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Wadny II: The Return of Wadny

Holy crap, I’m finally back! After god knows how long of being down, wadny.com is back on the air with new hosting—and, you may have noticed, a bunch of other changes.

First off, the site now uses valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 for all of its pages, with cute little <div> tags instead of those clunky old tables.

Second, I played around with the stylesheets a bit and added colored form boxes, some slight link changes, and these awesome little “external link” icons that animate when you mouseover the link. To see an example of those, click on the “help!” link in the upper right of the page—another new feature. This page gives some quick info to help you navigate the site, although it does open in a javascript popup.

The other major feature being added—it’s not done yet—is a brand-new comments system for the news. I’m hoping to make the news page a little more like the ubiquitous blog (although how many blogs contain the word “ubiquitous?”), so I thought feedback would be a good idea. When it’s finished, you’ll be able to comment on any news story, even the old ones.

One last note—I’m still getting everything working, so some sections aren’t uploaded yet (currently design, forum, gaming, humor, mirc, and webcam are empty) and some options—like the <section name>.wadny.com access method—aren’t working yet. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll have some time to get these running. I’m finally back!