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Status quo

Ok, I’m not sure if I made any real changes to the site since the last update, but certainly nothing major. One thing I did change was my playlist—the length of each track is now displayed next to the track, so you can bask in awe at tracks like Paul van Dyk – Live at Knebworth, UK 8-11-01, which is 110 minutes and 29 seconds long (that’s 1:50:29, if you don’t want to do math).

Other news… there was another LAN party on Friday, although I didn’t host this one. We got some new people to show up, which is always a good thing, and there was a decent amount of games-playing, thanks to people showing up reasonably on time and mostly staying for the whole thing. I’m actually considering getting Warcraft 3, which is a little weird (I’ve never even really played an RTS before).

Sometime over the coming month or so I plan on getting a bunch of new computer stuff. I’m definitely getting a laptop, which should be really useful for college, and I hope to get a new Alienware comp to replace the box I’m using now, a digital camera (something decent, no more than about 3 megapixels), and some kick-ass headphones. I might think of other stuff I want, who knows how much of that I’ll actually get.

My life seems to have pretty much stabilized at this point… no depression, no elation, no major changes or anything. I am starting to get a bit worried about what my life will be like at college though. I go through so much routine during the day that I could have some real trouble adjusting. Then again, I might be able to create a new, easier routine and simplify my life or something. Who knows…