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Television is destroying America’s youth

Ok, I just got a painful reminder of why I rarely watch TV… for some strange reason I was watching Smallville on WB (there was absolutely NOTHING interesting on), and I heard a “scientific” explanation for something that was so horribly wrong that I actually got a headache. There were some guys that were able to walk through walls after they got tattoos made of this glowing green stuff from a meteor, and of course they used that ability to rob a bunch of people. Anyways, here’s the explanation of how it works: the meteor stuff speeds up their metabolism so now their molecules move really fast and they can walk through walls.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The meteor stuff speeds up their metabolism so now their molecules move really fast and they can walk through walls.

WHAT KIND OF UTTER MORON CAME UP WITH THAT?! That is undeniably the DUMBEST, most PAINFULLY STUPID thing I have EVER heard. How can a tattoo made of meteor gunk speed up their metabolism? It would probably just infect them and they’d have to go to the hospital. Why would speeding up their metabolism make their molecules move faster? Speeding up your metabolism just makes you digest faster, so they’d eat more food. Why would making their molecules move really fast let them walk through walls? If their molecules moved really fast, they would just get hot (temperature is defined as the average kinetic energy of a substance’s molecules or atoms—if the molecules move faster, they bump into each other more, hence more friction and increased temperature). And, of course, there’s the fact that if they can move through walls, they would also fall through their clothes and the floor into the center of the earth, getting charred by the heat of the earth’s magma in the process. If they were able to stay above ground, they would suffocate because the air would just move through them like the walls do. Either way, they wind up dead.

Even more annoying than this blasphemy of science and logic and common sense is the fact that most of the idiots watching this show will probably hear that line and accept it, maybe even BELIEVE it. The people of this country are so amazingly dumb that it scares me sometimes. People who can’t handle our already pitiful educational standards just aren’t trying. This country needs to seriously elevate the quality of its education or we’ll wind up with an entire nation of complete morons who will listen to something like that and not understand that it’s complete bullshit.


Bah, I just get fed up with stuff like this sometimes… I’ll cool off in a bit. Comments?