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Site changes, part MCMXVII

Yep, it’s time for another update on various changes I’ve made to the site, in rough chronological order. First, the RSS feed has been changed: there are now two RSS feeds, one with full posts and one with only excerpts. This should provide a choice for those of you that want one, but there’s another reason: the excerpt feed has an XML stylesheet, so if you view it in a web browser, it looks just like a regular wadny.com page, even though it’s still just RSS. It’s actually pretty cool, and didn’t require as much work as I thought it would. The next big change is that the sidebar is now placed below the content in the page source, so people using text browsers or screen readers no longer have to bother with the skip navigation link (in fact, I removed it). This should also make Google happier, since my content is at the top of the page. However, the most useful change I made is to the archives page—I added forwards and backwards links to the archives system, and <link> tags for next, prev, and up. These links should make navigating the archives section much easier, since you can now page back and forth. Users of Lynx or Mozilla with the site navigation bar enabled should be able to move around the archives much more easily now. Enjoy!