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4th of July, new designs

Ok, a few things to talk about, I’ll start with yesterday. As you may have noticed, yesterday was the Fourth of July, so we went out and did stuff. The band my dad is in (Jump the Shark, not Wadny) did a little concert at a park for a while and we stayed to watch the fireworks. I swear, there were more mistakes and screw-ups with that fireworks show that at all of the other ones I’ve seen combined. There were quite a few times when fireworks would go off way too early (practically on the ground) or fall really low and go off or never go off at all. When things worked, the show was decent, but all those mistakes were very strange. Despite spending several hours outside, I got virtually zero tan. Oh well, I doubt anyone else really cares how pale I am.

Today I managed to postpone my Deus Ex obsession long enough to get some work done on the website. I added two new designs to the Design section (EdgeIRC versions 2 and 3) and fixed EdgeIRC version 1 since the link pointed to the actual site, which got redesigned a while ago. I’ve also been cleaning up some of the PHP and HTML around the site, adding <acronym> tags and adding link titles to indicate that external links open in a new window and stuff like that. I also put together a nice little class-based submenu system that should let me write the Gaming section more easily. Yes, I might actually get the Gaming and mIRC sections working sometime. Amazing, isn’t it…