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Moved in to RIT

Ok, so I’m here in my dorm room now… met my roommate and everything, he’s right here, reading a book I recommended to him (The Mind Pool by Charles Sheffield). First day went pretty much ok. Got all my ID’s and keys and junk, should be ready for this Honors Retreat thing tomorrow… kind of annoying, to get here and immediately pack to go to this overnight thing, but oh well. Website updates may become sporadic or might not change—I can’t say, since classes don’t even start until Thursday next week. There should be a couple other guys from my school arriving in a couple days, I’ll probably try to help them get settled in. Bleh, I don’t want to make this a “details of my boring life” post, but I’m not feeling very philosophical right now.

I wonder how many other people I can get hooked on good trance music; Northern Exposure is such an awesome CD.

OC3 dorm connection = the bomb… 1 MBps upload and download, yummy. Maybe I can shoutcast/oggcast some nice high-quality streams now. If I ever start broadcasting regularly, I’ll throw a link in the menu.

Bah, I don’t feel like saying anything else. So there. :-p