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I just filled out an International Standard Serial Number application. For those who don’t know, an ISSN is a unique serial number for identifying periodicals, also known as serials. A serial is a publication issued in successive parts and intended to be continued indefinitely, with issues having unique numerical designations. Weblogs meet the definition of a serial, and thus qualify for an ISSN. Joe Clark has a page that explains the benefits of ISSNs, and another page that explains why weblogs are eligible for ISSNs. I decided to join the likes of Jeffery Zeldman (ISSN 1534-0309) and get an ISSN for wadny.com. Hopefully I’ll be approved, although I have no idea how long the process takes.

P.S.: I know I still haven’t added any new designs or written the article I mentioned; I’ll get to it eventually.

Update on January 29th: The application form is in the mail; I’m guessing a few weeks before I get anything back (this is the federal government, after all).