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Small news changes

So, I’m planning on doing some more work on my news section… I’m going to switch the RSS feed to use full posts instead of excerpts, add titles and categories to news posts, add TrackBack support, and maybe add the code to let me delete news posts. I’ll probably also be cleaning up some random stuff on the site, but not anything major. I might do a redesign sometime, because this one is starting to look a little goofy to me, but probably not anytime soon.

Update at 2:45pm: I just went through all the old news posts and did some revisions, mainly correcting punctuation to use the proper characters (— for an em-dash and that sort of thing). Yes, it was an incredibly anal thing to do, but I think it makes the site look a little nicer. I also cleaned up a couple of acronyms and other boring stuff. I’ve got a big list of things to work on, so the site should be improving over the next week or two.