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Redesign number four million and two

Well, at least it feels like that. Yes, I’ve gone and done it again, redesigning the entire site. This time I did a little more planning though. The fixed-width design is based on articles like this one that promote the benefits of having a fixed line width, such as increased ease of reading. It seems to work just fine, so I think I’ll keep it. Also, The Yellow™ is back after an extended hiatus. Thanks to the Internet Archive, I was able to recover the exact color I used before.

Some important but less-obvious stuff: ALL menus are now in the sidebar, under “Main menu”. This includes submenus for the About, Band, and Programming sections, and also the menus for the News page. You may have also noticed that news posts now (finally!) have titles. All of the old news posts need to have titles set; until then, the news system will automatically substitute the date and time of the post for its title. NONE of the archives work—sorry. I still need to write all of that. The calendar and quicklinks are also static placeholders at the moment, and recommended links needs to be filled out. There’s also a bunch of other new stuff I need to add, including some really neat features I’ve come up with. You’ll just have to wait and see…

Now with more archiveage

I’ve got virtually all of the news archives up and running, although they might not look all that great. The daily archives page is pretty ugly, I’m going to replace it with some calendar-like thing, or at least something better than a list of every day in the month. Some old URL forms need to be redirected to the new system so links aren’t broken, and I also can’t edit the archives at the moment. I might just reorganize the entire system to reduce duplicated code, but not tonight. The sidebar calendar is up and running and comments should work. Still a lot of work left to do…