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Vacation updates, site changes

Gee, almost a month… I’m falling back into my regular routine. Well… I’ve done a few things since the last update. I went to an SCCA autocross with my dad one weekend, found out who my roommate at RIT will be (he lives in Colorado, quite a ways further away than I am), bought a laptop (our first, a $900 Compaq that isn’t real fast but should be plenty for taking notes at college), and took a week-long vacation to Quebec. Whee! There’s probably more I’m forgetting, heh.

The only thing in that list worth explaining more is the Quebec vacation. First we headed out to Trois-Rivières (Three Rivers) for the “Grand Prix”, which was actually ALMS, Trans-Am, Speed World Challenge, Toyota Atlantic, and Canadian Formula Ford races all rolled into one big three-day weekend. We had a good time and saw some nice racing (and got sunburned) and then headed off to a campground (we took our motorhome for this vacation) just outside of Montreal and spent three days wandering around the city. We saw the botanical gardens and an IMAX movie at the science center and wandered around a lot and got the obligatory Hard Rock Cafe shirts and had an excellent dinner at a little cafe called Le Grille.

Another newsworthy item: I just ordered an Alienware computer to replace my aging desktop system. It’s a customized Aurora DDR system and should be a massive improvement over this old T-bird 900mhz box. Of course, since we waited until AFTER the vacation to order it, I get to spend my last week before leaving for college scrambling to install all the stuff I need—Mozilla, mIRC, Psi, etc.…

Lastly, the site has once again changed a bit: you’ve probably noticed this box on the right side of the page labeled “The Sidebar”. This is kind of an experiment for a better way to arrange some of the content on the site and clean up the menu block. I may wind up putting all of the menu stuff into this side box at some point in the future, but for now I’m just playing around a bit.