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[12:21] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:21] <OuTKAST> heya whats up
[12:21] <S3ph> i dunno
[12:22] <DarkLord> nice ident
[12:22] <DarkLord> looking for some warez?
[12:22] <tenkei> hey it's warez-boi
[12:22] <OuTKAST> who u talkin to
[12:22] <DarkLord> you :)
[12:22] <OuTKAST> OH
[12:23] <OuTKAST> fuck yeah
[12:23] <DarkLord> we have an awesome warez channel on this server
[12:23] <OuTKAST> :) always
[12:23] <OuTKAST> sik
[12:23] <DarkLord> check out #underworld
[12:23] <OuTKAST> Let ME in!! God dammit
[12:23] <tenkei> yeah
[12:23] <DarkLord> its p1mp
[12:23] <OuTKAST> i'm there
[12:23] <OuTKAST> hehe alraedy
[12:23] <OuTKAST> lovely
[12:24] <DarkLord> I donno if anybody's there now though
[12:24] <OuTKAST> Yep heaps of plp
[12:24] <OuTKAST> but theuy are all assholes
[12:24] <OuTKAST> they dont have the comon cutucy to talk
[12:25] <OuTKAST> hay draklord
[12:25] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (Dock (DEEZ NUTZ IN YO MUTHAFUXIN MOTUTH, ITS ME WARREN G DA NIGGA WIT DA CLOUT)))
[12:25] <tenkei> haga
[12:26] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:26] <OuTKAST> back again
[12:26] <QID|YDL> HA HA
[12:26] <OuTKAST> i keep on gettin D/C
[12:26] <OuTKAST> why ??
[12:27] <DarkLord> I donno
[12:27] *** steamboat ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:27] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (Dock (MY FR9IEND ECKK BOOME KAN KEEK J00R ASSCLIT)))
[12:27] <DarkLord> :)
[12:27] <QID|YDL> llama
[12:27] <steamboat> woot...got my W2k beta cd's shipped from MS today and they're sitting right in front of me
[12:27] <tenkei> w2k beta is cool... i got mine.
[12:27] <DarkLord> eww
[12:28] <tenkei> it's more stable then 98
[12:28] <steamboat> how much ram you running it on?
[12:28] <tenkei> 128 megs
[12:28] <tenkei> p2/400
[12:28] <steamboat> I have 48 right now and I'm not really confident in it running with that, will probably buy 128 soon
[12:28] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:28] <DarkLord> what happened?
[12:28] <tenkei> it has a dropshadow under the mouse cursor :\
[12:28] <OuTKAST> Dammit thats annoying
[12:28] *** m|gone is now known as Masamune
[12:29] <@BRiNGER> What's happening to you?
[12:29] <OuTKAST> dunno
[12:29] <steamboat> do you have the one that just got released (RC1) or an older vers?
[12:29] <OuTKAST> keep on gettin D.C
[12:29] <DarkLord> they won't give him his warez in #underworld!
[12:29] <OuTKAST> i knoe
[12:29] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (BRiNGER (MY FREIDN PAULL IS K-kewl-RAD)))
[12:29] <DarkLord> haah
[12:29] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:29] <DarkLord> wtf
[12:29] <OuTKAST> this is pissin me off
[12:29] <tenkei> OuTKAST: is a cool warez site if you wanna know
[12:30] <OuTKAST> ta dude
[12:30] <OuTKAST> wtf
[12:30] <steamboat> I was originally just on the directX7 beta team but MS transferred me to W2k
[12:30] <S3ph> port 21?
[12:30] <S3ph> anonymous?
[12:30] <tenkei> heh i borrowed the beta cd from a guy who works at microsoft
[12:30] <S3ph> heheh
[12:30] <steamboat> hehhe
[12:30] <@BRiNGER> S3ph: No, it's a website.
[12:30] <tenkei> S3ph: it's HTTP
[12:30] <S3ph> o
[12:31] <steamboat> hmmm...wonder if running advanced server would be slower than just professional
[12:31] <S3ph> dude
[12:31] <OuTKAST> i reckon www.easywarez.com is a good site
[12:31] <S3ph> that's a gay site
[12:31] <steamboat> I have pro, server, advanced server, and 3 other cd's that I don't know what they are
[12:31] <DarkLord> it is?
[12:31] <OuTKAST> yup
[12:31] <tenkei> S3ph: no, it LOOKs like a gay site
[12:31] <tenkei> there are warez if you dig deep enough
[12:31] <DarkLord> ok
[12:31] <OuTKAST> hay does nay1 knwo hwo to recon a server
[12:32] <DarkLord> then try
[12:32] <OuTKAST> i need to knwo
[12:32] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (BRiNGER (ur smaerty)))
[12:32] <Masamune> hahhaa
[12:32] <Masamune> what a fuckin tool
[12:32] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:32] <DarkLord> that sire got changed, its new location is -
[12:32] <DarkLord> 'site'
[12:32] <Masamune> not just a lil drill tool, either.. a big fuckin crane tool or some shit
[12:32] <steamboat> I just became a beta tester for the free stuff :P I think as part of the W2k beta I'll get a free copy of it when it's released and some version of office 2000 too
[12:32] <@BRiNGER> Masamune: Yeah, that's what all the chicks say.
[12:32] <Masamune> hehehhebeeehhe
[12:33] <DarkLord>
[12:33] <DarkLord> go there
[12:33] <OuTKAST> k
[12:33] *** S3ph has quit IRC ([email protected]) (S3ph Go away)
[12:33] <OuTKAST> why do i keep on gettin D/C bloody annoying
[12:33] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (BRiNGER (HEY NE1 GNO WEAR ALL DA WAREZ IZ??++?+?++?+?)))
[12:33] <Masamune> haha
[12:34] <Masamune> bloody annoying
[12:34] <Masamune> chappie
[12:34] <DarkLord> agahaahgah
[12:34] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:34] <@BRiNGER> I'm running out of kill messages.
[12:34] <OuTKAST> nice site
[12:34] <steamboat> lol
[12:34] <OuTKAST> :) bit gay
[12:34] <Masamune> [12:30] <honkey> seeing that woman with a 4 feet long dick with a twat on the root of the shaft is still bothering me.
[12:35] <@BRiNGER> Masamune: Anime?
[12:35] <OuTKAST> lol
[12:35] *** [Cecil] ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[12:35] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o [Cecil]
[12:35] <steamboat> hmmm...leaving tommorrow for a week and I don't think 48 megs will cut it....but yet I want to mess around with W2k now....oh the dillemma
[12:36] *** Dritzenn ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[12:36] *** Dritzen-Work has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Connection reset by peer)
[12:36] <@[Cecil]> who needs warez?
[12:36] <OuTKAST> ME
[12:36] <OuTKAST> :)
[12:37] <QID|YDL> !panis outkast
[12:37] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (0)
[12:37] <OuTKAST> panis??
[12:37] <Masamune> yes.
[12:37] <tenkei> !panis outkast
[12:37] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis exhausted, deactivating to regain strength.
[12:37] <tenkei> duh
[12:37] <@[Cecil]> it's just a script
[12:37] <@[Cecil]> hehe
[12:37] <OuTKAST> lol
[12:37] <OuTKAST> ok kool
[12:37] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 3
[12:38] <steamboat> !panis steamboat
[12:38] <@[Cecil]> No p�nis for j00, steamboat! (2)
[12:38] <steamboat> it never works :(
[12:38] <QID|YDL> !panis steamboat
[12:38] * [Cecil] gives steamboat a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (1)
[12:38] <steamboat> is the strength thing to prevent abuse of the panis?
[12:38] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (Dock (E_MAILWAREZ IS 2 31337 FOR THE CLITSAQLIKES OFF MIZZEE)))
[12:39] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:39] <QID|YDL> !panis outkast
[12:39] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (0)
[12:39] <OuTKAST> key to wartez sites in what way
[12:39] <OuTKAST> warez
[12:39] *** Freeze ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[12:39] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 3
[12:39] <Freeze> o no not again
[12:39] <QID|YDL> !panis freeze
[12:39] * [Cecil] gives Freeze a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (2)
[12:39] <QID|YDL> !panis outkast
[12:39] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (1)
[12:39] <Freeze> zz94
[12:39] <Masamune> fweeze
[12:40] <Freeze> yo massssa
[12:40] <Masamune> CC PANIS AGAGGHAG FUF>
[12:40] <Masamune> .
[12:40] <Masamune> it's cool having our own language.
[12:41] <OuTKAST> and hwat lanuage is that
[12:41] <OuTKAST> bloody damm typing suk!!
[12:41] <Masamune> lol
[12:41] <OuTKAST> hay anyone got any good porn sites
[12:42] <OuTKAST> ME need some porn
[12:42] <Masamune> www.midgetz.com
[12:42] <OuTKAST> and Not fucken GAY porn
[12:42] <Masamune> oh
[12:42] <Masamune> sorry
[12:42] <OuTKAST> lofl
[12:42] <OuTKAST> np
[12:42] <@[Cecil]> someone wants porn?
[12:43] <OuTKAST> first thign i saw when the other guy gave me a warez site was this bIg black mans dik
[12:43] <@[Cecil]> I bet it was hellhammer
[12:43] <OuTKAST> nah
[12:43] <OuTKAST> another guy
[12:43] <@[Cecil]> He's got a big black dick
[12:43] <OuTKAST> lol
[12:43] *** OuTKAST was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[12:43] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:43] <QID|YDL> OuTKAST: you want a site with white dicks, right?
[12:43] <OuTKAST> and u knwo that because
[12:43] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (BRiNGER (Requesting for gay porn and warez with colours is bad.)))
[12:43] <Masamune> COLORS
[12:44] <Masamune> agagghaaghgahahavavahvhaba
[12:44] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:44] <OuTKAST> whoever is doin that piss off!!!
[12:44] <OuTKAST> it's bloody annoying
[12:44] <QID|YDL> OuTKAST: http://www.whitehouse.com/
[12:44] <OuTKAST> Nah dont want white dicks eaither
[12:45] <OuTKAST> i want Blonde Pussy
[12:45] <Masamune> http://freehosting9.at.web1000.com/wh/wha-web1000/page1/gallery_frame1.html
[12:45] <@[Cecil]> I like preteen hairless japanese and french pussy
[12:45] <OuTKAST> MMMM french
[12:45] * OuTKAST Drools
[12:45] <Masamune> i like men.
[12:45] <OuTKAST> heheh best WTF
[12:45] <@[Cecil]> me too, but for me it's ok cuz im a chick
[12:45] <Masamune> hahahhaha
[12:46] <Masamune> cc, shut up and let me put my cock in your mouth.
[12:46] <OuTKAST> gees any more of this crap i'll puke
[12:46] <@[Cecil]> Masamune: You saw my cecilia_pics slideshow right??
[12:46] <Masamune> yeah!!!!
[12:46] <@[Cecil]> heheh did you like it?
[12:46] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (BRiNGER (DOU IT FOUR DA CHILDRENZ)))
[12:46] <Masamune> outkast, cecil's slideshow rocks!!!
[12:46] <Masamune> shit
[12:46] <@[Cecil]> juju
[12:46] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:46] <Masamune> outkast, cecil's slideshow rocks!!!
[12:46] <@[Cecil]> who wants a copy of the slideshow I made with me and monique?
[12:46] <OuTKAST> yeah
[12:46] <Masamune> cc i already have it :))))
[12:47] <OuTKAST> sik
[12:47] <@[Cecil]> heheh
[12:47] <@[Cecil]> ok as soon as the DCC send to tenkei finishes
[12:47] <Masamune> i made it part of my screensaver cc!!
[12:47] <@[Cecil]> heh you would
[12:47] <Masamune> hehehhejhjejhehje
[12:47] <OuTKAST> BAh i have to go seeya
[12:47] <Masamune> no!
[12:47] <OuTKAST> later all
[12:47] <@[Cecil]> guess you really like seeing two girls going at it
[12:47] * Masamune cries.
[12:47] <OuTKAST> hhehe why
[12:47] <OuTKAST> :)
[12:47] <Masamune> outkast you're missing out
[12:47] <@[Cecil]> anyone else want a copy of this? it's pretty small.. :/
[12:47] <OuTKAST> on what
[12:47] <Masamune> cc's slideshow
[12:48] <OuTKAST> u'll probly send me a couple of men fuckeing eachothers brains out
[12:48] <Masamune> you said you wanted pr0n right?
[12:48] <OuTKAST> nah thanx
[12:48] <Masamune> no :(((((
[12:48] <Masamune> cc is fem.
[12:48] <OuTKAST> or a bloody virus
[12:48] *** Dock ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:48] <OuTKAST> ?:0
[12:48] <Masamune> outkast you accuse us of hacking? :((((
[12:48] <OuTKAST> can't trust any 1
[12:48] <Dock> HAQ?
[12:48] <DarkLord> HAQUER!
[12:48] <Masamune> HAHAHAJHD
[12:49] <Dock> OuTKAST: HAQU
[12:49] <Masamune> haq haq
[12:49] <OuTKAST> yup u all gang up on anyone who comes here i bet :)
[12:49] <DarkLord> :)
[12:49] *** Cecil-Z ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[12:49] <OuTKAST> oh there u are
[12:49] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o Cecil-Z
[12:49] <steamboat> that's bull :P
[12:50] <@Cecil-Z> crakm
[12:50] <OuTKAST> :) bull what shit
[12:50] <@Cecil-Z> I hate my ISP
[12:50] <@BRiNGER> cc haxed
[12:50] <OuTKAST> same here CECIL
[12:50] * DarkLord is away, working..bbl.. [p]
[12:50] <OuTKAST> TIG is ghey
[12:50] <Masamune> whoa
[12:50] <Masamune> you used the work ghey
[12:50] *** [Cecil] was kicked by Cecil-Z (<BRiNGER> damn, that cecilia chick has some nice tits) (0w���!)
[12:50] <Masamune> WTF
[12:50] <OuTKAST> :) why not
[12:50] *** Cecil-Z is now known as [Cecil]
[12:51] <Masamune> i thought only cool ppl used the werd ghey.
[12:51] <Masamune> aj
[12:51] <OuTKAST> ok then
[12:51] <OuTKAST> and ur cool
[12:51] <OuTKAST> right
[12:51] <Masamune> no
[12:51] <@[Cecil]> wingate
[12:51] <OuTKAST> where the fuck did u come up with that
[12:51] <Masamune> come?
[12:52] <OuTKAST> cum ?
[12:52] <Masamune> hard dicks slapping your tender mouth.
[12:52] <OuTKAST> Lofl
[12:52] <Masamune> lofl?
[12:52] <Masamune> wtf is that
[12:52] <OuTKAST> yup small pinna's slapin ur mouth in ur case
[12:52] <tenkei> laying on floor laughing
[12:52] <@[Cecil]> heheh
[12:52] <Masamune> oo..
[12:53] <@[Cecil]> so tenkei you like my slideshow??
[12:53] <OuTKAST> OoOO
[12:53] <Masamune> you're in the right position there then, kiddo
[12:53] <tenkei> Yep cecilia
[12:53] <tenkei> Got any more?
[12:53] <OuTKAST> are u serouse u made a slideshow of ya self
[12:53] <Freeze> oh bringer, you there?
[12:53] <@[Cecil]> yeah I'm working on another one with diane
[12:53] <Masamune> cecil is female.. she uses the name cecil so that ppl wont bug her all the time
[12:53] <tenkei> ooo
[12:53] <tenkei> diane is hot
[12:53] <OuTKAST> Dear god have mercy
[12:53] <@[Cecil]> yeah I hate when aol guys hit on me :/
[12:53] <Masamune> diane?
[12:53] <Masamune> from the cucumber video?!?!
[12:54] <Masamune> WHOA!!!
[12:54] <@[Cecil]> haha no
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> Oh, Freeze, yes.
[12:54] <Dock> cecil is female?
[12:54] <@[Cecil]> that wasn't one of my friends
[12:54] <OuTKAST> i wish i was'nt so parnoid other wise i would get that file off ya in a second
[12:54] <Masamune> oh :(((((
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> Dock: Yes.
[12:54] <Dock> I did nawt know that.
[12:54] <@[Cecil]> paranoid?
[12:54] <Dock> She hot?
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> How else do you think she got to be a chanop?
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> Yes.
[12:54] <Masamune> dock: yeah yeahhehehhe
[12:54] <Dock> !
[12:54] <Dock> !op
[12:54] <@[Cecil]> <DrDeath> wheres cc, shes hot
[12:54] <OuTKAST> lol
[12:54] <OuTKAST> hahha
[12:54] <Dock> dar
[12:54] *** Q ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:54] *** QWorld2.3DNet.net sets mode: +o Q
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> owned.
[12:54] <Dock> !op
[12:54] *** QWorld2.3DNet.net sets mode: +o Dock
[12:54] <Freeze> Bringer: do you know how to get the dwarven smithy (Gorflah Steadirt) to tell you about the soulfire?
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> haqd
[12:54] <@BRiNGER> Yes
[12:55] <@Dock> bigmaqattaq
[12:55] <Masamune> jaq.
[12:55] <Freeze> how? :D
[12:55] <Masamune> give him good luvin.
[12:55] <@BRiNGER> <Dock> w/all hey babe, wanna sex an admin?
[12:55] <@[Cecil]> ha
[12:55] <@Dock> :P
[12:56] *** BRiNGER sets mode: -o Q
[12:56] <@BRiNGER> !panis Q
[12:56] * [Cecil] gives Q a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (0)
[12:56] *** Q was kicked by [Cecil] (P�NIS-POWER!!(&^*#) (0w���!)
[12:56] <@BRiNGER> I love that
[12:56] 12:56pm Channel information: Ops: 6(30%) Non Ops: 14(70%) Total: 20
[12:56] <@[Cecil]> heh
[12:56] <Masamune> hehheglegehcc.. at work yesterday one of the office ladies was baggin for me cause it was the end of the day and she got tired and i said, "your kung fu is inadequate."
[12:56] *** Freeze is now known as FreezeEQ
[12:56] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 3
[12:56] <OuTKAST> !panis [Cecil]
[12:56] <@[Cecil]> No p�nis for j00, OuTKAST! (2)
[12:56] <OuTKAST> Awww
[12:56] <@[Cecil]> haha.. wait.. 'inadequate'?
[12:56] <OuTKAST> ??:9
[12:56] <QID|YDL> !panis outkast
[12:56] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (1)
[12:56] <Masamune> !panis outkast
[12:56] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (0)
[12:56] <OuTKAST> !panis [Cecil]
[12:56] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis exhausted, putting it back in the pants.
[12:57] <@[Cecil]> haha this script is so weird
[12:57] <OuTKAST> j00
[12:57] <Masamune> cc what else?
[12:57] <OuTKAST> !panis [Cecil]
[12:57] <OuTKAST> awww :(
[12:57] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 3
[12:57] <OuTKAST> dun work
[12:57] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Leaving)
[12:58] <tenkei> was he trying to cyber cecil?
[12:58] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[12:58] <OuTKAST> Bah!!!
[12:58] <OuTKAST> back again
[12:58] <@BRiNGER> YAY
[12:58] <FreezeEQ> bringer: how do you get the smithy to talk to you about the soulfire? :(
[12:59] <@BRiNGER> Well, is your autoattack still "a"?
[12:59] *** Dock has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[12:59] *** Masamune is now known as m|fewd
[12:59] <FreezeEQ> uhh.. yeah :)
[13:00] <@BRiNGER> Okay, then you need to target the smith and type "aloha" while quite close.
[13:00] <FreezeEQ> haha
[13:00] <FreezeEQ> are you serious?
[13:00] <@BRiNGER> But make sure not to hit enter before typing it, that'll send an extra bit of information that will break the phrase.
[13:01] *** WFE ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:01] <WFE> half-life rocks
[13:01] <WFE> icks ass
[13:01] <FreezeEQ> :|
[13:01] <WFE> kicks
[13:01] <OuTKAST> umm did i just get a virus
[13:01] <OuTKAST> :)
[13:01] <OuTKAST> damm u cc
[13:01] <WFE> :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
[13:01] <tenkei> look, a moron
[13:02] <WFE> who?
[13:02] <@BRiNGER> Did you do the message quest, Freeze?
[13:02] <WFE> me?
[13:02] <WFE> you talkin to me?
[13:02] <WFE> yo?
[13:02] *** WFE was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[13:02] *** WFE ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:02] <WFE> hey
[13:02] <WFE> not very nice
[13:02] *** Dock ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:02] <WFE> ill behave
[13:02] <Dock> cecil haqed me :(((
[13:02] <@BRiNGER> Jesus Dock..
[13:02] *** BRiNGER sets mode: +o Dock
[13:02] <@Dock> BRiNGER: I've had to deal with this for over a year.
[13:03] <FreezeEQ> bringer: yeah that first quest was bs.. I was hugging the zone wall like a frightened puppy and all I got were some bandages
[13:03] <@Dock> I wore out a 2.5 quantum bigfoot having to reboot so much.
[13:03] <FreezeEQ> BUT you're supposed to do the undercover guard quest
[13:03] <@BRiNGER> Damn..
[13:03] *** WFE has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Leaving)
Session Close: Fri Jul 09 13:03:50 1999

Session Start: Fri Jul 09 13:15:02 1999
[13:15] *** Now talking in #half-life
[13:15] *** Topic is '| B-T-K ([email protected]) (Internic Commercial) | | channels : @#I_am_gay #unix #telefragged #underworld #quake @#panis'
[13:15] *** Set by DrDeath on Thu Jul 08 21:04:00
[13:15] *** ^aWaYx^ has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Killed (Dock ([13:14] -^aWaYx^- Holas Dock ,b�jate el X-CRiPt Version 3.01 en http://w3.to/xcript)))
[13:15] <OuTKAST> :) cyber suk
[13:15] *** tear_ ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:15] <OuTKAST> i want real pussy
[13:15] <tear_> hey
[13:15] <m|fewd> talk to cecil.
[13:15] <OuTKAST> noppe cc
[13:15] <OuTKAST> actually i want big juicy MANSCHLONG
[13:15] <m|fewd> hahhaa
[13:15] <OuTKAST> and i dont want to
[13:15] <@[Cecil]> outkast: tell me the truth now. I'll know if you're lying
[13:15] <OuTKAST> eyayh i know u can
[13:16] *** steamboat has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Leaving)
[13:16] <OuTKAST> i did'nt i copied it off a freind
[13:16] <OuTKAST> CD burner
[13:16] <Bonecheese> uh oh
[13:16] <m|fewd> haq n jaq.
[13:16] <@[Cecil]> haxin jackson
[13:16] <B-T-K> haqattaq
[13:16] <OuTKAST> please dont delete any of my porn please
[13:16] <OuTKAST> :)
[13:16] <m|fewd> hahahhaa
[13:16] <tenkei> haha you funny irc people
[13:16] <@[Cecil]> Why do you have a directory called "appz" on your harddrive? This better not be warez too
[13:16] <OuTKAST> nah it aint
[13:17] <@[Cecil]> uh oh
[13:17] <@[Cecil]> uh oh
[13:17] <OuTKAST> i have no warez at all because i had to reformat
[13:17] <@[Cecil]> I don't like the looks of this
[13:17] *** Kable ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:17] <OuTKAST> what else have u been looking at
[13:17] <m|fewd> cc you a fuckin evil. hebebebehaebh
[13:17] *** Kable ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[13:17] <OuTKAST> hehe ma favorite file
[13:17] <m|fewd> are.
[13:17] <OuTKAST> i knew u would hack into my puter
[13:17] <OuTKAST> :)
[13:17] <OuTKAST> coudl tell a mile away
[13:18] <m|fewd> brilliant.
[13:18] <OuTKAST> i let u do it becaue i want to learn
[13:18] *** m|fewd is now known as Masamune
[13:18] * B-T-K gets out netbus and BO
[13:18] <B-T-K> haq haq
[13:18] *** Cecil-Z ([email protected]) has joined #Half-Life
[13:18] <OuTKAST> please teach me
[13:18] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o Cecil-Z
[13:18] <OuTKAST> CC harlo
[13:18] * QID|YDL puts format c: /y in outkast's autoexec.cfg
[13:18] <@Cecil-Z> CRIDIT~1 ZIP 3,927 06-23-99 8:28p Criditcard maker.zip
[13:18] <@Cecil-Z> HACKIN~1 GET 325,971 07-04-99 11:14p hackingu.zip.GetRight
[13:18] <@Cecil-Z> NUKE1 ZIP 146,305 07-04-99 10:38p nuke1.zip
[13:18] <@Cecil-Z> ICQIPS~1 EXE 181,760 03-06-98 8:21p ICQ IP Sniffer.exe
[13:18] *** Cecil-Z was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[13:18] *** Cecil-Z ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:18] *** Sonny_G_bot sets mode: +o Cecil-Z
[13:19] <OuTKAST> hehe oops
[13:19] <Masamune> lol
[13:19] <OuTKAST> u found that shite
[13:19] *** Bonecheese ([email protected]) has left #half-life
[13:19] <OuTKAST> i ;m pretty dumb :)
[13:19] <Masamune> hahaha
[13:19] <QID|YDL> OuTKAST: yes you are
[13:19] <OuTKAST> why than k u for enlightening me
[13:19] <OuTKAST> <-- True moron, or someone we know wingating on a crappy computer?
[13:20] <OuTKAST> UMm how many plp are in my puter
[13:20] <Masamune> i am
[13:20] <@Cecil-Z> not me
[13:20] <Masamune> :)
[13:20] <Masamune> just kidding
[13:20] <OuTKAST> Tank just msged me for my halflife key
[13:20] <Masamune> or am i? :D
[13:20] *** [Cecil] has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[13:20] <@Cecil-Z> Do you want to be?
[13:20] *** Cecil-Z is now known as [Cecil]
[13:20] <OuTKAST> be what
[13:20] <@[Cecil]> gay
[13:20] <Masamune> yes
[13:21] <Masamune> please
[13:21] <Masamune> !panis Masamune
[13:21] <@[Cecil]> Masamune is on the P�nis-Protection list! (2)
[13:21] <@[Cecil]> haha
[13:21] <OuTKAST> hehehe
[13:21] <@[Cecil]> "PORN POWER"
[13:21] <OuTKAST> LOL
[13:21] <OuTKAST> yup
[13:21] <OuTKAST> got shite pics
[13:21] *** OuTKAST was kicked by Sonny_G_bot (flood)
[13:21] <Masamune> shite.
[13:21] <Masamune> ok
[13:21] *** OuTKAST ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:21] <QID|YDL> !panis masamune
[13:21] <@[Cecil]> and you said you didn't like dicks outkast
[13:21] <@[Cecil]> Masamune is on the P�nis-Protection list! (1)
[13:21] <QID|YDL> !panis outkast
[13:21] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (0)
[13:22] <OuTKAST> why thanx
[13:22] <OuTKAST> Porn:\Picture X
[13:22] <@[Cecil]> [P] Panis Regenerated! Strength: 3
[13:22] <OuTKAST> Dos prompt: telnet port 23
[13:23] <@[Cecil]> I wash my hands of this matter.
[13:24] *** Dock has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[13:25] <B-T-K> deltree c:\windows\system\
[13:25] <tenkei> heh
[13:25] <OuTKAST> NOoo
[13:25] <B-T-K> Delete c:\windows\system and all its subdirectories?
[13:25] <B-T-K> [yn]
[13:25] <OuTKAST> hehe i just got a loggin program
[13:25] <@[Cecil]> his mom will get pissed if he gets hacked
[13:25] <B-T-K> haqattaq
[13:26] * OuTKAST is sending log to UR ISP
[13:26] <OuTKAST> :0
[13:26] <B-T-K> OUTKAST
[13:26] <B-T-K> go for it.
[13:26] <OuTKAST> shite
[13:26] 1:26pm Channel information: Ops: 5(25%) Non Ops: 15(75%) Total: 20
[13:26] <@[Cecil]> But if you feel it's necessary to teach the hacking, warezing children of this society a lesson..
[13:26] <Masamune> delete the log. hehegegeh
[13:26] <B-T-K> j00 will not HAVE a log
[13:27] <OuTKAST> i just saved the log to a networked computer
[13:28] <OuTKAST> :0 hehe say bi bi
[13:28] <Masamune> bi bi
[13:28] <B-T-K> thats "bye bye"
[13:28] <OuTKAST> :0
[13:28] <B-T-K> and i didnt haw you anyway
[13:28] <Masamune> :0
[13:28] <B-T-K> if i wanted to you woulda been gone.
[13:28] <tank-> either way he's right
[13:28] <QID|YDL> !panis outkast
[13:28] * [Cecil] gives OuTKAST a HOT BEEF INJECTION~@!! (2)
[13:28] <@[Cecil]> You didn't save it to a networked computer.
[13:28] <tank-> he gives that to ur isp
[13:28] <tank-> u get disconnected
[13:28] <B-T-K> (i doubt you have a network)
[13:28] <@[Cecil]> You are lying.
[13:28] <@BRiNGER> tank-: HAH
[13:28] <@[Cecil]> You have no persistant connections.
[13:28] *** Gwags|gloom ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[13:28] *** Gwags|gloom is now known as Gwags
[13:28] <Masamune> ISPs don't make a habit of listening to people who can't form a proper sentence.
[13:29] <tank-> my friend had the pigs come to his door about using winnuke
[13:29] <B-T-K> LoL.
[13:29] <@[Cecil]> Outkast: You must also realize that you are in possession of pirated software and illegal programs (credit card makers)
[13:29] <QID|YDL> OuTKAST: you couldn't set up a network if someone did it for you
[13:29] <B-T-K> [Cecil]: shhh, let him tell on me.
[13:29] <Gwags> your friend must be an haX0r
[13:29] <QID|YDL> tank-: are you friends with outkast?
[13:29] <@BRiNGER> We just giggle and laugh when people email us and say someone was hacking them.
[13:29] <Masamune> haha bringer
[13:29] <@[Cecil]> You also have shortcuts to Quake and Half-Life on your quicktray
[13:30] <Masamune> whoa
[13:30] <Masamune> that's l337
[13:30] <@[Cecil]> And finally.
[13:30] <@[Cecil]> If you need more proof.
[13:30] <@BRiNGER> "Someone using your ISP hacked me" "hahahah ur so dum"
[13:30] <QID|YDL> [Cecil]: you mean systray?
[13:30] <@[Cecil]> Networked computers do not use Windows dialup networking
[13:30] <@[Cecil]> QID: systray is where active running programs go.. quicktray is that thing in win98 on the 'other side' of the taskbar
[13:30] <QID|YDL> oh... 98 is lame
[13:30] <B-T-K> quick tray = next to start
[13:31] <B-T-K> button
[13:31] <Masamune> yes.
[13:31] *** OuTKAST has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)