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Redesign, LAN party wrapup

Huh. Stuff is, like, different. I got tired of the halfway-between-designs junk with the sidebar and the top menubar and all that ugliness, so I redesigned the site. I think this design is definitely cleaner than the old one, although it might be a bit more complex underneath. Notice the mouseover borders on the menu boxes and the icon, thanks to CSS. I’ve also fixed the comments page and help box, so the site should work fine. Opinions/bug reports are welcome, either post a comment or send me an email.

So, the LAN party was ok, I guess… overnighters are always kind of a pain, and people wind up falling asleep partway through—this time it was two people, one of them was the host. He decides to make the party overnight and then can’t stay awake through the whole thing. Oh well, maybe this will help convince the gang that single-day LANs are the best. The rest of the party was good though. We didn’t quite live up to our old variety of games (no Wolfenstein, no CS, no GTA2…) but at least we played something besides WC3 this time. I did surprisingly well in UT; I was higher up the frag count list than I thought I would be, although that’s probably because I’m an evil bastard and I never got very far away from my base. I did attempt a flag run once or twice, but never got very far. Oh well.

College in a week or so… I still don’t feel ready at all.

Update @ 12:49am: I updated my playlist, since I ripped 4 CD’s recently and it changed quite a bit.