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Metadazzle overfizzle

HA! My weblog has more metadata stuff than your weblog!

Seriously, I’ve got 5 meta tags, 6 link tags, a script tag, and the omnipresent title tag cluttering up my <head>. A couple of the metas might be useless (I found them in the NYPL Style Guide) but I’ll leave them unless someone tells me otherwise. Complying to undefined standards, ooooo fun!

lanpartylanpartylanpartylanpartylanpartylanpartylanparty! I have no idea what tomorrow is gonna be like… that’s how it typically works with us (the local LAN party kids)—next to zero preparation, just show up and hope people bring hubs.

Ugh, my ongoing cold thing has now mutated once again. It started out as a stuffy nose, then added a sore throat, then seemed to clear up, and now it’s changed into a cough and runny nose. Isn’t biology fun? cough

Attention Jason Kottke:

Sure, you can debate the merits of Mozilla, but it is undeniably better than Netscape 4, primarily because it doesn’t royally suck at rendering modern, standards-compliant websites (such as mine, megnut, pseudofamous, and countless others). Back in the good ‘ol days of “Every browser make up a new version of HTML and JavaScript to support, and ignore what anyone else uses”, Netscape 4 worked decently well. However, now we’re moving into the age of “Every browser use the official W3C-approved versions of XHTML/HTML/JavaScript, and render them the same”, and Netscape 4 doesn’t do that. Mozilla does. Netscape 4 is an ancient relic now, a fossil of times long gone.

As for Mozilla’s seemingly disappointing interface and features, sure, it’s not as good as it could be, but these people are just doing work in their spare time. Apple employees are, well, employees. If you have ideas, submit them to the Mozilla community and see what they think. Just don’t expect too much, because these people aren’t working on Mozilla for a living. Personally, I’m fine with Mozilla’s interface and think the browser works fine—it’s certainly better than any of the other options out there, for reasons I’m too tired to go into right now.

BTW, I’m sorry if this seems harsh or angry or anything. My thoughts aren’t very coherent after being up for almost 18 hours and all this text is just kinda running together. Bleh.

One last thing; it’s pretty customary for blogs to link to interesting articles or other blogs. Since I get all my articles off Slashdot and Kuro5hin anyways, you can just page through those sites. Here’s a random blog link. Good night, everyone.

Exam afterthoughts

I just had the first of my two exams today, this one was Regents English 12. Not surprisingly, it was damned easy; I could have just BSed the whole thing and probably passed, but I tried a little and wrote a couple decent essays. Bummed a ride home from a friend… damn, I need a license and a car.

Just so you know, I made some more random site changes: I moved all the CSS pages to a subfolder to clean up a bit, added an aural CSS page for my nonexistent blind audience (or anyone who feels like having my website read to them, god only knows why), and updated my playlist. Oh, that’s right, I forgot to mention: my winamp playlist is posted on wadny.com, in case anyone cares about what I listen to or wants to leech songs off me.

I’m trying to get psyched up for the lan party I’m hosting tomorrow, but it sounds like the weather is gonna be pretty sucky and all kinds of people have to leave in the middle or show up late. Bah. If anyone lives in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area (well, a little south of it, but close enough) and wants to come to a lan party and isn’t insane, drop me a line. If the party gets too boring, we’ll just take a field trip to a local concert nearby. Ok, I can’t think of anything else to write about for now, so maybe I’ll throw on some more later or just leave it.