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What is this page for?

The news page on wadny.com is fairly simple, but it doesn’t hurt to explain it a little.

The archives

Every news post ever made with the current system—going back to September 2000—is available through the archives system. You start by clicking on the Archives link in the sidebar. From there, you can select a year, then a month in that year, then a day in that month, and then finally a specific news post. There are no categories (and probably never will be), but hopefully you can find what you’re looking for. If not, you can try your favorite search engine with “site:wadny.com”. Google can be slow to update sometimes, but anything new enough to not be in Google is probably on or near the front page.


In addition to the front page and archives, the 10 most recent posts on my site are also available through an Atom syndication feed. There are many programs available for viewing RSS-style syndication feeds; they usually allow you to add a list of feeds and have the program check at regular intervals to see which ones have updated.