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Several weblogs seem to have suddenly disappeared. Eris Free, Jeff Croft, and Make Believe are all gone—Eris and Make Believe appear to have been suspended, and Jeff’s site simply doesn’t load. One site at once is an accident, two sites at once is a coincidence, but three sites? All, as far as I can tell, hosted completely independently? This is a little unusual. Does anyone know Eris, Jeff, or um, the guy that runs make-believe (sorry, I can’t remember his name)Joseph and know what’s going on? If they need new hosting, I would recommend R1Hosting, because I know the guy who runs it and I know that he knows what he’s doing. Hopefully this is just a temporary problem, and it will get resolved soon.

Update at 4:18pm: Looks like Jeff Croft is back, but Eris and Make-Believe are still missing.

Update at 8:43pm: Make-Believe is back now as well. It is, of course, written by Joseph Pearson, which I could have known by looking at my own blogroll. Oops. Sorry, Joseph.

Update on July 23rd: Eris has returned as well, so everything’s back to normal.