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Fixed browse script warnings

Ok, just a quick update. There were some more problems with big piles of warnings and crap on a different page, so I went ahead and fixed the real cause of the problem instead of hacking on a fix like I did last time. Theoretically, everything works now.

For anyone who cares, the problem was part of my browse script—there are some functions that other pages use to get a list of files in a directory, and those functions were depending on a variable that the browse page set but wasn’t getting set by the other pages. I fixed it so one of the functions sets a different variable and they all use that now.

Update @11:43pm: Yay, Dave Winer is feeling better again. For those that don’t know, Dave was hospitalized about a week ago, but he’s back now. Also, I’ve got a couple of updates on the NPR fiasco, courtesy of Boing Boing. Of course, if British Telecom has their way, you might have to get permission from them to link to anything. *snicker* Yeah right, even if BT patents hyperlinks I can’t imagine them being able to do anything.

Added playlist link, “Last Played”

Ok, after wrestling with some CSS crap for a few minutes, I added some more things to the nav bar up above. First, there’s a link to my playlist up there so you don’t have to go looking through news posts to find it. Right next to it is the currently playing song, or at least the last song I listened to. This is thanks to the Do Something Winamp plugin, which can do a bunch of interesting things, mainly of interest to techies. I also moved the help! link into the menubar so it’s not floating around just below it.

Ugh, I’m getting really tired of my hosting provider’s FTP server… it randomly decides not to let me upload a file until I’ve deleted the old one. Sometimes it doesn’t do it, sometimes it does, and today it’s breaking more often than not. Piece of junk…

That’s about it for today. I need more of a social life if I expect to update more often or put anything interesting in here. My “friends” have decided to pretty much ignore me when it comes to doing social things, and it pisses me off but there’s nothing I can really do about it.