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Session Start: Tue Aug 22 17:08:41 2000
[17:08] *** Now talking in #gloom
[17:08] *** Topic is 'http://gloom.teamreaction.com | DevilWarrior says: "gl00m owns!" | Wish DevilWarrior a late Happy Birthday!'
[17:08] *** Set by DevilWarrior on Mon Aug 21 16:23:18
[17:08] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v blink
[17:08] * +bitch opens and closes her eyes
[17:08] *** QID|YDL ([email protected]) has joined #gloom
[17:08] <+blink> [QID|YDL] creator of blink, god of mIRC scripting, C++, PHP, and HTML
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[17:09] *** Reino-cs ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:10] *** R1CH ([email protected]) has joined #gloOm
[17:10] <+blink> [R1CH] he's not in RxN either, he just took over Cyber_Ass's position of ops-leecher
[17:10] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o R1CH
[17:10] <+bitch> R1CH is jealous of Vincent's ping.
[17:10] <@R1CH> ugh, that is gross
[17:10] <Fella> uhh
[17:10] <Fella> what is?
[17:10] <@R1CH> my dishwasher is FULL of mould and fungus shit
[17:10] <Fella> See if it will burn
[17:11] <@R1CH> no, i just turned it on
[17:11] <@R1CH> hoping that helps
[17:11] <Fella> Well...not my first choice of action
[17:11] <Kami> lol r!ch!
[17:11] <Fella> But it can't hurt I guess
[17:11] <@R1CH> hadn't turned it on for about 3 weeks
[17:11] <Fella> I still say fire would be good


[17:34] <@R1CH> ARRGGHH
[17:34] <@R1CH> im a f00
[17:34] *** Superorc is now known as Super|OSJB
[17:34] <@R1CH> i put the dishwasher on didn't I... did I think to keep a plate for my meal?
[17:35] <Fella> No offence to Anarcy but he sucks
[17:35] <Fella> oops...I should say ...no wait...he sucks
[17:35] <+QID|YDL> R1CH: that's what they make paper towels for
[17:35] <Fella> IS you table clean?
[17:35] <Fella> Just eat on that and wipe it off
[17:36] <+QID|YDL> Fella: if the dishwasher isn't even clean, the table's probably covered in cow shit
[17:36] <Fella> true
[17:36] <+QID|YDL> wait, it's the UK, all the cows are dead or insane
[17:36] <Fella> R1Ch you're a damn slob aren't you
[17:36] <+QID|YDL> sheep shit maybe
[17:36] <Fella> Oh yeah
[17:37] <Fella> No that's Ireland and Scotland QID
[17:37] <Fella> They jsut got Rats in england
[17:37] <+QID|YDL> heh, r1ch's table is covered in rat shit
[17:38] <Fella> R1CH is wondering whether he should be defensive...or if he should just agree
[17:38] <+QID|YDL> I'd say it was covered in actual rats but I'm giving him the benfit of the doubt
[17:38] *** Super|OSJB is now known as Superorc
[17:38] <Fella> You know the funniest spraypaint in Cstrike?
[17:38] <+QID|YDL> Fella: actually, he's probably trying to find a plate :-p
[17:38] <Fella> heeh
[17:38] <Fella> I guess
[17:39] <+QID|YDL> r1ch hasn't been here for 5 minutes
[17:39] <Fella> The funniest spraypaint it the crouching terrorist...or CT
[17:39] <Fella> put it in a dimly lit place and watch the other team unload on it
[17:40] <Fella> be surprised how many don't catch on there is no blood
[17:40] <Superorc> lol
[17:40] <@R1CH> damn im l33t
[17:40] <@R1CH> found a week old plate lying around the house
[17:40] <@R1CH> quick splash o water, fine
[17:40] <+QID|YDL> lol
[17:42] <Fella> Other funny logos would ne a fake doorway
[17:42] <Fella> chalk outline
[17:42] <Fella> spraypaints that look like guns
[17:42] * +QID|YDL considers making another entry in the "R1CH's stuff gets fux0red" series
[17:42] <Fella> that wouldn't work so good
[17:43] *** R1CH is now known as R1CH|Infantry
[17:43] <+QID|YDL> r1chs_dishwasher_spawns_a_man-eating_mutant_mold.log