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My name is David, and this is wadny.com. I’m a software engineer in the US, with a degree in software engineering from RIT. I’ve been programming since high school (2000-ish) and working in the software field since 2007.

I started out doing C++ in high school and PHP for various personal website projects, including earlier iterations of this one. In college I moved on to Java and some Python, and started learning about design using UML and Rational Rose. After graduating, it was back to C++ for five and a half years, this time on Linux. Since mid-2013, I’ve migrated into the world of web applications and cloud services on the .NET platform, with a fair amount of SQL and JavaScript mixed in. More details are in my professional information.

You can email me at gmail.com using the account name “qidydl” (sorry for making you assemble the address yourself, but it helps avoid spam), or find me on Twitter.


I used to be heavily into the desktop customizing scene on Windows for many years, going back to the days when Windows 98 was as good as it got. I used to use Litestep and several other programs to do some rather serious customization work, but nowadays I’ve moved on to Linux and also shifted my priorities more towards things being simple and reliable rather than looking exactly a certain way. It helps that the default UIs have gotten a lot better as well.

My current desktop

Screenshot of my current desktop

Old desktops

Screenshot of my desktop from September 3, 2010
Screenshot of my desktop from August 8, 2006
Screenshot of my desktop from July 25, 2006
Screenshot of my desktop from November 20, 2004
Screenshot of my desktop from September 10, 2000


Sadly, most of the sites in the customizing scene that I used to get wallpaper from have disappeared or died off, so I’m not sure what good sources there are out there any more. Here are the small handful I know of that are still online.

I only have a few wallpaper images I use currently. I did not make any of these, I claim no ownership or copyright or license for them, and I’m not sure where they all came from, although a couple are watermarked and clearly from Desktopography.

City in the Sky
Coast Town
Colour Explosion
Uncanny Valley