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The latest news changes

I managed to get a few more things checked off my to do list today. The news section now has an About page, which lists all of the different stuff my news system does. It should explain any questions you have about my news system; if it does’t, send me an e-mail (link is in the sidebar) and I’ll add some more to the page. The single-post page is updated to actually display TrackBacks; when I actually get one, you’ll be able to see it now. I started adding titles to old news posts; finishing that will take some time. I finally got the print stylesheet created, so if you print anything out from my site it should look much better now. There is no aural stylesheet, since I doubt I have any blind readers. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. There are a handful of other small changes that nobody will notice. Finally, I re-added the Amazing Multisearch Bar-That-Is-No-Longer-A-Bar to the sidebar. You can choose from 30 different search engines (including the default option, which is to search just wadny.com using Google) and search for whatever you want. The accessibility statement has been updated to reflect the changes that apply to it.