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Unpredictable won’t bother anymore

More changes, which may or may not stay: following Dunstan’s lead, I switched the front page to use “humanized” post times and the time since the post was made. Archive pages still use the old format. I haven’t decided which one I prefer, so this may change randomly. I changed the count of comments and trackbacks to be a single count of “replies,” which should make things simpler. I added a link to the menu for latest replies, which has been around for a while but never linked from anywhere. I moved the blogroll to its own page, making room for one of those linklogs that seems to be so popular. It’s still under construction, so bear with me.

Any comments on the changes? I could go either way on some of them, so hopefully the four people that read my site will have an opinion.

By the way, this time the post title is courtesy of Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Remix).

I Have Put Down The Shovel

Feeling a bit better now; after a weekend of hurting myself while doing roofing work, a desk job is a welcome chance to sit for several hours straight. I’ve written a bunch of stuff over the past few days, so I’m going to break it down and post it in parts.

So, what happened during the three or four weeks I forgot to post? Well, the most significant event was my aunt and uncle who live in North Carolina coming up to stay with us for a 10-day vacation. It was nice getting to hang out with them and see some friends of the family, although the job kept me from seeing them as much as I’d hoped.

The other significant news is that I am definitely going to QuakeCon this year. Plane tickets are already booked, and my friends have a hotel room reserved. I leave on August 11th and get back on the 16th, so it should make for a nice long weekend. QuakeCon should absolutely kick ass; 4 days of gaming and junk food and never going outside (it’s a gaming convention, in Texas, in August—we won’t even see sunlight), plus I get to meet a whole bunch of guys I’ve known online for years, plus OMG DOOM 3 OMG and it should be a lot of fun.

Of course, the weekend before that, my parents and I are going to Mosport for the ALMS race there, which should be fun as always. It’s too bad we only have enough time to go to one race a year, but the ALMS is usually entertaining.

I can’t recall anything else happening recently (except for the aforementioned roofing work), which is probably more the fault of my poor memory than a lack of things actually occurring. As for the website, it’s been getting small changes; the Music section in the menu got merged into Site info, the blogroll has been changing slightly and now has an OPML version, and the About page has been updated a bit. More changes are coming, eventually.

P.S. The title of this post is actually a play on “I Have Put Out The Light,” a really awesome song by James Holden. I’ll share it if anyone requests it.