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[22:16] *** SlaveZero ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:16] *** Masamune is now known as maynard
[22:17] <SlaveZero> just wondering but how do u cheat in counterstike? the new dll prevents it but i wanted to know cuz it pissed me off a lot when it happend to me on my server
[22:17] <Haunt> anyone has Need For Speed 2 so we can play online?
[22:17] <UnclePedro> sure we'll tell ya how to cheat slave
[22:17] <Haunt> did someone cheated?
[22:18] <SlaveZero> i wanna play a practical joke on my friend who refuses to use the new dll
[22:18] <UnclePedro> i see
[22:18] <Haunt> this 5 minute slowing down really pisses off
[22:18] <Haunt> 5 sec
[22:18] <SlaveZero> come on does anyone know or u just gonna be lame and not even chat while yer in here?
[22:19] <Haunt> especially on my P133 and 33.6 modem
[22:19] <SlaveZero> hehe
[22:19] <UnclePedro> i don't know of any cheat sorry slave
[22:19] *** Radar ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:19] *** KevinL-OUT is now known as KevinL-RiotSW
[22:19] <Haunt> there is no cheats for CS
[22:19] <Haunt> hey slaver
[22:19] <SlaveZero> the $$ cheat that makes a new round start
[22:19] <Haunt> slave
[22:19] <SlaveZero> what?
[22:19] <Haunt> really?
[22:19] <SlaveZero> yeah
[22:19] <Haunt> i had this stuff
[22:20] <SlaveZero> go on a server with old dll and see
[22:20] <Haunt> on one of the servers
[22:20] <Haunt> you know it?
[22:20] <Haunt> the cheat?
[22:20] <SlaveZero> know that's why im asking
[22:20] <Haunt> ok
[22:20] <SlaveZero> wanna do a practical joke on my friend's server
[22:20] <SlaveZero> :)
[22:20] <SlaveZero> *evil grin*
[22:21] <Haunt> this HL script is pretty easy to decode and manipulate with
[22:21] <Haunt> dont you think so?
[22:21] <SlaveZero> i know its in the dll but how can i mess with that?
[22:21] <Haunt> you got C++?
[22:21] <SlaveZero> notepad is gibberish sh*t
[22:22] <SlaveZero> do i need a c++ prog or something?
[22:22] <Haunt> i think my friend will put it on his FTP
[22:22] <SlaveZero> if i had one i could probably figure it out
[22:22] <Haunt> its nice and useful to know C++
[22:22] <SlaveZero> yah wish i did
[22:22] <Haunt> if he does i will tell you FTP
[22:22] <SlaveZero> im learnin it at school this coming year :)
[22:23] <SlaveZero> ok
[22:23] <SlaveZero> tell me if he got it up
[22:23] <Haunt> cool my stupid school teaches stupid Pascal
[22:23] <SlaveZero> i dont even know what the hell that is...
[22:23] <UnclePedro> d00d be happy my school teaches MS Word!
[22:23] <Haunt> he is busy now but he will do it tomorrow maybe
[22:23] <SlaveZero> hehe
[22:23] <SlaveZero> k
[22:24] <SlaveZero> hahahahah lol man damn
[22:24] 10:24pm Channel information: Ops: 1(7%) Non Ops: 14(93%) Total: 15
[22:24] <SlaveZero> that's pathetic no offense or anything but damn
[22:24] <Haunt> i can give you FTP though he has many hacked games on
[22:24] <UnclePedro> my computer class never went beyond how to use word processors
[22:24] <SlaveZero> sure i can go to it later
[22:24] <SlaveZero> and check
[22:24] <SlaveZero> too bad pedro
[22:24] <UnclePedro> i know more than my computer teacher
[22:24] <UnclePedro> :(
[22:25] <SlaveZero> but when was that?
[22:25] *** HellHammer[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:25] <Flanker> hh!
[22:25] <UnclePedro> have to learn by trial and error
[22:25] <HellHammer[CP]> hey flanker
[22:25] *** UnclePedro is now known as RightE
[22:25] <SlaveZero> 2 years ago or a decade ago?
[22:25] <HellHammer[CP]> this is so fucking gay =\
[22:25] <Flanker> what/
[22:25] <Gobster|AWAY> I haxed hh
[22:25] <SlaveZero> yeah i dont understand u all not saying shit
[22:25] <HellHammer[CP]> ati's server is fucking slow ass.....and their drivers are super big =\
[22:25] <Flanker> anything else gobster?
[22:26] <SlaveZero> what about hh?
[22:26] *** RightE is now known as Dogma
[22:26] <Haunt> - hacking games and Appz ( 3d studio max included)
[22:26] <Gobster|AWAY> no, that is all
[22:26] <SlaveZero> quit changing your name man
[22:26] <SlaveZero> thanks
[22:26] <Dogma> sorry
[22:26] <Flanker> ooooo....haunt just promoted warez
[22:26] <Dogma> i am bored
[22:26] <HellHammer[CP]> how come haunt hasnt been banned?
[22:26] <Flanker> and hacking
[22:26] <Haunt> i have been
[22:26] <SlaveZero> studio max i want that
[22:27] <SlaveZero> nice
[22:27] <HellHammer[CP]> go buy it then
[22:27] <SlaveZero> port 21?
[22:27] <Haunt> whats your fucking business about that?
[22:27] *** Dogma is now known as d00d
[22:27] <SlaveZero> it cost shitloads i wont buy it
[22:27] <Haunt> hell stay out of my business
[22:27] <SlaveZero> port 21 haunt?
[22:27] <SlaveZero> yes no i would think so
[22:27] <Haunt> i dunno
[22:27] *** OperServ sets mode: +o Radar
[22:27] <SlaveZero> prob is
[22:28] ��� Banned nicks: Haunt (*!*silencer@*.sprint.ca)
[22:28] *** Radar sets mode: +b *!*silencer@*.sprint.ca
[22:28] *** Haunt was kicked by Radar (no warez/hacking talk)
[22:28] <SlaveZero> hehe
[22:28] <QID|YDL> goddammit
[22:28] <Flanker> dont forget slavezero
[22:28] <SlaveZero> oops for him
[22:28] <QID|YDL> I was watching The Replacement Killers
[22:28] <Flanker> <SlaveZero> studio max i want that
[22:28] <SlaveZero> yes yes
[22:28] <QID|YDL> now I hafta go read my log
[22:28] <SlaveZero> yes i know sorry
[22:29] <SlaveZero> so will i get kicked if i ask bout cheating in counterstrike?
[22:29] *** Gwags ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:29] <HellHammer[CP]> yay radar
[22:29] <SlaveZero> so u ppl never talk do u? boring
[22:29] <HellHammer[CP]> yeah dont forget slavezero...that game sucks
[22:29] <SlaveZero> *yawn*
[22:29] <HellHammer[CP]> dick
[22:29] <Flanker> yeah
[22:29] <SlaveZero> what?
[22:29] <d00d> d00d 1 h4x0r3d the cia d00d!
[22:29] <SlaveZero> what sucks?
[22:29] <FreezeCS> it's a cool game, this fag is deflowering it with his stupidity
[22:29] <SlaveZero> counterstrike?
[22:30] <HellHammer[CP]> sunday must be the day all the h00ms come on
[22:30] <@Radar> we talk, but not to people who cannot type out full words :)
[22:30] <d00d> heh
[22:30] <QID|YDL> eheheheghe
[22:30] <FreezeCS> yeah hell that's why you're always here*#($
[22:30] <HellHammer[CP]> datz tite, radar
[22:30] <HellHammer[CP]> heh
[22:30] <SlaveZero> you think cs sucks?
[22:30] <QID|YDL> fuck... I hate wordpad
[22:30] <HellHammer[CP]> cs sucks a nut
[22:30] <HellHammer[CP]> @#%
[22:30] <FreezeCS> #()$&*
[22:30] <Flanker> unf!
[22:30] <HellHammer[CP]> people like freeze ruin it
[22:30] <FreezeCS> people who play cs suck
[22:30] <FreezeCS> those fags
[22:30] <SlaveZero> hehe whats better halflife multiplayer?
[22:30] <FreezeCS> ..oh shit =/
[22:31] <HellHammer[CP]> yeah
[22:31] *** FreezeCS is now known as Freeze
[22:31] <HellHammer[CP]> SlaveZero: playing with your nuts
[22:31] <SlaveZero> yeah right...
[22:31] <Freeze> haaaaaha
[22:31] <HellHammer[CP]> oh yeh...you dont have any =\\\\
[22:31] <SlaveZero> cs is much better.
[22:31] <SlaveZero> requires skill not bullshit egon
[22:31] <Freeze> I prefer tangeable nuts, not some imaginary ones like SZ has
[22:31] <HellHammer[CP]> heh
[22:32] <HellHammer[CP]> tangable
[22:32] <HellHammer[CP]> tangeble
[22:32] <HellHammer[CP]> @#%@%^&&#$^&
[22:32] *** HellHammer[CP] was kicked by JimmyCunt (flood)
[22:32] *** HellHammer[CP] ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[22:32] <SlaveZero> egon just needs to seconds trained on the target and they gib
[22:32] <SlaveZero> haha hell hammer
[22:32] <HellHammer[CP]> =\\
[22:32] <SlaveZero> (what an a**hole)
[22:32] <SlaveZero> dam
[22:32] <Freeze> an a**hole?
[22:32] <HellHammer[CP]> SlaveZero: your a putz if you cant outrun an egon
[22:32] <Freeze> you fuckin using earthlink or something?
[22:32] <SlaveZero> i cant always its not possible allways
[22:32] <HellHammer[CP]> heh
[22:32] <QID|YDL> SlaveZero: oooo, is your mommy gonna get mad if you say ASSHOLE
[22:32] <SlaveZero> no i got cable
[22:33] <HellHammer[CP]> wuss
[22:33] <SlaveZero> no asshole piece of shit
[22:33] * Freeze watches as his mammy rapes SlaveZero
[22:33] <SlaveZero> you can go fuck your mother bitch
[22:33] <HellHammer[CP]> oooo he's using mean words
[22:33] <QID|YDL> SlaveZero: then why the fuck are you putting goddamn star shit in your swearing
[22:33] <SlaveZero> hehehehe
[22:33] <SlaveZero> damn your funny
[22:33] <@Radar> okay, calm down children
[22:33] <SlaveZero> ppl like you are pathetic
[22:33] <HellHammer[CP]> =(
[22:34] <SlaveZero> hate me cuz i like the best mod there is for h-l
[22:34] 10:34pm Channel information: Ops: 2(12%) Non Ops: 14(88%) Total: 16
[22:34] <SlaveZero> pa-thet-ic
[22:34] <QID|YDL> I hate you because you're a lamer
[22:34] <HellHammer[CP]> what the fuck does that have to do with anything?
[22:34] <@Radar> people.. not ppl, people
[22:34] <HellHammer[CP]> yeh, me too
[22:34] <SlaveZero> oh yeah
[22:34] <SlaveZero> whats wrong with ppl?
[22:34] <SlaveZero> its faster to type
[22:35] <HellHammer[CP]> its aol-esque
[22:35] <QID|YDL> SlaveZero: r u xprincing a vwl shrtge?
[22:35] <haqkuer> it signifies youre a retard who types slow
[22:35] <@Radar> it's three extra letters
[22:35] <HellHammer[CP]> heheh
[22:35] <haqkuer> and another thing
[22:35] <SlaveZero> so what's CP stand for?
[22:35] <QID|YDL> clan panis
[22:35] <@Radar> typing "ppl" shows that you are a little child
[22:35] <haqkuer> your is possessive , you're is you are
[22:35] <HellHammer[CP]> communist party
[22:35] <SlaveZero> no shit sherlock
[22:36] *** QID|YDL is now known as QID|YDL[SZIAL]
[22:36] <SlaveZero> i dont like punctuation
[22:36] <haqkuer> [07:33] (SlaveZero): damn your funny
[22:36] <SlaveZero> haha
[22:36] <HellHammer[CP]> did your little brother tell you that?
[22:36] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> by the way, that stands for SlaveZero Is A Lamer
[22:36] <SlaveZero> your very funny
[22:36] <SlaveZero> oh yeah
[22:36] <haqkuer> youre doing it again
[22:36] <SlaveZero> ouch that hurt
[22:37] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> if you're going to speak the english language, do it right
[22:37] <HellHammer[CP]> hmmm
[22:37] <haqkuer> yes
[22:37] <SlaveZero> ok plick
[22:37] <SlaveZero> hehe
[22:37] <HellHammer[CP]> i have a trouser tent =\
[22:37] <haqkuer> we dont appreciate kids who mutilate the english language on purpose
[22:37] <SlaveZero> sure
[22:38] <SlaveZero> well what you gonna do to stop me from "mutilating
[22:38] <HellHammer[CP]> uh huh
[22:38] <SlaveZero> "
[22:38] <HellHammer[CP]> haq j00
[22:38] <SlaveZero> the languaguehe
[22:38] <haqkuer> i dont have to do anything
[22:38] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> SlaveZero: eventually I'm guessing you'll be klined
[22:38] <SlaveZero> ok
[22:38] <HellHammer[CP]> ?
[22:38] <haqkuer> some op is going to get angry and do the work for me
[22:38] <SlaveZero> oh really?
[22:38] <haqkuer> ..
[22:38] <SlaveZero> radar what u think/
[22:38] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> assuming radar is still paying attention
[22:38] <SlaveZero> ?
[22:39] <SlaveZero> hmmmm?
[22:39] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> he's just waiting for you to stop being entertaining
[22:39] <SlaveZero> am i the bad guy here? tell me
[22:39] <@Radar> not "u" damnit.. YOU
[22:39] <Gwags> Hey hell, remeber when we used to invade #gamespy
[22:39] <HellHammer[CP]> yes
[22:39] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> acting like some little 11-year-old aol hax0r
[22:39] <haqkuer> aga
[22:39] <Gwags> funny as fuck
[22:39] <HellHammer[CP]> yes, yes i do
[22:39] <HellHammer[CP]> hehe yeh
[22:39] <HellHammer[CP]> cant do it anymore tho =\
[22:39] <SlaveZero> radar is an asshole
[22:40] <SlaveZero> lets see if hes paying attention
[22:40] <SlaveZero> tho..
[22:40] <KevinL-RiotSW> dont so yourself any favors
[22:40] <SlaveZero> u
[22:40] <SlaveZero> tho
[22:40] <KevinL-RiotSW> do
[22:40] <@Radar> Radar has beyonf a third grade education
[22:40] <@Radar> beyond even
[22:40] <HellHammer[CP]> hheh
[22:41] <HellHammer[CP]> god dammit....my brother's friends are icqing me again =\\\\
[22:41] <haqkuer> icmp em
[22:41] <SmartFish> older brothers?
[22:41] <HellHammer[CP]> yes
[22:41] <HellHammer[CP]> quiet you
[22:41] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> haqkuer: um... you're lame
[22:41] <haqkuer> QID|YDL[SZIAL]: your bot is a piece of ass
[22:41] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> my bot owns
[22:42] <haqkuer> ha
[22:42] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> at least the new version does
[22:42] <QID|YDL[SZIAL]> or will when I release it
[22:42] <SlaveZero> hell hammer likes to hammer haqkuer's ass
[22:42] <Gwags> Beech won't be coming round no more
[22:42] *** SlaveZero ([email protected]) has left #half-life