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www. is deprecated

I just made my site no-www class B compliant. In other words, requests for www.wadny.com/(anything) are silently redirected to wadny.com/(anything). Old links are not broken, and users shouldn’t notice a difference, but it makes me feel better. I got the idea from Kevin, who is also class B compliant but hasn’t admitted it.

In other news, I’ve been working on getting a few other designs up in the Design section. They might appear in a few days, and I’ll make another post with details if they do. I may also have another big essay-style post (à la My 2¢ on Postel’s Law) in the coming days. We’ll see.

Update on January 28: Some people have gotten the mistaken impression that the W3C has officially deprecated the use of “www.” in URLs or something similar. That’s just silly. If you read the no-www website, you can see that it’s just a logical idea that someone had and I happen to agree with it. That’s it.