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[15:32] *** warflyr ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:33] <warflyr> i need a group of people to help me out with my mod
[15:34] <HL2001> lol
[15:34] <warflyr> what?
[15:34] <HL2001> nothing
[15:34] <warflyr> i can allmost do it myself
[15:35] <warflyr> but it is taking to long
[15:35] <HL2001> allmost hey?
[15:35] *** ToM_ ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:35] <warflyr> i just dont know how to Skin and make maps
[15:35] <HL2001> you can model and program?
[15:35] <warflyr> yup
[15:35] <HL2001> thats pretty good
[15:35] <warflyr> ya
[15:35] <Desterado> i can test
[15:36] <warflyr> he he he
[15:36] <Desterado> i can!
[15:36] <Desterado> i got a v3
[15:36] <warflyr> thats the one thing that everyone wants to do
[15:36] <warflyr> i just returned my tnt2 ultra last night
[15:36] *** M|gone is now known as maynard
[15:36] <HL2001> why
[15:36] <Desterado> but you can use my cpu for benchmarking it
[15:37] <warflyr> i needed money
[15:37] <warflyr> i owed my dad 200$ cause he payed for my car to be detailed
[15:37] <warflyr> i have a p3 450
[15:37] <QID|YDL> I have a P2 500
[15:38] <warflyr> lol
[15:38] <warflyr> overclock?
[15:38] <QID|YDL> yeah
[15:38] <QID|YDL> been using it for at least 6 months now
[15:38] <warflyr> theres nothign wrong with overclocking
[15:38] <QID|YDL> I know
[15:38] *** MP3-WantI has quit IRC ([email protected]) (on join spammur)
[15:38] * [Cecil] is back -[ going to KFC to get some sliced bread - the best thing around, hands down. mmm biscuits ]- gone 16 min 57 s
[15:39] <warflyr> anyways
[15:39] <HL2001> lol
[15:39] <warflyr> anyone want to make maps or skin?
[15:39] <QID|YDL> I used to make maps but I'd need to get an editor
[15:39] <QID|YDL> I'd also need to get a working copy of half-life...
[15:39] <warflyr> maps are easy to make, they just take to much time
[15:40] <warflyr> i make a good weapon model in a day
[15:40] <warflyr> this mod has lots of weapons, so
[15:41] <warflyr> im getting all the sounds from rainbow6
[15:41] <maynard> that's.. not legal
[15:42] <@[Cecil]> soundhaqqer
[15:42] <warflyr> ol
[15:42] <warflyr> lol
[15:42] <warflyr> its not illegal
[15:42] <@[Cecil]> well
[15:42] <@[Cecil]> maybe not by itself
[15:42] <@[Cecil]> but the fact that you warezed the game in the first place makes it all the more illegal
[15:42] <warflyr> im getting it from Nato Mod vs2, which isnt copyrighted!
[15:43] <warflyr> i warezed what game?
[15:43] <@[Cecil]> i dunno
[15:43] <QID|YDL> buy the guns and record you shooting them
[15:43] <@[Cecil]> what game are we talking about?
[15:43] <maynard> you warezed rainbow6?
[15:43] <@[Cecil]> oh
[15:43] <warflyr> why do you say i warezed it?
[15:43] <tenkei> joo warez0r
[15:43] <@[Cecil]> they'd have to pay me to warez rainbow 6
[15:43] <tenkei> bad, bad, evil warez0r
[15:44] <warflyr> i didnt warez rainbow6
[15:44] <@[Cecil]> save it for the judge
[15:44] <maynard> you just said you did
[15:44] <Rafter> r6 sucks
[15:44] <warflyr> i ISOed it
[15:44] <QID|YDL> WAREZ0R
[15:44] <@[Cecil]> that's stealing
[15:44] <maynard> [15:40] <warflyr> i warezed rainbow6
[15:44] <@[Cecil]> yup
[15:44] <maynard> i have the log
[15:44] <warflyr> lol
[15:44] <warflyr> aight
[15:44] <warflyr> im gone then
[15:44] <QID|YDL> maynard: your clock is off
[15:45] <maynard> hehe
[15:45] <maynard> LIES
[15:45] <QID|YDL> by about 8 minutes
[15:45] <@[Cecil]> [15:42] <warflyr> i warezed rainbow6
[15:45] <warflyr> [13:53] <[Cecil]> I Fucked my dog last night!
[15:45] <B-T-K> ...
[15:45] <B-T-K> i believe it.
[15:45] <QID|YDL> warflyr: your clock is waaaay off
[15:46] *** LordBuRN ([email protected]) has joined #half-life
[15:46] *** LordBuRN has quit IRC ([email protected]) (Wishing you were here with me.. When i look into your eyes i dont' see, the love we once had, is it gone or is it me?)
[15:46] <@[Cecil]> wow
[15:46] <@[Cecil]> you still have that old log?
[15:46] <QID|YDL> whoever that was, he sucked
[15:46] <@[Cecil]> [13:53] <[Cecil]> I had to borrow an extra roll of duct tape from the neighbors!
[15:47] <@[Cecil]> [13:54] <warflyr> holy shit, I wish I could do that
[15:47] <maynard> hahaha
[15:47] <@[Cecil]> [13:54] *** Quits: warflyr (Killed (DrDeath (jaja dogfucker warezer))
[15:47] <warflyr> im leaving
[15:47] <B-T-K> we're waiting.
[15:47] <warflyr> warez isnt bad
[15:48] <QID|YDL> yes it is
[15:48] <@[Cecil]> um
[15:48] <@[Cecil]> Yeah it is
[15:48] <@[Cecil]> warezer
[15:48] <QID|YDL> you may leave now
[15:48] <B-T-K> Weren't you supposed to leave?
[15:48] <B-T-K> heh
[15:48] *** warflyr has quit IRC ([email protected]) (If warez WAS bad, id have to be a store theif)