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Lazy, lazy, lazy…

Lazy, lazy, lazy… I haven’t updated in quite a while, I haven’t managed to do much with the news system, and the possible redesign (this refers to the design you’re currently looking at, so obviously I finished it) hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to make some progress, if I get lucky. In case anyone’s interested (and so I’ll remember), this is the current list of things I’ll be changing: a redesign (most likely); a “quicklinks” system (it seems to be a popular thing these days); an improved news system to let you see all posts made during a specific year, month, or day; a calendar showing posts in the current month; titles and maybe categories for news posts; and proper stylesheets for screen readers and printing. I’m also wondering what sort of neat metadata-foolery I should try doing—for example, Mark Pilgrim’s weblog has a link with each comment to view other comments posted by that person. Maybe I’ll put together a mockup of the redesigned news page soon and see if that helps sort things out.

There’s probably a ton of stuff I should have posted on in the last month or two—school and the holidays and whatnot—but I’ll probably never get around to it now. It’s late, and I need sleep… more tomorrow.