laughing at this!
[20:05] <[DIS]sonant> no, i'm just saying i am
[20:05] <[DIS]sonant> idiot
[20:05] <KCSNIPER14> i was about to say!
[20:05] <KCSNIPER14> suck my dick!
[20:05] <[DIS]sonant> oh lord
[20:06] <@BRiNGER> On AOL! exclamation! marks are! very imp!ortant!
[20:06] <Snd> !panis KCSNIPER14
[20:06] <QID|YDL> stop using all the exclamation points!
[20:06] <Snd> !panis KCSNIPER14
[20:06] <KCSNIPER14> !
[20:06] <QID|YDL> and stop using
[20:06] <KCSNIPER14> !
[20:06] * [Cecil] gives KCSNIPER14 a HOT ROYAL REAMING!&%&*% (�)
[20:06] <KCSNIPER14> !
[20:06] <KCSNIPER14> !
[20:06] * [Cecil] gives KCSNIPER14 a TANGY DOSE OF HOMEMADE WANKCREAM!!!!(#$&^ (�)
[20:06] <QID|YDL> incomplete sentences!
[20:06] <QID|YDL> lamer!
[20:06] *** KCSNIPER14 was kicked by BRiNGER (<syn> !)
[20:06] <Snd> eg
[20:06] <[DIS]sonant> awww
[20:06] <@DrDeath> la
[20:06] <QID|YDL> heg
[20:07] *** KCSNIPER14 ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:07] <@DrDeath> haga
[20:07] <KCSNIPER14> WTF!?
[20:07] <[DIS]sonant> that would have probably been a lot less funny if it wasn't so early
[20:07] <[DIS]sonant> oh look
[20:07] <@DrDeath> WTF?!?
[20:07] <[DIS]sonant> haha
[20:07] <KCSNIPER14> i love putting !!!c marks!
[20:07] <Snd> KCSNIPER14: You are not wanted here. Go back to camping for BBCs on everquest
[20:07] <[DIS]sonant> haha
[20:07] <KCSNIPER14> i always put them cant help it!
[20:08] <Snd> You COULD help it if you had any grammar skill
[20:08] <KCSNIPER14> i love how theres 20 people in here and like 4 or 5 of us are talking!
[20:08] <QID|YDL> KCSNIPER14: you are a lame fewl
[20:08] <[DIS]sonant> i think he's just oversompensating for the lalck of apostrophes in his phrases
[20:08] <@[Cecil]> HAHA THATS FUNY
[20:08] <QID|YDL> KCSNIPER14: please leave our presence
[20:08] <KCSNIPER14> yeah right!
[20:09] <KCSNIPER14> NO
[20:09] <[DIS]sonant> ...overcompensating...
[20:09] <KCSNIPER14> suck my ass!
[20:09] <[DIS]sonant> ...lack...
[20:09] * [Cecil] gives KCSNIPER14 a GOOEY NEW TOOL INSTALLATION!!!!(#$&^ (�)
[20:09] <QID|YDL> KCSNIPER14: or we shall be forced to subject you to cecil's perverted chessboard of disaster
[20:09] -[Cecil]- [Cecil] is away (auto-away after 15 minutes idle) (one-time response to the word cecil)
[20:09] <@[Cecil]> ph34r the chessboard
[20:09] <KCSNIPER14> gooey
[20:09] <KCSNIPER14> that means candy
[20:09] <KCSNIPER14> i love candy!!!
[20:09] <Snd> no it means you got fucked up the ass
[20:09] <[DIS]sonant> damn arabic keyboard
[20:09] * [Cecil] gives KCSNIPER14 a TANGY PELVIS PORKING~@!! (�)
[20:09] <KCSNIPER14> u gay!?
[20:09] * [Cecil] gives KCSNIPER14 a GOOEY DOSE OF HOMEMADE WANKCREAM!&%&*% (�)
[20:10] <[DIS]sonant> haha
[20:10] *** Jen ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[20:10] <KCSNIPER14> oh yes fuck me in the ass hard!!!
[20:10] <KCSNIPER14> hehe
[20:10] <KCSNIPER14> J/K
[20:10] <[DIS]sonant> i bet
[20:10] <tenkei> you're 14 aren't you
[20:10] <[DIS]sonant> haha
[20:10] <KCSNIPER14> yes
[20:10] <tenkei> ok
[20:10] <[DIS]sonant> hahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
[20:11] <KCSNIPER14> why are there 5 channel operaters!
[20:11] <KCSNIPER14> ?
[20:11] <[DIS]sonant> so they can have sex0rz!!!!!?!!11!!!!!!
[20:11] <KCSNIPER14> oooooooooooooooooooooooo!
[20:11] * [Cecil] gives KCSNIPER14 a BUBBLING ATAQUE DE AN�L!!!$%^ (�)
[20:12] <KCSNIPER14> can i be the sixth!?
[20:12] <Snd> !
[20:12] <KCSNIPER14> i want to join in on the massive orgy!?
[20:12] <KCSNIPER14> hehe
[20:12] <[DIS]sonant> hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!
[20:12] <[DIS]sonant> !!!!
[20:13] <KCSNIPER14> wanna play some HL!?
[20:13] <QID|YDL> NO!?
[20:13] <KCSNIPER14> so yall just sit here in the channel watching!
[20:13] <KCSNIPER14> ?
[20:14] <[DIS]sonant> yeah, watching!
[20:14] <[DIS]sonant> yeah!
[20:14] <[DIS]sonant> oooooo!
[20:14] <KCSNIPER14> great LIFE!
[20:14] <KCSNIPER14> see ya
[20:14] *** KCSNIPER14 ([email protected]) has left #half-life