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I mentioned before some of the benefits of having written my own weblogging system, and now I can add another one: the MovableType 3.0 fiasco. There seems to be a growing hostility towards Six Apart and their poor handling of the MT3 release, particularly related to the new licensing scheme they made up. As a result, many people using MovableType are considering moving to another system. As Mark Pilgrim explained, non-Free software is always riskier than Free software, no matter how much you trust the developers.

So, where do I come in? The answer is, I don’t, and that’s the nice part. I don’t have to worry about my weblog system suddenly costing money for upgrades, because I make my own weblogging system. What would I have to do, pay myself? MovableType is a nice system—I’ve tried it a bit myself—but it’s much easier just having my own system that always does exactly what I want it to.