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Major overhaul

Ok, now that I’ve got the news posting system working (and I don’t have to manually add entries with the SQL frontend) I’ll go ahead and post on what’s changed.

First, and most obviously, I’ve seriously redesigned the site. I’m still hemming and hawing over various parts of it, but I think this is good enough. There are parts I need to put back in still—the multisearch form, aural and print stylesheets, and I want to get the “open external links in a new window” checkbox working properly with cookies so it saves your choice.

You’ll notice a few links are missing—the help page is gone, since I somehow doubt that anyone would have difficulty understanding my website now. Website design links are now under about > links (makes sense, doesn’t it?). The validation links have moved to the footer.

Also, the backend has gotten some overhaul—a few sections are structured more logically now, and I’m converting other sections to the new system, so there might be brief periods where a section is broken while I’m converting it. I’ve also turned register-globals off, which might break some pages. Please tell me if you find any pages that don’t work or don’t validate.

The mIRC section has been removed in favor of a more general programming section, which you’ll notice is “Coming soon!”. This is something I really hope to get working, because I have a fair amount of code laying around that I plan on releasing under the GPL. You can use the browse script to look through what’s already uploaded, feel free to download any of it but I make no guarantees that anything will work and I reserve all rights unless stated otherwise.

I think that just about covers it for the website. I uninstalled Ragnarok Online the other day because the lag was getting so horrible, so my soul is free for the moment. We’ll see if something else manages to catch it.